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BLIND BITZ EXCLUSIVE: Which former Clear Channel radio personality is returning back to the Clear Channel family this Monday after getting the pink slip from the company last fall? (HINT. This personality's last name is "hard as a rock.")


The big newz story in the ILLIMO area is: The Rod Blagojevich corruption trial could wrap up a whole lot sooner than anyone expected. After just two days of calling witnesses, defense attorneys rested their case Wednesday morning--without calling the man who was supposed to be their star witness. Blago decided not to testify in his own defense was not expected by the judge and prosecutors, but after seeking advice from his team, he said NO MAS. As far as the rumor that Blagojevich was ready to take a plea deal, the source called that, "the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

The closing arguments are set for next Monday.

Hmm, looks like Blago may just get his not guilty verdict after all. The prosecutors didn’t do a good job trying to prove Blago made through on the transaction to sell Obama’s former Senate Seat and giving the Chitown based company, Tribune. Co, a multimillion dollar loan if the company fired members of its newspaper Chicago Tribune for anti-Blago opinions.
Former Chicagoan and Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan, expressed his opinion this week about LeBron James' decision to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. He made the comments to NBC on Sunday after playing in a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada.
"There's no way, with hindsight, I would've ever called up Larry [Bird], called up Magic [Johnson] and said, 'Hey, look, let's get together and play on one team,'"
Jordan said. "But that's ... things are different. I can't say that's a bad thing. It's an opportunity these kids have today. In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys."

And when asked who was the better player Kobe or Lebron he said, "Kobe."

Well, as they say, opinions are like a-holes, we all have one. But seriously, who cares what Jordan has to say, really. James is a grown ass man and if he wanted to move to another team, so be it. The person he should question is the NBA commissioner David Stern. He's the one who upholds the rules of the industry and allow all the musical chairs with the free agent players. But of course Jordan, and the others with opinions, aren't gonna question the one who pay or paid their salary. Feel me?

Springfield , Mo. bred award winning heartthrob Brad Pitt was involved in a motorcycle accident this past week, was reportedly wrecked at a red light by a stalking paparazzi. The New York Daily News originally reported Pitt was "hit by paparazzo while riding motorcycle in Los Angeles", quoting TMZ as the source.

According to the report, "the bike was thrust forward into another car, causing him to lose his balance."Shortly after reports went viral, spreading across media outlets everywhere, posted a correction to the story, saying on their site they had more "factual" news after seeing the wreck video.

"We just spoke to someone who has seen video of the incident - and we're told absolutely no one else was involved in the accident."Furthermore, they wrote "We're told Brad tried to maneuver his bike between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light, and his handlebars clipped the parked car," the site explains. "He lost control and feel (sic) over."

In lighter and unrelated news, Pitt has gotten rid of his billy goat beard after months (13, by our count) of scruffiness. He was snapped on the set of his new movie Moneyball Monday, in which he plays Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A's.

When your follicles make newz you know you done made it (Check below of another ILLIMOian who changed his looks as well). LOL

According to, Chicagoan and Emmy Award winning comic/actress Sherri Shepherd had to admit what provoked her filing for divorce during a recent court hearing. She said that she discovered pictures of her husband having sex with someone else while her newborn was in ICU. Sherri’s baby was born premature and weighed 1 pound and 10 ounces and was in neo-natal care for several months. She visited him frequently. When she returned home from the hospital one day, she discovered pictures of her estranged husband, Jeff Tarpley, having sex with a woman. The other woman later became pregnant.

 Despite Jeff’s infidelity, though, Sherri made sure to point out that she feels he is still a good father.

Uh….ok. Is it us or does it seem as though Shepherd is milking as much out of this tri-lationship?

Former St. Louis Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog reportedly is not feeling all the fan fare to the lead up to his induction into the
Baseball Hall of Fame July 25 in Cooperstown, N.Y. He is quoted as saying he will be glad it is over so he can "go back to a quiet life of fishing." LOL

Kennet, Mo native and Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Sheryl crow has been making newz recently. She adopted a new baby,. Levi (she adopted a son Wyatt in 2007) but she has been fledgling rumors that she adopted the baby for publicity aka Joan Crawford style.

