Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It’s a “Class Act,” as the “Amen Stars Shine On” for Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club’s 50th anniversary. Join the all-star cast of the NBC TV series, Amen, to “Say Amen” to literacy. Meet the stars and relive those TV memories with Anna Maria Horsford, Barbara Montgomery, Roz Ryan and Deacon Frye himself, Sherman Hemsley!
The doors of the TV series church re-open with exciting entertainment and delicious cuisine at 5 p.m., Saturday, August 14, at the St. Louis Airport Marriott.
You can reserve your tickets by phone at (314) 382-5952, ext. 234.
Amen Cast at St. Louis Airport Marriott August 14



Speaking of birthdays, President Barack Obama will celebrate his 47th b-day next Wednesday, Aug 4. He will be 49. To celebrate, real estate mogul Neil Bluhm is tossing a private birthday party for The Prez at his home. • The dinner invite to the Barack bash at Bluhm's home requires a $30,000 donation to the Democratic National Committee! WOW (So don’t even try and think about crashing that set up!)

Also, as a present, The Tom Joyner Show is giving him an IPod for his b-day and they are asking listeners to send in what songs they want them to download for it. For more info go to

In unrelated newz, President Barack Obama chatted with the ladies of ABC TV's "The View" yesterday, giving them the lowdown on the women in his life — First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia.In the interview that airs today, Thursday at 10 am CST
From that appearance, he became the first sitting President ever to be a guest on the show. And of course, political pundits are frowning that the Prez for going on the show instead of political shows, "Face the Nation" or "Meet ThePress." BLAH BLAH BLAH

THE BIG A&E NEWZ STORY THIS WEEK IS: The jury began deliberating Wednesday in the Blago trial after both sides of the law presented their closing arguments to the jurors on Tuesday.
The atmosphere was lull at the 25th floor of the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago and from reports, the jury deliberations will take days as far as a decision from reports.

Blagojevich's high-strung attorney
Sam Adam Jr. (PICTURED), who was Chitown native singer R. Kellys attorney in his child pornography trial, also enjoyed the lull to celebrate his 38th birthday and reflect on his life. Adam Jr. said he has lost 32 pounds since the trial began.
But the atmosphere was just the opposite on Tuesday.

From a report by, defense attorney Sam Adam, Jr. began his closing argument Tuesday by telling jurors, "I promised each and every one of you that Rod was going to get up there and take the stand." But, he continued, "I had no idea - no idea - that in two months of trial they would prove nothing." Adam reportedlyripped key prosecution witnesses, the governor's former aides, as liars who don't take responsibility for their own actions.
In his rebuttal to close out the trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar told jurors the ex-governor's lawyers wants them to believe the government is out to get Blagojevich. If so, Schar said mockingly, "This is one of the great frame-ups of all time."

But on Monday it was a vocal boxing match of sorts between the judge and Adam..

First, prosecutors argued that just because there was no carry through on the deals from the secret FBI wire tap tapes to sell Prez Obama;s Senate seat or the loan to tribune Co. does not equal NOT GUILTY..

“Talking is the crime here, ladies and gentlemen,” Christopher Niewoehner, the prosecutor, said from the recent Chicago Tribune article . “You don’t have to be a successful criminal to be a criminal.”

Then the defense’s argument dealt with the prosecution’s failure to bring two men to testify against Blago. And then Adam asked if the judge could mention the witnesses who did not testify. The prosecution reportedly had named several witnesses in its opening statements, some of whom were not called. Adam said naming those people and talking about how they did not take the stand was pertinent to his close.

The judge then told Adam he could not because he said either side could have called those witnesses.

But Adam disagreed with the judge reportedly saying, “I cannot follow that order. I have a man here that is fighting for his life. I cannot effectively represent him this way.”

Judge Zagel responded: “You will follow that order because if you don’t follow that order you will be in contempt of court.”

