Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Photos by various STL photographers (King Yella, Katherine Bish, Carlston Edwards, and King Tungsten)

As stated in OUT 944, this year's annual ball was a bit blah as far as fashion on the Crown Royal Carpet, It was mostly black party dresses that were seen for the ladies and standard tuxes with various ties with the gents. Below are some HOTS and THE NOTS


DMC was not dressed for the ball. True, he's a hip hop star but we think we cudda at least dressed semi-formally and maybe wore this during his performance.


This attendee with the red kangol, red golf shirt and black blazer? Oh this was tragic!

THE following were the Gents who were the HOTS
Christian Coffield was very dapper and he had a two toned silver and gold tie that matched well with his suit.

Kurt Copeland. His all black tuxedo was seen and worn by various gents, but he managed to make it look memorable.

Vernon Preda. He put a lil rock edged to his tuexdo look with the glasses and well moussed do.

Abe Givins. He repped well for the big brothas dressed in classy tux and styled with a sheen printed gray tie.

This brotha was the best dressed guy in a black suit that well well tailored with a hint of gray with the tie. The shades he wore also helped compliment his daperness.

AND THE GENT who had the HOTTEST look was:

Ezekeil Obasi. He took a risk and wore a white tux jacket with a unique styled ensem with black ascot. Very classy look for him.

OK the ladies. There were many many many NOTS but one stuck out:

We love you Mousie Haley, but we were totally confused on what this ensem was all about with the shawl, the solid middle and the feather like trimmings.


This sistas bikini topped gown was sexy and voluptuous.

Kyjuan's wife Asia gave a scene of retro fashion with her form fitting black dress with leggings and the silver ropes on her shoulder made the look as well as her flapper styled fingerwaved do.

Abesi Manyando. She was elegant in this beautiful flowing white gown with simple contraband.

Mocha Latte looked radiant in this gown with gray suit coat and train. She also knows how to wear clothing that fits her frame.

Tammie Holland gave us rock and roll wow with her short gray on black animal print number. Only she can pull off this youthful look.

Monica Witherspoon also got points with this lovely gown with the beautiful printed top that fitted her like a glove.

Stylist Ola was on point with her Ola Style gown, it was multi layered sheer and the bodice was detailed lovely. And the necklace was also breathtaking.

AND THE HOT LOOK of the night was:

Singer Seviin Lii. She looked like a goddess in this uniquely beige colored gown with applique silver designs and black sheer attachments at the bottom, It was definitely the best dress that nite.

NEXT UP ARE COUPLES; Here are a couple of the NOTS:

This couple and their matching belt and tie was not flattering and their outfits were just as tragic.

Her dress was not flattering. It was too short with the see through top with sleeves with a gaudy gray short sheer dress under it. He did not compliment her with this tux that looked a bit too small.

This couple. His causal look with the scarf and black sneakers did not work and her accessories with the brown purse and brown leopard print shoes did not work with the unflattering two material toned party dress she wore. They both were non-harmonious.

THE HOT couples:
They looked absolutely delicious. They both complimented each other with their black attire. her short black party dress was the best styled of what we saw and she was comfortable wearing it.

Brandon Hinkle and his date. Her dress was long, sleek and eye-tasty. It fit her body well. And she helped make Hinkle's tux pop even more as he accentuated slightly with a blue pocket square.

Asia and Kyjuan. They epitomized rock and roll with their respective attire. She in a close fitting dress and leggings and flapper style fingerwaves and he in a stylish tux with a picnic print black and white shirt and bowtie(and carrying a bottle of his Freaky Moscato also was a great accessory. LOL)
Keith Harris and his date. They were one of the classy elegant couples of the night. Her short gold printed black dress was eye catching (if only it was a tad bit longer in length it would have her one of the hot dresses of the nite) but it wa sher opera styled tuxedo that made the outfit. Harris who is always dapper at these events, always wears this type of tuxedo but it was her ensem that made both of them a striking couple.


Seviin Li and Murphy Lee. They both were on point with their respective outfits. Her one of a kind goddess gown and his suave tuxedo with pimp style scarf was a nice mix in their hip hop world. This is the best we have seen him at these events and both complimented each others outfits just as equally.


  1. You can't talk about a legend! You cant talk about Russell Simmons showing up at award shows dressed in branded Phat Farm the same way you can't talk about DMC showing up dressed casually! He's paid his dues and the world loves him dressed casually or not. JMO

  2. The red kangol....Do they still make those? #The local lounge is down the street for old school and the 40+ crowd. Get with the program.

  3. Ezekeil did step outside the box with the white tux! Nice. I know he could have gotten away with a splash of color on the ascot. (HINT) As such I think only from my birds eye view and your choices here, I give my hands down to ABE. Overall his look appears very well put together color balance and all. JMO

  4. Brandon Hinkle and his leading lady should just tie the knot! They looked good together and their attire complimented each others. Exactly as it should for this type of event.

  5. Marcus we certainly agree on the couple NOTs! From the I don't have time to iron and matchy matchy we are still in high school look, to the seamstress who didn't extend the lace over the satin should be shot look, to the only if you have a lot of money show up at one of these events overly casual look...Each wins a top award in those categories. JMO