Monday, April 5, 2010


ADDED: THERE'S YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins takin a flick with OUTTOWN fan Nicole White at Soul U's Soul Stages at STL Finest Bar and Grill Sunday. She said to me that nite that she attended my infamous b-day party last year at Subzero! Then, called me Kevin.LOL

Photos by Ma'atology and Xplicit (ABOVE) SOUL U's Dj 76 Kid and Xplicit take a moment to pose for the OUTCAM during their Soul Stages event.

Front door attendant is Gyb" MC Lyte" Bryd.

As with every Soul Stages, Xplicit brings the scheduled poets outside to give them the rules to the evening.

Xplicit welcomes everyone and gives the house rules one being for folk to get up from their seats and greet three people that don't know and another is to count to three and folk to say SHHHHHHHHH if people are not respecting the mic.

First up was poet/businessman Aireez Darychuss who also was celebrating a b-day.

Host Abbey the Truth as always bringin in on the funny.

Next up was Timothy who used the area as a pulpit.

Cali artist Journee graced the mic with song and her guitar doing a two song set one being a cover of Jay Z's "NY State of Mind."

Lightnin' got t crunk dippin low to her Them song, "Thick Wit it."

Before she spat, she thanked the Facebook community for praying for her during her brief illness last month. One of her pieces was ,"Who the Hell is Boo? " about men who call women a name that is not their name cuz they are booty calls.

Abbey clownin with Lightnin and he said that he can pick her up--eventually. LOL

Next up was G Love

Corey Bellems, aka Bolo talkin with G Love after her turn on the mic.

Sir Earvin got up and talked about how parents should discipline their kids or give teachers the right to discipline their kids. Then he did his signature piece, "I Stand."

Veteran poet Starlite did one of her signature pieces, "Wanna Be."

Brotha T talked about how not to fuck with mail carriers after doing his cerebral piece, "Criterion."

Xplicit passing the bucket for the crowd to pitch in a few dollaz for the featured poet who was:

................Sacremento's Rodzilla

Rodzilla did his ode piece dealing with being a black man and all of the kinds of love he can experience.

He had the crowd captivated especially the women when he talked about how "big" he was, if ya get what we saying.

Ignite droppin science.

Trinity sang and spat.

Prospect got into his thing on stage walking through the crowd and huskin out the crowd with his voice.

Knowledge did a bio piece about his recovery from illness.

Bolo clowned before Poetic One got on the mike doing the Stanky Legg when DJ 76 played the song.

Poetic One on the mike. She was selling her CD that nite as well.

Poet Karisma read the fire. Her piece was definitely that. One line was, " Your under my skin like tattoo ink."

Bolo did a piece about the women on Facebook who use the networking site to talk about how men screwed them.

Lightnin did Vanna Black as Xplicit looked on opening up the envelope to announce the nominees of Soul U's first Poetry Awards coming up in June (SEE ILLI BITZ ON NOMINEES THIS THURSDAY) .

The highlight was poet Mocha who as always....

...uses a man in the crowd as her subject to taunt him with her hyper sexual poetry. Before she spat, she told this guy on the pic to not move. One line in her poem says that young girls spit it out, older woman swallow, but she knew how to gargle it--that man juice that is.

Things went into shock mode when a regular older guy, who is a street dweller in a suit who was disrupting the performances with out of line comments and whistles, walked up to Mocha and topples on top of her semi tackling her. Some guys were able to get him off of her, then he grabbed his private area and hunching. It was quite disturbing.

Up next was Poetry in Motion.

Last was Robert Dillard

Dillard accompanied by Shani Frazer

Two comics rolled through to bring on some comedy. One was Darius Bradford who also came through to promote his Way Too Funny Wednesdays and its special edition DEATH AT A FUNERAL Comedy Challenge at Studio Blu

Lil Roc also came through to perform.

NOTE: There were no Xplicit haters there that nite. LOL

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