Monday, November 28, 2011


Photo by Good Eye (first pic) and Ma'atology There's YOURS TRULY posing for Good Eye Photography, the event photographer (and co-sponsor) for Alive Magazine's Most Wanted/Tgiving Eve party. Check out the party pics below!

The poster of the event.

Attendees in the den area of the venue.

Attendees on the patio

There's event photographer Nicholas Powell. He was one of the 25 nominees in Alive Mag's event where readers voted for their Top Four Most Wanted St Louisans.

There's singer Jzanell posed with Powell. She was also one of the nominees in the competition.

Attendees in under the tent area

Attendees at the front desk/check in area.

Attendees at the other bar during the event.

The decorated prize drawing table presented by Laurel Apartments.

Attendees entering the tent area

An attendee types his name into Good Eye's computer to his pic sent to him via email.

Two attendees clowning around with drink glasses during their pic taking.

Alive Mag's Cristy Miller (right) and attendees.

There were plenty of appetizers for the attendees to sample.

A shot of one of the appetizer assistants with a plate of goodies.

Another assistant

An attendee grabbing in her LV bag.

There was lot of networking and schmoozing before the Top 4 winners of the contest were announced.

The Arch was one of the media supporters of the nite's event.

BELOW are pics of attendees under the tent

There's AT &T rep Andrea Topps sitting at the bar. She was one of the Top 25 nominees in Alive Mag's contest.

The DJ booth area where the Top Four were going to be announced

An event assistant goes over the Top Four winners with the dee-jay who said that over 80,000 votes were cast .

Contest attendee stylist Ola arriving in style for the contest presentation and takes a pic with the event assistant.

Ola smiles for the OUTCAM

The Top Four Most Wanted announced were KSDK's Ashley Yarcin, Hotel Ignacio staffer Nick Palank, SIRVA assistant Cassandra Giaimo and Ola.

Ola holding up her goodie bag.

More attendees arriving and stopping at the front desk.

NOTE: Overall it was big turnout. The venue was a bit challenging as far as spaciness, but people seemed to adjust well to the circumstances. The appetizers were delicious and the two comp drink tickets were an added bonus.

Congrats to the winners especially one of OUTTOWN's pick: Ola!!!

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