Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Photos by various STL photographers (King Yella, Katherine Bish, Carlston Edwards, and King Tungsten)

As stated in OUT 944, this year's annual ball was a bit blah as far as fashion on the Crown Royal Carpet, It was mostly black party dresses that were seen for the ladies and standard tuxes with various ties with the gents. Below are some HOTS and THE NOTS


DMC was not dressed for the ball. True, he's a hip hop star but we think we cudda at least dressed semi-formally and maybe wore this during his performance.


This attendee with the red kangol, red golf shirt and black blazer? Oh this was tragic!

THE following were the Gents who were the HOTS
Christian Coffield was very dapper and he had a two toned silver and gold tie that matched well with his suit.

Kurt Copeland. His all black tuxedo was seen and worn by various gents, but he managed to make it look memorable.

Vernon Preda. He put a lil rock edged to his tuexdo look with the glasses and well moussed do.

Abe Givins. He repped well for the big brothas dressed in classy tux and styled with a sheen printed gray tie.

This brotha was the best dressed guy in a black suit that well well tailored with a hint of gray with the tie. The shades he wore also helped compliment his daperness.

AND THE GENT who had the HOTTEST look was:

Ezekeil Obasi. He took a risk and wore a white tux jacket with a unique styled ensem with black ascot. Very classy look for him.

OK the ladies. There were many many many NOTS but one stuck out:

We love you Mousie Haley, but we were totally confused on what this ensem was all about with the shawl, the solid middle and the feather like trimmings.


This sistas bikini topped gown was sexy and voluptuous.

Kyjuan's wife Asia gave a scene of retro fashion with her form fitting black dress with leggings and the silver ropes on her shoulder made the look as well as her flapper styled fingerwaved do.

Abesi Manyando. She was elegant in this beautiful flowing white gown with simple contraband.

Mocha Latte looked radiant in this gown with gray suit coat and train. She also knows how to wear clothing that fits her frame.

Tammie Holland gave us rock and roll wow with her short gray on black animal print number. Only she can pull off this youthful look.

Monica Witherspoon also got points with this lovely gown with the beautiful printed top that fitted her like a glove.

Stylist Ola was on point with her Ola Style gown, it was multi layered sheer and the bodice was detailed lovely. And the necklace was also breathtaking.

AND THE HOT LOOK of the night was:

Singer Seviin Lii. She looked like a goddess in this uniquely beige colored gown with applique silver designs and black sheer attachments at the bottom, It was definitely the best dress that nite.

NEXT UP ARE COUPLES; Here are a couple of the NOTS:

This couple and their matching belt and tie was not flattering and their outfits were just as tragic.

Her dress was not flattering. It was too short with the see through top with sleeves with a gaudy gray short sheer dress under it. He did not compliment her with this tux that looked a bit too small.

This couple. His causal look with the scarf and black sneakers did not work and her accessories with the brown purse and brown leopard print shoes did not work with the unflattering two material toned party dress she wore. They both were non-harmonious.

THE HOT couples:
They looked absolutely delicious. They both complimented each other with their black attire. her short black party dress was the best styled of what we saw and she was comfortable wearing it.

Brandon Hinkle and his date. Her dress was long, sleek and eye-tasty. It fit her body well. And she helped make Hinkle's tux pop even more as he accentuated slightly with a blue pocket square.

Asia and Kyjuan. They epitomized rock and roll with their respective attire. She in a close fitting dress and leggings and flapper style fingerwaves and he in a stylish tux with a picnic print black and white shirt and bowtie(and carrying a bottle of his Freaky Moscato also was a great accessory. LOL)
Keith Harris and his date. They were one of the classy elegant couples of the night. Her short gold printed black dress was eye catching (if only it was a tad bit longer in length it would have her one of the hot dresses of the nite) but it wa sher opera styled tuxedo that made the outfit. Harris who is always dapper at these events, always wears this type of tuxedo but it was her ensem that made both of them a striking couple.


Seviin Li and Murphy Lee. They both were on point with their respective outfits. Her one of a kind goddess gown and his suave tuxedo with pimp style scarf was a nice mix in their hip hop world. This is the best we have seen him at these events and both complimented each others outfits just as equally.