“I don’t usually read what people blog about me but I’ve read some beautiful things about me and adoption and some hateful things,” she said to Britain's You magazine,
“I think people don’t understand — it’s not like you can go to some outlet and pick up a baby because you’ve got a record to promote.
“An adoptive mother goes through more hoops than those people who thoughtlessly become pregnant.
“I had about 10 adoptions fall through last year, so there was a real sense of relief when he (Levi) was mine. It’s a long process and it’s fraught with uncertainty.
“Another person is carrying a baby and when that baby finally arrives their feelings may have changed.”
On the music side, Crow released her seventh studio CD, "100 Miles From Memphis," Tuesday which has a classic soul vibe and features lead single "Summer Day.”

Speaking of ILLIMOians and releasing CDs, STL natve rapper Chingy is preparing to release his fifth CD, “Minor Setback for a Major Comeback.” (from its former title, “Success or Failure”) on September 7. The first single released was "Iced Out", which featured 8Ball, was released in May.The second single was "Anythang", which featured Lil' Flip was released in June.

Three ILLIMOians are advancing on national reality shows

First up Benton, lllinois comic Tommy Johnagin survived another round of cuts and made the Top 7 on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” last Monday after three comedians were cut. Next Monday, he will see if the public keeps him again for the Top 6.

The other two are STL fashion designers Michael Drummond and A.J. Thouvenot designer for Trash Biscuit who made the cut this season and will be on "Project Runway! Season 8 The premiere will be on Lifetime July 29.


The reviews are in on two of the big concerts last weekend in the STL.

First up, Grammy Award winning dance/fashion diva Lady Gaga was in the STL last Saturday at the Scott review. According to

St. Louis Concert Examiner's Sean Derrick her show was “ extravagant display of art meets Broadway with outlandish costumes and set changes with a New York motif , a mini fashion show of sorts, elaborate stage productions, swirling around a grand production with catchy hit songs. it appears Lady Gaga has truly redefined music like no one since Madonna 26 years ago. Unlike Madonna, and fortunately for all her St. Louis Little Monsters, Lady Gaga doesn't avoid cities that aren't too "chic" for her. She feels right at home at each show. So do her fans.”

In related Gaga newz, her concert in St. Louis reportedly was swarmed with protesters outside of the Center as fans were bombarded by them with violent messages.
Protesters from Westboro Baptist Church stood to protest the
singer's ongoing Monster Ball tour and her outspoken support of gay rights.

Gaga took to warn fans before the show, and in a series of posts pleaded with her followers to ignore the protesters' homophobic slurs.

She wrote: "At the risk of drawing attention to a hateful organization, I would like to make my... fans aware of a protest being held outside the (concert) in St. Louis tonight. . . My request to (fans) and public authorites (sic) is to pay these hate criminals no mind. Do not interact with them, or try to fight... Do not respond to any of their provocation. Don't waste your words, or feelings, no matter what you hear or see you are more fortunate and blessed than they are, and in your heart just pray for them." (c)

OUTTOWN says :
Don’t those church folk have other issues to be involved in? Gaga isnt the problem to the social morality of human existence. In the Christian faith it’s about “love the sinner, hate the sin.” These protesters seem to do more hate of the sinner. But as the saying goes, “He who’s without sin throw the first stone.” It seems as though these protesters are throwing muck and ain’t checkin their own muck.

The other big concert was the Lilith Fair tour that came through Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre last Friday. The highlight was teh oddly placed R&B diva Mary J Blige.

According to, her 50-minute set was so explosive that afterward it was difficult to remember that the rest of the day even happened.

The audience reportedly leapt to its feet and danced as Blige and her 10-piece band ripped through some of her hip-hop/soul hits. Blige reportedly seemed overwhelmed by the fervent response and blurted what many in the crowd may have been thinking as well: “This is so much nicer than I imagined it would be.”

