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OUT 1126 --ILLI MO BITZ (APRIL 19-25)





This week, we feature poet Sara Teasdale.

Sara Teasdale (August 8, 1884 – January 29, 1933), was an American lyrical poet. She was born Sara Trevor Teasdale in St. Louis, Missouri, and after her marriage in 1914 she went by the name Sara Teasdale Filsinger.[1]

Sara Teasdale was born on August 8, 1884. She had poor health for most of her life, and it was only at age 14 that she was well enough to begin school. In 1898 she began attending Mary Institute, but switched rapidly to Hosmer Hall in 1899, where she finished in 1903.
Teasdale's first poem was published in Reedy's Mirror, a local newspaper, in 1907. Her first collection of poems, Sonnets to Duse and Other Poems, was published that same year.
Teasdale's second collection of poems, Helen of Troy and Other Poems, was published in 1911. It was well received by critics, who praised its lyrical mastery and romantic subject matter.[2]
In the years 1911 to 1914, Teasdale was courted by several men, including poet Vachel Lindsay, who was absolutely in love with her but did not feel that he could provide enough money or stability to keep her satisfied. She chose instead to marry Ernst Filsinger, who had been a fan of her poetry for a number of years, on December 19, 1914.
Teasdale's third poetry collection, Rivers to the Sea, was published in 1915 and was a best seller, being reprinted several times. A year later, in 1916 she moved to New York City with Filsinger, where they resided in an Upper West Side apartment on Central Park West.
In 1918, her poetry collection Love Songs (released 1917) won three awards: the Columbia University Poetry Society prize, the 1918 Pulitzer Prize for poetry and the annual prize of the Poetry Society of America.
Filsinger was away a lot on business which caused a lot of loneliness for Teasdale.[3] In 1929, she moved interstate for three months, thereby satisfying the criteria to gain a divorce. Post-divorce, Teasdale remained in New York City, living only two blocks away from her old home on Central Park West. She rekindled her friendship with Vachel Lindsay, who was by this time married with children.
In 1933, she committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.[4] Her friend Vachel Lindsay had committed suicide two years earlier. She is interred in the Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.
A common urban legend surrounds Teasdale's suicide. The legend claims that her poem "I Shall Not Care" (which features themes of abandonment, bitterness, and contemplation of death) was penned as a suicide note to a former lover. However, the poem was actually first published in her 1915 collection Rivers to the Sea, a full 18 years before her suicide: [5]


Last Wednesday, YOURS TRULY was a guest on talk show host Mark Bland's podcast The Q at Iwatchradio Studios in Maryland Heights. To hear the podcast go to 


President Barack Obama made Time Magazine’s 9th Annual 100 Most Influential in the World  List that was published  Wednesday.

The list features 54 international figures from 37 countries and also  includes several controversial figures, such as Syrian President Bashar Assad, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar.
It's divided into five categories: Moguls, Breakouts, Icons, Pioneers and Leaders.
There are 38 women on the 2012 Time 100 -- more than ever before.
Whatever anti-Obamites may say, POTUS still has an influence, his historical merit alone and his popularity in enormous  outside of the U.S.

Rocker and gun advocate Ted Nugent came under scrutiny after making incendiary comments about the U.S. president at a recent National Rifle Association convention held in St Louis last weekend (SEE STL NEWZ BELOW).

He said "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year," he said. "If you can't go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don't even know what you're made of."

In response to Nugent's remarks, Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary in a statement, "We are aware of the incident with Ted Nugent, and we are conducting appropriate follow-up." He added, "We recognize an individual's right to freedom of speech but we also have a responsibility to determine and investigate intent."

 Nugent is looking forward to meeting with the Secret Service over his recent comments about President Barack Obama. Revealing that he will be interviewed by the agents on Thursday, April 19, the rock guitarist told conservative radio host Glenn Beck, "I will be as polite and supportive as I possibly can be, which will be thoroughly."

"We actually have heard from the Secret Service, and they have a duty, and I salute them. I support them and I'm looking forward to our meeting tomorrow," the 63-year-old rocker said Wednesday. Though joking, "We're going to have a little barbecue get together," he noted, "I'm not trying to diminish the seriousness of this, because if the Secret Service are doing it they are serious."

Well, we are not surprised with Nugent’s antics (his crazy as hell persona has been his m.o. since the 1970s) but with the very volatile state of the Secret Service and the Columbian prostitute scandal, they jumped on this to skew attention from them. And besides, what Nugent said implies that he wants to do harm to the President. 

UPDATE: Nugent has been cleared of any wrongdoing from the Secret service and will receive no jail time.

Springfield, Mo raised and Oscar nominated actor Brad Pitt  gathered his six kids recently as he presented his GF Angelina Jolie with a tablet-shaped diamond engagement ring -- estimated at 16 carats and worth $500,000 -- which he helped design with jeweler Robert Procop.

