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Fashions with a ‘Z’
By Ma’at Atkins

Fashion designer  and fashionista Zaneta  “Ziggy” Bailey is homegrown in St. Louis 
(North City to be exact ) who began her passion for fashion at the impressionable age of ten.

She became a professional designer when she was a student at McClure North High School designing prom dresses for her classmates.

At the age of 20 she styled for her brother, multi-platinum artist, Chingy which opened many doors for her (she even danced in a few of his earlier music videos including his first video, “Right Thurr” in 2002) and she learned about the entertainment industry.

In 2006, this mother of two started a line called Pink Monkey with the help of her famous brother. The line took off like a rocket receiving mentions on shows like 106 and Park and The Tyra Banks Show. She also met with big companies such as Iconix Branding (that owns Rocawear), Candies, and Badgley Mischka to name a few.

But the rise suddenly fell when a riff occurred between her and her business partner causing the line to fizzle.

But she remained diligent and kept on movin’.

                                                           Designer Zaneta Bailey

In  2009 ,she decided to create her own brand, Z. Bailey Collection, that she describes as “contemporary yet very wearable line.” Since starting Z.Bailey, Zaneta, 28, commutes regularly from her hometown to her current residency of Pensacola , Fla, has appeared and showcased in many fashion shows in the St Louis area most recently at Plush Nightclub.

Along with her brother, some of the other celebrities she has styled over the years are rappers Snoop Dogg  and Trina; R&B acts B2k and Lloyd  and most recently,  Vivica A. Fox to name a few.

This Saturday, April 28, she will feature her design line in her show, Black Women Rock, a black tie hair and fashion show gala that will take place at Lights On Broadway in St Louis with host actress Vivica A Fox.

OUTTOWN had a chance to interview Miss Bailey about her promising career.

Bailey in one of her gowns.

OT: Who or what inspired you to be a fashion designer?
ZB:I used to design clothes for my animals. I was a animal lover when I was ten years old, then I start designing clothes for people and liked it  and found a passion to do it for people and I loved it….We had dogs and  a bird, but I wanted a monkey, but I never got that monkey (laughs). As far as who inspired me, people like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, all the big names, the technical and construction of a garment not just tee shirts and pants.

OT: What would be your trademark with your designs?
ZB: Gowns, very sexy gowns. I use a lot of lace and sheer.

OT: How did you get the name Ziggy?
ZB: Ziggy is my nickname because my name started with a ‘Z’ and it was shorter than Zaneta.

Zaneta styled the clothing for the album cover of her brother Chingy’s second album 2004’s Powerballin' 

OT: What has been some of your challenges as a designer?
ZB: Getting my name out there and becoming a name brand. It takes a lot of money, millions of dollars in advertising to get there.

OT: When or where was your first showcase and how was it like?
ZB: It was in a loft on Locust about two years ago.  It really let  me know that I really loved fashion.

OT: You currently live in  Pensacola , Fla. When and why did you move there?
ZB: I moved there about two years ago because my boyfriend went to college there and  he started a business there as a lead broker.

OT: So  you commute back and forth from Pensacola to St Louis regularly?
ZB: Way too often (laughs)

The logo for her first fashion line, Pink Monkey

OT: Do you do shows in Pensacola?
ZB: No, its not a big fashion forward city and that’s why I come to St Louis to do shows. It’s nothing there. So behind. St Louis is more fashion forward. It’s a rich older crowd who’s there to retire and  then there’s a big college crowd because of the college there (Pensacola State) so it’s a mix crowd. Its country too because it’s next to Mobile,  Ala.

OT: Chingy is your brother.
ZB: Yes.

OT: Is he your older or younger brother?
ZB: Older.

OT:Do many people know your related to Chingy?
ZB: Many do.  If they don’t its because they’re not into rap especially here in St Louis.

OT: Has he been to any of your fashion shows or have you styled for him?
ZB: Yes, he tries to come to as many as he can.  I’ve styled for him. I styled the album cover for his second album (Powerballin) and the music video for the album (‘Balla Baby”). I danced in all of his videos except for “Fly With Me.” I was in one of the  Brady Bunch Squares in his “Holidae Inn” video. (laughs) It was all in fun.


OT: How has Chingy been supportive of your career?
ZB: He tries to come to as many shows. As many ways as he can. If I wanted him to come and perform at a show he would, like my upcoming show (this Saturday at Lights On Broadway)where he will close out the show.

OT: Have you had inspirations of doing more in the music industry?
ZB: I used to rap but the industry is so male dominated and didn’t want anything to do with it.

The flier to her upcoming show, Black Women Rock

OT: Talk a little bit about your upcoming show, Black Women Rock. You have actress Vivica A Fox hosting it. How did that connection come about?
ZB: I made a dress for her and I met her and her publicist and asked her if she could do something with my event in St Louis. We started talking, exchanged numbers, negotiated, and that’s how it happened.

OT:What was the dress for?
ZB: It was for a photo shoot for Denim Magazine. They called me about  clothes for her.

