Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Photos by Erica Brooks YOURS TRULY dappin it up with the signature point.
Smellin' the flower on my lapel.

One of the attendees was photographer Teddy Blackett of B Free Paparazzi, who hooks up OUTTOWN with pics on occasion for the past two years. Why his shirt wet? It was raining like Noah to the Ark outside. LOL.

Blackett clowning with the cake knife as I hold up the vod-cran and water.

Another attendee was 2009 Miss Missouri Lesley Hunter posing with YOURS TRULY. She was a female escort in the Mr COUTURE show at Harry's and was a co-escort with winner Ryan Wenick at his first appearance as Mr COUTURE at Roland Williams Benefit and Gala recently at the Marriott in Union Station.

YOURS TRULY posing with sister, Natasha, who was an assistant with Mr COUTURE and Marty Dixson, who helped recruit models at (the now defunct) Jecca Store at West County Mall in the early audition stages. Dixson is next to her friend who attended.

Photographers Erica Brooks, who contributes pics to OUTTOWN and St. Louis American News Web Editor Kenya Vaughn, who helped pub the MR COUTURE auditions in the paper she works for, came through to the party as my sis blows a kiss to the cam..

Another shot now with Blackett.

NOTE: Thank you to all who attended my three party in one: My b-day, my blogs b-day and a thank you to those who supported Mr COUTURE. It was a nice intimate crowd but Im sure the majority wanted to come but it was raining like mad vomit outside YOURS TRULY almost didnt make his own party. But thanks to the others who to came through before and when I arrived: Mr COUTURE contestant Avery Brascomb, blogger and photographer BGyrl who always puts OUTTOWN on her site each week at, Roszel Alexander of Block DVD who was a media sponsor of MR COUTURE, STL TV and FOX 2's journalist Kim Hudson and fitness trainer Marlon Lee.

And shouts out to Sub Zero for giving me the back area to party my arse off!

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