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STill keep the people of Port Au Prince, Haiti in your prayers as they rebuild its city!

As we close the last week of Black History Month focusing on artists from the ILLIMO area we end with East St. Louis based producer/directors Warrington and Reginald Hudlin, The Hudlin Brothers.

The Hudlin Brothers Warrington and Reginald Hudlin began their cinematic explorations in film school, graduated to short films and documentaries, and proceeded to make their Hollywood debut with the hit comedy House Party, which earned in box-office receipts more than ten times what it cost to make. The film established the brothers as a formidable dual presence. They went on to make the smash Boomerang and to develop a number of other projects, all the while maintaining a commitment to black filmmakers.

The Hudlin brothers were born in East Saint Louis, Illinois. Warrington is the eldest by almost ten years, separated from Reginald by a middle brother, Christopher, Warrington, Jr. won a scholarship to Yale University. Several years later, baby brother Reginald headed for Harvard.
At Yale, Warrington intended to pursue a professional path into medicine or law. But the arrival of mainstream black filmmaking--namely the 1971 "blaxploitation" cop drama Shaft."

At the time, the only avenue for black filmmakers who wanted to chart their own creative course was independent work. Thus Warrington made his way into documentary film. Even so, his films had little opportunity to be seen outside the museum circuit. In reaction to this, in 1978, he founded the Black Filmmaker Foundation (BFF. Among its many accomplishments, the organization helped gather funds for director Spike Lee's breakthrough comedy "She's Gotta Have It," which catapulted Lee into the cinematic mainstream in 1988 and drew the attention of Hollywood executives to the ample creative resources of the African American film community. He received a major break when Lee brought him on the set of his first big-studio feature, "School Daze," to shoot a documentary about the filming.

At Harvard, Reggie also made films, though his work tended toward the narrative and the comedic. His academic oeuvre includes Reggie's World of Soul, a video parody of black pop culture; The Kold Waves, about a white drummer trying to join a black funk group; and his senior thesis, a prize-winning short called House Party.

After graduation, Reggie and Warrington became a team, dividing up responsibilities on each project. Their first collaboration on a feature came with the full-length version of Reggie's "House Party." Made for around $2.5 million--a pittance by Hollywood standards--1990's House Party was a smash. In addition to box-office success, the film won critical recognition, scoring the Filmmakers Trophy and an award for cinematography at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. In 1991, they produced the successful sequel "House Party 2" (as well as "House Party 3" )In 1992, Reggie directed Eddie Murphy’s "Boomerang;" Warrington produced it.
The Hudlin's next collaboration was Bebe's Kids (1992), touted as the first all-black animated feature. Written by Reggie and directed by animator Bruce Smith, the film is based on work by the late comedian Robin Harris. In 1993 they signed a two-year contract with the Fox network and worked on various music videos, including funkmeister George Clinton's "Paint the White House Black.".

From 2005 to 2008, Reggie was the President of Entertainment for
BET. He also was the writer of the Marvel Comics series Black Panther from 2005 to 2009, and in late 2009, directed an episode of the hit NBC comedy series "The Office" ("Kai Pond")


THE BIG ILLIMO NEWZ STORY that has been buzzing this week in the A&E world was:

Facebook fans of Oak Park, Ill, native Emmy Award winning actress Betty White may get their wish to see the 88 year old host this season on "Saturday Night Live."

According to reports, as of Tuesday, over 450, 000 people had become fans of the Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! Facebook fan page. The bid for Betty's hosting gig appears to be working. reported that White, is in talks with "Saturday Night Live" to co-host an episode of the NBC late-night show in a special "Women of Comedy" episode alongside some of her younger contemporaries.

Recently, White spoke with ABC's Diane Sawyer about the grassroots effort that has become quite the internet sensation, saying: "What - where did that come from? That came out of left field. I have no idea. I'm such a technological spaz, I can't - I don't understand any of that stuff. And all of a sudden, all this stuff has come in, and I'm just watching it in awe."

The fan page was started on December 30, 2009 by a fan named David Mathews, but it grew tremendously in popularity after White appeared in a Snickers commercial during Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7,

We think it's a great that she is preparing to host, but why for a special womens episode? But we think it's also astounded by how New Media such as Facebook is influencing Hollywood--the powers that be sort of speak to make change.
But us personally would like to see someone like Marla Gibbs host. Can't yawl see that happening? What yawl think?


Two CHI-town based Emmy winning personalities made newz this week:

First up, Chi-town talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey has become the latest fan of a fashion trend that's been sweeping Canada for months now - those red-and-white woollen mittens that flash a fuzzy Maple Leaf on their palms.

Winfrey gave out 300 pairs to her talk show's audience last Friday while interviewing American snowboarder Shaun White, who grabbed gold in the men's halfpipe last week.

The Hudson's Bay Company reportedly sent Winfrey a shipment of the coveted cozies after she professed how much she liked them on her show.

In unrelated Oprah newz, she is tapping some of Hollywood's brightest talents for her upcoming, "The Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special" set to air March 3 on ABC.

It will feature interviews with Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Glen Close, Michael Douglas and Ben Affleck who will participate in one of several celebrity-on-celebrity interviews. In this case, interviewing (Best) Actor in a Leading Role nominee Jeremy Renner ('The Hurt Locker').
Cast of James Cameron's blockbuster, 'Avatar,' will also sit down for a chat with the director, including Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, and Sam Worthington

The other is Chicago native Emmy winning comedian/actress Sheri Shepherd and her ex husband comic Jeff Tarpley. Her ex asked her in an open letter asking her to stop talking about him and his infidelity in public. After five years on "The View," a book, a self-titled sitcom and countless interviews, Tarpley felt he’s been bashed enough.