Adam’s response: contempt? Contempt ain’t nothing. “I’m willing to go to jail for this,” said Adam, his voice rising. Adam later said he does not know if he will deliver a closing statement (but he eventually did)
“My job as a lawyer is to do everything I can for my client and if (going to jail) is what it takes, if it’s necessary, in a heartbeat.”
Blago told reporters that it was in God’s hands. He faces over 400 years in prison for federal racketeering if convicted.

What do you think? Do you think the jury will find him guilty or not guilty? We think the jury either will be a hung jury or not guilty. True enough, the tapes has conversations of him setting up deals to sell Obama’s seat and loaning money to the Tribune, but there was no evidence from the tapes that he actually made the deals. Its one thing to say something and its another to actually do what you say. So the proof was not proven by the prosecutors that Blago actually committed the crime. (The prosecutor’s argument that the conversations were the crime is nonsense.) And when key witnesses for the prosecution did not testify was another blow for the prosecution which looked as though they didn’t have anything to say or they were not reliable as sources. Blago as smart to take his defenses advice to not testify on the argument that the prosecution did not prove any PRACTICAL wrongdoing so why testify on what they couldn’t prove. Now his attorney Adams was a bit high strung with the antics of willing to go to jail for his client after the judge denied disclosing the witnesses who were going to testify against Blago for his closing argument, trying to make the judge look “recusable” as though the judge had something to hide from the jury’;s point of view, but in the end, we think Blago will not face time. Besides, its not Blago that’s on trial, its the city of Chicago and their political machine since the days of Mayor Daley of corruption and kickbacks. Blago is just a pawn in it.

Baseball manager Whitey Herzog was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Sunday in Cooperstown, NY. His baseball career was marked by scant success as a player — he had 25 ut career homers and batted .257 in nine seasons as a big leaguer — but it also was marked by considerable success as a manager in both Kansas City and St. Louis, where he won a total of six division titles, three league championships, all with the Cardinals, and the 1982 World Series with the Cardinals.
Herzog, said that ever since it had been announced in December that he was a Veterans' Committee choice as a Hall of Fame manager, people had asked him, "'What's it feel like to be a Hall of Famer?' I kept saying, 'I won't know until July 25.'
"Well, now I can tell you what it feels like. Being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, is like going to heaven before you die."
Sitting behind Herzog on a stage that included 47 already inducted Hall of Famers were former Kansas City third baseman George Brett and Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith and pitcher Bruce Sutter, all of whom Herzog managed.

The big newz in the STL is sports related:
Rams fans did to see receiver Terrell Owens suit up for the blue and gold. League sources told the Post-Dispatch on Monday that the Rams decided against trying to sign Owens and that “their interest in Owens never was as great as portrayed in some media reports.”
According to, Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo confirmed Tuesday that the wide receiver never was close to making St. Louis his new NFL home.
"We made the decision that we were going to stick to what we had here," Spagnuolo said.
The Rams Park meeting which was Monday was reportedly to discuss a variety of personnel and team issues with training camp fast approaching, not just Owens. So, basicially it was all speculation. He eventually sigend a pne-year deal with the Cincinatti Bengals where he will be playing alongside Chad Ochocino (two reality show stars on one team, hmmm)

Hmmm, we think that the Rams didnt want to pay whatever the amount was T.O. wanted.

In other Rams newz, the team has a new mascot—Rampage. On Monday, the team revealed its new mascot to fans at the St. Louis Zoo. Rams fans have been voting online to name the mascot for several weeks where people voted on which name to call the mascot: Archie, Rammer, Rampage, Ramsey or Rush. The team wanted a mascot to help get fans pumped for games, especially younger generations.

The Rams have not had a mascot since 1996.

Well, a mascot is fine, but if the Rams has another losingest season like they had last season, the fans may toss their beer at it.

In other Rams newz, rookie cornerback Jerome Murphy was arrested in Tampa, Fla. on Saturday and charged with a misdemeanor count of driving without a valid license, according to the St. Petersburg Times.Murphy, a third-round pick in the 2010 draft, was booked into county jail and released two hours later on $250 bond. He was stopped near the University of South Florida campus, where he played collegiately.Murphy, who signed a four-year contract last month, is unlikely to face any type of league penalty.

