Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Below are the movers and shakers in the STL area listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER who made an impact on the promotional and social scene based on weekly reports from our section PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. You can vote for as many as five on the list and type in your choices in the comment box below. The deadline is DEC 21. Your results, along with OUTTOWNs choices, will be posted in OUTTOWNs YEAR END TALLY LISTS during the week on DEC 26!

1.Andre Stith

2.Ashley Salazaar

3.Big Tah (3 Way Promotions) (PICTURED)

4.Christia Parker (STL Live)

Coco Soul

6.Darius Bradford (PICTURED)

7.DJ Jewel

8.Elson Williams II (13 Black Katz)

9.GBassa DAcosta (Sexy In STL)(PICTURED)

10.Harry Michel and Fred Finley

11.Jackie Phillips (JK Ent)

12.James Clark (Better Family Life) (PICTURED)

13.Jenee (WHHL-FM)

14.JoAnn Smith (Keep Living Entertainment)

15.Joel P.E. King (JPEK) (PICTURED)

16.King Kerry (solo promotions) and Dano Johnson with Hella Fly Promotions


18.Lamar Harris/DJ Nune

19.Mario The Great

20.Mocha Latte(Monopoly Promotions) (PICTURED)

21.Mo Spoon (MPAC)

22.Nicol Stevenson and Angela Brown (Cafe Soul)

23.Ola (Momme Makeover for a Cause/Ola Styles)

24.Orlando Watson (Rockhouse Ent) (PICTURED)

25.Phil Assets (Liquid Assets)

26.Regmo So Ready Made (Ready Made Ent)

27.Rucka Puff Rocka

28.Ryan Mitchell (Black Pearl/2012 Mr Couture)

29.Selena J (KMJM-FM/STL TV)

30.Silky Sol (PICTURED)

31.Slim (Loose Cannon)

32.Spud Nelson (Tru Icon Ent)

33.Staci Static (WHHL-FM) (PICTURED)

34.T-Luv Davis (Star Power Ent)

35.Teddy Blackett (B Free Paparazzi)

36.Tendai Morris (Café Soul/A-1 Nights) (PICTURED)

37.Terrence Reynolds

38.Tobi Collis (Soul Stylz) *

*Cornell Boone, Colls' co-partner, mostly did his promotions in Kansas City,Mo this year

39.Vanita Applebum (VAE) (PICTURED)

40.Wayne Triky Haley and Kelly Hall (Close to Famous)

NOTE: You can vote up to five movers and shakers in the comment box below! The Deadline is DEC 21


  1. 7, 13, 14, 17, 35 all got my vote!

  2. 14! 14! 14! 14! 14!

  3. 5, 6, 20, 22, 30, 35, 36, 39...I know that's more than 5, but it's hard to choose. So many great folks working hard in this city. Add Marcus Atkins to the list. Keep up the great work!


  4. 39.Vanita Applebum
    33.Staci Static
    20.Mocha Latte
    5.Coco Soul

    and I call tie between 24.Orlando Watson (Rockhouse Ent) and 25.Phil Assets (Liquid Assets)

  5. 14. JoAnn Smith
    33. Staci Static
    21. Mo Spoon
    24. Orlando Watson
    27. Rucka Puff Rocka

    Isn't there a "Voting" plugin?

  6. My votes go to:

    1. Andre Stith
    6. Darius Bradford
    14. JoAnn Smith
    24. Orlando Watson
    27. Rucka Puff Rocka

  7. I'm pushing forward #'s 5. Coco Soul & 9. Gbassa 9. Gbassa 9. Gbassa 9. Gbassa I couldn't move past her and the work she does keeping it sexy

  8. Three cheers for JoAnn Smith!!

  9. 14.JoAnn Smith (Keep Living Entertainment)

    A great individual a networker is who I vote for.

  10. My votes are for:

    14. JoAnn Smith (Keep Living Entertainment)
    35. Teddy Blackett (B Free Paparazzi)

  11. GoldenGoddessKK

    My votes are for

    14 & 35!!!!!

  12. 20, 24, 23, 25, 10

  13. orlando watson/slim loose cannon/andre stith/phil assets/hella fly

  14. 1) hARRY & fRED
    2)Orlando Watson
    3)Close to famous/triky
    4)Mo Spoon
    5)Ola style

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