In an open letter to, he’s asking Sherri to stop before it does further damage to his name.

And of course she talked about this on "The View." LOL. But we agree with Tarpley. As Soul II Soul said, "Keep On Movin." But we think Tarpley should do the same, write his book and get a sitcom out of it--can we say

In unrelated Shepherd newz, her opinions from "The View" has now made newz--again. This time, her thoughts on the possibilities that shock jock Howard Stern may join the cast of "American Idol" after Simon Cowell leaves this season.

Recently on the show, Shepherd reportedly got into a major tizzy about Stern's lack of qualifications.

She said, "I think if you got Howard Stern on here now it's just like the legitimacy of American Idol really, really goes down, because the fact of the matter is Simon was mean, but he had a music background and he knew what he was talking about. Howard Stern was always out there and you always knew Howard Stern's name when he was on the regular radio station, then he went to Sirius. He's not a shock jock any more. I don't know if he's as relevant as he used to be."

On a side note: Howard Stern ridiculed Shepherd on the "Howard Stern Show" in the past for a clip of her on "The View" proudly proclaiming that she is unsure whether the world is flat or round.

Our thing is, Shepherd has the right to say what she wants, but we guess she forget QUICKLY that her credibility was questioned in the media after her some of her comments on the show, especially the Earth being round or flat comment. How soon they forget.

And in other Sherri newz, she was recently honored by the Night of 100 Stars at its annual gala at the DuSable Museum in Chicago. The ceremony honored Chicagoans who have made outstanding contributions to society through their careers and community involvement. ABC7 Chicago's Cheryl Burton served as mistress of ceremonies.


Congrats to Champaign, Ill. native
short-track speedskater Katherine Reutter who set set an Olympic record while winning her heat to qualify in the quarterfinals in the women's 1,000-meter event at the Vancouver Winter Olympics today, Wednesday.Skating in the fifth heat, Reutter finished in 1 minute 30.508 seconds, breaking the record of 1:31.235 set by Yang Yang of China at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games.The quarterfinals will be held Friday , followed by the semifinals at 6:52 p.m. and the finals at 7:24 p.m.

The big STL newz A&E story was:

It’s “Arch Madness” time, as 10 teams from the Missouri Valley Conference converge on St. Louis, March 4-7 in the organizations 20th season. The winner in this battle receives the coveted championship trophy and an automatic bid to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Participating this year are Illinois and Missouri State and SIUC. Other colleges include Bradley, Creighton, Drake, Evansville, Indiana State, Northern Iowa, andWichita State take it to the hardwood for the 20th straight year in the Gateway City

Folks in Jeff City are debating as we speak on whether the special Mark McGwire Highway 70 sign shoud be taken down. What yawl think?


Looks like the ST. Louis County 's Lemay neighborhood is about to open that new casino. THis week, the Missouri Gaming Board approved the gaming license for River City Casino in Lemay. It is reportedly the 13th and final gaming license available in Missouri and it will be gaming owners Pinnacle Entertainment's third St. Louis-area casino (President Casino, Lumiere Place) , and the second to open here in a little more than two years.

Award winning author SAPPHIRE author of “PUSH”, the inspiration for the Oscar nominated film, “Precious”(where she also made a cameo) will lecture at UMSL March 1. Local socialite Mocha Latte will open with a poem. For more info call 314.516.5291.‏

East St. Louis native Olympic champion Jackie Joyner Kersee was recently on the Mo’ Nique show--along with actresses Ruby Dee and Jasmine Guy and poet/educator Dr. Sonia Sanchez--to talk about her involvement in the National Visionary Leadership Project’s “Vision to Visionaries: Women Empowered” A panel discussion, moderated by Dr,. Camille Cosby, that took place recently at Spellman College in Atlanta NVLP’s mission is connecting the African American leaders of tomorrow with our rich past through real people who have done great things. To peep the clip of Joyner on the show go to

Johnson Vs. Johnson Publishing. It was reported this week that the supposed business deal interest between Majic Johnson and Ebony Magazine’s buyout is not true.
In a carefully worded response, Johnson Publishing Co. issued a statement then saying that Linda Johnson Rice, chairman and chief executive officer of Johnson Publishing, "has never talked to Magic Johnson with respect to his interest in buying” the company.

In a PR statement, Magic Johnson' said:
"I would like to salute Linda Johnson Rice and the Johnson family for pioneering the iconic brand of the Johnson Publishing Company, which we have all come to love and respect. Ebony and Jet have been permanent fixtures on coffee tables in African-American homes for many years. Recently, an affiliate of Magic Johnson Enterprises and Johnson Publishing Company were in advanced discussions to do business together, but unfortunately we were unable to reach a definitive agreement. We will continue to look for opportunities to invest in African-American media."

Hmmm, seem like something snagged in the discussions. We think it had to do with Majic’s company, Majic Johnson Enterprises taking over as publisher rather than Johnson Publishing (e.g, Jobs lost at Ebony).

STL hair salon owner Casey Ray filed suit recently against Summit Entertainment, the company that produced the hit film, “New Moon,” the sequel to “Twilight.” Ray made headlines when she found the script for the movie “New Moon”(as well as the script “Remember Me” ) in a St. Louis dumpster last March soon after Summit left the STL when the film, “UP in the Air” was finished filming in the city.