Now the queston is, why was he stopped? Didn’t signal? Swerving lanes? Taillight out? Expired tags? The police had to have seen something suspicious….or did they? Hmmm.

And in more Rams newz, Speaking of the Rams and signing , Fox 2 news anchor Andy Banker is the new public address announcer at the Edward Jones Dome. Banker replaces Randy Wright, who recently became the Executive Director of Division of Multi-Media Properties at the University of Florida .
Oscar winning Hollywood stars Julia Roberts , Forest Whitaker and Goldie Hawn have signed
TV deals with Chitown media queen Oprah Winfrey to develop documentaries for the mogul's new U.S. network. The trio, along with American actress Mariel Hemingway and Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, will produce documentaries for Winfrey's new OwnTV Networ set to launch next year 2011. The shows will be part of a monthly Documentary Film Club.

Chicago bred award winning rap superstar Kanye West previewed a big chunk of his upcoming fifth album at Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. this week. He didn’t play finished tracks from an iPod, or perform any typical concert. The suited rapper simply climbed on a table and spit verses from four new tunes, a cappella, to a full of employees. His label Roc-a-Fella repostedly has yet to announce a confirmed title or release date. But from sources the CD will be titled Good Ass Job, due to be released Sept. 14. Footage of West’s unconventional performance made it to YouTube. Go to

UPDATE: Kanye recently tweeted this info about the title of his newest CD, " The album is no longer called "Good Ass Job." I'm bouncing a couple of titles around now."

St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan Musial graces the cover of the latest issue of Sports Illiustrated entitled "Where Are They Now.” The Aug. 2-9 issue marks the seventh time Musial has been featured on the magazine's cover, but it's the first time he has not shared it with another player. The profile quotes a host of Cardinal players, former players and staff talking about Musial, including Albert Pujols, Bob Gibson, Tony La Russa and others.

Speaking of Albert Pujols, he made a TV appearance on the David Letterman Show Monday while he was in New York where his team was playing the Mets this week. To see some of the segment go to Pujols also hit baseballs in the back alley of the CBS Studios with actor Dennis Leary pitching. To see the footage go to

Oak Park, Illinois native and award winning actress Betty White is err whurr. Her newest sitcom, “Hot in Cleveland” starting Valarie Bertinelli has broken records as the most watched show in TV Land’s history and has been picked up or a second season only after three aired episodes , the networks first original series. She also has a 12 month calendar out that features photos from her career and her pictured with various animals. She also debuted her own clothing line last week, which features shirts with her face on them. She also taped an episode of
NBC's Community where she will guest-star in the second-season premiere as an anthropology professor.

In belated ILLIMO newz: Betty White was nominated for an Emmy earlier this month for Guest actress in her celebratory appearance on the season episode of “Saturday Night Life’ in May. . She also made history being the oldest person to be nominated this year for the award at 88 years old (she has received six Emmys total for her work on the shows “Life with Elizabeth’ (1952); Mary Tyler Moore(1975 and 1976) , hosting the game show “Just Men” (1983) “The Golden Girls (1986) and the John Larroquette tshow (1996). From experts on the awards, she's the frontrunner and expected to win. Awards will be presented August 29th on NBC.

Chicago native actress/dancer Janet Hubert is featured in the new season of TV One’s hit documentary show, “Life After.” On it, Hubert talks about being fired from the very popular ‘Fresh Prince of Bell Air’ sitcom and how that affected the rest of her life. Check your Tv listings for air times.

St. Louis is now one of five semi-finalists to host a red-carpet premiere of "The Other Guys," the buddy-cop comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, on Aug. 5. In the online competition, St. Louis has outpolled 15 other towns, including Chicago and Kansas City. Besides St. Louis, the five semi-finalists are Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Phildelphia. The winning city will be announced by the stars of the movie on the Today Show Aug. 2.You can vote once per day at

ILLIMOians get a reality check

On Monday Benton, Illinois native Tommy Johnagin advanced to the Top 6 on the comedy reality show competition, "Last Comic Standing" and performed once again. He will find out next Monday if he will make The Top 5 after the public votes.


