Monday, July 12, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF SHOW)

When OUTCAM got there, rapper Nato Gylph was on stage (We heard Rockwell Knuckles on stage, but didnt get a chance to see him nor Tef Poe and Corey Black who also performed.)

Some early comers up in the VIP area.

More folk who came ready to see headliner Common.

Up next was Deejay Needles who rocked the crowd with true hip-hop from the old school to Drake.

One of the security guys in a Louis Vuitton hat. Priceless! LOL

Poet/songwriter Blu up in the spot

Photographers Teddy Blackett of B Free Paparazzi and King Tungsten of Delux Magazine share a laugh while working the snaps.

A couple of sistas rockin to the Needles.

Introducing Common was Majic 104.9's Selena J. The station sponsored the concert.

The light guys prepping for the show.

King Tungsten gettin his hollar on to Selena J.

Before Common got on stage, his dee-jay Grimey told the crowd that they dont perform to a dead audience and demanded people to stand up which gto people rushing to the stage. Then Common rushed the stage like a cannon!

Common started his set off with his hit, "Go!."

He also did a tribute to hip-hop starting off with his classic, "I Used to Love H.E.R." and "Love of My Life" (Erykah Badu wasnt there but on the spin) as well as other hip hoppers classics including Tribe's' "Bonita Applebum" and Dre and Snoop's "Nuthin but a G Thang Baby."

Common from a long shot.

He was moving so fast on stage that OUTCAM had trouble keeping up with him!

Common even tried to sing (and we stress TRIED) which was interesting. It started when he did a rap version of D Angelo's "Lady."

"Everyone sing along!" Nice save. LOL

Common searched the crowd for a female to put on stage.

"Hey, you, over there. Yeah you, baby."

"You wanna come up here?"

OMG and did she ever!

The St. Louis sista got on stage and was mesmerized by her brief encounter with the rapper.

Common performed, "Come Close" during his interaction with the sista.

He gave her his towel and she helped him dry off his head which caused a loud ruckus from the ladies in the crowd.

They also did a bump and grind that was gettin very unfamily like. LOL

He kissed her and she was about to have a conniption from it!

Common puttin on stage mack with her.

She enjoyed every minute of it.

Common then performed his hit, "Testify." but prefaced it with talk about when love turns bad when thought your other half was in your corner.

Afterward he said, "Rest in peace, J Dilla."

Common in deep rap mode.

During intermission, his dee jay DJ Grimey spun using his body. literally, to work the turntables spinning err thing including Michael Jackson's "The Way you Make Me Feel."

Common also performed "I Want You" and his biggest hit, "The Light." which got the crowd hyped.

Common in superstar stance.

And the crowd responded.

Common also talked about that it took all races of people to get Barack Obama in office and start a new movement which got the crowd hyped ("Where my Asians, Latinos, whites, and blacks." )

More crowd participation. He also talked about starring in his first leading role in "Just Wright" with Queen Latifah saying he enjoyed doing the film then performed the soundtrack single from it. he said, "I know yawl dont kno wthe song but...."

Someone in the crowd threw a "Free Roger Clemmons" shirt to Common and he said, "I dont know all the facts in the case, but I am about people's rights. I support that."

Poet Starlite in the cut at the concert.

During the concert, some breakdancers got their breakin goin as the crowd looked on. Nicholas Gates was one of the breakers.

A guy and his daughter also got in the breakin circle.

Another guy and his daughter did the same.

NOTE: Overall the concert was great. Common always puts on an energetic show and uses the stage as his race track . Our only concern was the VIP area which we heard wasnt really VIP as food and drink (including water) were not free and folk only got one free beer. Plus, the media did not get a lot of area to to take pics exclsuing them to backstage which was given to the VIP holders.

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