Sunday, November 13, 2011


THERE"S YOURS TRULY,Ma'at Atkins (left) with 2012 Couture Ryan Mitchell and promoter Cornell Boone at J Marie's Fashion show and website launch held last Friday at Lavish Nightclub. Check out other pics of the event below!

Photos by B FreeSt Louis (above) and Ma'atology

The press release of the event

Backstage was one of the clubrooms where the makeup artists and models were located prepping for the show.

A makeup artist gives a model some eye glam.

Some of the models chillin out before the show

A makeup artist setting up to do makeup on one of the models.

Giving makeup eye

A long shot of backstage

The clothes that were to be worn by the models

Some of the jewelry used for the show

A makeup artist makin up eyes

Jewelry designer Mary Collins of Vauje Vixen showcased her fine jewelry to some attendees

Fashion designer J Marie goes over some notes with Clear Channel and STL TV personality Selena J who hosted the show.

J Marie gets her eye shadow on from a makeup artist.

Some models preppin for the show

A close up of Vauje Vixen's Jewelery and postcards

Selena J talks with J Marie's website designers George Slaughter and Denale Powell of Quick Spark Media.

Vauje Vixen assistant talks with attendees on jewelery display

Collins models one of her creations next to a mannequin draped with her jewelry

Selena J, who was wearing one of J Marie's collections, welcoming everyone to the event

There was free desserts for the attendees--candy apples



Boone and Selena J

A long shot of the earlycomers

Mr Couture 2012 Ryan Mitchell arrives

Mitchell talks with Collins about her jewelry display

Some of the live mannequins on stage

All of the models on stage

Selena J commentates as J Marie accompanies her. Mitchell helped escort the models up and down the stage area

Another shot of the models on stage

J Marie thanks attendees and her supporters before beginning the raffle of jewelry and her designs.

Boone was one of the winners

Selena selects another winner for J Marie to announce.

A winner walks up to win...

....some jewelry

Next was one of the many creations she raffled off

The winner

Another piece

The winner

Another piece


The winner walks up

The winner poses with J Marie and Selena

Another piece

The winner

Another piece

The winner walks up

The winner poses with the ladies

Another piece

A repeated winner wins it.

J Marie poses with her website developers

Slaughter speaks to the crowd

J Marie brings up Collins to thank her for her support

J Marie shows the crowd some she made that was worn by one of the models.

J Marie brings up another supporter, Stephanie Meredith Rhodes.

A supporter of J Marie speaks to the crowd.

One attendees was event organizer/promoter Mocha latte (center) who was flanked with VIP attendees.

Mitchell poses with one of the models after the show

Mitchell poses with Latte

Mitchell and J Marie with some of the models.


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