Last week we mentioned two STLians who are on the new season of "Project Runway" ( Michael Drummond and A.J. Thouvenot, BUT

We were remiss to another ILLIMOian who made the cut of the record 17 designers this season, her name is Peach Carr and she is from Lake Forest, Ill.

We will see how far these three designers will go starting tonite, Thursday on Lieftime at 8 p.m. CST.

Also this season on "Project Runway "is the 30 minute spinoff that follows the show titled, "On the Road With Austin and Santino" featuring Austin Scarlet (Season 1's most memorable character) and former St. Charles, Mo. Resident Santino Rice, who came in third in Season 2. In the new series, the odd couple will "travel to and immerse themselves in the culture of small towns across America to create new, dream come true looks for special women in unique situations." In the 14-episode series, Austin and Santino will face differences in opinion and demanding clients.

Locally, the producers of "America's NextTop Model was in St. Louis recently to host auditions at Stevens Institute Of Business And Arts. Eleven finalists were selected to be voted on at KPLR TV's website and the winner was Lauren who was the model with the most votes and was flown by Southwest Airlines to be seen by the casting producers of America's Next Top Model Cycle 16. No furher information was released as far as her progress.

This year’s Illinois State Fair will have several headliners for the concert portion of the festival. They are Lady Antebellum (Aug 13) Blake Shelton (Aug 18)..........


Cheap Trick (Aug 20) and Darius Rucker (aug 22). The Fair is Aug 12 to Aug. 22. For more info GO TO

St. Louis’ own Nelly and the St. Lunatics continued its Black Tour stopping in their hometown last Friday at Home Nightclub inside the Ameristar Casino. The tour commends Nelly releasing his landmark rap album. “Country Grammar” 10 years ago. For pics and a recap go to

And speaking of clubs, what's up with the STL Board of Commissioners giving the owners of Club F15teen and Sugars a chance to clean up their act but the owners of Lure Nightclub still has to face closure when they go toward the board on August 2 to answer on the complaints of noise, violence and police calls?
Two national artists will take appearance at two major events in August.

Grammy Award winning rapper/producer Will. I. Am. will make an appearance to Lure Nightclub August 14 after the Black Eyed Peas concert at the Scott Trade Center.


Grammy Award nominated singer Trey Songz will sing the national anthem at the HBO doubleheader fight card promoted by Don King dubbed Gateway to Greatness...The Homecoming that will be held at the Scott Trade Center Aug 7.

Devon Alexander

Eric Rhone and Cedric The Entertainer

Don King and Jackie Joyner Kersee

In related news, there will be homcoming party for St. Louis native boxing champ
Devon Alexander (PICTURED ABOVE)August 1. at 7 p.m. I St. Louis President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis Reed joined by Cedric the Entertainer and Eric Rhone (LAST TWO PICTURED PICTURED )will host it at City Hall in downtown St. Louis. The event is an appreciation party for Alexander and also the kick off to “Fight Week” for Alexander’s next fight against former champion Andriy Kotelnik on August 7th at the Scottrade Center (also on the billis Tavoris Cloud vs Glen Johnson. And the headliner Cory Spinks vs Cornelius Bundrage (29-4-0, 17 KOs) former contestant on The Contender boxing reality show). A star-studded group has lined up to attend the event including boxing promoter Don King, Jackie Joyner-Kersee(BOTH PICTURED ABOVE) , T-LUV and many other surprise guests. Tony Scott of Majic 104.9 will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the event. The event is sponsored by Scottrade Center, Lumiere Place and Ozzie’s. The event is FREE.

Grammy Award winning rockers Kings of Leon (or shall we say “Wings of Leon” ) made headlines here in St. Louis after the band stopped performing at the Verizon Ampitheatre Friday after pigeons supposedly infested the group’s performance and pooping on the bassist Jared Followill being hit repeatedly by pigeon excrement before the band called off the show.

Kings of Leon issued a statement Saturday afternoon explaining why it left the Verizon stage Friday night after three songs.