There's on-off again hip hop couple Nelly and Ashanti arriving at his event. We were a bit disappointed this year with this couples choices of attire. Ashanti, who usually is on point when she attends these events, seemed to be a bit bottom heavy for her dress even though the style of it was elegant and Nelly arriving with an unbuttoned bowtie is a first for him who's usually got his classic tux on before he get into party mode with the loosened bowtie .

Photos by King Tungsten, KingYella, Katherine Bish, Carlston Edwards, and Ma'atology
Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins (RIGHT) gettin my dap on with my business partner NYC native/STL stylist OLa and her guests gettin our pic taken on the Crown Royal Photo area. Check out the fashions and action below at this memorablw nite!

The pic Ola and I had taken at the photo booth set up.

Therre's Koncepts' Keith Harris in classic tux and his date who wore a simple yet beautiful Asain print gold on black mini dress and tuxedo coat.

St. Lunatic member Kyjuan Dabess and his wife Asia arriving on the carpet.

Kyjuan kept it hip-hop with his tux and his wife black fitted dress with leggings and silver ropes on the shoulders and flapper styled hairdo was very chic.

Socialite Thurlester Robinson bucked the fashion decorum for gents that night with a shiney navy blue suit with checks with low cut vest and a bold pink tie that was fashion forward. And in a way, outfashioning his date who wore a standard black dress and pearls.

This couple was one of the handsomeset dressed couples that nite. They complemented each other with their stylist outfits (and her black mini dress was pleated to perfection).

Therre's comedian Darius Bradford in classy tux and basic tie. Bradford was the co-emcee for the nite.

These two ladies in black and the lady on the left's one shoulder mermaid-shaped dress and silver jewelry was a knockout.

Nelly's father Cornell Haynes Sr and his wife arriving givin old school playas ball fashion to the event.

These two were a fashion DONT at a ball. Suit coat is needed for the gent(and if you do sneaks have then make a statement not causal footwear) and no brown bag and leopard shoes on black for the sista. TRAGIC!

St. Louis Post's Kevin Johnson in velvet tux and silver bowtie and model Christiaan Cofield in a tailored tux with a silver and gold tie that gave his tux a certain fashion flair.

St. Louis Rams Steven Jackson came in classic tux with his sister (left) and guests which the lady in the white dress was the most fashion flattering of the three .

Entertainment lawyer Scott Rosembloom gettin his party on in a sleek tux and silver specked tie. The handkerchief set the look a bit off but overall the look worked for him.

Derrty Ent's Veronica Mousie Haley arriving. We really didnt know what to think with her outfit. It was a bit busy with the shawl top, solid black middle and shiney feather cut bottom.

Majic 104.9 personality Tammie Holland always keeps it fashion forward each year and in this one shoulder stap short number with detailed black leopard print on gray and black bracelet was simple yet rock and roll.

St. Lunatic and Derrty ENt prez Ali Jones and his fiance Ashley Nichols arrived in basic black. Although her dress was a bit prom-like, she managed to pull it off with her classy pulled back hair and dangling earrings.

This couple JG Bobby of the Derrty Ent crew) looked a bit uneven. He needed a tie and Jasmine Walters' dress which had a nice metallic look to it, needed more length.

Another Derrty ENT crew member--High School Prom all the way with this lo0k. The blue bowtie and black shoes didnt mix well. Either blue tie and shoes or black tie and shoes.

The surprise of the nite was St. Lunatic Murphy Lee who brought a flair of vintage cool with his tux with white sweater, black tie and shirt and a black scarf that set off his outfit and his wife, Seviin Lii looked stunning in this silver beaded tan gown and black sheer flaps with the right earring and up do. They looked great!

Business tycoon Mike Roberts arriving and showing the press his multicolor-glittered shoes that he wears every year to the ball.

Evening Whirl photographer King Yella in basic black tux and his lady LeAnn Sterling whose short white ensem one shoulder number was sleek but needed more length (and she needed a more visually interesting pump as well)

STL hip hop legend and dee-jay Charie Chan Soprano kept it simple in black sweater vest. He was the dee-jay during the opening ambiance of the event.

Another couple who blended nicely in their outfits. UC ME promoter Brandon Hinkle in classic tux with a touch of blue in the pocket was a nice blend with his date whose dress was metallic light blue with pleats that looked stunning on her.