OT: How did they get your number?
ZB: I don’t know. They either found my profile on Model Mayhem, or on Facebook. I mean, I wasn’t too surprised because I style a lot of people but it was out of the blue…but I was blessed. I was happy, I want scared. I was ready

OT:How were the arrangements to meet Vivica for the dress?
ZB: It took place in Jackson, Miss.They (Denim)wanted to give me an account, but they wanted me to send the clothes first. Well, I was in Pensacola and it was 3 hours away, and my boyfriend had a business there as well, so I decided to drive there. They were having a fashion show that Vivica was histing as well and they wanted me to put come of my clothes in it . So I stayed up there, made her dress and had clothes in the show.

OT: Wow! So it was like you were destined to work with her.
ZB: Right. (laughs)

                         The  Z Bailey Collection logo 

OT:When was this show?
ZB: Late February.  

OT:  The Black Women Rock show that’s coming up. Was it your your idea?
ZB: Yes it was. My mom and I talked about it and included my gay friend and made him do all the work (laughs). We talked with The Galloways (who own Lights On Broadway), and Lynn Galloway, she is on the fashion show committee, about doing the show.,

OT:When was this idea conceived?
ZB:Late February. .I had already talked with Vivica’s  people about doing something but I didn’t know what yet. I was inspired by my mother who is a strong Black woman and there you go.

OT: What line are you showcasing?
ZB: My Spring  and Summer lines.

OT: It’s a Black Tie event, right?

OT: When your not designing clothes what other hobbies do you have?
ZB:  Watching Netflix, shopping and hanging out with my two kids

OT:What’s hot in fashion for women right now?
ZB: Palazzo pants, neon colors, flowy dresses and always cute heels (laughs)

OT: What do you see yourself being or doing in the next ten years?
ZB: To be exactly where the people spoke of earlier and be where they are.

The Black Women Rock, Pre Mothers Day Black Tie /Hair and Fashion Show Gala, will take place Saturday, April 28  at Lights On Broadway, 8350 North Broadway in Baden, Mo. Doors Open at 6 p.m.

For ticket info call 314.385.4545 or

You can contact Zaneta  at:

Twitter @zbaileyclothing

Facebook: Z Bailey Collection






As we close out featuring poets from the Midwest, our last poet is Eugene B. Redmond.

Born December 1, 1937,  in St. Louis, he is an American poet, and academic. His poetry is closely connected to the Black Arts Movement and the city of East St. Louis, Illinois.

Redmond earned his bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University in 1964, and his master's degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1966, both in English Literature.[2] He became a teacher-counselor at Southern Illinois University's Experiment in Higher Education, in East St. Louis, where he worked under the direction of Dr. Edward W. Crosby, his mentor, until 1969. He left SIU to teach at Oberlin College for a year, and then joined the faculty at California State University, Sacramento as a professor of English. 

In 1985 he returned to East St. Louis as the special assistant to the superintendent for cultural and language arts at the East St. Louis School District until 1989. He taught at Wayne State University 1989-1990 before joining the faculty at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.[3] Redmond is currently an emeritus professor of English at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.[4]
Redmond’s published works of poetry include a pamphlet poem and six poetry collections, as well as numerous contributions to journals and anthologies. He has edited two anthologies of African American poetry and eight works by Henry Dumas. Dumas had taught at nearby Hiram College before he was shot down in a New York subway, in a case of mistaken identity. It was Dr. Crosby that pushed to have SIU put Dumas' writings into publication. He urged Redmond to edit the works, which he continues to do to this day. In 1976, Redmond was named Poet Laureate of East St. Louis.[5]
Redmond published his survey and analysis of 200 years of African American poetry, Drumvoices: The Mission of Afro-American Poetry, A Critical History, in 1976. Redmond is the founding editor ofDrumvoices Revue , a multicultural literary journal jointly published by the English Department of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club.[6]
Redmond has donated his collection, comprising his personal library, manuscripts, photographs, posters, and other ephemera, to SIUE Lovejoy Library.[7] Selections from the collection have been made available in the online collection EBR African American Cultural Life . Other papers are held at University of Illinois at Springfield.[8]

St. Louis rap/R&B duo, Mickey and Mallory (comprised of rap/recording artist Playboy Ro and singer Ms. Kriss) is gettin major pub in the month of May when they release their debut single, "Gangsta Lovin" May 8 and leak a tease of the music video on the same day that they wrapped recently in St. Louis with SelfMade Studioz.  Tagged "Music and Mayhem," their EP, also entitled, Gangsta Love is set to be released May 22.  Also, stay eyed to OUTTOWN for an upcoming posting soon of their interview and exclusive pics from their music video!

For more info or booking email at


President Barack Obama weighed in on the ongoing Secret Service scandal and even "slow jammed" the news as he taped an appearance on NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday.

Obama, already the first sitting president to appear on "The Tonight Show," "The Late Show" and "The Daily Show," treaded even deeper into the overnight hours as part of his two-day, three-state tour of college campuses to press his case to extend lower interest rates for some student loanprograms.

 At the taping, which was on the campus of the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill, Obama talked about his college days, pointing out his Afro when Fallon held up a picture of him.

Fallon earlier made light of the Secret Service prostitution scandal in his monologue, saying he was "having the best time" hanging out with agents as he prepared for the show.

Obama himself later called the work of the agency that protects him and his family "incredible."

"A couple of knuckleheads shouldn't detract from that they do," he said. "What they were thinking, I don't know. That's why they're not there anymore."

They were his first public comments in more than a week on the incident, which overshadowed a weekend trip to the
Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia. Obama had said at a news conference in Colombia on April 15 that he expected a "thorough" and "rigorous" investigation.