The press release entitled, "Pigeon Infestation Forces Kings of Leon Offstage Early in St. Louis." Had this to say:
An infestation of pigeons living in the rafters of the Verizon Amphitheatre in St. Louis, MO, forced the Kings of Leon to walk offstage after three songs last night. Even though opening bands The Postelles and The Stills came offstage complaining of getting riddled with large amounts of pigeon excrement, the Kings of Leon decided to carry on regardless. The band felt it would be unfair to the fans to cancel the show at that late moment.

OUTTOWN says "Huh, but didn’t they cancel it after three songs???? "


Getting real with reality stars:

The show Americas Got Talent will be at the fox at Fox Oct 21 with Jerry Springer, the backstage host, making an appearnce. Regulars host Nick Cannon and judges Sharon Osbourne or David Haselhoff is not on this tour.


Former "American Idol" finalist Allison Iraheta has been added to Adam Lambert's Aug. 8 concert at the Pageant. Both were finalsist in the 2009 season of “Idol.” The concert is sold out.

St. Louis native and rock legend Chuck Berry will perform a concert to rally interest of overseers in getting the 2012 Democratic convention to his hometown. The concert will take place July 29 in Kiener Plaza. Berry's concert performance will coincide with a site visit by Democratic officials to determine if the city is up to the task of hosting the party's gathering. St. Louis is competing with three other cities for the convention: Cleveland, Minneapolis and Charlotte. The party will choose its city later this year.
We don't think the STL will get it. Besides, it's a city who voted for Republican Presdiential candidate John McCain.

Kid N Play

Dru Hill

Biz Markie
Slick Rick

The new lineup for the "20th Anniversary Party House Party Reunion Tour" Aug. 6 at Chaifetz Arena has undergone some changes.Kid 'N Play are still on top of the bill. Newly added are Dru Hill, Trina, Slick Rick and Biz Markie.Gone are Next, Full Force, MC Lyte, and Force M.D.'s. There was no explanation as to why they left the show but Montell Jordan, who also was orginally set to be on the show remains on the bill. And Monie Love will host,. This concert was rescheduled from July 2.
Hmm, now which artist does not fit in this old school concert?

Pop rockers The Goo Goo Dolls will perform at The Family Arena Aug. 18

Comedian Pauly Shore will perform at Comedy ETC Aug/ 6 and 7 in Fairview Heights 618.628-HAHA.

Actress Alison Arngrim was in St. Louis Wednesday for a book signing to promote her new book: "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated." The book signing was held at
St. Louis Public Library, Schlafly Branch on Euclid in the CWE.

Comedian Roz G headlined Jessie Taylor’s Phat Tuesdays at Taylor Made Tuesday . Opening was STL comedian Arvin Mitchell

The Pageant will have Smooth Jazz Concerts‏ Richard Braun and Richard Elliot (July 30), Guitar and Saxes with Gerald Albright and others (Aug 13) and Euge Groove and Delano (Aug 20). CLICK ON PIC FOR INFO>

Congrats to STL native gospel act Chris and Kyle with True Spirit (PCITURED) who copped Artist of the Year at this year’s Rhythm of Gospel Awards that took place in Memphis over last weekend. There were several other STLians who were nominated .
They were:
Urban Contemporary Song Of The Year for “I Thank You Lord For Keeping Me” Kenneth DeShields; Female Quartet Group Of The Year Jewell & Converted ; Traditional Female Vocalist Of The Year--
Jewell Taylor – St. Louis, MO; Church Choir of The Year--The Gateway Area Bible Fellowship ACRC – East St. Louis, IL; Gospel Radio Station of the Year WFN Foxy 95 and Perosnality of the Year-- Evangelist Mary Tillman - WFUN Foxy 95.5 FM
The Rhythm Of Gospel Award Show spotlighted 37 categories of recognition through various Churches and Religious Groups, Business/Community Leaders, and Independent Gospel Music Artist throughout the entire US, Canada, and Bahamas giving them the opportunity to network formally while congratulating trailblazers from various sectors of the community and music industry.