Reports say Fair creator Sarah McClaughlin's set was far more mellow after following Blige.

An all-star finale with the scheduled lineup including fair creator Sarah McClaughlin and Emmylou Harris (Blige was not a part of it) performed the tune “Because the Night” rounded out the show.

From two sources who attended, as soon as Blige finished her set, all of the black women in the crowd bee-lined out of the Verizon.

And speaking of the Verizon and shows, there was some bizarre behavior that took place at the Tom Petty show last Sunday, its guitarist Mike Campbell was comatose while playing the guitar near the latter half of the show.

Heres what two fans said on the Pop off message board on

"Strange ending, though, when he left the stage at the end of concert, he ran back to the microphone and said that Mike Campbell was sick and being attended to by a doctor. If he gets the o.k., they'll be back for a lot more music. Ten minutes or so go by, band re-takes the stage, play about four songs, then call it a night. Hope Mike is doing o.k. He looked good when he came back, but he might have been running on adrenaline. "Tomliny

"Mike passed out cold, presumably from the ungodly grizzly heat. I was watching him when it happened. I thought for sure he was going into an ambulance and the show was done. Even when he came back out he looked like a ghost. I've never seen somebody that shade of white before. Kudos to him for being a trooper and coming back out. I can't imagine what they gave him in the 15 minutes they were gone. I imagine it was more than a gatorade and a cookie. All things considered it was a great show."Ted Striker

OUTTOWN says, "So the question is, if the guitarist had of died, would the Verizon have been liable?"


In other Verizon newz, pop group hearthrob's Jonas Brothers cancelled its Aug. 6 date at the venue on its current tour. Shows in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Tulsa have also been canceled.
The official announcement says that an all-new world tour schedule with new shows in Latin America and Europe has forced the St. Louis show from the current routing.
But there had been rumors that the Jonas Brothers weren't seeing the type of ticket sales they're used to seeing.

Ah,.the truth!.

American Idol winner Fantasia was in STL last Friday for a Meet and Greet with lucky fans who won a contest to see the singer at the KMJM Radio lobby in the Clear Channel Building. The event was conducted to promote her upcoming CD, “Back to Me” and single, “Bittersweet.” She was scheduled for a private concert later that nite at Ozzie’s Bar but her daughter, Zion, was ill and had to take a flight back to take care of her (Or that's what was told to the the fans) OUTTOWN got the exclusive pics and recap of the event at

THREE BIG STL BASED STORIES made newz, two on a national scale.

U.S. Congressman Todd Akin (R - Town & Country) fired off a letter to the owners of the Galleria, demanding them to cancel the controversial touring exhibit
BODIES The Exhibition that’s scheduled for display beginning Oct. 2. Akin believed that some of the human remains used in may have come from Chinese prisoners executed for their political and religious beliefs. This week, Akin requested Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster to investigate whether BODIES breaks any Missouri laws. The Galleria is still on track to host the exhibit.

Say what??? Its a display. The bodies aren’t coming back to life. Plus, its science. The government spends millions on trying to clone a human being which is far more unethical. Feel me?

Last week, residents and businesses concerned about the future of Jamestown Mall heard for the first time Thursday night from the team tasked with re-imagining the struggling shopping center, but got few details.
The team — urban design firm Dover, Kohl & Partners, planning firm H3 Studio, economic advisers Urban Advisors and public relations company Vector Communications — will host a series of meetings in September to look at all the options for the 152-acre site, get public input and begin to narrow the vision.

Speaking of hearings, several we are sure will be set up for local club owners on the Washington Avenue strip are crying foul and racism after city leaders are trying to revoke three popular nightclubs Lure, Sugars and F15teen.

City staffers reportedly sent liquor-license hearing letters to the owners of the clubs in reagrds to the neighbors complaints of loud music, underage patrons and a shooting late Monday morning on Locust, just a block from Club 15, that left three young men in the hospital.

