Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Photo by Ma'atology 

The program bill

Poet Kels holding a set of her new book to the OUTCAM

Event host/promoter Mocha Latte and poet X Blu Rayne holding two of Kels' books.

Poets Shae Brown and Aireez Darychuss having a conversation. 

The host of the event was writer, Bell

One of the event's performers was poet Lightnin'

Poet Angel, X Blu Rayne and Mocha Latte in convo mode.

A long shot of the bar area.

The den area.

Bell ordering from the menu 

A TV mantled in the floor.

Latte, Angel and Kels.

Santana Barnes of Mo Tre, whose group who was performing that evening with Brown

Mo Tre in the building

Poet/singer Robert Dillard (second from left), who was performing that evening with Kels. Also in the pic is actor Jaron Hicks (left) and guest (right)

Attendees (She was workin' the ensem she was wearing!)

The sandwich board listing Kels' event

Attendees entering.

Kels with family

Poet/rapper Oops in meditative mode.

A jazzy mural on the wall.

A liquid glass motif.

Latte having a conversation with photographer Teddy Blackett of B Free Paparazzi.

Barnes having a conversation with an attendee in the Smart clique.

Oops at the deejay area with DJ Clue.

Poet Sir Ervin Williams hammin it up in the crowd. 

The wine cellar.

Bell welcomes everybody to the event.

Kawanee performed...

...with Mo Tre. They sang Jill Scott's "Whateva" and  Melanie Fiona, 4 AM."

A long shot  of Kawanee with Mo Tre

Louis Affliction performed

Affliction was accompanied by Chris will who also performed. 

Darychuss on the mic. 

A long shot of Darychuss performing.

X Blu Rayne killed it with her "vagina" piece.

In vaginal mode. lol

Kels offered a poem while holding back tears from her happiness of people's support.

Kels was in a great spirit that nite.

A long shot of Kels  performing.

Brotha Ting was in his element on stage.

He performed old and new poems.

Lightnin was in her element 
with poems about self empowerment and sexual abuse.

Lightnin was a bit nervous but the crowd still enjoyed her strong performance.

Williams cuttin a rug with an attendee before going on stage.

Williams was in comic mode during his set and performed his signature piece, "I Stand."

Williams performed a piece from Kels' book.

Dillard was accompanied by Hicks

Dillard performed his classic It Never Happened poem while running throughout the venue.

The hostess watching the performers.

Kels back on stage.

Oops and the hostess watching Kels on stage.

Oops started off saying how much his fiance, Kels worked hard to release her book and said that he loved her.

Kels in poet mode.



  1. I love how you captured this evening thank you so very much... Kels

  2. This is a beautiful presentation of an amazing evening. I am honored that I was able to be apart of it...X Blu Rayne