"Angelina cried and smiled" at the proposal, a confidante tells the new Us Weekly, out now.

And the children, who had been extremely eager for their parents to wed after seven years together, were equally overjoyed, the source adds. "Everyone hugged once she put [the ring] on. She went around and showed it to each of the kids."

Jolie, 36, quietly debuted that long-awaited ring at an April 11 private viewing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, with startling photos and a confirmation from jeweler Procop and then Pitt's manager emerging two days later.

"Angie considers herself bonded to Brad for life," adds the source.

 Although their wedding date has not yet been set, insiders are speculating about where the couple will finally say, “I do.”

In a few months, Jolie is headed to the United Kingdom to film her next three projects: "Maleficent," "The Counselor" alongside Pitt, and Danny Boyle's upcoming movie.

But even though it looks like the couple will be spending a lot of time in England, it is very unlikely that they will get married in the United Kingdom.

"The most likely location is their French château, where privacy laws are much more harsh," a source close to Jolie tells me. " This will be a small, private affair with close friends and family. The children will be involved in the ceremony and most certainly Brad’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston will not be invited."

…And we turn the page. LOL. As long as they have been a couple and the children they have adopted and conceived, the ring seems a bit anti-climactic.  But when they finally wed, it will be a witch hunt trying to get that pic of them in "rice throwing" bridal bliss.

The First Lady Michelle Obama is continuing on her TV show blitz speaking on her Let’s Move Initiative, but it was her prom pic, that has generated some news recently. She  revealed it to Ellen DeGeneres during a taping of the TV host's show that aired this week. Ellen and Michelle chatted via videocam with a group of teenage girls whose parents are in the military. Three of the girls were given a gift: a $250 gift card to J.C. Penney (Ellen's store of choice) that they can use for their upcoming proms.

And on the subject of proms... FLOTUS and Ellen decided to engage in a fantastic photo swap. First Ellen revealed her dress, a head-to-toe plaid creation that "was a tablecloth at one point," joked the host.
Then came the big reveal: Michelle Robinson's oh-so-Seventies prom dress, complete with a metallic gold jacket and a insanely sexy slit up the left side
"That split was a little high," admitted Michelle as the high school girls cheered. "I don't know if I'd let my kids go out in a split that high."

Even back then, FLOTUS was a fashionista and from the likes of the pic, barely aged. But we must say, that split is a bit high, but hey, it was the 1970s. Our question is, what is her prom date doing these days? Because he has instant fame from the retro pic. LOL

In unrelated FLOTUS newz, she is on the cover  of the May issue of Ebony Magazine.

Last week we reported that it was speculated that Chicago reared rapper Kanye West and media mogul Kim Kardashian was a couple and that he called her as his Beyonce (It was even parodied on last Saturdays “Saturday Night Live” with Jay Pharaoh as Ye of course). But Ye broke his silence this week when he cleared up things on him referring to Kardashian as "my Beyoncé."
After admitting to having feelings for the socialite on his new track,”Theraflu”  there's been much speculation about the status of their relationship, but he seemed appalled at thought of comparing Kim K to Beyonce.
West broke that silence on Tuesday (April 17) to US Magazine, to deny ever referring to Kardashian as "my Beyoncé."
"Of course there are a lot of media inaccuracies surrounding this past couple of weeks, especially the 'She's my Beyoncé' quote," West  told the magazine. "I would never compare anyone to my friend's wife." West's whirlwind romance with the recently-divorced Kardashian, has been a staple of the tabloid press for the past few weeks.
 Kanye said the overheated hype machine has gotten ahead of itself.
 "Come on now, that doesn't even sound like me," West said about the alleged Beyoncé comparison, which Us originally reported, attributing it to an unnamed source close to the MC. "If I don't say something in a rap or on Twitter, it's not true."
Of course, he has already set his crush to verse in the tune "Way Too Cold" (formerly known as "Theraflu"?), where he rhymes, "I fell in love with Kim around the same time she fell in love with him."

Like I said last week, this is all hype for press time. Ye and Kim K are part of the media circus that they  have become ringmasters of. If they smashin’ or NO, they both understand the media machine and create buzz for themselves.


Oddly enough media mogul Oprah Winfrey didn’t make Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential in the World list this year, a first in its ninth year of existence.  In other O newz, from reports it looks like Oprah Winfrey and her under-the-radar boyfriend Stedman Graham are finally ready to take their relationship to the next level and tie the knot, but there’s a catch.

The National Enquirer has reported that the wedding will be televised in an effort to save the free-falling Oprah Winfrey Network from a disastrous year-end loss (said to be upwards of $140 million!).