The gent was very polished--tailored suit with metallic gray tie and white shirt. His glasses also added to his look.

Therres Nelly's bodyguard Big B arriving to thr event in a classic tux.

Father-son team Elson and Tre Williams. The father's charcoal gray with gray tie and blue shirt with white polka dots was bit busy but he managed to pull it off. His son, on the other hand's suit was a bit too business exec.

One of the fashion fails of the night. Her sheer top with silver short dress was not flattering and his tux was decent.

Veteran rapper DMC of the rap group Run DMC arriving to the event. He must have thought he was at the MTV Awards with a black jacket, graphic tee , jeans and boots because he did not even try and wear the dacorum of the evening. But hey, he could get away with it. he was one of the scheduled performers that nite.

Delmar Loop mogul Joe Edwards wore a tux that was passable but the twisted black with white polka dotted bowtie was a bit distracting and his wife who's dress was a bit busy with the puffy sleeves and double sheer.

This ateendee should have had a much longer dress. The shortness of the dress was not flattering.

Oh no! This couple was Prom style--80s style! The same color scheme of her belt and his tie was not effective either.

Z 101.7 personality Kurt Copeland looked dapper in his fitted basic black tux. Copeland was the emcee of the evening.

STL socialite Jeanne Roberts(and very preggo) and her husband Jay Christian Johnson arriving at the event. We would have loved to have seen Jeanne in a gown that was the same material of her top--but so much for wishes.

Former Missouri State senator and current WHHL radio personality Rodney Hubbard and his wife came dressed in conservative wear ala White House ball.

Socialite Vernon Pereda adding a certain rock and roll edge to his fitted tux with the nerd glasses and his well moussed do.

This couple was going to a ball- country style. Her dress looked a bit country sunshine and made her looked older with the multipleated bottom. The black trimmed fur on the top of it made it a bit costumey.

This couple was rock and roll all the way with the stud's velvet tux with purple shirt and tie and the femme who looked wowing in her short black speckled cocktail dress.

Promoter Daryel Oliver and his bevy of beauties arriving to the event.

OMG. This was the train wreck for the gents. This attendee was all wrong with this one--red kangol, red shirt , gray pants and black suit coat. He may have thought he was going to the VFW.

Nelly's manager and promoter T Luv in black tux and white shirt and tie.

Another surprise of the nite. Promoter Ezekiel Obasi in a cocktail white tux with "U" shaped flaps and black ascot (and he cut off his dreads!) . He looekd very polished.

The carpet pics had folk coming and going for the nite. Derrty Ent's Shaki aka Brickhouse (left) was one of the RSVP list helpers. The black cocktail dress had a nice pleated look but should a been a bit longer and Mousie who walked earlier actually looked improved when her shawl top was taken off.

Photographers Teddy Blackett and Erica Brooks took time from behind the lens to get a snap.

104.1 personality and dee-jay Krisstyle made it funky with his tux 's vest, shirt and tie.

The Man of the Hour Nelly and a relative(We will get to Nelly in a minute.)

Artist public relations specialist Abesi Manyando looked amazing in a white flowing gown with gold detailed contraband.

Stylist Ola wore one of her Ola fashions to the event--a multilayered gray gown and black top with bangled black necklace that set off her elegant ensem. She is posed with photographer King Tungsten (left) and one of her guests.

OUTTOWN assistant Natashia Griffin and photographer Erica Brooks. We will give Erica a pass cuz she was working as media(although the gray with black leopard print was quite eye catching) but Griffin, OUTTOWN loves ya but sista girl you were much too young to wear a church social outfit!

Promoter Mocha Latte, akin to Tammie Holland, always wears a number that wows and this was no excpetion. What made the dress pop were her blousey gray with black polka dotted coat with ribbon and the flowing train. Her accessories were simple and mixed well with her gown.

Entertainment was provided by David and Dania of Quick Change. The duo, that was featured on Americas Got Talent, wowed the crowd with her magical dress changes.

Nelly at the podium thanking everyone for attending and his sponsors.

The scholarship recipients were introduced. They will get a full ride scholarship to Lindenwood University which is the main purpose of the event itself.

