Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Below are the Arts and Entertainment Stories that made an impact in St Louis with national impact in the news listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER based on weekly BITZ reports and their order of newsworthiness according to OUTTOWN (“THE BIG STL STORY IS…”). You can vote for as many as five on the list and put your choices in the comment box below. The deadline is Dec. 21. Your and OUTTOWNs results will be posted in OUTTOWNs YEAR END TALLY LISTS during the week on DEC 26!

1.Adrienne Martin’s death investigation results show she took drugs voluntarily at boyfriend August Busch IV’s home; Busch not charged (Martin was a model in St Louis and Busch IV is a beer maven descendant in St Louis) (PICTURED)

2.Albert Pujols—Spring Training deadline to re-sign him with Cards expires; featured on 60 Minutes; sets records in regular and post games; gets a statue in his honor; becomes free agent after 2011 season

3.Del Taco closes its doors;landmark structure remains for new biz after protests

4..DJ Cut and Chaz Saunders return to St Louis radio at Radio One’s WHHL FM

5.Foxx Starstrukk sues SNL's Lonely Island for back royalties (FS is from ST Louis)

6.Johnny Gill goes on Twitter and tweets Notifi Music CEO Ira Dewitt is a “nut” after song leak; Dewitt threatens lawsuit; beef is squashed (Gill is signed to St Louis based Notifi Music;Dewitt lives in St.Louis,Mo) (PICTURED)

7.Marshall Faulk becomes the first Rams player inducted into NFL Hall of Fame (Faulk played for the St. Louis Rams; the ceremony was in Canton, Ohio during football lockout)

8.Mayor Francis Slay’s website is hacked by a Occupy St Louis supporter (PICTURED) (Slay is mayor of St .Louis)

9.Mizzou Tiger Football organization changes conferences from Big 12 to Southeastern (Mizzou, although based in Columbia, Mo has ties with St Louis sports coverages)

10.Nelly and Slim’s money beef rants on Twitter goes national (PICTURED) (Nelly is bred in St Louis; Slim is a event promoter in St.Louis)

11.Peabody Opera House holds grand opening gala; Jay Leno and Aretha Franklin entertains

12.President Barack Obama visits St Louis for Dems Fundraiser

13.Prince Ea’s “Backwards rappers” video on Youtube goes viral ; receives national exposure (Prince Ea is from St Louis)

14.Squirrel crosses home plate at Busch Stadium during Philly game; becomes a phenomenon (PICTURED)

15.St. Louis Cardinals World Series Celebration Pep rally draws hundreds of thousands downtown and at Busch Stadium

16.St. Louis Cardinals win World Series at Busch Stadium; David Freese becomes MVP (PICTURED)

17.Stan Musial receives the Medal of Freedom (Washington DC)(Musial is a legendary St Louis Cardinal)

18.Tony LaRussa retires from managing St Louis Cardinals, baseball; goes on Lettterman show in NYC(PICTURED)

19. U2's 360 Tour stop at Busch Stadium sets STL concert financial and attendance record

20.“Welcome to Sweetie Pies” becomes a hit on OWN this fall; Oprah renews for second season (the reality documentary was filmed in St. Louis at the two St Louis-based soul food restaurants)

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The TOP 20 A&E STORIES of 2011 as of DEC 1, 2011

Below are the Arts and Entertainment Stories based out of Illinois and Missouri that made a national impact in the news listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER based on weekly BITZ reports and their order of newsworthiness according to OUTTOWN (“THE BIG A&E STORY IS …”). You can vote for as many as five on the list and put your choices in the comment box below. DEADLINE is DEC 21.Your results, as well as OUTTOWNs choices, will be posted in OUTTOWNs YEAR END TALLY LISTS during the week on DEC 26!

1.Al Roker visits tornado torn Joplin, Mo

2.Bob Costas controversial interview with former PennState coach Jerry Sandusky on NBC's Rock Center makes headlines(Costas started his professional career in St. Louis)

3.Charlie Sheen’s Winning tour stop in Chicago (PICTURED)

4.Derrick Rose becomes youngest player to win NBA MVP at 23 (Rose plays for the Chicago Bulls and is a native of Chicago)

5.Eminem voted King of Hip Hop by Rolling Stone (Eminem was born in St Joseph, Mo and raised in various cities in Missouri during his pre teens) (PICTURED)

6.Foxx Starstruckk sues SNL’s Lonely Island over royalties (FS is based in St Louis) (PICTURED)

7.Jane Lynch hosts the Emmy Awards (Lynch is from Doloth, Ill)

8.Jennifer Hudson opens a Weight Watchers clinic in Chicago (Hudson is also from Chicago)

9.Kanye West visits Occupy Wall Street (Kanye is Chicago bred)

10.Lupe Fiasco bashes President Obama; Bill O’Reilly bashes Lupe and has rapper as a guest on Obama comment (Lupe is from Chicago; Obama is a former resident of Chicago) (PICTURED)

11.Matt Forte sets rushing record for Chicago Bears

12.(Dr.) Maya Angelou wins Medal of Freedom; makes critical comments on MLK statue (Angelou was born in St . Louis) (PICTURED)

13.Melissa McCarthy is a hit guest hosting SNL ; wins Emmy; voted New Comedy Queen for EW Mag (McCarthy is from Plainfield, Ill)

14.Michael Jordan gets fined for NBA lockout comments; players rally against his pro-owner stance; opens restaurant in Chicago(Jordan is a former Chicago resident)

15.Obama makes his fourth visit to Jay Leno (Obama is a former Chicago resident)

16.Oprah debuts OWN Network in January ; ends daytime show after 25 seasons (Oprah is a former Chicago resident) (PICTURED)

17. Rod Blagojaveich is convicted for 17 of 20 counts on bribe charges in retrial; sentenced delayed;loses law license (Blago is a reality show star and former governor of Illinois)

18. Sherri Shepherd gets married to Lamar Sally in her hometown of Chicago

19.St. Louis Cardinals win World Series at Busch Stadium in St. Louis (PICTURED)

20.Watch The Throne CD and tour scores big with consumers (Kanye West is part of CD and tour (along with Jay Z) and he was bred in Chicago)

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Below are the movers and shakers in the STL area listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER who made an impact on the promotional and social scene based on weekly reports from our section PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. You can vote for as many as five on the list and type in your choices in the comment box below. The deadline is DEC 21. Your results, along with OUTTOWNs choices, will be posted in OUTTOWNs YEAR END TALLY LISTS during the week on DEC 26!