Ray is suing because Summit hasn’t honored its written agreement with her as far as her rewards for finding the lost script.

From the report: The suit, which was filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court, alleges that Summit agreed to provide Ray with two tickets to the premieres and after parties for the films. She attended the premiere and after party for “New Moon,” but then put the tickets for the “Remember Me” parties for sale on eBay.

Summit asked her to take the tickets off of eBay, which she did, and then she arranged to sell them privately. Summit wasn’t happy with that either and allegedly told Ray that only she and a guest could attend.The agreement between Ray and Summit specifically allows her to transfer the tickets to another party.

Then Summit told Ray that if she transfers the tickets for the “Remember Me” parties, the studio will not provide her with autographed scripts for both films. Summit supposedly agreed in writing to give Ray the scripts.

The lawsuit seeks to have the court order Summit to comply with the terms of the original agreement.

Is that it? Over some tickets? Bump that. If we were her, she should have, from the beginning, asked for a monetary award or some kind of residual for finding the scripts. We are talking about hundreds of millions made so far with “New Moon.” Getting a point off of that cheese would have made her be able to build a franchise of hair salons, okay?


Did yawl get yawl free pancakes at I Hop earlier this week?


In case you care, Chi-town based Grammy winning rapper Kanye West is reportedly coming out with another CD later this year. The name of it is tentatively called “Good Ass Job, ” which in Ye's world: First he was a College Dropout (first CD), then he returned to college but was on "Late Registration" (his second CD) , but h was able to complete his credits for "Graduation" (his third CD), so now after the "808s and Heartbreak " (his fourth CD) and after graduation comes the job. He is reportedly in Hawaii working on his upcoming CD featuring other artists including Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and DJ A-Trak.


We heard that legendary Grammy winning blues guitarist Buddy Guy upstaged headliner Grammy winning blues legend BB King when they came to the Lou last week to perform at the Family Arena. From our research, we heard that King did more talking than plucking and singing (and sat in a chair for all his set) whereas Guy "toe it up" from the first to the last song.

Speaking of concerts, Grammy Award winning country legend Willie Nelson will return to St. Louis to perform at The Pageant March 11. His last STL appearance wwa last October for the Farm Aid concert at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre.

And speaking of recent concerts with a country twang, when Grammy Award winning country diva and actress Reba McEntire came to the Lou to perform last weekend at the Fox Theatre (along with Leann Womack and George STrait) she added a comedy bit with Melissa Peterman, her former co-star on her “Reba” television show, that the audience we heard was a hoot over.


In other concert newz, The Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons’ concert that was to take place last Saturday at the Fox Theatre was postponed until June 4.


ON the R&B-hip/hop concert tip:

R&B hearthhrob Tank will make an appearance at LooseCannon's Friday Night Fixx at Karma Nightclub this Friday. The nite's event also is in celebration for Karma host Mocha Latte's 38th b-day party dubbed "My So Called B-Day Surprise Party " (SEE MOCHA's CORNER BELOW) And if we were betters he will sing some tunes for the ladies and sing Happy B-day to Miss Latte.
And Lets just hope he doesn't run too late coming through because of his baby mama drama with local model and Flava of Love reality show star B Skye (aka St Lewis) while he's herre in the Lou!

Also, R&B singer Lloyd is coming to Home nightclub as part of the venue’s new 5 Star Fridays event.
He’ll perform March 5. On MArch 12, STL rapper Chingy will celebrate his b-day--THE BIG 3-0-- there with live performances.
Get more information at

In unrelated newz, Chingy was in the STL to pick up his King of Swag Award at the 2nd Annual Notice Me Awards Sunday at Lure Nightclub.


And speaking of Chingy (who won King of Swag Sunday at the 2nd Annual Notice Me Awards at Lure), he was tagged in a photo taken by local photographer Teddy “B Free” Blackett (PICTURED) and used on MediaTakeout (the first was STL’s King Yella). We are not for sure how the pic got on Mediatatkeout, but the pic is of Chingy partying up in VIP at Close to famous’ Derrty Girlz party last Friday at the Blalck Label. MediaTakeout was claiming that Chingy was looking, well, in their words, “zesty.” in the pic. Well, see for yourself. Check out the pic at


STL rapper /mogul Nelly hosted a bangin out party at Tao, inside the Venetian in Las Vegas last weekend during the annual Magic Convention. He was in Vegas to celebrate his clothing line, Apple Bottom Jeans. He also performed a 30 minute set to the thousands who packed the crowd. His brother, St. Lunatic City Spud came along to support and performed along with Nelly. Rapper and designers for Greedy Genius (who also showcased its clothing line) amongst the urban designers, models and stars including Marlon Wayans, Tito Ortiz and poker player Phil Hellmuth. To see pics, go to ..

Three based athletes are gettin it in on all levels:

On March 6, two STL native boxers will be fighting for boxing titles in a double header that will be televised on HBO. First up, Cory Spinks’ (PICTURED) 37-5-0 (11) will defend his IBF Light Middleweight Title by taking on hard-hitting CORNELIUS BUNDRAGE 29-4-0 (17). Then, aJUAN URANGO, 22-2-1 (17) will be defending his WBC/IBF Welterweight Title against undefeated STL native DEVON ALEXANDER, 19-0-0 (12).
St. Louis fighter CORY SPINKS has lost 3 of his last 6 bouts and has not scored a knock-out victory in over 9 years. He did however squeak by an undefeated DEANDRE LATIMORE (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) last year to win the vacant Light-Middleweight Title that VERNO PHILLIPS vacated. The fight will take place at Mohegan Sun Casino,in Uncasville, Connecticut.

