Monday, August 30, 2010

OUT 880--FREETIME &1st FRIDAYS' 2010 GLOW at Mike Shannon's Aug 28

Photos by Ma'atology and Night Society (the first two pics and the fifth pic)
Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, with my new do Afro holding the OUTCAM at Glow. Check out the pics below from this annual party fave.

FREE TIME members Adrian Saddler, Daryl Freirson and Roy Robinson Jr on its tour bus of the city. They rented a bus for party people to see the sites before they arrived at Mike Shannons for the party.

Frierson and Robinson with 1st Friday's Harry Michel (middle) at Mike Shannons.

The crowd was over 1,000!

YOURS TRULY, with Night Society photographers Maurice Bishop and Mike Barker

More crowd pics


The dee jay was DJ OK

Socialite and music promoter JoAnn Smith

More crowd

Folk flanked by the lower bar.

Mo folk

NOTE: Also in the house were: promoter couple Carrie and Keith Griffin, socialite Jameelah E, socialite Cora Drew, STLonfire's Andrew Clark, comedian Jovan Bibbs, photographer Maurice Young and Jacob Owens, fitness trainer DeAnthony Moore, socialites Sarah Bryant, Joseph Jennings, Corey Hellems, Tony Russell, and model Kenneth McClure to name a few. And for those who were there the older motorcycle guy who was dancing in front of Mike Shannon's. LOL


Photos by Ma'atology

RIGHT: A poster of Chairs that was displayed inside the lobby area. LEFT: One of the early blue carpeters was singer Crystal Haywood wearing a striking backless number.
PICS of other well wishers:

The sister on the right showing much leg and silver pumps.

Invitees get interviewed
by local TV.

Inside was a reception with a harpist playing for the VIPers.

The other b-day lady was Ms. L.A. dressed in Egyptian ware was celebrating a 50something b-day.

When Chairs arrived in her elegant gold dress she was interviewed about her b-day celebration.

East St. Louis Monitor Journalist Linda Lawson takes a pic with Chairs

Chairs and L.A. takes a pic with Elson Williams II, who helped sponsor the event.

Couple Cedric Cobb and tan Hollywood (and yes it is a see through lace dress!)

Montina Mullen, guest and Anissa Stanley

L.A., Haywood and Chairs

Chairs, who changed into this long yellow number poses with friend Kurt Ahmed and his date.

Dj Enoch, in Tut hat with Chairs revealing the long slit in her dress. Enoch was one of two dee-jays who played at her event.

Paparazzi including YOURS TRULY in the back.

Cleopatra and her helper served the VIP drinks upstairs.

One of the attendants of the VIP entrance.

Longtime choreographer Theo Jamison serenades the interviewer that nite.

Haywood also got in the mix of singing impromptu.

Dj Needles had the tunes comin for the attendees on the main floor.

And Enoch had the house music goin downstairs.

The folk downstairs.

Then, the highlight of the evening came when Laton and her Egyptian court rode by horse and carriage to the Speakeasy for the entertainment section of the event.

The court arrives.

And enters the building.

They dance to Jones Girls' "Nights Over Egypt" and Michael Jackson's' "Remember the Time."

They did the moves from Michael Jackson music video.

They were in precision!

The Queens of the Night.

Queens Laton and L.A. and their royal court.

NOTE: This event was a lavish affair indeed. Grand. Luxurious and quite the elegant affair. From the harp music to the delicacies. Two dee-jays. Free drinks for the VIPs. And the entertainment dance was outstanding! B-day celebratee Laton Chairs said she thanked her family, clients, friends as well as the haters. LOL


Photos by Ma'atology

In the media room were some of the national celebrities who participated in the weekendz Literary Corner where they sold and signed their respective books to the attendees. LEFT: a media person interviewed Oscar winning legend Louis Gossett Jr. He was selling his book, "An Actor and a Gentleman."

The lovely actress Pam Grier gettin interviewed by a media person. She was touring her book, "Foxy: My Life in Three Acts."

Local personality Shay interviewed Gossett.

Grier signs a poster from one of her classic 70s films, "Black Mama, White Mama."

Shay interviews Grier.

Gossett, Grier and hip hip fashion icon Farnsworth Bentley, who was scheduled to perform on the MBE Music Stage later that day, also was selling his book, "10 Tips for the Well Dressed Man."

The main floor of the Expo .

Actor Mario van Peebles talks with a expo attendee at the Literary Corner booth. Peebles was in rare form tellin his fans to get their asses in pictures when he took them. LOL

Actress Janet Hubert signs copies of her book, "Perfection is not a Sitcom Mom."

CNN news analyst Roland Martin greets expo attendees.

A long shot of the celebs at the Literary Corner.

Co-hosts of the mainstage were singer Silky Sol and Fox 2 News veteran Bonita Cornute.

Bentley and his dance crew on stage performing tracks from his CD, " C.O.L.O.U.R.S."

While tying his own bowtie, Bentley spoke on the importance of staying and eating health and chasing your dreams without fear.

Bentley was part entertainer, part motivational speaker.

Bentley and his background dancer do the classic Morris Day--Jerome Benton mirror antic.

Bentley and crew were dancing fools!

Bentley brought up one of his dancers who was one of his childhood buddies.

Meanwhile, other activities were going on that day including youngsters riding the mechanical bull.

And the amateur boxing tournaments.

A long shot of the boxing tourneys.

Painter Daniel Hodges was painting on canvas a piece at his booth.

One of the popular food booths that has been a mainstay at the annual expo.

DIVA Planning promoter Gina James talks with youngsters about the "Bee"lieving in Excellence Program .

Meanwhile, rap pioneer and legend Dougie Fresh was on stage gettin his rap on.

He performed his classic jams such as "Keep Rising to the top," La-Di-Da-Di," and "The Show." with new school beats.

A highlight was when we did call and response with the crowd during the "Finish The Rhyme" segment of his set.

Fresh also did a four minute beat box non-stop.

The crowd enjoin Fresh.

Bentley also was enjoyin the Fresh set texting and takin pics of it at the same time.

When Fresh left the stage, Bentley continues takin pics.

MBE promoter Jacque Land of Platinum Group addressed the crowd about purchasing Missouri Lottery tickets and placing their losing tickets into a drum for a drawing for prizes.

After Fresh was the G.S. Boyz

They performed an homage to Dougie Fresh as well as their hits, "Booty Dew" and their dance craze single, "Stanky Legg."

And doing the stanky legg.

As did some of the youngsters from the crowd.

STL rap artist Rucka Puff was next on stage.

Puff was in raw form as always with his stage antics.

...and no apologies.

A rep from Walmart emceed the store's fashion show

BELOW are some of the fashions from Wal-mart:

Grandmaster D was up next playin some old and new school jams.


The other members of Whodini Jahlil (in hat) and Ecstacy (behind Jalil) walked on stage as the crowd cheered on.

They started their set with their hit, "Funky Beat."

The old schoolers were jammin with the group.

They also performed, "Friends," "One Love" and "Five Minutes of Funk."

Their crew also included The Educated Rapper (in yellow and black shirt) from UTFO who did a snippet of his former group's classic, "Roxanne, Roxanne." Ecstacy also said that he was the founder of Whodini and the group is working on a new CD and claimed that "the new schoolers ain't really talkin about nothin."

NOTE: The GS Boyz following after Dougie Fresh??? Isn't that kinda sacreligious in the hip hop world? LOL