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Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF EVENT)

Don King Productions PR's Alan Hopper welcomes the crowd to the press conference.

Fox 2 sports Martin Kilcoyne and Rob Desir arrive for the conference as does freelance photographer Erica Brooks.

Boxer Tavoris "Thunder" Cloude (third from right on LEFT PIC)) and his trainers arrive as does STL native champ Corey"The Next Generation" Spinks, both who are fighting Aug. 7.

Boxer and "The Contender" reality show star
Cornelius "k-9" Bundrage was there. he fights Spinks in a non-televised undercard fight.

Below is boxer Glen Johnson talking with his trainer Henry Foster. Johnson is fighting Cloud.

There's STL boxing trainer Kevin Cunningham and his fighter, boxing champ Devon Alexander , in his signature smile, donned in baseball Cardinals gear. Alexander is the headliner of the fight. before the press conference began, teen group Teen Swag gave King a present, a scrapbook of Devin and King memorabilia. .

King said that the upcoming Gateway to Greatness" fight hasnt had this much hype since the second Corey Spinks and Zab Judah fight at the Savvis Center in 2005. Below is Alexander's contender, Andriy Kotelnik with his trainer Petro Mysyshun.

Below are the respective fighters and trainers listening while King talks to the crowd about how important to have a fight like this in St. Louis, in the Show Me State and its reminiscent of the Rumble in the Jungle with Ali and George Foreman in 1974 in Zaire setting a tone of a new type of business in boxing.

The crowd .

Below is the first fighter to speak, Ryan "The Irish Outlaw" Coyne who lives in St. Louis

Next up was Coyne's contender Warrne "Hit Man: Browning who told teh crowd he didnt come to lose and the belt was going down to the South with a victory.

Next up was Cloud who tanked God and family and King and said that he was in great shape and he ready to do it. Below, Aldermanic President Lewis reed spoke saying that he was thankful that King brought the fight to the city and thanked those for coming to Alexander's Homecoming Party Sunday at city hall in downtown St. Louis, over 1000 attended

Below, Johnson's contender Glen "Road Warrior" Johnson said he was ready to have a great fight.

Up Up next was Spinks who got a thunderous applause before going up to the podium including his former trainer Cunningham and current mentor Alexander. before he got up, a video of his greatest hits were played on monitors.

The Ukranians even had to give props!
Below: King shaking Spinks' hand.

Spinks congratulated Alexander for all of his accomplishments and his victory at his last fight and said that he was in camp for awhile and hat he was ready to fight and he was bringing his "A" game.

Below: Media shakes Spinks' hand after his speech.

Below: Up next was Spinks' challenger Bundrage who thanked who he thanked and said that he is glad to be fighting this fight that had been postponed three times. He said that he trained over a year of it and that he felt like he was at home. Then quipped, "Love me or hate me the dog is coming. GRRRRRR."

In one of many highlights, King told the crowd of his trip to the Ukraine and then brought out the country's flag--holding it upside down. LOL
THERE WE GO! (LEFT). Below, Kotelnik had an interpreter for him saying that it was very special to be in ST Louis , it was his second time in the city.

Before Alexander was brought up, a video of his greatest hits were playing on the monitors.

The panel looking at one of the monitors. The song played during the video was a rap song called, "I Whip Your Head boy." Below: After Alexander The Great was called to the podium, members of Teen Swag held up posters showing their support for him.

Alexander mentioned that he will be fighting on the same day that his mother's birthday. then said, "You now I gotta show out." he also thanked his trainer, King and the fans. Then he flexed his bicep which resembled a small mole hill! Cunningham (RIGHT) said, :This is a blessing. It's because of yawl St. Louis. This is why we do this. the fight coulda been anywhere, but St. Louis show us so much love. then he talked about the critics, "There;s been a lot of talk about Devon being in nothing but megafights, but we cant get caught up in that." then on Alexander;s opponent he said, There's gonna be destruction of the evil Russian." OUCH.
Alexander mentioned that he will be fighting on the same day of his mother's birthday (that King also mentioned earlier)
Next were the champ poses and the stare downs.

BELOW: We can just imagine what is going on in Spinks' and Bundrage's heads! (Probably like, "I'll be glad when this fight is over!" LOL)

After the press conference, Alexander poses with members of Teen Swag

Cunningham gets interviewed by Fox 2's Rob Desir.

Spinks gets interviewed by Hot 104.1's C-Note and (RIGHT) Rob Desir (BELOW)

(RIGHT)Spinks poses with a member of Teen Swag and below King signs the commemorative painting and small fliers for Gateway to Greatness Fight.

BELOW: OUTSIDE the Center, fans get last minute pics of King.

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