Either way, if the city's excise commissioner finds enough evidence against the clubs at a hearing, he could remove their licenses and force the businesses to close.
From the reports, the city wants to "clean up downtown and transform streets once thought of as desolate into a neighborhood officials hope to sell to families" (HMMMMMMMMM) .
While club supporters feel the clubs help to attract the transformation!
All three clubs have a history of trouble, according to city records.
They've reportedly sent "nuisance" letters and visited multiple times by police over the past year. Police logged 50 stops at Lure, 10 at Sugar and more than 100 at Club 15.
Its reported that the city is giving these clubs a 10 day notice on the possible shut down.

City staffers were working with the Police Department to put together the hearings for the supporters and opponents of the shut down and the clubwoners.
But city officials, hearings or no, will decide whether to have the clubs add extra security, more lighting or padlock the businesses.

Phil Assets, a popular promoter who uses Lure for many of his events commented on the city’s agenda on his Facebook page. He said, “ FREE LURE NIGHTCLUB!!! THE city says, "stop promoting 2 the African Americans and we don't have a problem. We don't want blacks Downtown" They can say violence this and that But Lure Nightclub promotes to 21 and up, no one has been shot, killed or stabbed. We have one of the most successful weekly events in the city. So whats your reason for wanting to close Lure again? Oh yeah they say too much traffic on Washington”

OUTTOWN SAYS, "Hmm, this is obvious that these clubs are being targeted due to the type of people that frequent them. These clubs cannot control violence outside their clubs, BUT can inside the club. Its also obvious that there are some agent provocateurs who are checking the scene at these clubs seeing if they are operating correctly. Now, mind you, if they are serving drinks to underage people. That is wrong. Neighbors complaining cuz of noise, well the area is noisy and was noisy before they moved in the area. So what can it be? Hmmm. It obvious that the skin color of certain clientele are being targeted. Hmm, wonder if this same situation thathappenned with the demise of Karma Nightclub."

Two veteran acts of different msuic genres are performing at Family Arena in December. Grammy Awrad winning country family duo The Judds will bring its Final Tour concert there Dec. 4 and jazz suerstar Kenny G will perform there Dec. 16.

Grammy Award nominated pop singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles will perform at Celebrate St. Louis Summer Concert Series this Friday at Soldiers Memorial. Local opening band, The Brothers Lazaroff, will begin at 6 p.m. Sara Bareilles will take the Budweiser Main Stage stage at 8 p.m. For more info go to

The KSHE 95 Inaugural Pig Roast with Tesla, Ratt, Queensryche, and Candlebox is at 2 p.m. Sept. 18 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.Also on the bill are Saving Abel, Vince Neil, Gracious Few, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Shaman's Harvest, Logos, and Copperview.

The "So You Think You Can Dance" tour comes to Chaifetz Arena on Sept. 25


St. Louis native actress Phillis Smith of the NBC hit sitcom, "The Office” was back in her hometown for a few weeks to visit her mom and have lunch with her buddy, St. Louis Post Dispatch TV columnist Gail Pennington. She interviewed with the TV critic in regards to her having to cut short her trip to STL because of Hollywood calling. She worked on two movies : “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz and “Butter” with Jennifer Garner. She returned to the set of “The Office” last week to start tapng the show’s seventh season.

Gospel duo Mary Mary and R&B vet group Frankie Beverly & Maze performed last week at the America’s Center Theatre during the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Biennial Convention held in St.Louis.

St. LouisPost Dispacth critic Kevin Johnson reported in his review of STL native singer Angela Winbush's concert last Friday at the Ambassador that she was shocked to see him at her show and not at Mary J Blige's at the Verizon. Hmm, so what was she really saying?
And speaking of Mr Johnson, what urban promoter, sir, got you pissed off that you went on Facebook and tore that promoter a new a-hole?

Two jazz acts will perform at 360 Music Theatre: Ricky Dillard on Sept 23 and Jonathan Butler on Sept 24.