In addition to all-access coverage of the ceremony, OWN plans to make a multi-part series on the bride and grooms’ activities leading up to the wedding and is even flirting with the idea of filming the honeymoon, which is believed to span the globe.

Stedman will reportedly be rewarded for his unrelenting loyalty with a $100 million pre-nuptial agreement, according to reports.

It has not been confirmed whether or not Oprah plans on changing her name, but industry insiders believe she will keep her name as is in order to remain consistent with the network, which bears her initials.

The wedding will reportedly take place in fall of 2012, according to The National Enquirer and is expected to rival anything the world has seen on television to this point. Viewers will even have a chance to enter to win an all expenses paid trip to the ceremony.

Hmm,, but the question is, “Is this all true?” I mean, it is the Inquirer, but they have been on the money breaking a lot of stories (Michael Jacksons death, John Edwards mistress scandal). If it is, it will be a monumental moment for sure!

And in more Oprah newz,  she signed on to star  in a  new movie USA Today reported   recently  that Winfrey will play a "big role" in the upcoming Lee Daniels film, The Butler.

"It's a true story of a man who served several decades in the White House," Daniels was quoted as saying. "
Forest [Whitaker] plays the butler who serves many presidents and Oprah plays his wife."

An appearance in Daniels' movie would be her first return to the silver screen since 1998's Beloved.


Acclaimed author and “Waiting to Exhale” extraordinaire, Terry McMillan, recently told the Huffington Post that she is happy Oprah is being considered for a role in the book-to-film sequel. While it’s still up in the air, Oprah made the list and McMillan is thrilled at the thought.She made it clear, however that she is not a casting director and made no suggestion about who to cast.

Hmm woudn’t be interesting if Oprah played the Savannah role that the late Whitney Houston played. I can see that. 


As  she awaits the trial for the death of Chicago native singer/actress Jennifer Hudson’s family begins April 23, the svelte entertainer focused on work as she wrapped a new commercial  for Weight Watcher's  in Los Angeles last weekend. The singer/actress was slim in trim in spandex pants, a gray pullover and sneakers. She also made good on the new "The Three Stooges," movie that she co stars in (along with Doloth, Ill native actress Jane Lynch)  which debuted in second place at the box office over the weekend with takings of $17.1 million.

In unrelated J Hud newz, she got a thorough pat-down from a TSA agent in Los Angeles before shooting her Weight Watchers ad, and proceeded to pordtely rscrunch up her face and stick out her tongue as the female agent carried out her inspection.

Guess J Hud couldn’t stand being in that kind of  ‘spotlight.’ LOL


The third set of winners in the Mega Millions lottery came forth Wednesday that was located in Redbud, Ill. It was retired computer analyst Merle Butler. There was a swarm of people and media at the small Moto Mart where Butler and his wife Patrcia claimed their big lottery check. They said they plan to treat themselves - possibly even to a vacation - once they've sorted out how to invest their windfall.
Butler bought his $3 quick-pick ticket at the  MotoMart convenience store in the 3,700-resident farming community. They have opted to collect their winnings - $111 million after taxes - in a lump-sum payment.
He jokingly told the press that after he told his wife they won, she gigled a bit, then proceeded to giggle for about four hours.
Butler said when he went to put the winning ticket in his lockbox at the bank, the teller said, as a joke, "are you putting your ticket in there?" Little did she know how close to the truth that question was.
65-Year-old Merle said that until Wednesday's news conference, fewer than five people knew they had won the lottery, other than the cadre of financial advisors and the lawyer with whom they've been meeting.
"I was retired. It looks like I have another full-time job," the former computer systems analyst said.
They are very happy and thankful for the chance to play and to have won their share of the jackpot.
The couple, blessed with grandchildren, have no immediate plans other than to craft an investment strategy, then look into how to treat themselves in a few months or a year, Merle said. 

Of the three jackpot-winning ticket holders in the country, only the
Butlers came forward publicly. The Illinois Lottery requires, with rare exceptions, that winning ticket holders appear for a news conference and related promotions, partly to show that it pays out prizes as promised. Winning ticket holders in Kansas and Maryland opted to remain anonymous. 

They also opted to stay in Redbud where they know everyone but our thing is, Now that  they are millionaires, and everyone knows them, wouldn’t you think the stress of possible hangers on for them to “let them hold a hun’ed”  will cause them to move out of Redbud, or the country even? I’m just sayin.
Oak Park, Ill. native and legendary  actress Betty White is the latest star to enter the National Association of Broadcasters' Hall of Fame. The veteran actress was inducted into the prestigious institution at a special ceremony in Las Vegas on Tuesday. 

White was selected  for the honor in recognition of her lengthy career, her seven Emmy Awards and her numerous TV and film roles. 

