Monday, February 22, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology On last Saturday, we checked out three events back to back to back on Washington Avenue. The first was seeing national comic/hypnotist Hypno Bro at teh st.Louis House of Comedy . He started of his 2 plus hour set givin a dose of comedy before he put the sleep on some of the crowd. Before he got volunteers for hypnosis he said one joke about his trade saying he wish he could hypnotize bank tellers and say,"SLEEP!"

Hypno Bro said that in order for hypnosis to work it depends on how more intelligent a person is. The more intelligent they are the more apt for them to be hypnotized. then he cracked a joke saying, "Easy would be Obama. hard woul dbe George W." Then he asked for volunteers.

Two of four first comers were STL comedians Wll C (third from left) and Kym Dobbs (fourth from left).

He needed one more for his show to complete and got her (the sista in the yellow blouse below). He joked and said, "I do have morals so we canlt have no one butt naked unless that's there dream do that."

To get the show started, he had all the participants to raise their hands and rotate their fists as though they were racing. Then he joked and said, "This has nothing to do with hypnosis." LOL

But Hypno Bro told the volunteers to breathe in and out deeply and feel the rhythm of the music that was played.

He told them"Visualize you are the most comfortable with a pillow in your bed and imagine a location."

He had them knocked out with the slightest touch of his hand to their foreheads and told them 'SLEEP!" . He also had the crowd to applause for them when he directed them in order for them to wake up during each segment. Then, he also warned that those who woke up too early had to leave the stage.

One of the segments he had the volunteers do was pretend to smoke weed.

The brother got out of his seat cuz the weed was so good. LOL

Everyone was in hypno mode by then.

He then had them pretend that they were playing their favorite instrument (the lady in yellow was playing a cello)

One of the funnier segments was when Hyono Bro had them pretend as if they smelled a horrible odor that their neighbor cause happen (e.g. farts) . Then, had them pretend they themselves fartd. The hypnotist made fart sounds as the cue.

This sista was sleepwalking and worried about her shoes that she left her table which caused Hypno Bro to guide her back up stage.

Another highlight was the segment where the guys pretended to be strippers for the women on stage.

They were pretending to be Chippendale dancers

They were all up in the dance!

And let it show. LOL

The show as turning more into a strip show!

It was out of the box hilarious!

Will C was....we dont know. LOL

The last segement was when Hypno Bro had them pretend they were getting the best oral sex in their life! Then he said to the husband of the lady on the right,"Aye man fir 69.95 I can sell you this (hypnosis skill). "

Well, you can see what was goin on. LOL

Will C, whos hypnosis name was now Buckwheat named by HypnoBro, almost knocked down the sign as he was pretending someone was giving him a blowjob. LOL

The survivors was back in their state of mind but right before they came back he said that the guy who shaking his hand would get frisky with his woman when he thanked everyone for coming.


...thats what he did. LOL

NOTE: This was the St.Lousi House of Comedy's biggest turnouts .Although some of the crowd volunteers were taken off the stage from faking it or werent in belief of it, it was fascinating to see how easy it was to hypnotize those who wanted to be hynotized.
Other segments done was the volunteers losing their favoirite body parts one of the guy volunteers said that his penis was gone and he described how long it was), and that their hair was getting wet from the rain, that a fly was bothering them.
One moment in the show, HypnoBro had to tell the crowd at one point about shouting out, "Oh, he/she faking regarding the volunteers that he didnt like the vibe in the crowd and that he hs done many shows and even been on thr Steve Harvey radio show and is a staple on Tom Joyners Crusies and didnt need to deal with how the crowd was reacting.
A few volunteers had to also leave the stage cuz they were out of hypnosis or being hostile.
But overall, it was very entertaining and we are sure, if the House of Comedy is smart, he will be back on the bill at the venue soon based on the huge turnouts of his shows this past weekend.

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