STL native and Arizona Cardinals’ Isaac Keys from Omarosa’s reality dating show “The Ultimate Merger” will host Sexy Saturdays this Saturday at Exo Nightclub. Ladies also will remember him for being chosen as one of the eligible bachelors in Essence Magazine's feature story a couple of years back.

Lindsey Rhein of Glen Carbon, Ill. was chosen as the winner of this year's St. Louis Idol competition last week Rhein was selected from a pool of nearly 1,000 singers who auditioned at Chesterfield Mall and St. Clair Square. As the winner of the competition, the 19-year-old Rhein earns a trip to New Orleans, La. to audition in front of the American Idol producers. Her trip also includes free airline tickets and a free hotel stay in New Orleans. Rhein beat out fellow finalists Pritchard Owens,22, of St. Louis and Tyrone Scott,22, of Soulard.Her audition will take place Monday, July 26 at the New Orleans Arena.

LYFE JENNINGS and DONDRIA will perform at the Ambassador Aug. 8. Aloha is the opening act,.

MPAC will have its first Eye Candy Pool Party July 31 that will be hosted by R&B singer Teairra Mari. It will take place at Aquaport in Maryland Heights. This edition is named after her hit single, “Sponsor.” Miss July Eye Candy Model will win the Sponsor Package.

Female St. Louis rapper Skiddalz’ song "OMG!" will be featured on the second episode of the second season of "Jersey Shore."The episode airs Aug. 5 on MTV.

Blues legend Latimore will perform at the Boom Boom Room in Kinloch July 24. STL rapper Playboy Ro will open. And speaking of Playboy Ro, he will perform at the Loft on Aug. 10 and we heard that he rocked that ish when he performed last Friday at Escalade!

UPDATE: This event has been postponed due to the hot weather.

ADD: Congrats to STL rapper Luey V who's video to his song,"Do YOur Own Dance" premiered on BET's "106 and Park" Thursday. To celebrate, he had a party Thursday at Redd Hott Thursdays at Lure Nightclub.

KMJM personality Tammie Holland announced on her Facebook page last Friday on when she will find out if she made the finals in the Women in Radio Search to fill in Kelly Ripa’s spot during her vacation next month. This is what she wrote: “ Just spoke with my Live! Campaign Manager, Katrina Miller about the Regis nomination process and she says its a wrap! The nomination period is now over! TUNE IN Monday, August 9th to see the 10 semi-finalists announced on LIVE!”

Best of luck sista!

Popular dee-jay Needles will release his EP, “Ghetto Blastic: Nodzilla’s Badasssss EP.” On Aug. 6 with a CD release party at Lola’s, 14th and Washington Ave., starting at 9 p.m. $5 dollars admission.

When we alluded earlier in this post that Brad Pitt wasnt the only ILLIMOian who made newz when they changed their hair appearance. Well the other is singer Tydis.

STL singer and Jive recording artist Tydis have cut off his “permhawk.” He is now sporting a fresh low cut that OUTTOWN first witnessed while interviewing the singer for our interview with him (SEE the interview at . When we asked him about the cut he said that he felt he was getting mature (all of twenty years old) and wanted to cut it off. The hawk was an expression of his Native American heritage. The label he’s signed to said they were cool with the change and if need be, he would grow it back.
Let’s hope he does. LOL



Budding STL model and 2010 Mr. Couture contestant Avery Branscomb has been selected as the face of OLA, the new men’s line designed by Ola Hawatmeh,. Details of the fashion show will be in August.

And lastly, what is this we are hearing that STL hip hop personlaity Kaos got pistol whipped last Sunday at the Pink Slip strip club in Brooklyn? According to, Da Hol 9 leader got stole on base dupon a video from STL rapper Kemo that you can peep out at

Hmm, if it was true, maybe the fight had sumpin to do with them chicken wings that Kaos advertises on the radio saying they have the best wings ever tasted. LOL

BDAZE. CANCERIANS.Former NFL player and current radio talk host Demetrious Johnson, former “Survivor” contestant Tijuana Bradley, singer/actress Coco Soul (PICTURED who celebrated the big 4-0 at Mandarin Wednesday), attorney and poet Cheryl Denise Smith Walker, actor Chck Flowers, photographer Japhus Johnson and book seller/model Cedric Mixon.