Asked about GOP rival Mitt Romney, Obama said the two were "not friends," but that his wife, Ann, was "lovely." He added that Romney "seems like somebody who cares about his family."

 Obama is the epitome of political cool. Not since President Bill Clinton blowing the sax on the Arsenio Hall Show  had we had a President be  so “hip.”

In unrelated POTUS newz, a college girl and some spilled yogurt made headlines this week. Yogurt belonging to an enthusiastic college student accidentally got flung on President Obama during a meet and greet in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday.

The commander-in-chief was outside the popular restaurant The Sink and about to go into his armored SUV, when the young woman, later identified as Kolby Zerbest, approached him.
The purple snack hit his pants, which he promptly began wiping off with a napkin that was given to him.
The president, however, was not perturbed.
“You got me!” Obama joked, adding"Getting yogurt on the president, you've got a story to tell.”

"I'm very embarrassed," she responded.
Zerbest, a sorority sister at the University of Colorado, described the incident on NBC’s “Today,” insisting the paparazzi actually kicked her bowl of yogurt that she had placed on the ground.
“Technically, it was my fault that I placed it there, but I’m not the one that spilled it on him,” she said.
Obama mentioned the incident later in the day at a campus event, where he was touting his proposal for low-rate student loans.

"She got very excited and spilled yogurt on me," Obama said, according to ABC News. "Or hazardously, she spilled yogurt on the Secret Service. The agent just stood there, looking at her."

The college student’s life has changed all because of spilled yogurt—can we say 15 minutes? LOL

ADD: President Barack Obama is on the cover of this week's Rolling Stone magazine. 

This week Chicagoan Jennifer Hudson he  took the stand in the murder trial of  her family in the Windy City.  Hudson offered a  30 minute teary testimony  Monday about the deaths of  her mother, and nephew in October 2008.  . Hudson, who was in Florida at the time of the shootings, testified that she was dismayed when she learned in 2006 that her sister was going to marry Balfour, whom she said she always disliked.
On Tuesday, the second day of testimony — a day after Hudson herself offered tearful testimony from the witness stand — prosecutors shifted the spotlight to the crime-scene evidence in the case against her former brother-in-law, William Balfour.
Balfour was estranged from his wife, Hudson's sister, at the time of the killings. He has pleaded not guilty to murdering Hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. He sat with his eyes fixed on the murder-scene photographs on a screen, but he didn't wince or show other signs of emotion.

Prosecutors projected dozens of  gruesome photographs of her family causing the singer and actress to  leave the room to avoid having to watch the disturbing images.
At least one person reportedly could be heard sobbing at the back of the courtroom, though it wasn't clear if it was coming from a friend or relative of Hudson's. To spare relatives the trauma, prosecutors reportedly often let them know when they will be showing unsettling evidence.
Hudson's sister, Julia Hudson, reportedly  also left the courtroom before the photographs were displayed on a large screen, though the star's fiance, pro-wrestler David Otunga, reportedly stayed.
Earlier in the day, Hudson reportedly  hung her head and closed her eyes as Chicago police described finding her mother's body in the living room and finding Jason Hudson dead in his bed, with the sheets pulled up as if he had been sleeping.
Jennifer Hudson, who was reportedly wearing a black top, green skirt and knee-high leather boats, sat in a fourth row bench well within view of jurors for much of the day Tuesday. Most of the time she reportedly seemed composed and engaged, leaning forward to get a better look at a witness.
Another officer reportedly testified about the frantic search for Hudson's nephew, Julian King, who was found in an SUV three days later. Prosecutors also played a surveillance video showing Balfour getting out of a car at a gas station near the Hudson house on Chicago's South Side before the killings. Prosecutors are reportedly trying to show he was in the area at the time — something Balfour has denied.
With no surviving witnesses to the murders, prosecutors must offer overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Balfour committed the crime. One challenge will be tying Balfour to the alleged murder weapon, a silver and black .45-calibre handgun.
Prosecutors claim Balfour targeted the family in a horrific act of vindictiveness against his ex-wife. They believe he became enraged by balloons he saw at the home that he thought were from her new boyfriend.
Prosecutors contend Balfour went inside the three-story house around 9 a.m. and shot Hudson's mother and brother. Investigators allege he then drove off in Jason Hudson's sport utility vehicle with 7-year-old Julian inside, and later shot the boy in the head as he lay behind a front seat.
On Wednesday, Jennifer Hudson's half-brother testified about the alleged murder weapon at the trial of the man accused of killing the singer's three family members.
A prosecutor held out the silver and black .45-caliber handgun in front of witness Lonnie Simpson on Tuesday. Simpson said he gave the gun to Hudson's brother, Jason Hudson.
Prosecutors say William Balfour reportedly stole the gun in 2008 and used it to kill Jason Hudson, as well as Jennifer Hudson's mother and 7-year-old nephew.
Simpson also testified that he sold drugs with Jason Hudson. But Simpson says his half-brother only sold small bags of drugs and didn't have enemies in his neighborhood.
The defense suggested in opening statements that Jason Hudson's drug dealings could have led to the killings. Balfour has pleaded not guilty.
If convicted of at least two of the murder counts, Balfour would face a mandatory life sentence.

