Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Photos by Ma'atology

There's hypeman Fat Fat (left), Hella Fly's King Kerry and City club owner Jason Spain at their new weekly event party featuring a movie theme.

Fat at on the mic as DJ Moody points to the OUTCAM.

Some friends chillin' up in VIP.

Some lovely ladies up in the spot.

Fat Fat sending a shout out to the OUTCAM.

Fat Fat and Moody in his mask  holdin' a hip hop stance

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins takin a pic in the bathroom mirror.

The Hella Fly guys King Kerry and Dano Johnson

Kerry, Fat and Dano

Some attendees in camera pose.

Below are attendees gettin their party on.

Up in VIP celebrating a bday.

This brotha was on his own vibe. LOL 

These party girls got it in in club smoke. And one of them dipped it low to the floor (PIC IS UPCOMING BELOW!)

"Say, bae, whurr you goin???"

Folk orderin their drinks at the bar.

Dano up in VIP next to a sista checkin her text messages.

A long shot of Dano and VIPers.

The sista on the right is rockin a road runner hawk do. LOL

AND BELOW IS THE TMP (TOO MUCH PLAYIN) pic of the sista who dropped it low

...and YES there were dollars on the floor! SMH.

NOTE: This event was OK. We were, however, expecting the promoters sportin' their GOOD FELLAS suits like they had worn on the fliers promoting this event and the movie shown on repeat on the screens for the movie themed party, but we think attendees didnt care too much on the details as witnessed by the party people gettin their party on as  the music was pumpin and drinks were flowin.


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