STL native NBA star Larry Hughes was traded to teh Sacremento Kings recently from the New York Knicks as part of a three-team trade. Hughes was waived by the Kings even before suiting up for them.

Hughes never even received a jersey number on the Kings roster after the trade that involved he, Joey Dorsey and Carl Landry coming over in a three-team deal with Sacramento, New York and Houston, for former Kings Kevin Martin, Sergio Rodriguez and Hilton Armstrong.

The 11-year pro was averaging 9.6 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game with New York, last playing on Feb. 5 against Milwaukee, where he scored two points. From that game, he fractured a finger and a toe and is currently in rehab.

And locally, STL stars, athletes and personalities will play in this year's

Damien Nash "Brother 2 Brother Find A Heart" Charity Basketball Game at Riverview Gardens High School (1218 Shepley) Feb 27. Hot 104.1 Tony J and WVOL 1470-Nashville Jae Nash will be hosting the event.

Nash, who was a Riverview Gardens alum, was a St. Louisan who was drafted to the Denver Broncos in his first year with the NFL during the 2006-07 season but died of heart failure February of 2007 while playing in his charity b-ball game.

This year, they will be raising funds, collecting canned goods and other items at the door to assist with the relief efforts in Haiti. Proceeds and collections will benefit the Nash Youth Association community outreach program and relief efforts in Haiti. Haiti relief drive starts @ 1:30 pm and game tip off @ 3 pm Contact

or 314-308-9374 for information

Two comedians from the TV competition/reality show Last Comic Standing 2006 season is coming to the STL stage.

Roz is returning to the Lou coming to perform at St. Louis House of Comedy this weekend(her last performance theer was April 2009) . She will perform Feb 25 through Feb. 27. You may purchase seating at

or 314 241 5233


On Sunday nite, actor Gabirel Iglesias is coming to the STL during his The Fluffy Shop Tour Feb 28 at The Pageant .

Former Playboy TV model Claudia Gestro (in BLUE BIKINI) hosted this month's Celebrity Model Shoot contest that was held Saturday at Sugars Lounge (SEE PICS AND COVERAGE AT The monthly contest chooses female models each month and the winner receives cash prizes and photo shoots with the event's producers Evocative Studios and Salazar Photographics led by STLbased Notice Me Award nominee MMA fighter/model Ashley Salazar (PICTURED).

And speaking of Salazar, she has a lot gong on these days, good and bad.

First the bad.

OnMonday, Salazar posted on her Facebook page that she was quitting her managerial duties at Sugar;s Lounge and this is what she posted,
" I have quit working as a manager at Sugar. To everyone I brought in I'm sorry to leave you hanging. whenever or not you choose to stay or leave is up to you. I will miss you all! For the time being I need to make bills so Ian and I are offering the best photogrpaphy package at discounted rates. $50 a set, contact me to book our schedule is completely open!....I can't work for him I cant be treated like that."

We werent able to contact Salazar but from the comments on her page (which has now been disabled) she apparently had some disagreement with the owner of Sugar's and it escalated in her quitting as manager of the venue.

Now onto the good.

Despite what happened at Sugar's Lounge, Salazar is continuing with her monthly Celebrity Shoot Model contests. SUBMISSIONS are still going for FOR FEMALE CONTESTANTS FOR:CELEBRITY MODEL PHOTO SHOOT IV(MARCH 20TH) THE FEMALE CONTESTANTS MUST BE 21+



On March 1, Salazar will talk with Blog Talk Radio website ( about her career as a model and desires to be an MMA spokeswoman and she is currently in teh new film, " Farm" ( where she plays "Sarah" in her first lead role..


Speaking of hosting duties, Bad Girls club star Natalie Nunn made an appearance at Soul Stylz' Zodiac Connection party held at the grand opening of the club, THE MONACO (THE OLD MINT LOUNGE) in Kansas City last Saturday.

Congrats goes out to local rapper AG who was recently named the “Fresh Face of Spring 2010” on the popular
urban fashion website,
Submitted by his manager on a whim via a 28 second video of his photo shoot and picked from hundreds of contestants, As the grand prize winner, AG is getting an exclusive spring 2010 modeling contract with, which includes a round-trip flight and accommodations at W Hotel in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, Calif., and a photo shoot to launch him as a featured model on the website.