Congrats to KMJM-FM (Majic 104.9) who was selected recently as a finalist for this year's Marconi Award as the Urban Station of the Year. The winners will be announced on Sept. 30 at the broadcasters' Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show, held in Washington.
In unrelated newz, the stations;’ Majic on the Mississippi is back!! Beginning July 30, Majic 104.9 personalities will host every Friday night on the Becky Thatcher Gateway Riverboat from 11pm-1pm. Reservations are required. Reservations required. Book online or call 1-877-982-1410 for information and reservations.
Click here for details

According to reports, St. Louis native Grammy award winning producers Trak Starz --Shamar Daugherty and Alonzo Lee-- have pled guilty to tax invasion for failing to file tax returns for 2003-2005. Trak Starz have written and produced hits for a who's who in music including Madonna, Ludacris, Mary J Blige, Chingy and Nelly. From 2003-2005 Track Starz has a gross income of over $4 million and never filed returns during that period. Daugherty reportedly owes $256,000 and is facing 3 counts of failure to file income tax returns. Lee owes roughly $144,000 and faces two counts. Each count is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison and $25,000 in files.
St. Louis Alderwoman Marlene E. Davis and St. Louis City License Collector Mike McMillan are chairs for this year's 10th Annual St. Louis Community Empowerment Festival Saturday, July 31 from 11am-4pm. The festival happens at Chambers Park (Compton at Franklin) and will include free food, entertainment, health screenings, a job fair, gifts, giveaways and more! Call 314-371-8585 for more details.

The Atomic Cowboy is having a celebration of the music and b-day of the late rocker Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead's on August 1 titled the Starfire Fest Music Festival. And Acid Kool-Aid Stage (electric). KDHX-FM (88.1)'s "Deader Than Ever" Jim Bruce hosts.Admission is $15. Get more information at

STL Jazz singer Anita Rosamond will perform at Stress Free Fridays this Friday, July 30, that will take place at . IL Bel Lago(SEE EVENTZ BELOW) .

Two pageant women are crowning their latest projects. The current Mrs. Missouri Carrie Hruza (FAR LEFT) is currently campaigning and competing for the title of Mrs. America in Tucson this September. The other is Mrs St. Louis Ola Hawatmeh (LEFT) , who also compteted in the same pageant with Hruza, will host a charity fashion show at Prime Bar next to West County Mall for her mens line August 21 at 7 p.m. $10. Proceeds go to her foundation, Makeover for a Cause. She is also seeking guys who would like to model in the show. Send a recent pic, stats and contact info to (put OLA FASHION SHOW in the subject line of email)

STL hip hop on the move !!!!!!!!!

Jibbs will be releasing two CDs within months. First is his mixtape, “Say Hello to My Little Friend:” and his second CD, “ New Tempo, New Swag”, his first CD in four years.

Rapper Luey V premiered his video to his STL hit, “Do Your Own Dance” on 106 and Park Friday.

Rap label Fyre Boy inked deal with Universal.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ AND

UCME rapper POTZEE will have a release party for his mixtape STL PATRIOT at $4 Fridays at The Broadway this Friday.


STL native videographer Chris Phillips has his first national credit while interning at Sony Pictures in Culver City Calif. His work can be "heard” on the sound production of the film, "Salt” , starring Angelina Jolie, The film was released in theatres last weekend and came in No. 2 raking in $36.5 million.

Last week’s blind bitz was about which former Clear Channel radio personality was rehired to the radio conglomerate. And the answer was Dwight Stone. Stone is now on Hallelujah 1600 o KATZ-AM . He was formerly a personality with 100.3 The Beat until last fall when the station changed formats. He also did a stint with Internet radio’s Notifi Radio.

Congrats to socialite and concert promoter Daryel P. Oliver who will be transitioning to the movie industry in October. He says on his Facebook page, “ It'S OFFICIAL just got off the phone with my attorney, the deal is done, I'm out of here in October going into the movie business.”

BDAZE FIRST WEEK LEOIANS U.S. Rep Lacy Clay(PICTURED) , jazz musicians Bosman Twins, actor/director Joel P.E,. King , Cardinals exec/Chingy bodyguard Donta Wade, photography servicers King Yella and Tommy Choncie, and model /agent Lady Erica Looney, and socialite Kenneth Johnson.