We think the only way Balfour will be found guilty is if the prosecutors can show proof that Balfour’s fingerprints were on that gun, footprints in the house or the SUV, then it’s a wrap. If not, then he walks. Bottom line.

The Kimye couple (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) is back on—we think., New photos of the two add to the growing evidence that they're in a budding relationship. Kim and Kanye were reportedly strolling through New York City over last weekend while Kardashian enjoyed an ice cream cone and sported earrings bearing West's initials, "KW." The couple reportedly attended dinner at Spice Market with other members of the Kardashian clan following that outing, and on Monday night, they were photographed again, holding hands while making the rounds in NYC (PITCURED).
First, they reportedly attended a dinner thrown by luxury brand Audemars Piguet at Catch in New York's Meatpacking District, where they hung out withKardashian's pal La La, her husband Carmelo Anthony and producer Swizz Beatz.

Next, they reportedly headed out to the opening of Scott Disick's new Japanese restaurant Ryu, where they met up with Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom and Rob Kardashian. According to New York'sDaily News, West kept his arm wrapped around Kim in the back of the restaurant during the festivities, while cameras filmed segments for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." 

Later, they were reportedly spotted holding hands as they exited the party.

Kardashian tweeted about the opening, but she mentioned nothing about the rumors that have continued to swirl about her and Kanye West.
During a Sunday appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," Khloé addressed her sister's status with Kanye. "I don't think it's serious. I think it's too soon," she said. "Because they're friends for so long, it's so easy. That's something that I love seeing about Kim, the easiness and how happy she is. It's just more of a great friendship and friendships make the best relationships."

Khloé also commented on rumors that Kanye would appear on the upcoming season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," which premieres May 20. "No one has to be on camera. It's not like we're driven to slavery," Khloé said. "Everyone has the option, except for us."

Is it us, or why does it seem as though Kim and Ye wanted all this speculation and  publicity based on the photo of them together in public and a swarm around them and paparazzi? 

Comedian Jon Lovitz has a serious -- and salty -- message for President Obama. The former “Saturday Night Live” star delivered some choice words for the president on his podcast, "The ABCs of SNL." The show is co-hosted by Kevin Smith and calls itself “Live from the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater.”
The actor said he’s a Democrat and voted for Obama, but now he’s mad as hell at the president’s plan to raise taxes on the rich -- and his rant has the Web buzzing.
The comic called Obama a “[bleep]ing a-hole... for saying the rich don't pay their taxes." Lovitz delivered his invective after assuring the audience “I voted for the guy” and even expressed admiration for Obama’s rise from “nothing.” “He had no father -- he is mixed-race, which is a burden… and the guy ends up going to Harvard, and he's the president of the United States.”
Lovitz gave Obama no slack for turning against his fellow millionaires, however. “This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is f---ing bulls---,” he said. “First they say to you… ‘The United States of America, you can do anything you want -- go for it! So then you go for it and you make it and everyone's like, ‘[Bleep] you!'”

Lovitz was most likely referring to Obama’s proposed “Buffett rule,” which stipulates that those making $1 million or more pay at least 30% of their income in taxes.

Well, as they say, God gave all of us opinions. LOL

Former Illinois Governor and reality show star Rod Blagojevich is settling in well in prison according to Sam Adam Jr, Blago’s former attorney in his bribery trial.

“He is the same person there as he was here,” said Sam Adam Jr., Blagojevich’s former attorney who visited him Sunday at his prison near Littleton, Colo.

Blagojevich reportedly walked across the roughly 40-by-60 foot room where other inmates visited on rows of plastic chairs with loved ones, he was greeted over and over, Adam said. Blagojevich reported to the prison on March 15.

“He’s like, the man,” Adam said. “When he walked in the inmates kind of broke the rule … (calling) ‘Hey Rod, hey Rod.’ A couple of people called him ‘Gov.’”

Blagojevich reportedly stopped briefly to shake hands with family members before he sat with Adam and Adam’s father, Sam Adam Sr., for a roughly 90-minute chat.

The Adams, who are friends with Blagojevich and also represented him during his first public corruption trial, were relieved to find the convicted governor at ease about his adjustment to a prison sentence of 14 years.

“He told a lot of jokes,” said Adam. “He was smiling.”

Adam said Blagojevich is confident he will prevail on appeal — and so he is focused more on getting through the next year and a half, rather than the long haul.

For now, the former governor reportedly  washes dishes in the prison kitchen — a task that all new inmates are handed, Adam said.

He has requested to teach Shakespeare or Greek mythology and philosophy in the library.

He runs between four and five miles a day and has a slight tan from the sunny Colorado weather. His hair seems mostly intact, Adam said.

“He’s still got a big, huge head of hair,” he said. “It has turned from black to brown. He is not gray.”

Blagojevich has reportedly bonded with his cellmate, Adam said. His celebrity has been acknowledged to some extent, but no one has hassled him, the attorney said.

Blagojevich has received some 1,000 letters, Adam said, and so far had one visit from his wife Patti and his two daughters.

Looks like Blago is adjusting twell with prison life, but we wonder what’s really going through his mind as he adjusts to his “gen pop” life. We are sure not everybody in there is pro-Blago.

