Monday, November 28, 2011


There's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins posed with event promoter JoAnn Smith and her cousin Candiss Holbert at the event. Checkout other pics below from this event!

Photos by Night Society (above pic)Ma'atology

There's Miss Dee in sexy pose for the OUTCAM

Night Society photographers Mike Barber and Maurice Bishop were there takin pics. Bishop also was celebrating his bday.

Attendees in the VIP area

There's attendeeCandiss Holbert and her cousin, event promoter JoAnn Smith

An attendee showcasing her black dress with silver pumps on the red carpet.

Event promoter Jerrold Jones with an attendee

Jones does the kissy face with her.

Attendees getting their party on as photographer Teddy Blackett (in black) snaps pics

These three young ladies look like a sexy hip-hop girl group ready to happen.

Club creator Cornell Boone's family.

Boone's family member and her husband

Attendees partyin

This sexy attendee poses for the OUTCAM (and check her out a few pics down in a TMP (Too Much Playin) moment)

On the sounds was DJ Reminise and the hype duties was done by AI Brown.


There's fashion designer J Marie (right) and attendee

Up in VIP, Bishop was taking pics of attendees

Socialite and fashinisto Mario the Great holds a converstaion with attendees in VIP.

Below is the TMP pic

This guy was gettin "the fever". LOL

Attendees in the white draped area of the club.

A long shot of the crowd.

The sista in the blue dress was gettin it in .

Around midnite, the host of the event, actor Lance Gross arrived and was stationed on the staged area of the club.

Gross was dressed hip-hop casual.

Gross looking out to the crowd as two female admirers smile before the camera next to the heartthrob.

This female admirer takes a pic with Gross for the OUTCAM.

"I can make you very happy tonite." LOL

Seemed like Gross enjoyed holding a conversation with the female fan.

From left: Gross' assistant, Panache Lounge assistant Tobi Colls, Gross and Panache creator Cornell Boone.

DJ Rem on the 1s and 2s on the staging area.

Holbert take a pic with DJ Rem

Gross embraces two female fans as they get their pic taken.

Females were in line waiting to meet Gross.

Gross about to get his cocktail on.

Gross prepping for another pic.

NOTE:Overall the event was upscale and classy. There were a few folk not dressed up, but overall everyone got the memo. The newly constructed venue looked pretty much the same. The only difference were the venue's aesthetics: white drapings, party lights, etc. This venue will be Boone's new spot for his upscale events which is perfect for any occasion. Lance Gross was very nice and cool and was very engaging toward his female fans who were eagarly awating to take pics and and meet him.

Also spotted there were model Shanell Howard, Socialite Sande (Stevenson), former KSDK personality Tim Lampley, Freetime's Daryl Frierson, promoter Maurice Hamilton, fitness trainer Marlon Lee, socialites Sarah Bryant, Derrick Hibbler, Miss Dionne, Jamie Spencer and Montina Mullen (sporting a new blonde do).

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