And lastly, prayers and get well wishes goes out to STL native singer Deandre Perryman was rushed to the hospital this week to get emergency oral surgery for a bad infection.


IN THE MIA FILE. Where is poet Africa Lake?

BLIND BITZ. Which STL rapper (RAPPER #1) copped an attitude when another STL rapper(RAPPER #2) wanted to sit at the VIP booth with RAPPER #1 and his crew at a recent event. (Hint. Rapper #1 has had some national success (No, its not Nelly) and is set to release new material)
PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. Which mover and shakers got it in this week? Mocha Latte and King Kerry and Dano of Hella Fly Promotions and comic Jessie Taylor (TIE)

Mocha Latte. Back to her usual position in this section, the endearing Queen of Promotions, and of of Monopoly, who’s coming off of getting mentioned in conversation on the talk show "Donnybrook" on KETC-TV and party on at Nelly’s party at Home Nightclub, she is getting her promotion on tickets in the Lou, the first being MPAC’s first ever Eye Candy Pool Party July 31 and the Corey Spinks fight at ScottTrade Center August 7. Also, she has an in depth commentary this week of her column COFEE TALK in the Evening Whirl and every Saturday she hosts at Open Bar Saturdays at the Label (SEE ONGOING BITZ) .

King Kerry and Dano. (RIGHT)These swagged guys are the ones to watch for the Top Promoters of 2010 spot, they are at it again this week with $4 Fridays at the Broadway (SEE ONGOING BITZ) and is co-promoting with Cedric The Entertainer and Eric Rhone the Homecoming After Party for STL boxer Devon Alexander at its weekly networking event Sexy as You Wanna Be at The Label (SEE ONGOING BITZ)

Jessie Taylor (FAR RIGHT).This funny man is taking over the comedy scene in the St. Louis area. He gets it in hosting his show Phat Tuesdays at Taylor Made(SEE ONGONG BITZ) , will perform at the debut of LOL Saturdays at BINIONS (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) and continues his hosting duties at Funny Sundays at The Pulse (SEE ONGOING BITZ) .

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ???????????????????????
Why is JC Pennys selling NINJA WHAT tees? Why aint Marla Gibbs making a TV comeback like Betty White? Why is Prince trying to get all his music off YouTube? Why hasn’t music producer Swiss Beatz aint paid his child support for bay momma #2 in the U.K? Why were the Republican Party trying to get Jeb Bush to run for President? Why did football players Martellus Bennett and Mike Hamlin’s girlfriends post nude pics of their boyfriends on the Internet just cuz they are bittered and jilted? Why website blogger Andrew Breitbart leak just half of the video on former USDA Shirley Sherrod ? Why did Blago bring his daughters to court? Why did a lady in Clayton pin her husband with her car after their court trial ? Why is Rihanna throw an amazing bachelorette party for Katy Perry? Why is Diana Ross' niece saying she was the love child of Michael Jackson? Why does Will Smith's daughter Willow look like a mini-Rihanna? Why did Sheryl Underwood leave the Tom Joyner Morning Show to join the Steve Harvey show? Why didn’t it take Congress long to pass billions of dollars for more money for the War in Afghanistan but was divided on passing the extension for unemployment benefits for U.S. citizens who were jobless? And why Lure Nightclub may face closure and Club 15 and Sugars get a second chance from the city board?



Former Jay Leno bandmember Kevin Eubanks and his band will perform at 7 p.m. July 29 at the Casino Queen’s Sevens nightclub.

Join Stress Free Fridays this Friday, July 30 at IL Bel Lago, located at 11631 Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur (east of 270, behind US Bank)...enjoy great Italian cuisine, super drinks, a vibrant atmosphere and the soothing outdoor patio with its fountain...LIVE ENTERTAINMENT featuring Anita Rosamond...EARLY ARRIVAL is suggested...5pm start time!


Juelz Santana will be performing live at HOME Night Club Friday Night!

