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Photos by Paul Lowell, Art Smith and Ma'atology (concert pics) THERRE"S YOURS TRULY with my biz partner Ola Hawatmeh on the VIP carpet at the Nelly event. Check out below what other folk came out!

Public relations owner Abesi Manyando. She assisted on the publicity for the event.

STL promoter Big Tah.

Derrt ENT assistants Shaki Meyers and Veronica Mousie Haley.

Footballer Laurence Maroney, Meyers and STL Promoter Big Abe Givens.

Mizzou grad Kristien Jimmerson and rapper Ludy

Family blood: Reality show star Jenna Bailey (Chingy's sister) and rapper Spiffy (Chingy and Jenna's cousin).

Chingy and assistant Niddy.

Hot 104.1's Tony J and St.Lunatic member Kyjuan.

The Man of the Hour--Nelly.

Rapper Avery Storm, Nelly and St. Lunatic member and Derrty ENT prez Ali.

More than a thousand folk crammed Home Nightclub to see the Boyz of St. Louis--ST. Lunatics.

The audience was engulfed with the show.

Each Tic had a chance to perform as well.

Kyjuan gettin his spit in.

Nelly flashing up "the sign" LOL

Blood brothers Nelly and City Spud gettin it in.

A long shot of Nelly and Spiffy on the mic performing.

NOTE: Hometown rap superstar Nelly and his boyz The Lunatics came through Home Nightclub Friday --more like early Saturday--to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their golden boyz’ classic rap album, “Country Grammar.” The special event was part of Nelly’s Black Tour, sponsored by Vibe Magazine and Crown Royal-- that he’s been datin’ in various cities for the past two months. We hear that he wanted to start it off here in his homegrown city but due to his schedule he had to push it to Friday, Ok, now to the scenes leading up to the Tics’ fashionably late arrival.
This contributor got to Home Nightclub about 9ish in order to get accessed (big ups to Abesi PR). There was a nice line already forming in front of the club where the black straps were for the entrance maze. The men in Black kept folk in order with their lists and rank and file with the clothes heck on the brothas. A few had to step out the line to cuz of violating the policy with the tees. But for the most part it was orderly. Until about 10p.m. when the Home security had folks lined up near the buffet nest to the club. At that time, this contributor was accessed and in the lobby waiting to get in. So when that got situated, the doors opened around 11 to bring in the crowd which were in the hundreds into the club.
Inside the music was pumped by Charlie Chan and DJ Sno of Hot 104.1 FM. . It was a Hot 104.1 takeover up in the dee-jay booth with personalities Tony J and Mickey J got the crowd hyped. Oddly enough house dee-jay Jay E, Nelly’s first producers of “Country Grammar“ was not there. So for about two hours, Chan and Sno went back and forth on the 1s and 2s getting the crowd hyped. A near melee almost broke out in one of the ViP booths near the DJ and stage area during that time when some knuckleheads tried to knock fists until security rushed over in a blink to get them out before it got crazy. Chan quickly shouted on the mic, “Alrite, its over, lets keep it going.” At this time, the only celebrities up in the building that this contributor recognized were Chingy and StL native football player Isaac Keys who can be seen on Omarosa’s “Ultmate Merger” show.
Observing the crowd was entertaining as well. There were plenty of vaj-j on vaj-j up in there bumpin each other that you thought they were auditioning for a Nicki Minadj video. One female couple was simulating horizontal sex up on the dance floor to the point where the “man” picked up the girl and wrapped her legs around “his” waist. The crazy thing was the “man” was a foot shorter than “his” girl! Too Much Playin. And of course there were plenty of hot messes up in there with females dressing wrong like one sista who looked like she was pregnant with the Whitney belly and wearing a too tight mini dress that had gold sequins on the front and black in the back then she had tried her attempt trying to sport a Rihanna “Rude Boy”hair style that died and she looked too cheesy.
So, just as people started to wonder if Nelly and the Tics were comin, one of the promoters, Amit from Synergy had got photographers and ViP wanna bes off the stage . Oh, and what was up with Luey V on stage on the cell phone in a LOUD club? But anyway, when Amit cleared the stage area, the boyz of ST. Louis, Nelly, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, Ali and City Spud finally showed at a quarter after 1 AM.(They were doing the red carpet shots in the lobby before hitting the stage) The crowd showed them love as they walked up on stage wearing all black, with the exception of Murphy Lee who wore a white printed shirt and their protégé Avery Storm wearing a tee.
The cam phones were out in droves as they got on stage. Nelly said to the crowd, “Thank you St. Louis for showing us a whole lot of love.” Then he and the Tics got in on some of their hits in snippets some solo and as a group from , “E.I.” “Grillz,” “Get Lo to the Flo,” and their new joint, “Money Talks,” Then Nelly said, “Since day one in 1999 when we shot the first video (“Country Grammar”) and shot on streets like Labadie and Euclid, Maffett and St. Louis Avenue, all hoods representing. We wanna thank you. We made history.” While Nelly was shouting out the streets there were a cheers and boos which meant that there was still some riff still in the Lou with territory .
After that, Nelly’s protégé came on stage and performed with the Tics. He and Nelly tried their attempt at B.O.B.’s “Nothin On You” which was the HUH moment in the concert. Then he got in with his newest single, “Supermodel,” which had a house club beat to it and his first hit, “Here I Am.” Then Nelly showed love to the other rappers who followed Nelly and the Tics when he gave Chingy the mic and he spat his hits “Right Thurr,” and “Holiday Inn,” with his cuz rapper Spiffy and also finally putting the final nail in the coffin in both camps longtime beef. Nelly also had Luey V on the mic to perform his local-cum-national joint, “Do Your Own Dance,” that got exposure in the video recently on BET’s 106 and Park.”
Nelly then gave more shout outs to the STL then Murphy Lee got on the mic to spit his hits starting off with , “St. Louis Nigga,” then the other Tics told him to freestyle and he showed the crowd who the real spitter was in the group then he flowed into his biggest solo hit, :What the Hook Gon Be” and the crowd went wild. After another shout out by Nelly of the STL love, he got into his first hit, “Country Grammar.” Then Ali took the mic and did his only solo hit, “Breathe In Breathe Out,” and then another fight happened next to the stage and then the Tic did a few more tunes before partying with the crowd.
VIPs there were footballer Laurence Maroney, Isaac Keys, reality show star and Chingy’s sister Jenna Bailey, rapper Ludy promoter Mocha Latte, Derrty Ent’s Mousie Haley and Blu Bolden, promoters Big Tah, Triky, Big Terrence and Keith Harris.

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