Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Photos by Ma'atology

The poster advertising the party at Exo

Rapper RCB Mc talkin last minute biz with Aloha who's featured on his single I WANTCHA and performed the song with him at the party.

RCB MC and Aloha in OUTCAM mode.

Promoter King Kerry and promotion team Tony Vega and RCB MC in pose mode. Kerry's Hella Fly Promotions helped sponsor the party along with Rockhouse.

Aloha in diva pose with promoter/socialite  Spoil Danielle

Promoter Big Tah and Kerry

There's booking manager Veronica Mousie Haley walkin up the steps to the second floor of the venue.

A long shot of the crowd downstairs.

A shot of the second floor bar area.

A high angle shot of attendees downstairs.

There's dee-jay Charlie Chan and assistant in the dee-jay booth upstairs.

On the mic hypin the crowd was Dano Johnson of Hella Fly as Aloha sits on a speaker while getting filmed.

Aloha's video for her single "Real Love Hotel" playing on screen.

Also shown were vids and pics of RCB MC.

A shot of the cover of RCB MC's single I WANTCHA

Dano in hype mode.,

BELOW are pics of RCB performing on stage

Joining RCB was rapper Vega

RCB and Aloha performing I WANTCHA

Aloha also performed her single Real Love Hotel. Joining her was her producer Bradd Young.

A pic of the crowd (and one attendee, model Erick Jefferson muggin the OUTCAM. LOL)

NOTE: It was jammed packed up in there. STL came out strong for RCB and Aloha.

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