NAB President-CEO Gordon Smith says, "Betty White is admired by generations of audiences. She has remarkable energy and an incredible ability to connect with viewers. Betty's contributions to television and entertainment as a whole are extraordinary. Our Hall of Fame would be incomplete without her." 

After the induction, White told talk show host Piers Morgan, "I was inducted into their Hall of Fame, it was a big thrill. It's amazing, it was interesting." 

White joins Regis Philbin, Jerry Lewis, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball and The Simpsons creator Matt Groeningin the NAB Hall of Fame
Another Oak Park, Ill. native comedian/actress Kathy Griffin’s talk show will debut today, Thursday on Bravo. She also made a appearance recently on Wendy Williams’ talk show to promote her show
In unrelated Kathy newz, she told USA Today that she believes that she has been banned by the Today Show. She said, "I just want you to know, over the years since Suddenly Susan in 1996, I have been banned and re-banned from the Today show by several people. Katie Couric at one point. Matt Lauer at one point. This time my camp heard that it was actually Natalie Morales -- who is on the show, I don't even know if she's the co-host, I think she reads the news,". Why? "What I heard from their team is that I was rude to her at the Golden Globes. Which is funny because I didn't go to the Golden Globes."
But now, Today tells us that it's not true.
"The idea that TODAY show anchors and hosts ban guests from appearing on the show is silly," the show says in a statement. "There was no incident between Natalie and Kathy at the Golden Globes or anywhere else. In fact Natalie is a big fan of Kathy's."
One thing is certain Kathy Griffin knows how to press folks buttons and knows how to get her name out there. And we think the Today Show sent out that statement to not look like the bad guy.

The TV One Network  is planning for the new Bernie Mac: A Tribute to a Comedy King.  The show for the late Chicagoan comedian is set to be filmed in front of a studio audience of Mac’s peers with celebrities who have worked with him celebrating his life in comedy and in Hollywood.

This show will also highlight all of Mac’s likes that flew under the radar with things such as his favorite band while also having these celebrities talk about his other ‘likes’.
Unlike the documentary that was recently released about Bernie Mac titled I Ain’t Scared of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac,  this live taping would have all of his friends and family in one room, paying homage to Mac.

Kinloch, Mo native actress Jenifer Lewis will be seen in the upcoming film, “Think Like A Manthat will hit theatres this weekend.

Jefferson, Mo native/St Louis raised comedian/actor Cedric The Entertainer was a guest on BET’s 106 and Park recently discussing his upcoming new sitcom “The Soul Man” that will air in June on TV Land.

And speaking of “The Soul Man:, East St Louis raised actor  Wesley Johnathan  has been cast in the sitcom. 


ST Louis had three big events poppin off last weekend.


St Louis Cards pitcher Adam Wainwright turned in the worst home-field performance of his six-year career, giving up eight runs in three innings as the Chicago Cubs spoiled the St. Louis Cardinals' sold out home opener with a 9-5 victory on Friday.

Wainwright's first start at home since Sept. 19, 2010, was a total mess from the get-go and tied his worst ever from a statistical standpoint.

That his outing unraveled moments after the pregame pomp and circumstance that featured 91-year-old Hall of Famer Stan Musial waving from a golf cart amid a standing ovation, and that a standing room crowd waited patiently through a rain delay of one hour and 44 minutes before it began only magnified the failure.

Clad in red sportcoats, fellow Hall of Famers Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Red Schoendienst, Whitey Herzog, Ozzie Smith and Bruce Sutter toured the Busch Stadium warning track on the back of flatbed trucks. The franchise showed off its four World Series trophies, held by members of the 1967, 1982 and 2006 teams.

Players got the same treatment, accompanied by an endless rendition of the Budweiser beer song. There was a moment of silence for former star pitcher Bob Forsch as a bald eagle circled the field, and two F-16s did a flyover.

The St. Louis Cardinals also presented the 2011 World Series Championship rings to players during an on field ceremony before this afternoon's game at Busch Stadium. The 2011 World Series ring symbolizes the team's 11th World Championship while paying tribute to the 10 Cardinals championships that preceded it. The rings were delivered earlier in the week by Jostens, a leading designer and producer of custom championship jewelry

The top of the ring features the classic Cardinal bird-on-bat crafted out of faceted red rubies and surrounded by a 14 karat yellow gold frame that brings out the deep red color in the authentic rubies. The rest of the ring is made of 14 karat white gold. Surrounding the bird on top is a field of 103 round diamonds. The words "WORLD CHAMPIONS" frame the iconic insignia with diamonds set behind words which is a first in championship ring design.

One ring side features the player's name, jersey number and a ruby-filled "StL" emblem surrounded by the World Series leaf treatment that was used in the 2011 version of the MLB Fall Classic logo. This ring side also features the "Rally Squirrel" jumping over home plate which was a positive omen to players and fans in last year's playoffs.