Oh and did you know that AG is also a runner for the media relations division of the St. Louis Cardinals? Not physically running but like a gofer. LOL

Fox 2 News personality April Simpson will host
Saved in the City's Roc Da Runway fashion show at the Body on Delmar March 5 (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

STL model Shanell Howard and the Evening Whirl were the big winners Sunday at the 2nd Annual Notice Me Awards at Lure Nightclub. Howard, who competed in the CW 11 auditions for America's Next Top Model last season, won two solo awards for Runway Diva and Female Model of the Year and the Evening Whirl won four affiliated awards : Publication of the Year, Mood Maker (DJ Sir Thirl), Female Hustler of the Year (Mocha Latte) and Event Photographer of the Year (King Yella). Other winners included Chingy, model Ken McClure and model Tany B. The event was produced by promoters Liquid Assets and it celebrated the talents of models, designers, writers and promoters in the ST. Louis area. (TO SEE FULL COVERAGE GO TO

One of the highlights at this year's Notice Me Awards happened during the presentation of Promoter of the Year and Freetime members Adrian Saddler, Roy Robinson and Daryl Freirson walked onstage to accept the award from Liquid Assets' Phil Assets. Soon before they came up, Louflicks' Tommie Choncie (PICTURED) got up on stage and did a "Kanye." (and from a source Choncie was planning to do a Kanye at some point in the show) He got the mic and said that Mocha Latte should have won in the category. Well, the crowd was in shock afterwards, but right after Choncie left the stage, Latte got up on stage and apologized to the Freetime crew for the outburst and congratulated them for winning. But it was taken all in fun cuz the FREETIME guys smiled their way through the happening. The wild thing about it was, Latte wasnt even nominated in the category! TMP!


Speaking of award show's the upcoming 3rd Annual Traffic Music Awards has just announced its performance lineup. Peforming will be two time TMA nominee Aloha (PICTURED) who'll be performing her new single "That Deal" , seven time nominee frontrunner ..Bradd Young, Vega, Donnie Banxx, Mai Lee, and June 5th. The TMAs will take place this year at the Ambassador on March 7 (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Longtime STL deejay DOC LOVE is hosting and on the is on the 1s and 2s at his new FANTASY FRIDAY'S @ THE JUNKYARD BAR&GRILL. FREE ADMISSION!!! THE JUNKYARD BAR&GRILL is located at 1120 NEW FLORISSANT ROAD, ST. LOUIS.

Ever since the Facebook Beef went down last month betwen STl based rappers Gotta Be Karim and Big Will and blogger B-Gyrl (PICTURED) posting up the beef on her site, many STL rappers from various other spheres have chimed in on the whole underground, freestyle hip hop movement, including raoper Vandaylzm (PICTURED). On, it posted the YOUTUBE vid that Vandalyzm posted in regards to all the trash talking that is being done about his style of rapping, teh negativity in the STL rap community and of course, highlighting the accomplishments that he and his crew has done and the Facebook Beef that stemmed from Karim and Will and commenting on by B-Gyrl. (TO GET A RECAP OF THE BEEF GO TO

Meanwhile , B-Gyrl responded to Van's YOUTUBE posting by posting on the following: (SEE UPDATE AFTER THIS STORY)

Ok...Van didn't explicitly say "No, I'm not referring to b-gyrl or stlhiphop", although he does say we're all wrong, which I'm going to take for the sake of moving on, that he isn' rather than go into the specifics as if he were, I'ma address this from an industry and media standpoint...

First, the reason St. Louis is a laughingstock isn't because of talent or a lack thereof...I put our best against the industry's best and our wackest against the mainstream wackest, the reason we're a laughingstock is because of a backwards "show me" ie "prove something to me", crabs in the barrel, individualistic, click having high school mentality, which is the first thing anyone not from here notices whenever dealing with St. Louis in general.

People not from here (the industry/media) have a hard time understanding "old vs new St. Louis", "Street rappers vs Loop rappers", STL vs ESTL...and all infighting over crumbs and the energy people put into the things that keep us divided rather than focusing on working together, playing our roles and talking our city to the next me, they see the potential, that's why STL cats keep getting looks.

I hear it all the time...I created this site in the hopes that once everyone saw if nothing but a visual of the collective, of the us, we, St. Louis all standing together, they would see the bigger picture....we're all St. Louis and we must all stand or fall together...individualism is not the key...yet sadly instead of embracing a collective, the masses are out for self, being exclusive rather than inclusive, which has been proven time and time again not to work...not for those "on" here, but not nationally or those receiving national recognition, but not here at home.

To judge for yourself on the YOUTUBE vid go to

UPDATE: B-Gyrl sent us a inbox message on faceboook soon after this posting to correct a matter on this story.
She wrote: My response was to what Vandalyzm posted on stlhiphop [is] in reference [to] his youtube video and everyone's speculation as to who and what negative comments he was referring to...not to his video...I reserved comment on that until I could confirm whether or not he was speaking about me/ [or] stlhiphop.

The new single by STL R&B trio is out, entitled, "Crush" featuring STL rapper Ebony Eyez. To cop a copty of teh single, go to

In case yawl were wondering, Alive Magazine is not having Spring Fashion Week next month, but its place , it's collaborating with Sak's Fifth Avenue for a fashion show celebrating Saks fifth Avenue's Contemporary Collection at Plaza Frontenac on March 25 (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Also in March, Alive Magazine will host and present its 4th Annual Iron Bartendar Contest March 28 at the Flamingo Bowl (SEE EVENTZ BELOW). Two of the 25 competitors are Terri Little (FAR LEFT) from the Black Label and Thach Le of Mandarin Lounge.
They would like readers to vote for the Top Six to be chosen Bartender of the Year.

To cast your vote, log on to Voting ends March 15.