Charlie Chan on the tunes.

The following are shots during the dinner portion of the event.

Photographer Katherine Bish in her gown and flapper boa.

Delux Magazine's Seven Maxwell (right) and her mate

Attendees and the lady on the right was BUSTing out of her short cocktail dress.

The Jazz Loft owners Andre and Melanie Stith (her necklace was beautful).

One of the stylish gents that nite, promoter Abe Givins.

Evening Whirl Photographer Hot Rod and guest.

Liquid Assets' Phil Assets and date (We are liking the matching dress and vest but Phil needed a tux coat though)

The So Diverse Sistas: Jameelah E., Lia Cleere and Patrice Renee. Cleere got the award the most shortest black dress of the nite (with a bikini top).

These sistas had their white gowns goin. Of tee two, the sista gown on the right was the more elegant. The other sista's dress was more prom-like.

The most unique gown of the nite. The sleek black number with gray tiger print trim with bikini top. (We wished we cudda got a full shot of this dress.)

In a double date pose. From left singer Tony Vega and his date Mocha Latte and Monica Witherspoon and her hubbie promoter Mo Spoon. Monica looked fabulous in her gown, the black leopard print on white top fitted her like a glove and the lower ruffled black bodice was beautiful. Only thing missing were some accessories.


On stage was DMC who performed tunes made famous by Run DMC including "Rock the Bells," and "Walk this Way." His 30 minute set was OK Without Run there, the excitement wasn't there. Soon after he performed he and his entourage jetted out.

Nelly bowing to DMC (At his table was superproducer Jermaine Dupri who was the party deejay that nite)

But it was Ashanti who stole the show with her firm fitting black unitard with tuxedo shirt ruffles, bowtie and cuffs and suprisingly clear live vocals.

She performed all her hits including her No. 1 smash, "Foolish."

The most talked about moment of the nite was when Ashanti called up Nelly from the crowd and gave him a lap dance during her rendition of Prince's"If I Was Your Girlfriend" fueling more rumors on whether they were a couple or not (She said before she performed this song that she was single).

Afterwards, she gave him a brother=sister hug (no kiss). They then performed "Body On Me" the song they recorded fro his 2008 Brass Knuckles CD, Nellys only performance surprisingly.

Nelly posed with St Louis Rams Chris Long (center)

Buddies Vincent Flewellyn, KSDK Jeff Small and James Harris. Of the three, Small was the most dapper.

Dupri gettin ready to get it crunk for the party portion of the event.

The OUTCAM takin a pic of OUTTOWN assistant Natashia Griffin from the stage (The V-VIP area)

A long shot of the hundreds of guests who attended.

Dupri and Nelly gettin the crowd hyped. YOURS TRULY is on the background. LOL

YOURS TRULY in the cut!

YOURS TRULY standing next to St. Louis Rams rookie Denario Alexander

YOURS TRULY and Abesi Manyando.

A log shot of the crowd from the V-VIP area.

Another crowd shot. See YOURS TRULY? LOL

Another crowd shot.

NOTE: Overall this years event, presented by Synergy, Lindenwood, Crown Royal and Derrty ENT, was elegant and lots of fun (especially with YOURS TRULY not havin to take pics as much). There were no high profile celebs this year (with the exception of Jermaine Dupri but he attends every year), but it was a nice mix of STL movers and shakers blending everyone into one big cosmopolitan gumbo.

And the entertainment was on point!

As far as the fashions, there were many many ladies wearing shirt black cocktail dresses and not a lot of excitement from them. Theer were few ladies who went the gown route (Ola, Mocha Latte, Seviin Lii), but for the most part the ladies fashions were a bit blah. As far as the guys, most were in form with black tuxedos and suits.

There was also a bit of a scuffle from a couple of guys but they were escorted out by security before anything got started (we will get more scoop on in weeks to come).

The event ended at 1 am and most of the attendees partied more at the after party that was held at Speakeasy at Thaxtons.

And a note to the establisher of the event, please go back to Year One when there were heavy appetizers that were served by waiters. Its much more VIPish than the sit down dinner that was VERY EXCLUSIVE as those who were listed only for the after party (YOURS TRULY included) seemed a bit aloof from the event.