The opposite side of the ring features Busch Stadium's Gate 3 bridge including the famous Musial Statue underneath with a ruby-embellished "11" sitting above the phrase "World Series Titles". The years 1926, 1931, 1934, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1964, 1967, 1982 and 2006 are displayed on the bottom shank of the ring to give prominence to the team's 10 previous World Series titles and connect this year's team with the earlier Cardinals World Series champion teams.

Meanwhile. the Cardinals extended their winning streak to a season-high four games Wednesday night with an 11-1 rout of the slumping Cincinnati Reds at an away game. The Cards will play The Reds at home at Busch Stadium Thursday night.


Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich made appearance at the National Rifle Associations convention (which close to 60,000 attendees attended) which took place at the Edward Jones Dome  St Louis over the weekend.

Romney began his 24-minute speech by calling his wife "a hero" and "my sweetheart," adding: "I happen to believe all moms are working moms."
Ann Romney praised working fathers as well as mothers, then left the stage to her husband and his appeal to the gun-rights group.
Mitt Romney told the group: "We need a president who will stand up for the rights of hunters, sportsmen, and those seeking to protect their homes and their families. President Obama has not; I will."
Romney told the National Rifle Association that President Barack Obama is not protecting gun owners – even though the topic has rarely arisen during his time in office. Without offering details, Romney said that Obama would like to erode gun owners' rights.
The gathering of gun enthusiasts comes as Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, is trying to woo conservative groups to consolidate his base after fending off challengers on his right. His relationship with gun owner groups is uneasy.

Gingrich told the group’s annual convention, that they have been much too timid and moderate in its defense of gun rights. If elected president, he said, he will “submit to the United Nations a treaty that extends the right to bear arms as a human right for every person on the planet because every person on the planet deserves the right to defend themselves from those who would oppress them, those would exploit them, rape them or kill them.”
“Let’s take the George Soroses and the Hillary Clintons head on,” Newt said to the cheering crowd. “They represent a world in which elites disarm the rest of us so we are then helpless when elites turn sour and when evil reappears.”

Meanwhile,  Gingrich made even bigger newz when he got bit by a penguin at the St. Louis Zoo prior to speaking to the NRA. According to, he visited the zoo last Friday morning before his speech to gun owners.

While on a private tour that included a visit with the zoo's penguin collection, one of the amphibious birds took a bite at his digit.

Gingrich told reporters in North Carolina on Saturday about his beak encounter in St. Louis, which was confirmed by the zoo on Monday.

"During that visit, as Speaker Gingrich indicated in an interview with a national media outlet, he was nipped on the finger by a penguin," zoo public relations director Susan Gallagher said in a statement. "A band-aid took care of the injury."

The culprit was one of the two Magellanic penguins in the zoo’s care.
The zoo, according to its web page, allows individuals on paid private tours to get "up close and personal" with the two birds.

The two-hour tour taken by Gingrich also included stops at Big Cat Country, the Fragile Forest and the Herpetarium, the zoo said.

Hmm, the penguins must have been Democrats. LOL


On Saturday night, the St Louis Blues won over San Jose Sharks in a 3-0 win over San Jose in Game 2 of the Western Conference quarterfinal series before a standing-room-only crowd of 19,500 at the Scottrade Center. St. Louis had lost seven successive playoff games. Its last win was a 4-1 triumph over San Jose on April 12, 2004, in Game 3 of a Western Conference quarterfinal series. Game 4 will be on Thursday in San Jose. The Blues leads the series 2-1

On Saturday, the University of Missouri unveiled its new identity as a Southeastern Conference school, showing fans and alumni the new uniforms for football, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer.

The unveiling took place during halftime of the Black & Gold Spring Game. Student athletes modeled the new uniforms, which are a partnership with Nike. The Mizzou athletic department worked with Nike designers on the university brand.


KMOV TV journalist Larry Conners had the opportunity to interview {resident Obama. Conners said in a recent newscast that "The President asked me to the White House so he could push the Warren Buffet bill."

Conners reportedly took the opportunity of the one-on-one with Obama to tell him that "viewers are complaining ... they get frustrated and even angered when they see the First Family jetting around different vacations and so forth, sometimes maybe they think under the color of state business and that you’re out of touch, you really don’t know what they’re experiencing right now."

After challenging the premise of the question, Obama reportedly never directly answered it.
According to an unnamed white Huse source, "Beltway reporters often complain that the White House arranges interviews with regional news outlets to generate softball questions for the commander in chief. The episode with KMOV proves that the same risks and challenges attach to any interview that the president agrees to conduct."

