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Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF SHOW) Here is the program flier of the fashion ball. Ma'atology was one of the media sponsors of this event. The following is the pre-show prep and this outstanding show.

Models prepping with makeup from makeup artists.

STL native model Alex Day got interviewed by Miss Kaye , a local media personality as Chitown native stage actor./model Keeland Ellis looked on. Both guys were models in the show.

A close up of the festive eye costuming

Day sportin his STL Cardinals cap reppin the Lou with two other models from the show backstage.

Singer Marques Jackson gettin made up in the chair. He co-opened the show.

More making up

THere's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins takin a pic in the mirror while takin a pic of the makeup area.

A makeup artist putting makeup on one of the models.

Dancer/model Sherrod and Ashtar practicing their routine on stage.

"One, two, three and four. Five, six seven and eight."

Some of the clothing for the show.

GOTCHA. One of the female models coming out one of the dressing rooms.

Some of the male clothing.

The pumps!

Alex Day gettin ready to fit in his first outfit in the show.

Two of the female models looking over their clothing and scenes.


Ellis helped host the first half of the show.

Opening up was gospel rap artist Christopher LeMArk.

LeMArk spoke and rapped about his life including being abused and abandoned and living in foster care for most of his life.

One awkward moment occurred when LeMark(who said he didnt get any sleep for three days) sat down and took out some paper and started reading off it while rapping which took away from his performance.

Next up was American Idol contender Marques Jackson who was lettin the crowd "have it" with his sashaying and divaness during his performance.

Jackson was definitely entertaining but a lil bit over the top with his stage antics.

Jackson wanted everybody there to hear him--literally.

Alex Day on screen. The montage featured some of the models.

A still of the video montage that played throughout the show.

The first part of the fashion show showcased the men. The first scene was PREMINALIEN

Very unique style!

Fashion future forward!

Alex Day in his first scene.

Cleon pushed the envelope with this scene.

Androgyny in effect!

Next scene was SUITING

Day in his second scene


Check out the funked put space glasses made like a guitar.

Day in his third scene.

The next scene was BRONZE and COPPER PT. 1

Day in his next scene

The next scene was VINTAGE

Day in his next scene.

THE last scene with the guys was PURPLE

Day in his scene

Dancer Sherood prepping for his dance scene

He bust up the club kid moves up on stage.

Sherrod and Ashtar reinacted a dance to Janet Jackson's "What About That," a song about spousal abuse

They were in character indeed!

In a dance moment.

In one of the provocative moments of their dance routine.

In the attack mode of the dance.

In escape mode.

In conquer mode.

Ashtar in a solo dance routine.

The second half of the show showcased the ladies.

The opening scene was TRANSPARENT

See through chic!

Intense features, long single braids and style!

Diva pose!

The next scene was BRONZE and COPPEr PART 2

Metallic Couture

Firece fashion and stomp!

Next scene was MIDNIGHT

Black, tan and whoosh!

Close up firecedom!

Posterior perfect!

The next scene was CIRCUS

THE NEXT scene was RETRO

Side sashay

Rear sashay

The last scene was LIME GREEN

The boots were mos def a convo piece. Brown swede boots with yellow wicker.

Alex and the male models do their final walk.

The female models do their final walk.

Designer Chad Leon takes a bow.

NOTE: This fashion show ball was phenomenal from top to bottom. The clothes (which were over 130 pieces) were on point and daring, the models were hot and the music was heavy house influenced (mixed with Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson tunes). Besides the opening acts (which took away from the flow and theme of the show), The House of Cleons Ball was eye candy to the fullest, it was a fashion rollercoaster that one would love to ride again! Great job!
In the lobby, the designer was so overwhelmed with emotion that he cried and got hugs from two of his family members and even hugged me for coming to the show. I was happy to have been a media sponsor from this deisgner who is hella talented and his vision is beyond....

Oh and STL model Alex Day was great and one of the better guy runway walkers in the show!

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