And speaking of competitions, MPAC is having its Grand Finale to choose Eye Candy 2009 on Friday Feb. 26 . All the winners from January to December of 2009 will compete for the title and position of Eye Candy Spokes Model. The Eye Candy Spokes model will become the face of the Eye Candy Brand.
The spokes model will receive a full page a spread in Delux and Ozone Magazine along with a trip to Houston as a stage model for Ozone Music awards which will be televised on MTV! The spokes model will also host at least one party in a different market. She will also receive a photo shoot in Miami Florida. Last but not least she will be awarded $2000 and become the host of MPAC TV.
St. Louis, you get to help select Miss Eye Candy 2009 by logging onto
and voting! Voting ends FEB 26.
The 2009 Eye Candy Grand Finale and February Eye Candy Party is Friday the 26th at the Loft! Ladies are FREE til 11 and there will be $3 martinis til midnight. The Finale will start 10:30 sharp and the February Eye Candy Party will follow. Young Dip will be the host!
Anyone knows when National 314 is having its annual event?


PISCERIAN DAZE. B-day shots to Notice Me award winners STL promoter Mocha Latte (SEE MOCHA;s CORNER BELOW) and FREETIME's member Daryl Frierson (who celebrated last Saturday at the City GO TO and fitness trainer Deanthony Moore


IN THE MIA FILE....Where is promoter Jerrod Jones?


Who were these sistas gettin their party on and their big earring on at Cafe Soul at the Loft last Friday?

BLIND BITZ. Which venue has a "no collar-no entry" policy? (HINT. The venue is on Washington Avenue and its name used to have a "three letter name" who's third letterended with a vowel.)

BLIND BITZ EXTRA. What venue had its employee having to call the cops on a patron after harrassing this employee and was told by the cops to remove themselves from the premises ? (HINT. The venue is located on Lindell and it is housed in a bigger venue who's name's last letter also ends with a vowel).



PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. Which promoter/socialite got it in this week in the STL? Promoters Mocha Latte and Chelsea Dawn(TIE) and comic Jaylee Thomas and photographer King Yella (TIE)

Mocha Latte (FAR LEFT). There's no shock that Miss Latte of Monopoly Promotions keeps gettin it in in this section. She started off the week winning a Notice Me Award for Female Hustler of the Year at Lure Nightclub last Sunday . On Wednesday,this TMA nominee got word from UMSL that she will open up with a poem at the Sapphire speaking engagement at the university on March 1 (SEE ILLIMO BITZ ABOVE). This weekend she always does her hosting duties at Karma Nightclub but this Friday, at Loose cannon's Friday Night Fixx, she is celebrating her b-day with So Called Surprise B-Day Party with special guest R&B hunk Tank (SEE MOCHA's CORNER BELOW) and she hosts Sutra Saturdays also at the venue .

Chelsea Dawn (LEFT ) . This lovely go getter/model is no stranger to this segment. She does her thing on a constant heading up events with Liquid Assets and her own self titled promotions company. She was the spearhead for this past Sunday's Notice Me Awards (and was also a double nominee) and she is getting her promotion going on strong with the popular Red Hott Thursdays and Flirt Fridays (through Liquid Assets) and through her moniker Sasha Fiercsome promotes T.G.I.S. every Saturday at Lure Nightclub (See ONGOING BITZ AT .

JayLee Thomas (RIGHT). This TMA nominated funny man of the catchphrase DO SHE is making waves as a host and promoter under his own namesake promotions company. Every Tuesday he hosts Funny Tuesdays at Imperial Palace on North Grand
showcasing many local and national comics. Then on Wednesdays, Thomas hosts comedy at Junkyard Bar andGrill (SEE ONGOING BITZ )

King Yella (FAR RIGHT). This photographer of events and female beauties in and out of St. Louis and at special events around the country (Super Bowl, All Star Game) got it in again this year as he was recognized last Sunday for the second year in a row as Event Photographer of the Year at this year's Notice Me Awards. He also was recently promoted to Chief Photographer at the Notice Me Award winning Evening Whirl Newspaper. Although he is on the local club scene flicking photos at various clubs (The Loft, Plush, to name a few) he is on the regular at Karma Nightclub every weekend.


From a request from a fan of ours, we heRRE at OUTTOWN decided to add a FAn PAGE to Facebook for those who want extra tibitz and exclusives. To join, First, JOIN FACEBOOK. LOL then, go to


NEW: His production company, Maatology Productions is seeking male models and everyday gents for his upcoming Spring untitled fashion show contest for charity. For an audition, e-mail him a recent head and body shot, bio and contact info to He is also looking for sexy females to be escorts for the gents and hype dancers.


If you know anyone who is seeking employment as a security officer, email me at They must have Illinois PERC card and a firearms card (or at least applying for one), have a clean record, and reliable.


Time: February 26, 2010 at 5pm
Location: Janae's West
Join Stress Free Fridays this Friday, February 26, as they visit Janae's West, located at 7555 Olive Blvd in University City...enjoy FREE FOOD (while it lasts), GREAT DRINK SPECIALS and the best DJ's in St. Louis...remember, we start at 5pm, so early arrival is a must...tell a friend and bring plenty of business cards...
See more details and RSVP on Stress Free Fridays:

Outback Concerts presents, comedian Ralphie May Fri., Feb 26th at Roberts Orpheum

Afriky Lolo's 7th Annual Dance Celebration, feat. Sundiata King of Mali Feb 26 & Feb 27 at the Edison Theater‏,near the Mallinkrodt Center at Washington Unibersity. Both shows at 8 p.m. Tickets $25. Info: 314- 935-6543 or 314- 276-1913.