According to a report from, East St  Louis Mayor Alvin Parks said Thursday he would continue to allow late-night liquor sales in his city, despite sharp criticism from U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, an East St Louis native.

Durbin came to the city last week and, for the second time this year, called for Parks to end the city's late-night liquor sales, which he called "an invitation for more murders, more crime."

Parks reportedly said he wants to collaborate with Durbin and respects his position as one of the Senate's highest-ranking officials.

"We're not here to burn him, we need Senator Durbin," Parks said. "I respect the man and his position."

Parks  stood by his position on liquor sales. Parks said the club and liquor businesses are among the few viable industries in the city. He said forcing liquor sales to end at 1 a.m. would destroy jobs and decrease tax revenue. He said it would kill at least 10 businesses immediately.


St Louis based business brothers, Mike and Steve Roberts have been ht with yet another lawsuit as Pulaski Bank filed a lawsuit last week  reportedly over a construction loan in default owing $7 million  tied to the brothers’ Comfort Inn hotel in the Central West End, and the bank is reportedly seeking a receiver for the property.

Pulaski Bank reportedly alleges it made a $7.7 million loan to the Roberts brothers in 2008 to rehab a hotel at 4630 Lindell Boulevard (which opened in 2009). Michael and Steve Roberts are principals of St. Louis-based Roberts Cos., which owns hotels, television stations and real estate developments in several states.

Also named in the suit are several of the Roberts’ business entities, including Roberts Brothers Development and Roberts Broadcasting Holdings (which filed for bankruptcy in October).
Last month, Steve Roberts reportedly resigned from board of directors of Pulaski Financial Corp., the holding company for Pulaski Bank

Michael Roberts reportedly said his company has cooperated with Pulaski Bank in bringing a receiver to manage the property. The bank reportedly requested that Midas Hospitality be appointed which would keep the Comfort Inn running without interruption.

Last month, the Missouri Department of Revenue  reportedly threatened to close the Comfort Inn and the Roberts Mayfair Hotel in downtown St. Louis. A hearing on the  request for an injunction to shut down the hotels is set for April 30.


According to Deb Peterson of, actor William Shatner and his wife Liz were treated to a special tour of the "Cavalia" horse stables while they were preparing for Shatner's one-man retrospective last week  at the Peabody Opera House.

Speaking of Cavalia, "Cavalia's" last show in St. Louis is April 21. After this the show is headed to Mexico City.


Comedian/actor Kevin Hart  was in St Louis last week to perform stand-up at the Scottrade Center and to stop by the Esquire for a special screening of his upcoming movie “Think Like A Man.” At the theatre, Hart introduced the film by trying to break down stereotypes about the movie.
. “This isn’t a black movie,” said Hart. “It’s just a good movie.”
Rapper Chingy will be a guest on "Seviin at 7' Thursday at


Rapper Diggy Simmons and actor Pooch Hall  of ‘The Game” was in St Louis to play basketball at Loosecannon Slim’s annual Celebrity BBall Game held Sunday at Chaifetz Arena.

BET’s gospel competition show "Sunday Best" will be in St. Louis this weekend for auditions on Saturday at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Doors are at 6 a.m. Saturday, and close at 1 p.m. Last year;’s winner Amber Bullock is a St Louis native.
According to Deb Peterson of, after 15 months on the air at KEZK (102.5 FM), John Carney broadcast his last show Wednesday.
"I did the show this morning and went into a meeting and that was that," Carney said in a phone interview. "It was not ugly -- I wish them nothing but the best. It just wasn't a good fit. I'm a talk show host on a radio station that's about music. I was playing music from artists I could have sired."

Carney, son of the late, legendary radio personality, Jack Carney, left KMOX (1120 AM) in January 2011 after 12 years on the air there to work for the CBS affiliate's sister station, KEZK, where he mixed being a DJ with his traditional patter.

Carney said he does not have an immediate plan and will receive severance from CBS for at least 90 more days.


Exo Bar will debut Exale 2012 every Saturday beginning April 28

Singer/talk show host Seviin LI will sing the Star Spangled Banner at the MMA/ Kickboxing fights May 12 at the Americas Center.


Club owner J.Spain is opening a spot called Waffles and Wings. He is also looking for workers (SEE HELP BITZ UNDER NEW ONGOING BITZ)Opening TBA.

Socialite Naretha Hopson sat next to Oprah Winfrey when she was in St Louis recently for her Lifeclass Tour stop at Peabody Opera House.

Comedian and actor Orlando Jones  will be at The Funny Bone at Westport Plaza April 26-29

The Black Keys performs  Apr 27 at Chaifetz Arena
R&B group Kool and the Gang will open for rock group Van Halen at the April 29 atScottrade Center.
Pop music diva Diana Ross is set to headline this year's Dinner with the Stars on April 28 at the Peabody Opera House.