Chicago Bulls player Kyle Korver scored 20 points to help the Chicago Bulls beat the host Indiana Pacers 92-87 on Wednesday night and inch closer to the top overall seed in the NBA playoffs.
The Bulls ended the game needing just a win over Cleveland on Thursday or a loss by the San Antonio Spurs to clinch the league's top spot.
.Derrick Rose finished with 10 points on 3-for-11 shooting in 27 minutes.
The Bulls won the season series with the Pacers 2-1.

The late Chicagoan and TV icon Don Cornelius was despondent over his rapidly deteriorating health when he shot himself in the head last February, his final autopsy report says.
The music pioneer had developed seizures due to an aneurysm 15 years ago and found it harder and harder to treat his debilitating symptoms with medication, the report said.
“Within the past six months, (Cornelius) would have conversations with his (son) and stated that he didn’t know how much longer he could hang on,” a coroner’s report released Tuesday said.
“The decedent was very depressed about his failing health,” the report said.
“I don’t know how long I can take this,” he told his son during a 3 a.m. phone conversation less than two hours before he pulled the trigger Feb. 1, the report said.
The son said he’d be “right over” and rushed to the famed producer’s house on Mullholland Drive in Los Angeles, arriving at 4:23 a.m., the coroner said.
Cornelius told him the back door would be unlocked, and when the son entered, he smelled smoke and found his father seated in a chair with a pistol in his right hand, according to the report.
The single bullet had entered his right temple and exited on the left, the report said.
No gunshot residue was found on Cornelius’ hands, but test samples weren’t taken until after he was transported to a hospital in a futile attempt to save his life.
Cornelius, 75, did not leave a suicide note, the report said.


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band will headline Wrigley Field on Sept. 7, the singer’s camp confirmed Friday.

Wynton Marsalis plays three shows at the Symphony Center in Chicago this weekend


The St Louis Blues are headed to the Western Conference semifinals after dispatching San Jose four games to one in the first round. After losing Game 1, the Blues won four consecutive games, marking the seventh time in history the franchise has won four playoff games in a row in the same postseason. The Blues  will play the Los Angeles Kings. L.A.

Game 1 and 2 will be played  Saturday and Monday in St Louis at the Scott Trade Center. Games three and four will take place in Los Angeles. The remaining three games will alternate from St. Louis to Los Angeles and back to St. Louis for a seventh game if necessary.

UPDATE: St Louis Mayor Francis Slay has named Friday Blues Friday Day and suggests citizens to wear blue in solidarity of the St Louis Blues playing in the semifinals.

The NFL Draft will start Thursday and the St. Louis Rams are the team that will alter the draft based on who they select with the sixth overall pick. However, Rams management is reportedly heavily pursuing a trade with the Minnesota Vikings that would land them Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

ESPN Scouts, Inc. draft analyst Matt Williamson believes the Rams can complete the trade with the Vikings, who have shown their desire to move the third overall pick.

 The St. Louis Rams did their best to stamp out a rumor the day before the draft, saying running back Steven Jackson is not unhappy with his contract.
The Rams also say they're not interested in trading the two-time Pro Bowler. Jackson is coming off his seventh straight 1,000-yard season and has two years to go on a deal that'll pay him about $7 million in 2012.
"Steven's here, he's in the offseason program, he's upstairs every other day," coach Jeff Fisher said Wednesday. "He's doing great, having fun, learning the offense."
Fisher said he didn't know how the rumor started or where it was coming from. He recalled rumors that the Rams were shopping quarterback Sam Bradford around when they traded the No. 2 pick to Washington, and he repeated that Jackson was not on the market.
"We talk about the potential ways of improving the roster, but his name has not been floated out there," Fisher said. "I don't know where it's coming from. People are just trying to create some excitement."
The Rams have the sixth overall pick Thursday night after trading the No. 2 pick to the Redskins for the No. 6 pick, along with Washington's second-rounder and first-rounders in 2013 and 2014.

BET’s Sunday Best host/producer Kirk Franklin and current Sunday Best winner St Louis native Amber Bullock (PICTURED) were on hand for the auditions that took place in St Louis at Friendly Temple Baptist Church Saturday. Bullock was one of the preliminary judges (there were two rounds before people saw the judges Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and Kim Burrell)

Reportedly hundreds were in line to compete including such ST faves Kym Hylton, Herman Gordon, Pam Christian and Leslie Johnson (whom we will discuss later) who did not pass the test when they performed before the TV judges. Two of the handul who made the cut were Michael Lampkin and Corey Barrett who will  compete in June in Atlanta for the televised rounds.

Other preliminary judges included St. Louis artists Pretty Willie, Teresa Jenee and Jai, and national gossip columnist Jawn Murray.

In related news, Leslie Johnson went onto FOne contestant Leslie Johnson who passed both preliminary rounds went onto Facebook to cebook to voice his conerns on the story about Sunday Best was published in the St Louis Post Dispatch when it quoted him  after jusge Donnie McClurkin voted NO as saying; “Johnson figured the show is looking for a particular type and that his singing probably isn’t “black enough” for “Sunday Best.”

Johnson went on to Facebook and wrote; “Good Morning FB FAM.....With all due respect to the Newspaper, I read an article this morning which misquoted me. It stated that I figured the show is looking for a particular type and that his singing probably isn’t “black enough” for “Sunday Best.” What I said was that Donnie's remarks reminded me of when I was younger, being told my peers that my voice was not black enough. But I grew up and realized that what I have is what God gave me and He uses it to enourage others. For that I am grateful.