In the MIA FILE. Where is socialite Maria Wilson?

BLIND PICZ. Who is this young lady who modeled at a fashion show recently at Prime bar in West County Mall?

BLIND BITZ. Which STL mover and shaker left a recent "monthly" event immediately after finding out they weren’t on the list? (Hint. It's a male. This person takes "night" pics through his comany and their last name is the same as the REAL last name of a famous comedian who won an Oscar in recent years.)

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. Which promoters/socialites are gettin it in thsi week? Mocha Latte and Tim Slater and Otto Nichols of LME and King Kerry and Dano of Hella Fly Promotions (TIE)

Mocha Latte. Back to her usual position in this section, the endearing Queen of Promotions, Mocha Latte of Monopoly, who’s coming off hosting The Committee’s Just for Kicks event at the Loft, is getting more into the promotions mode as she helps promote two events in the Lou, the first being MPAC’s first ever Eye Candy Pool Party July 31 (SEE BITZ ABOVE) and the Corey Spinks fight at ScottTrade Center August 7. She also was quoted in an article this week in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about the fate of clubs downtown. And every Saturday she hosts at Open Bar Saturdays at the Label.

King Kerry and Dano Johnson (LEFT) This award winning promotions group is continuing their impressive year as they will have an event poppin of everyday of the weekend. On Friday is their weekly $4 Fridays at the Broadway, then on Saturday, they are having a special event called Sunglasses and Sundresses Day Party at Envy (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) and culminate the weekend with its weekly Sunday event Sexy as You Wanna Be they co-promote with Rockhouse Entertainment at the Label.

Tim Slater and Otto Nichols (RIGHT) The boyz of summer are back this weekend with -Summer Reign, the boat cruise gala at the Ozarks that will be held July 23 through the 25. This year they are teaming up with promoters SYGU, Free Timea nd B Free Paparazzi for the event that will take place at Toad Cove (Camden on the Lake) Resort, Spa & Yacht Club at the Lake of the Ozarks. Some of the events will include Pool Party , Old School BBQ Party, and the ALL WHITE MASQUERADE PARTY (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)


Why is Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie gonna be on the next Celebrity Rehab? Why the republicans tried to stall unemployment benefits? Why is the Tea Party making Obama the next Hitler? Lil Kim giving Lindsey Lohan jail advice? Why are people on the Fox 2 comment line saying the St. Louis Idol winner Lindsey Rhein is a crack head? And why is the same comment line saying personality April Simpson is untalented? And did the judge limit her sentence from 90 days to two weeks and some days? Why did the Tom Joyner Show say Tiger Woods eat Syrup sandwiches while he tees off? Why did the USDA make employee Shirley Sherrod resign and not get all the facts to her speech to the NAACP? And why was their a non-black caller on the Charlie Brennan radio show on KMOX calling the NAACP the NCAA? Why are downtown clubs getting threats for their license being revoked? Why did Jamie Foxx get a large tattoo on top of his head? Why is Al B Sure on Ultimate Merger with Omarosa? And why did Tydis cut his hair?

The 10th Annual SLFS will be held THRU July -22. For more info go to
Closing-Night Awards Party
Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, 6504 Delmar Blvd., 63130
8 p.m. - Midnight
KDHX-FM DJ Rob Levy will spin music, and Cinema St. Louis will announce the SLFS films chosen for inclusion in the St. Louis International Film Festival. Awards for the best SLFS films will be given by the St. Louis Film Critics. Complimentary Stella Artois and cash bar. Admission is free, but donations are accepted.
Sponsored by Missouri Film Commission

Universoul Circus will be in Florissant, MO at the Jamestown Mall - Universoul Circus THRU July 24.