Binions begins LOL SATURDAYS this Saturday. This week stars ILL WILL July 31 · 8: Hosted by ROCK OBAMA 00pm - 11:00pm Location BINIONS 5917 DELMAR Created By BINIONS More Info Featuring STL's hottest comics JESSE TAYLOR,WIILE LYNCH JR.& for more info 721-5885

Erika Johnson singing Anita O’Day (July 31 ). The concerts The Nu-Art Series’ Metropolitan Gallery (2936 Locust Street). –Each show will be from 3-6 p.m. and will have a $10 admissions fee. For more information, please call (314) 535-6500 or visit

MPAC will have its first Eye Candy Pool Party July 31 that will be hosted by R&B singer Teairra Mari. It will take place 7 p.,m. at Aquaport in Maryland Heights. ONLY 300 tickets will be sold (SEE MOCHA ‘s CORNER BELOW) This edition is named after her hit single, “Sponsor.” Miss July Eye Candy Model will win the Sponsor Package.

JOEL KINGS b-day party July 31, Harlem Nights Syndicate Lofts (Media/Theater Room - 4th Floor) 915 Olive Street. 7 p.m. The theme is Harlem Nights, so come in your 1920's, 1930's best. . If you don't have 1920's gear, stiiiiiiiillllll come!!!!!

Eye Candy "Exclusive" Pool Party hosted by Teairra Mari is Saturday the 31st at the Aquaport! Hosted by National Recording Artist Teairra Mari! 7pm to 10pmon Tickets are in all Exquiste Fashion locations! Tickets are sold In ADVANCE. No tickets will be sold at the event.
Corey Spinks and others fight Aug 7 at Scott Trade Center.
Mocha is on the mic at the Label on 758 S. 4th ST in downtown St Louis at Open Bar Saturdays
Cool Summer Job!! Missouri needs 1000 "Outdoor Ambassdors" ages 17-24 pay is 7.25, thru Sept 30th 2010. Eligible for up to 240 hrs. Call 1800-592-6020 or send an email to go to
Check out Mocha Latte’s weekly column COFFEE TALK every Monday in theEvening Whirl .
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Rhythm & Words Wednesdays
2nd & 4th Wed every month
Meshon's Bar & Grill
410 N Tucker Blvd
ThundaGrownd Thursday
Variety Showcase:Final Thu. of every month
8:30pm - 10:30pm
$5 cover
Big Moe's
1072 Tower Grove St.
across from Sweetie Pie's on
Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic
Final Friday of the month
$5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free
812 Martin Luther King Dr, East St. Louis, IL
New CD "ThundaGrownd Presents,A.D. Fire & Adrenaline"
MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss

Two New "Mynista" Songs Uploaded & Official "Devoted" Music Video!

This is just an invitation to an ONLINE listening & viewing session, this is NOT a physical event. Come thru the sites and be blessed!

My new album "Generations" is AVAILABLE NOW!-

The Official "DEVOTED" Music Video (click on the link below/Youtube):

Songs (click on the links to listen now! Lyrics will be added to my blog shortly)-"Me and Her" (Ft. Dahn B.) -
"Ghost On Deck" - - [BLOG] - [Official site]
JUSt April presents the screening of boot camp instructor King James’ reality show, “Down for the King, Sunday, August 1 at 7 p.m. at the City on 19th and Washington FREE.


Cedric The Entertainer Label event August 1 THIS SUNDAY AUGUST 1st @ THE LABEL aka BLACK LABEL is "MOGUL" NIGHT. SPONSORED BY ERIC RHONE, ROCKHOUSE ENT. & HELLAFLY PROMOTIONS. Feat. THE LAUNCH OF JUNE 5th's "RED BOTTOM SHOE" NIGHT. Special guests: Ced The Entertainer, Eric Rhone, Bradd Young, Alderman Lewis Reed, T. Luv, June 5th & Many more (CLICK ON PIC)

Lyle Lovett and his Large Band make their debut at the Sheldon Concert Hall with a concert Aug. 2

Newbie hip hop artist B.o.B. will perform Aug. 3 at Six Flags St. Louis.The concert is free with park admission or season pass