I, nor any of my coharts in the music ministry, here in
St. Louis, are angry at the outcome of the recent Sunday Best event. Donnie, Yolanda and Kim are musicians just as we are. They just happen to have the priveldge of "Judge". I have my own personal thoughts of what happened. I respect the judges for their opinions, but I also recognize that that's what they are opinions. The opinion made was directed to me and I am a big boy and can handle Donnie's criticism. I am very proud and supportive of those who made it. 

I refuse to allow the enemy to turn something like this into a tool for devision amongst
St. Louis vocalist. We are a supporive group, here in St. Louis. We support each other forever and always. Those who advanced, "SHOW THEM WHAT ST. LOUIS IS MADE OF"!!! Amber Amya'smom Bullock did it and we can do it again. I and all of those who were there LOVE and SUPPORT our representatives. Take care -Leslie
(NOTE: The errors are his in his original message )

For some reason, judging people sing gospel is a bit wordly, speaking just the opposite of what people should be doing as Christians, and that’s judging people, but good for Leslie giving his point of view and clearing the air of the erroneous quote.


St Louis native rapper Chingy was a guest on Seviin at 7 last Thursday where he talked about his rap upbringing in a group, his mixtape “Jackpot Back” and his role in the indie film, “Polish Bar.” There was an interesting moment that occurred when he was asked by host Seviin Li of anything he wanted to clear the air  on a personal level or wanted to get off his chest, he paused for a few seconds and just said, “No, just for people to pick up the mix tape.”  

To see the interview, go to

The rapper also was on Fox 2 News 11 am show to talk about his campaign for “Respect My Vote”.  

He also will perform at his sister Zaneta Bailey's fashion show Black Women Rock show at Lights on Broadway this Saturday (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

ADD: According to Deb Peterson of "Costas to the Max" will be a night of celebration and conversation in memory of Max Starkloff, late founder of the Starkloff Disability Institute and Paraquad, a pioneer in the independent living movement and a hero to many.
Among the stars who are gathering to celebrate the life of Starkloff, who died Dec. 27, 2010 at age 73, are adopted St Louisan Bob Costas, former St Louis Cardinals legend Ozzie Smith, Affton, Mo native and actor John Goodman, and STL journalist Karen Foss, Dr. William Danforth,  and Donnybrook personality Ray Hartmann.
The event will kick off at 8:30 p.m., April 28 at The Pageant, 6161 Delmar Boulevard. Costas will emcee what is being billed as an "intimate evening of candid conversations."

According to Deb Peterson of, Oklahoma city based The International Photography Hall of Fame will move its facilities  according  to John Nagel, president of the Hall of Fame board, from Hermann. Mo.  He also teaches the subject at St. Louis Community College at Meramec. They have also they have signed up Lucy Morros, former VP for institutional advancement at Lindenwood University, to be the Hall of Fame's development director. One reason the Hall of Fame — which includes some 30,000 images, is moving here from Oklahoma City is that several of the group's board members are from the St. Louis area.

Former Fox 2 personality Rob Desir returns to TV as he debuts a new show on STL TV called St Louis Presents with co-cost April Trupino. It debuts today, Thursday,  at 10 am. CST. Go to for more info.

Comedian/radio personality/game show host Steve Harvey will perform at Chaifetz Arena on July 27.


Grammy Award winning country singer Lyle Lovett will perform Aug. 25 at the Peabody Opera House.


Grammy Award winning blues legend Buddy Guy will perform Sept. 14 at the Family Arena.


Mother's Day Show with Enchantment and Bloodstone is at 6 p.m. May 13 at the Ambassador.

ADD: The FREE weekly summer music series Twilight Tuesdays will start May 1 on the lawn of the Missouri History Museum at Forest Park starting at 6p.m.   The first one will feature Nikko Smith and Mo Tre.

St Louis native actress/playwright Chyrs Yvette was a guest on  The Best of the STL on STL TV  Wednesday. There,  she talked about her upcoming play THE DATING GAME that is scheduled to be staged June 2 and 3 at the Regional Arts Commission.
ADD:"Who's Next 2 Blow Live - Up Close & Personal" is a new television show that will make its’ debut on the CW Network on April 27, and will air on Friday mornings at 2:30am, directly following ‘That 70's Show’.  The show is designed to take a fascinating look (up close and personal) at local St. Louis Spoken Word artists, along with all genres of local musical artists and businesses that are simply making a name for themselves right here in our local St. Louis area. 

STL Poet/singer Robert Akaiden Dillard is releasing his new album  'Damage Control', For more info go to  online 


Orlando Watson of Rockhouse Entertainment announce don Facebook this week that its promotions company and Hella Fly promotions will no longer do Sundays at Lola. 

Comedian and actor Orlando Jones  will be at The Funny Bone at Westport Plaza April 26-29

The Black Keys performs  Apr 27 at Chaifetz Arena
R&B group Kool and the Gang will open for rock group Van Halen at the April 29 atScottrade Center.
Pop music diva Diana Ross is set to headline this year's Dinner with the Stars on April 28 at the Peabody Opera House.

