Monday, August 30, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology

RIGHT: A poster of Chairs that was displayed inside the lobby area. LEFT: One of the early blue carpeters was singer Crystal Haywood wearing a striking backless number.
PICS of other well wishers:

The sister on the right showing much leg and silver pumps.

Invitees get interviewed
by local TV.

Inside was a reception with a harpist playing for the VIPers.

The other b-day lady was Ms. L.A. dressed in Egyptian ware was celebrating a 50something b-day.

When Chairs arrived in her elegant gold dress she was interviewed about her b-day celebration.

East St. Louis Monitor Journalist Linda Lawson takes a pic with Chairs

Chairs and L.A. takes a pic with Elson Williams II, who helped sponsor the event.

Couple Cedric Cobb and tan Hollywood (and yes it is a see through lace dress!)

Montina Mullen, guest and Anissa Stanley

L.A., Haywood and Chairs

Chairs, who changed into this long yellow number poses with friend Kurt Ahmed and his date.

Dj Enoch, in Tut hat with Chairs revealing the long slit in her dress. Enoch was one of two dee-jays who played at her event.

Paparazzi including YOURS TRULY in the back.

Cleopatra and her helper served the VIP drinks upstairs.

One of the attendants of the VIP entrance.

Longtime choreographer Theo Jamison serenades the interviewer that nite.

Haywood also got in the mix of singing impromptu.

Dj Needles had the tunes comin for the attendees on the main floor.

And Enoch had the house music goin downstairs.

The folk downstairs.

Then, the highlight of the evening came when Laton and her Egyptian court rode by horse and carriage to the Speakeasy for the entertainment section of the event.

The court arrives.

And enters the building.

They dance to Jones Girls' "Nights Over Egypt" and Michael Jackson's' "Remember the Time."

They did the moves from Michael Jackson music video.

They were in precision!

The Queens of the Night.

Queens Laton and L.A. and their royal court.

NOTE: This event was a lavish affair indeed. Grand. Luxurious and quite the elegant affair. From the harp music to the delicacies. Two dee-jays. Free drinks for the VIPs. And the entertainment dance was outstanding! B-day celebratee Laton Chairs said she thanked her family, clients, friends as well as the haters. LOL


  1. Thanks so much for all the high lights ....this was a night to be STATELY...

    It was out of sight...something you would see in PARIS...Hollywood....or EGYPT....

  2. I met Laton Chairs a few years after this party. But to know Laton is to know this event was SPECTACULAR! Laton Chairs is in a category by herself with beauty I 've never seen before, talent, grace, and generosity you simply won't find in this selfish world. Chairs is a gift to be celebrated every day--not just on her birthday.