ButterScotchBelle at EXO this Friday, July 23
PLEASE come out and support me it is free and will be worth your while....we are gaining momentum and our follower base is increasing.... As the BSB staff was looking for hot dresses for this Friday’s UrbanChic event at EXO we found some uberchic & affordable options explosive makeup demos every half hour on the hour! URBANCHIC Fashion and Beauty Blog event! WWW.BUTTERSCOTCHBELLE.COM

Country music stars Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan will share an intimate acoustic performance July 23 at Lumiere Theatre at Lumiere Place.

Ferguson, MO-born Michael McDonald has agreed to put on a concert to raise money for the St. Louis office of the
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse July 23 beginning at 8 p.m. at the Touhill Performing Arts Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Sixties girl group the Shirelles will perform at the Argosy Casino July 23.

Grammy winning rockers Kings of Leon will be at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre July 23

Nelly will be at Home Nightclub July 23 for a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his CD Country Grammar.

LME’s Summer Reign July 23-25 at Lake of the Ozarks

Stress Free Fridays will be 5:00pm July 23 at Copia Urban Winery & Market
1122 Washington Avenue
Primetime presents Red 7's Ultimate Fridays Free Bottled Beer/Free shots 18 +
Friday at 9:00pm - July 24. LOcated at 8658 South Broadway (ONGOING)




ADD: Check out the film, "Borrowed Time" the story of Regie Clemons July 24 at 5 p.m. on 2922 N Grand. 5p.m. FREE.

The Nu-Art Jazz Singers series is currently taking place every Saturday in July. This Saturday is Felicia Ezell singing Ella Fitzgerald; upcoming are Mardra Thomas (PICTURED) singing Nancy Wilson (July 24) and Erika Johnson singing Anita O’Day (July 31 ). The concerts take place at The Nu-Art Series’ Metropolitan Gallery (2936 Locust Street). –Each show will be from 3-6 p.m. and will have a $10 admissions fee. For more information, please call (314) 535-6500 or visit

Eye Candy "Exclusive" Pool Party hosted by Teairra Mari is Saturday the 31st at the Aquaport! Hosted by National Recording Artist Teairra Mari! 7pm to 10pmon Tickets are in all Exquiste Fashion locations!
Corey Spinks and others fight Aug 7 at Scott Trade Center.
Mocha is on the mic at the Label on 758 S. 4th ST in downtown St Louis at Open Bar Saturdays
Cool Summer Job!! Missouri needs 1000 "Outdoor Ambassdors" ages 17-24 pay is 7.25, thru Sept 30th 2010. Eligible for up to 240 hrs. Call 1800-592-6020 or send an email to go to
Check out Mocha Latte’s weekly column COFFEE TALK every Monday in theEvening Whirl .
For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or

Rhythm & Words Wednesdays
2nd & 4th Wed every month
Meshon's Bar & Grill
410 N Tucker Blvd
ThundaGrownd Thursday Variety Showcase:
Final Thu. of every month
8:30pm - 10:30pm
$5 cover
Big Moe's 1072 Tower Grove St.
across from Sweetie Pie's on Manchester
Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic
Final Friday of the month$5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free
812 Martin Luther King Dr, East St. Louis, IL
New CD "ThundaGrownd Presents,
A.D. Fire & Adrenaline"
MORE INFO on Aireez


Two New "Mynista" Songs Uploaded & Official "Devoted" Music Video!

This is just an invitation to an ONLINE listening & viewing session, this is NOT a physical event. Come thru the sites and be blessed!

My new album "Generations" is AVAILABLE NOW!-

The Official "DEVOTED" Music Video (click on the link below/Youtube):

Songs (click on the links to listen now! Lyrics will be added to my blog shortly)-
"Me and Her" (Ft. Dahn B.) -

The Summer Soul Groove Tour 2010 will be headlined by 70s soul group with Rose Royce and 80s soul group Lakeside June 25 at the Ambassador.


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