The Black Keys, Apr 27, Chaifetz Arena, St Louis
Bowling for Soup will perform May 1 at the Old Rock House.
Singer Amel Larrieux will perform at  Plush May 5. Theresa Payne will open. THE SHOW IS POSTPONED

 JB presents Plies in concert at Ambassador  May 5


Singers Howard Hewitt and Alyson Williams will be at The Sheldon May 6
Actor-comedian Aziz Ansari comes to the Pageant May 11.


Comedian and actor Tim meadows will be at The Funny Bone at West port Plaza May 11-12

Denise Thimes & Friends' annual Mother's Day concert will be. May 13 at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Saxophonist Tom Braxton will be featured.
Fred Hammond and Mary Mary headline Gospel Fest, taking place May 13 at the Chaifetz Arena.Also performing are Broderick Rice and Jessica Reedy.
Steve Winwood is at Peabody Opera House, in concert on May 14.
Rocker Daughtry comes to Peabody Opera House with a concert on May 16.
Grammy award winning Bonnie Raitt and Marc Cohn at Pageant May 18
Rapper 2 Chainz will perform at The Ambassador May 18

Pointfest 30 will take place May 19 and 20 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.


R&;B group Dru Hil will perform May 19 at the Ambassador

Snoop Dogg is heading to Pop’s with a concert at 7 p.m. May 25.


Sting performs June 5 at the Fox Theatre.

Superjam June9 at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre

R&B singer  "CARL THOMAS" will be performing @ the "I'M A SURVIVOR" ALL WHITE CANCER BENEFIT PARTY on June 10TH, at the Planetarium at Forest Park  


Shock rocker Alice Cooper will perform at the Pageant June 16.
 Tony and Emmy Award winning actress Leslie Uggams will reprise her role as Muzzy in this summer's production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Muny. In its premiere Muny production, the show will run June 18-24
The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue 2012 will perform June 20 at the Fox Theatre featuring Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs.

REO Speedwagon, Styx and Ted Nugent headline the Midwest Rock N’ Roll Express Tour, coming to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater June 22.
Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat co-headline a tour coming to Peabody Opera House June 24.

Afrojack will perform June 24 at the Pageant.


Comedian Margaret Cho is at Lumiere Place Casino’s Lumiere Theater for two shows,. June 23.


Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square’s will perform June 29 show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
FAIR ST LOUIS The 32nd annual Fair Saint Louis will will feature three days of free entertainment on the grounds of the Gateway Arch.  Featured headliners include Heart on Wednesday, July 4, Third Eye Blind on Friday, July 6 and Dierks Bentley on Saturday, July 7. Activities will also include two Independence Day runs in collaboration with the St. Louis Sports Commission, the 135th annual VP Parade themed “Parade Around the World,” air shows and more!

Ledisi will perform July 13 at the Pageant.
Eric Benet is also on the bill.

Rock group O.A.R. will perform at the Fox Theatre. July 19.

Grammy Award winning rock group Train performs at the Peabody Opera House July 29.

Seal is playing the Fox Theatre July 31.Macy Gray opens.  

BLIND PICZ. Who was this sista gettin her party on last weekend at Exo?

BLIND DISHZ. Which STL mover and shaker asked YOURS TRULY for batteries at a recent event when the batteries in their mic went out?

HINT 1. The mover and shaker is a male

HINT 2. The male is part of an events promotions company

HINT 3.The male just released a rap single

HINT 4. His first and last name initials spell out the job of someone on the “1s and 2s.”

PRO-MO-CIAL-ITES (Apri 15-21). Which STL mover and shaker/socialites  got it in this week?

Seviin Li. This lovely sista of song performed at Hazelwood East Middle School Monday (Apr 15) and will co-host with Murphy Lee and Darius Bradford her monthly webcast "Seviin at 7" this Thursday on She also has her website

The Ladies of Cafe Soul (Nichol Stevenson, Tendai Morris and Angie Brown). This female promotions trio is back at it again with its monthly music showcase Cafe Soul this Friday with a special event in  tribute to late R&B greats for Part 2. Host Morris is also a noted songwriter and hairdresser and Brown (who promotes Cafe Soul with Stevenson works public relations with Live Nation)

Jonathan Burns. This vet  promoter is making strides promoting hip-hop concerts at The  Ambassador (e.g.  T.I., Rick Ross, Yo Gotti) and will have another one this Saturday (April 21) with Bird man (co-performer Mystikal was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating his probation so he may be a no show). His after party will be at MPAC's Back Spin party at Exo. He also is the owner of Lavish  that has various nites there.

Loosecannon Slim. This vet also got it in this week with his annual celebrity basketball game that had taken place at Chaifetz Arena Sunday with a following after party at The Loft. Celebs included DJ Clue,  sports figure Derek Anderson, rapper Diggy Simmons, and actor Pooch Hall to name a few.