The Black Keys, Apr 27, Chaifetz Arena, St Louis
Bowling for Soup will perform May 1 at the Old Rock House.
Singer Amel Larrieux will perform at  Plush May 5. Theresa Payne will open. THE SHOW IS POSTPONED

 JB presents Plies in concert at Ambassador  May 5


Singers Howard Hewitt and Alyson Williams will be at The Sheldon May 6
Actor-comedian Aziz Ansari comes to the Pageant May 11.


Comedian and actor Tim meadows will be at The Funny Bone at West port Plaza May 11-12

Denise Thimes & Friends' annual Mother's Day concert will be. May 13 at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Saxophonist Tom Braxton will be featured.
Fred Hammond and Mary Mary headline Gospel Fest, taking place May 13 at the Chaifetz Arena.Also performing are Broderick Rice and Jessica Reedy.
Steve Winwood is at Peabody Opera House, in concert on May 14.
Rocker Daughtry comes to Peabody Opera House with a concert on May 16.
Grammy award winning Bonnie Raitt and Marc Cohn at Pageant May 18
Rapper 2 Chainz will perform at The Ambassador May 18

Pointfest 30 will take place May 19 and 20 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.


R&;B group Dru Hil will perform May 19 at the Ambassador

Snoop Dogg is heading to Pop’s with a concert at 7 p.m. May 25.


Sting performs June 5 at the Fox Theatre.

Superjam June9 at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre

R&B singer  "CARL THOMAS" will be performing @ the "I'M A SURVIVOR" ALL WHITE CANCER BENEFIT PARTY on June 10TH, at the Planetarium at Forest Park  


Shock rocker Alice Cooper will perform at the Pageant June 16.
 Tony and Emmy Award winning actress Leslie Uggams will reprise her role as Muzzy in this summer's production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Muny. In its premiere Muny production, the show will run June 18-24
The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue 2012 will perform June 20 at the Fox Theatre featuring Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs.

REO Speedwagon, Styx and Ted Nugent headline the Midwest Rock N’ Roll Express Tour, coming to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater June 22.
Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat co-headline a tour coming to Peabody Opera House June 24.

Afrojack will perform June 24 at the Pageant.


Comedian Margaret Cho is at Lumiere Place Casino’s Lumiere Theater for two shows,. June 23.


Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square’s will perform June 29 show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
FAIR ST LOUIS The 32nd annual Fair Saint Louis will will feature three days of free entertainment on the grounds of the Gateway Arch.  Featured headliners include Heart on Wednesday, July 4, Third Eye Blind on Friday, July 6 and Dierks Bentley on Saturday, July 7. Activities will also include two Independence Day runs in collaboration with the St. Louis Sports Commission, the 135th annual VP Parade themed “Parade Around the World,” air shows and more!

Ledisi will perform July 13 at the Pageant.
Eric Benet is also on the bill.

Rock group O.A.R. will perform at the Fox Theatre. July 19.

Grammy Award winning rock group Train performs at the Peabody Opera House July 29.

Seal is playing the Fox Theatre July 31.Macy Gray opens.  

BLIND PICZ. Who were these people gettin their dance on at The Loft recently?

BLIND DISHZ.  Which STL mover and shaker told another STL mover and shaker that if they stopped doing their annual event that they were going to take over it without them and without their permission?

HINT 1. The first mover and shaker's first name starts with a vowel (and  whose first name is the same as a famous  1950s TV character that was an animal and last name starts with a consonant. The second mover and shaker's last name is the same as the last name of one of the members of the rock group The Eagles.

HINT 2. The first mover and shaker is a male and non-black. The second mover and shaker is a male and black.

HINT 3. The first mover and shaker is more behind the scenes and the second mover and shaker deals with fashion shows.

PRO-MO-CIAL-ITES. (April 22-28) Which STL mover an shakers and socialites got it in this week?

Zaneta Bailey . Nicknamed Ziggy, this spunky fashionista and fashion designer, who is the sister of rapper Chingy,  who last featured her Z Bailey Line at Plush in February, will have another fashion show titled, Black Women Rock that will take place at Lights On Broadway this Saturday (April 28). It also will be hosted by actress Vivica Fox. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Mocha Latte. The Queen of Promotions was spotted at the book release party for poet Kels DK at Desserts on the Blvd Sunday (April 22), will get it in as the hype person on the mic at her popular weekly gig at The Loft on Saturdays (April 28)

The Men of Hella Fly Promotions (King Kerry and Dano Johnson). This duo of ‘hood hop events, got  it in with Rockhouse Entertainment with Sundays at Lola (its last ),  Two dollar Tuesdays at the BSV Lounge, a special $5 Friday at The Broadway  with Shit Starters Ent. With a  Berkeley Alumni vs Shampoo & U-City Alumni Battle Of The Schools Reunion  Classes From 1990- 2008  and with 3 WAY- HELLA FLY & GRAND FINALE PROMOTIONS  they will have  THE 3rd ANNUAL CROWN VALLEY WINERY Bus TOUR in St. Genevieve, Mo. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) (April 28)

Stuart Allen. This party man of swag gets it in every Thursday with Fuck You Im Famous parties at Oz Nightclub in Sauget, Ill and on Friday his company, Primetime Promotions is bringing in Treal Lee and Prince Rick  at Posh Friday, April 27 .