Mesmerizing, dazzling and exhilarating are adjectives audiences continuously use to characterize the Bosman Twins. Florida A&M musicscholars and masters of several woodwind instruments, the Emmy Award winning duo are true ambassadors of music. Whether performing as aduo or accompanying jazz greats, their renditions of jazz, R&B,funk and gospel have gained them international notoriety.Friday, February 26, and:Saturday, February 27, at the:Jazz at The BistroTwo Shows each night @ 8:30 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.Tickets: $20 - Jazz St. Louis available through MetroTixOR
Come celebrate as we honor Ms. Debra Denham & Mr. J. Kim Tucci with the Gloria Waters White Award.
Saturday, February 27 @ The Living World - St. Louis Zoo.
6 P.M. -Exclusive V.I.P. Reception with Vanessa Rubin, Debra Denham & J. Kim Tucci.7 P.M. -Cocktails, food & music.Jazz set by Vanessa Rubin
THEN Gloria Waters White Award PresentationTickets: $150/personPatron Couple: $1,000Suggested Attire: Festive!

Phat Pheezy will perform live at Blueberry Hill in U City Saturday, February 27, Call and get your tics free at 314 599-5402. Also at the concert, he will be talkin about his new movie TRAP IN THE HOOD and selling his CD, "Coke Hyena' lets go!! You can also CHECK out Phat Pheezy's video on youtube "My Pockets Flooded."

STL singer/producer and multi TMA nominee Bradd Young will headline The White Ice Event , Feb 27 at the Ambassador. Also on the bill is STl rappers Ludy and KB. A Couture Fashion Show also will take place featuring the Sexy Ice Angles.$20 GEN ADM$35 VIP Advanced$50 VIP @ the doorGet your tickets now!
LOVE ME ALWAYS: A Photographic Celebration by Linda and Odell Mitchell, Jr. Opening Reception Sat. Feb. 27, 5-7pm Closing Reception Sat. March 13, 3-5pm at Gallery 101, 101 East Main Street, Collinsville, IL 62234 618.593.5146 for more info.‏

B&W and Insomniac Present:Saturday February 27th, 2010NOISE at HOME featuring Bad Boy Bill (America’s Favorite DJ)NOISE will be a recurring event brought to you by the biggest dance music promoters in Saint Louis at the biggest and best nightclub! Bad Boy Bill – Chicago /

/ “The Album” Tour /


STL native actor/singer Duane Foster will perform spirituals titled “The Spiritual Victorious” at Normandy United Methodist Church (800 Natural bridge) on Feb 28 starting at 3:30 p.m. Thomas--who was last seen in the Muny's Othello" last season-- will take the crowd on journeys and celebrate the works of composers such as, Hall Johnson, Moses Hogan, Uzee Brown and many more. He also returns to his Broadway roots and shares songs indicative of the African American experience. "The Spiritual Victorious" is a theatrical presentation that incorporates narration, audience participation and true accounts from Duane's extraordinary performance career. Featured on this concert will be the Normandy High School Orchestra and Chorale. Mr. Foster will be accompanied by Deborah Antoine.Admission-10$









Mocha hosts Sutra Saturdays at Karma
If you Are female and at least 25 and have the time(max.6hrs amonth) and the extra love to spare please call us asap! 314-877-2016. Or please send me your name, address, email and cellnumber to my inbox. Thanks in advance...
Check out Mocha Latte’s weekly column COFFEE TALK every Monday in theEvening Whirl .

For more info on these items, contact Miss Latteat 314.646.9917 or



Wed Feb 24 10 07:00 PM Belleville, IL Venue: SWIC 1st Floor Lounge Belleville, IL, US Details: Free Style Wednesdays, Guest Judge A.D.

Listen to Spoken Word & Neo Soul with tons of exclusive content. .'You can also join TheRadioVibe Facebook Group to keep up with what's happeningwith the station.

.Thu Feb 25 10 07:30 PM East St. Louis, IL USVenue: Word Therapy @ Club ParadiseAddress: 812 Martin Luther King Dr, East St. Louis, IL, 62201, USDetails: Poetry Showcase / Open Mic Featuring Aireez DaRychuss, The Move Poetically, NHUSM, Respekt, Teddi B Poetic, Pacia Anderson, Timothy Goldman & Tarell "Truth Hurts" Russell....and more




Yesterdays: An Evening with Billie Holiday, Reenie Upchurch,featuring Vanessa Rubin I(PICTURED) as Billie HolidayFebruary 24 - March 14
May 1959. A New York club is the stage for a stunning night ofmusic - the last performance of the soulful, incomparable BillieHoliday. Now critically acclaimed jazz vocalist Vanessa Rubinportrays the legend in a nigght singing Billie's unforgettable classics including "My Man", "StrangeFruit", and "God Bless the Child".
Five Guys Named Moe, Musical by Clarke Peters, featuring LouisJordan's Greatest Hits
March 24 - April 25, 2010
Nomax, whose girlfriend has left him and who is without money,finds Big Moe, Four-Eyed Moe, Eat Moe, No Moe, and Little Moeemerging from his 1930s-style radio to comfort him. They sing thehit songs of songwriter and saxophonist Louis Jordan, whose newslant on jazz paved the way for rock and roll in the 1950s.
Art by Yasmina Reza
May 5 - May 23, 2010
Art concerns the cataclysmic effect on three friends,Serge, Marc,and Yvan, when Serge purchases and expensive work of abstract art-a large painting consisting of white lines on a white canvas. Asthe three men engage in an ongoing debate over the value of thepainting, emotions run high and the conflict escalates to the pointof nearly destroying a long-standing friendship.
The Me Nobody Knows, Music by Gary William Friedman, Lyrics by Will Holt
June 2 - July 2, 2010
A compelling musical based on the anthologized writings of more than200 inner city youth collected by school teacher Stephen M.Joseph. At odds with a squalid setting and a cynical,materialistic view of the world, themes of hope and renewalemerged.
For more information on any of these upcoming events contact
The BlackRep Box Office at (314) 534-3807.