Why did those Secret Service guys spent money on female escorts while in Colombia? And why didn’t they pay them afterwards? Why did Ted Nugent say ld go to jail if Obama is re-elected?  Why did Nikki Minaj quit Twitter over a leak of her music?  Why is the alleged baby conceived by Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales  been revealed now? Why are there nuisance trucks on Delmar at the Loop? Why was their a ,”nigger cake” presented to Swedens cultural minister? And why did a black artist create it? Why are folks calling the ghost image of Tupac Shakur a Holagram when it wasn’t that? Why did Acura have an audition ad for a black guy to not be too dark skinned? And why did Dallas Mavericks Delonte West give a wet willy to a Utah Jazz player?

HAPPY STL TAURUSian BDAZES.  Comedian Darius Bradford (PICTURED), dee-jay Charlie Chan Soprano,  poet/reality show star Jr Dot, sports journalist Earl Austin Jr,, actor Chauncy Thomas, comedian Carmen, theater marketer Rudy Nickens, fashion show producer Prissy Couture, photograoher Erica Brooks, and socialite Deanna Carroll

The Winter's Tale
THRU April 29 at the Fontbonne University Fine Arts Center Theatre, 6800 Wydown Boulevard, Clayton. Tickets are $25 ($20 for students and seniors).
Call 314-719-8060 or visit
BLACK REP presents Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom  is staged at Grandel Square Theatre thru May 13. for tickets and showtimes go to

This Thursday, April 19th! IS DARIUS BRADFORD'S B-DAY! @THE LOFT!!...

Thursday at 9:00pm


Friday Night at the Pepper Lounge will the Summer Martini Launch!!! 9 -11 ish;)


Larry Blue Bday party
8:00pm until 2:00am
Date: Friday April 20th
At Lola (Cognac Club)

Comedian Adam Corolla performs at Pageant April 20


Emmy winning comedian Dana Carvey will headline at the 24th Annual Bob CostasBenefit for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center beginning April 21 at The Fox Theatre.
Daniel Tosh Apr 21
Peabody Opera House, St Louis

MPAC @ EXO for Back Spin Sat. 04.21.12 Back Spin, Best of the 80s, 90s and Todays Music , We're celebrating the birthdays of Shannon ( Yellow Bop ) ,Jzanell, Kimara, Shamonda , Tiunna and others!
Also John Burns Official Birthday After Party!!!
Ladies are FREE til 10 .

Two levels and open patio area!

DJ Charlie Chan Soprano on the 1s & 2s !

For VIP or FREE birthday party call 314.489-5696

Sponsored by Just Me Boutique and Grips Car Wash


JB PRESENTS MY BDAY WITH YMCMB!!! JB PRESENTS MY BDAY WITH YMCMB!!! Birdman and Mystikal at Ambassador  April 21

Poet Kels Da Poet  THIS SUNDAY!!4/22 "Ugly Me" book written by KelsDaPoet releases at Desserts On The Blvd 3949 Lindell... 
We have a FANTASTIC show lined up just for you, each person will receive a copy of The book "Ugly Me" with your admission fee..
The 1st 10 people get a copy of the 1st book "Emotional Tattoos of The Heart" along with "Ugly Me" 2 books for one admission.
Get there early paparazzi will be waiting on the red carpet for you.
Doors will open at 6pm The Show will start promptly at 6:30.












Princeton Dew presents WEDNESDAY OPEN MIC AT LOLA IS GOING DOWN AGAIN TONIGHT- Show STARTS @ 9P - Free before 9p - Also, we have $3 food/drink specials AND GREAT HOTWINGS- (AND YOU KNOW THAT)
 "INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT XPERIENCE"Wednesdy nites at Dantes !!! Takin U around The world In One Night.

Umbrella Gorup and Lola present GIRLS NIGHT OUT every first Friday at Lola . Ladies only $5 til 11 p.m. Featuring Singer Coco Soul and DJ Needles



Singer AlohaMi-sho released a new video for her single,” Real Love Hotel “ produced by Bradd Young. The video was directed by Stephen Garnett. To see the video go to


Lesley Hunter Hey Facebook friends! If you are an aspiring runway model or know of any, check out this casting I'm hosting for Centro Models at Quintessential St Charles 1:00-3:00 pm this Sunday April 22nd. Here is a link to the facebook invite. Check it out and select attending if you think you'll come out! -


J.Spains Waffles and Wings opening date is fastly approaching and we are looking for a few good men and women for these following opening positios, Cooks, dish washer- bar back, Waiter/Waitress. If you know someone or if this person is you, please send me your information. Serious inquiries ONLY. Please respond through Facebook inbox.


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