Friday, December 10, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology Therre's Phil Assets of Liquid Assets and Raw Suger promoter Alice Prince. Assets was spearheading the launch of the monthly Black Hollywood Red Carpet event with actor/comedian Jackie Long who hosted the STL Bad Girls Contest. Raw Suger, a weekly Happy Hour and Poetry Showcase took place prior to Assets' event. Prince, is also the PR rep for Club Amnesia. Check out pics from both of these events below!

Therre's Club Amnesia hypewoman Coco Hype along with Raw Suger hosts comedian Kym Dobbs and Sevin

Dobbs and Sevin welcoming the crowd to Raw Suger

Dobbs got it raw with her raunchy humor.

First up on the mic was poet 16 Bars.

Next up was Ms. Personal

Comedian Bryan C was next who did mostly physical humor including a wild out dance using a lady from the crowd to demonstrate the fight dance women do when the Bangaz's song, "Run Up Get Dun Up " comes on in the club..

Up next was rap battler Aye Verb who brought several women up to spit lyrics to.

Lady #2

And Lady #3.

By popular demand, poet Autumn did a piece using Aye verb as her bait.

Dobbs was clowning on the tone of the show with poets bringing up folk to say their piece. Here, she brought up SYGU member Darryl Gillespie who works at Club Amnesia as a bartender.and spat a three line poem that was about--what else--sex. LOL

After Raw Suger, the event transitioned to the Black Hollywood/Miss Bad Girl Contest as Coco Hype got the club crowd started.

Dobbs and some of her fans take a pic.

Dobbs in convo mode with guests.

"Now, I got a credit card to get them drinks now."LOL (we will explain this later on.)



Therre's actor/comedian Jackie Long (LEFT) posed with Coco Hype along with DJ Epic and Sevin up in the DJ booth. Check out the action below before Long arrived!

Dj Epic on the 1s and 2s.

Coco Hype gettin it hype on the bar table top.

And in one of the VIP booths.

Dobbs posed up with comedian Javon Bibbs, who came through to promote his monthly Class Klowns event at the Ambassador that Sunday as well as his b-day celebration.

One of the contestants in the Bad Girls Contest wore this backless unitard.

She was workin overtime tryin to get votes.

The Ballot Box.

In the house was rapper Ms 007 and her fan club up in VIP with Coco Hype.

The pics of the ladies who were in the competition.

An attendee placing her ballot for her choice in the box.

Up in the V-VIP were the lovely socialites of So Diverse Promotions--Patrice Renee and Jameelah El-Amin .

The crowd from V-VIP.

Coming through was a Roseman Proxy.

Around midnite, Long came through.

Long walking up to V-VIP with his entourage.

Long gettin chill as folk swarm him for pics and video shout ours.

Long on the mic up in the DJ booth greetin the crowd.

Long getting instructions from Coco Hype on the number of contestants in the Ms. Bad Girls Contest.

Long announcing the contestants.

NOTE: Overall this was a decent double event. Raw Suger was very entertaining especially with Kym Dobbs' raunchy comedy in between poetry acts (We missed the free food and $3 drinks earlier but we did see an area where they had the food set up) . The comedian who performed, Bryan C was a bit much to take when he did his vogue and booty dancing during the "Run Up Get Dun Up" song. Soul Stylz' Cornell Boone was also in the house proviidng Nuvo bottles for the VIp areas. We were also entertained by Coco Hype who was everywhere hyping the crowd (and gettin folk to stop being cheap and pay 3 bones to check their coats. LOL) from VIP up to the bar table top.
For the Black Hollywood portion, there was a section where they had a poster of a Hollywood red carpet for attendees to take pics by photographer King Yellas crew (he wasnt there that nite) Jackie Long also was cool when he finally arrived and was very gracious to the media who came up to take his pic and have him shout out the STL on there vid cams.
As far as the Ms. Bad Girls Club winner, we didnt stay for it , but we do know the sista in the backless green unitard did not win.
Now as far as the above pic with the lady and the credit card. She first walked up to buy drinks and discovered how much they were and told the bartender to hold up a minute then she came back with a credit card to pay for the drinks. LOL

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