St. Louis native rockers Story of the Year released their new CD The Constant recently and is set to perform at Pageant on March 4. For their fans, those who purchase its CD at Vintage Vinyl in U City will get a rebate on their ticket.

At The Old Rock House in Soulard will be Grammy Award winners Paula Cole (March 4 )and legendary blues artist John Lee Hooker ( March 19).

Rap duo Playaz Circle will be in concert At Club Plush March 5


Friday, March 5, 2010 at 9:00pm
1624 D\elmar Ave. (downtown St.Louis just west of the City Museum) with guest Fox 2 News' April Simpson.
Save The Date -Roc Da Runway - Where fashion meets music.Special guest and artist being added everyday.D.Stone on the ones and twos.PDub on the mic.$5 dollars to get in!

Blue Collar and Grammy Award nominated comic Ron White will perform at the Roberts Orpheum for two shows. He’ll perform at 8 p.m. March 5 and 7:30 p.m. March 6. Todd Sawyer opens.

The PocketBook Monologues, 6 P.M. , March 6 AT St. Louis Community CollegeForest Park5600 Oakland AvenueMildred E. Bastian Center forPerforming Arts.
St. Louis Community College - Forest Parkproudly presents Sharon McGhee‟s, ThePocketBook Monologues. McGhee, award-winning journalist and author, originallyfrom St. Louis, MO, explores sexuality andsexual responsibility in addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis for women of color in herbook and stage production. She has compiled a collection of stories from women of color who reveal their heartfelt emotionsabout intimacy. Their stories are brutallyhonest, funny and poignant. Contact: PhilisheaIngram 314/644-9136 or Bruce Munson314/644-9656, Co-Chairs African-AmericanHistory & Culture Committee.

STL boxer will fight Juan Urango on March 6 . HBO will televise.Alexander (19-0, 12 KO) won the vacant WBC strap against Junior Witter in August, and that same month. Urango (22-2-1, 17 KO) won his IBF title against Herman Ngoudjo in January 2009.

The 2010 Traffic Music Awards (TMAs) March 7. hosted by WHHL perosonality, "Traffica" TonyJ Time:Sunday, March 7, at 5:00pm at the Ambassador
To vote for the nominees goto

National comics Arnez J., Earthquake, Sheryl Underwood, and Jay Lamont are coming to the STL with “Superstars of Comedy’ March 12,at the Chaifetz Arena.

The Emotions

Cuba Gooding Sr of the Main Ingredient

The Stylistics, The Main Ingredient, and the Emotions are the headliners at the 70’s Soul Jam at
Chaifetz Arena at 8 p.m. March 13.Also on the bill are Ray, Goodman & Brown, and New Birth.

Newbie R&B singer Laura Izibor will perform March 14 at the 560 Music Center, 560 Trinity Ave. Tickets at MetroTix outlets,,and by calling 314-534-1111.

Jay Z

Young Jeezy

Trey Songz

JAY-Z BLUEPRINT 3 TOUR COMES TO THE SCOTTRADE CENTER FRIDAY MARCH 19TH, 2010 7PM with special guests Young Jeezy and Trey Songz.


Experience Hendrix
Saturday, Mar 20 8:00p
Grand Center: The Fabulous Fox Theatre,
Price: $40-$60

The 5th Annual Kevin Kline Award Ceremony will be held on Monday, March 22 at 7pm at the Loretto-Hilton Theater. For ticket info go to

John Mayer at Scotte Trade Center March 20


Join Saks Fifth Avenue and ALIVE Magazine for a night full of fashion. Enjoy complimentary appetizers and drinks while previewing Saks' Contemporary Collection. The first 200 guests receive gift bags and all guests get a 15% off shopping pass good for that night. 5% of all sales will benefit HavenHouse of St.Louis.

$10 suggested donation to HavenHouse of St.Louis.

Date: 03.25.10
Time: 5:30pm-9pm
Fashion Show at 7pm
Place: Plaza Frontenac (1701 South Lindbergh Blvd., St Louis, MO 63131)

RSVP: Please RSVP to


Grammy Award winning Rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will perform March 26 at Pop’s in Sauget., Ill.

Alive Magazine will host a Bartender of the Year Contest at Flamingo Bowl March 28. St. Louis' best bartenders are up for an online readers' vote. Vote online ( now through March 15 and help determine which six bartenders will compete at ALIVE's 2010 Iron Bartender Contest on Sunday, March 28. Watch the city’s top bartenders’ throw down in hopes to be named “St. Louis’ Iron Bartender”. As a courtesy, please RSVP to
Sponsored by: 360 Vodka, vitaminwater, Miller Lite & Flamingo Bowl. To cast your vote, log on to Voting ends March 15

Comic/actress/talk show host and Golden Globe winner/Academy Award nominee Mo’ Nique is spreading love when she stops by ST. Louis on her Spread the Love Tour March 26 at Fox Theatre.

Country stars Martina McBride and Trace Adkins’ will be joint headlining on the “Shine All Night” tour, March 26 at Scottrade Center.