1.Andre Stith

2.Ashley Salazaar

3.Big Tah (3 Way Promotions) (PICTURED)

4.Christia Parker (STL Live)

Coco Soul

6.Darius Bradford (PICTURED)

7.DJ Jewel

8.Elson Williams II (13 Black Katz)

9.GBassa DAcosta (Sexy In STL)(PICTURED)

10.Harry Michel and Fred Finley

11.Jackie Phillips (JK Ent)

12.James Clark (Better Family Life) (PICTURED)

13.Jenee (WHHL-FM)

14.JoAnn Smith (Keep Living Entertainment)

15.Joel P.E. King (JPEK) (PICTURED)

16.King Kerry (solo promotions) and Dano Johnson with Hella Fly Promotions


18.Lamar Harris/DJ Nune

19.Mario The Great

20.Mocha Latte(Monopoly Promotions) (PICTURED)

21.Mo Spoon (MPAC)

22.Nicol Stevenson and Angela Brown (Cafe Soul)

23.Ola (Momme Makeover for a Cause/Ola Styles)

24.Orlando Watson (Rockhouse Ent) (PICTURED)

25.Phil Assets (Liquid Assets)

26.Regmo So Ready Made (Ready Made Ent)

27.Rucka Puff Rocka

28.Ryan Mitchell (Black Pearl/2012 Mr Couture)

29.Selena J (KMJM-FM/STL TV)

30.Silky Sol (PICTURED)

31.Slim (Loose Cannon)

32.Spud Nelson (Tru Icon Ent)

33.Staci Static (WHHL-FM) (PICTURED)

34.T-Luv Davis (Star Power Ent)

35.Teddy Blackett (B Free Paparazzi)

36.Tendai Morris (Café Soul/A-1 Nights) (PICTURED)

37.Terrence Reynolds

38.Tobi Collis (Soul Stylz) *

*Cornell Boone, Colls' co-partner, mostly did his promotions in Kansas City,Mo this year

39.Vanita Applebum (VAE) (PICTURED)

40.Wayne Triky Haley and Kelly Hall (Close to Famous)

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Monday, November 28, 2011


There's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins posed with event promoter JoAnn Smith and her cousin Candiss Holbert at the event. Checkout other pics below from this event!

Photos by Night Society (above pic)Ma'atology

There's Miss Dee in sexy pose for the OUTCAM

Night Society photographers Mike Barber and Maurice Bishop were there takin pics. Bishop also was celebrating his bday.

Attendees in the VIP area

There's attendeeCandiss Holbert and her cousin, event promoter JoAnn Smith

An attendee showcasing her black dress with silver pumps on the red carpet.

Event promoter Jerrold Jones with an attendee

Jones does the kissy face with her.

Attendees getting their party on as photographer Teddy Blackett (in black) snaps pics

These three young ladies look like a sexy hip-hop girl group ready to happen.

Club creator Cornell Boone's family.

Boone's family member and her husband

Attendees partyin

This sexy attendee poses for the OUTCAM (and check her out a few pics down in a TMP (Too Much Playin) moment)

On the sounds was DJ Reminise and the hype duties was done by AI Brown.


There's fashion designer J Marie (right) and attendee

Up in VIP, Bishop was taking pics of attendees

Socialite and fashinisto Mario the Great holds a converstaion with attendees in VIP.

Below is the TMP pic

This guy was gettin "the fever". LOL

Attendees in the white draped area of the club.

A long shot of the crowd.

The sista in the blue dress was gettin it in .

Around midnite, the host of the event, actor Lance Gross arrived and was stationed on the staged area of the club.

Gross was dressed hip-hop casual.

Gross looking out to the crowd as two female admirers smile before the camera next to the heartthrob.

This female admirer takes a pic with Gross for the OUTCAM.

"I can make you very happy tonite." LOL

Seemed like Gross enjoyed holding a conversation with the female fan.

From left: Gross' assistant, Panache Lounge assistant Tobi Colls, Gross and Panache creator Cornell Boone.

DJ Rem on the 1s and 2s on the staging area.

Holbert take a pic with DJ Rem

Gross embraces two female fans as they get their pic taken.

Females were in line waiting to meet Gross.

Gross about to get his cocktail on.

Gross prepping for another pic.

NOTE:Overall the event was upscale and classy. There were a few folk not dressed up, but overall everyone got the memo. The newly constructed venue looked pretty much the same. The only difference were the venue's aesthetics: white drapings, party lights, etc. This venue will be Boone's new spot for his upscale events which is perfect for any occasion. Lance Gross was very nice and cool and was very engaging toward his female fans who were eagarly awating to take pics and and meet him.

Also spotted there were model Shanell Howard, Socialite Sande (Stevenson), former KSDK personality Tim Lampley, Freetime's Daryl Frierson, promoter Maurice Hamilton, fitness trainer Marlon Lee, socialites Sarah Bryant, Derrick Hibbler, Miss Dionne, Jamie Spencer and Montina Mullen (sporting a new blonde do).