Why did Deon Sanders have his children fil lout police reports against their mother Pillar? And why did he have pics of it on the web? Why did Meta World Peace  elbow a player in the face?Why are Kanye and Kim K playing down that they are dating?Why did Brian McKnight come out with a song about working a woman’s p*ssy? Why did a McDonalds worker spitting in someone’s sweet tea? Why did the Octomom have her kids living in filth? Why are citizens in EasT St Louis aren’t more up in arms  about the East St Louis School Board having t close some schools down due to its corruption? Why was Britney Spears given $15 million to judge X Factor? And why was she chosen in the first place? Why were opinion makers thinking the movie Think Like a Man weren’t going to do well?  And why are people drinking liquid hand sanitizer to get high?

HAPPY STL TAURUSian BDAZEFormer Rams player/current NFL correspondent Roland Williams (PICTURED), singer Nikko Smith, TV personality Wendy Erickson,  club bouncer Joseph Richardson, and socialite Renaud Chavoz Lucas

Comedian and actor Orlando Jones  will be at The Funny Bone at Westport Plaza April 26-29

Join ALIVE magazine and; Pedal the Cause for The Back Bar Happy Hour at scape in the
Central West End! (49 Maryland Plaza) Sip on $5 cocktails and enjoy this stunning weather on the best patio in the CWE. THURSDAY

The Black Keys performs  Apr 27 at Chaifetz Arena

Eye Candy Grey Goose Cherry Noir Launch at The Loft April 27
* TICKETS ADMIN $10, $15 & $20..


Hella Fly Promotions &Shit Starters Ent... Presents..........DanoDaMano &Berkeley Alumni vs Shampoo &U-City Alumni Battle Of The Schools 
Reunion......Friday April 27th @ The Broadway ......I'm Need All The Berkeley & U-City Classes From 1990- 2008 To Come Rep. 
ADD: Soho Restaurant and Lounge Grand Opening Weekend April 27 and 28, 4229 Manchester in the Grove. Happy Hour 5p to 8p. Party 9p.m. to 1:30am. Free admission. Free alcohol and food samples., Sponsored by Little Black Dress.
THE 3rd

11AM - 6:30 PM 

INFO  DANO 685-0500 - KERRY 456-5976 


6:00pm until 9:00p
 Asbury United Methodist Church
4001 Maffitt AvenueSaint Louis, Missouri

Pop music diva Diana Ross is set to headline this year's Dinner with the Stars on April 28 at the Peabody Opera House.


PRONTO at J Bucks Showroom
in downtown St Louis
April 28
6:30 p.m. 
 For tickets to the PRONTO Fashion Show, visit


Black Woman Rock Fashion Show Black Tie Gala featuring Z BAILEY  FASHIONS  with host Vivica A Fox
April 28
 Lights On Broadway
 8350 N. Broadway Saturday 
8 p.m. 

The Black Rose Ball ~ A Dark Fairy Tale
April 28

7:00pm until 11:00pm
An evening of VIP artistic entertainment! Including an alternative hair and fashion show produced by Paul Mitchell the School St. Louis featuring, Kreations by Kelsey, JC Darlynn, Kink Hair Salon & Golden Razor Salon, Rebel Tart and a silent auction with all proceeds benefiting St Louis Children's Miracle Network and the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation. For ticket information:


Belleville-O'Fallon Alumni Chapter

April 28
Presents Chocolate Dip
At Café Ciaccalato, 816 Olive
$15.00 in advance.......Dress Chocolate Attire
Complimentary Exotic Chocolate Desserts
Complimentary limited Parking
Music by DJ GRock

Chuck Flowers Live at Desserts on the Blvd,m3949 Lindell
Sunday, April 29,
12:00pm until 3:00pm
Hey friends! Come enjoy an afternoon of good food, good music and singing. Me and band: Phil Graves, Eric Tyler & Josh Crump.

R&B group Kool and the Gang will open for rock group Van Halen at the April 29 atScottrade Center.

Bowling for Soup will perform May 1 at the Old Rock House.



Imperial Events presents Party For the Hell of It the last Friday of each month starting April 27 at The City,

Laugh from the Hood, Tickets are buy one get one free $6 is the going price for a great night of laughs, drinks, great food, and more!! At Forever Yours Bar and Grill, 4227 Race Course. Fridays at 8 p.m

DJ Needles presents Summer Madness at J Bucks. Last Saturdays at J Bucks in downtown St Louis

Exo Bar will debut Exale 2012 every Saturday beginning April 28

Imagine Academy of Careers Middle School 1901 N Kingshighway, 63113

Friday, April 27, 2012 from 6pm till 9pm (Adults)

Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 10am till 3pm (Adults and Youth)

What we are doing?
Preparing several dynamic casts for a variety of upcoming stage productions.

What we are looking for?
We need people who have acting, singing, and dancing experience.

You should have:
1. Dramatic and comedic acting flexibility
2. Headshot
3. 2 prepared monologues, 1dramatic and 1 comedic or
4. 1 prepared monologue and 1 song

If you have questions please email us at


The Men of Rustin's Place Present, iJerk and Twerk Party. This will be the official jerk and twerk party of the year!!! Prize for best twerker and jerker! Get ready for the biggest twerk contest to ever hit St. Louis!! Rustin's Place, 625 North Euclid Ave. Your ID is your admission! 8PM-1AM April 28-2012. For More Info Call