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There were several events that were promoted by STL promoters that made an impact on the St. Louis socialite life.

HONORABLE MENTION: Although the Nelly's Annual Black and White Ball event is before the countdown ranking (Dec 19 at Chase Park Plaza sponsored by Syngery) we are sure if would have made our Top 10 list.

10. Nights Over Egypt Laton Chairs Birthday Party at The Speakeasy at Thaxtons by Spellbound. August 28

This lavish Egyptian themed "blue carpet" b-day party was top class. From the harp playing opening reception to the horse and carriage driven entrance of hairstylist/event coordinator Laton Chairs as well as her friend Ms. L.A. and their "harem" in Egyptian costumes (with an mesmerizing accompanied dance routine byteh harem set to Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time") was definitely one of a kind for those who attended.

9. The Music Fest at Missouri Black Expo at Americas Center by MBE/ Platinum Group August 28

This annual weekend event stepped it up this year on its entertainment stage with various major performers from the G S Boyz to old school acts Dougie Fresh (PICTURED) to Whodini to Farnsworth Bentley, and appearances by stars such as Lou Gossett Jr and Pam Grier it was definitely one of the events to attend (that also was free) for those who wanted to be entertained as they get their networking/ shopping on.

8. The 2nd Annual Notice Me Awards at Lure Nightlclub by Liquid Assets Feb 21

This award show is one of two on this countdown. This one could be dubbed the St Louis version of the People's Choice Awards mixed with Rip the Runway. Many of the STL socialites attended this rep carpet event. The highlight was when STL promotion group Freetime accepted the Promoter of The Year award and Louflicks' Tommie Choncie did a "Kanye: and blurted on the mic that Mocha Latte should have won, but in the end, Latte went u on stage and congratulated the group (PICTURED) Oh, and YOURS TRULY, Ma'atAtkins, was nominated for Mr. Facebook. LOL

7.The 2nd Annual Mista Couture Style Contest at Harrys Bar and Restaurant by Ma'atology and Makeover for a Cause June 19

This event had an historic element to it in that it was the first time that an all-male fashion show contest had been presented in St. Louis. In other words, picture a Mr America Pageant. It also joined two powerful STL personalties (YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins and stylist Ola pictured with event host Art Holliday on the left and assistant Natasha Atkins on the right) ) and brought in a diverse crowd thats somewhat foreign in STL social event circles.

6. The 3rd Annual Traffic Music Awards at the Ambassador by 314 Hits, March 7

The second of two award shows on the list, the red-carpeted hugely crowd packed TMA's is spearheaded by Hot 1041 personality Tony J. It is a St. Louis version of the Source Awards, whose award categories appeal to the STL urban hood stars (Best Street Single, Club Song, etc) as well as the performers (Rucka Puff performing on a toilet, Hollywood Colorz makin it rain) . The highlight was when there was a brawl that occurred between some members of two rival STL neighborhoods but ended swiftly when security tasered the hooligans.

5.Majic Night at the Venue with Dru Hill by Majic 104.9 FM May 17

This weekly happy hour that took place during the first half of the year transformed to a full fledged concert with national acts. This specific one was a highlight with Dru Hill (PICTURED) and the charismatic lead singer Sisqo (who did a mesmerizing "Billie Jean" dance in tribute to Michael Jackson) turning out the well packed crowd as though it was 1996 all over again..

4.St. Louis Fashion Week Finale Liquid Style at Old Post Plaza by Bud Select/Alive Magazine Sept 11

This week long annual event celebrating St. Louis fashion designers culminated with a swanky red carpet finale where many of the STL who s who attended with entertainment from a bucket drummer group performing in the man-made lake and its atmosphere consisted of a breathtaking view of the lights downtown at night as the fashion show took place.

3.Teese 3 at The Pageant by SYGU May 30

This annual event where folk wear graphic tees became into its own own this year as the event had an overcapacity of people sporting creative tees throughout. Hosted by AJ (Pictured by SYGUdee-jays (Stan the Man, DJ Needles and Reminise) and entertainment by some of the STLs hottest underground rappers including Tef Poe, Corey Black and Rockwell Knuckles. In other words, it was an all organized Rave. LOL

2.Wocka Flocka Flame at Redd Hott Thursdays Finale at Lure by Liquid Assets August 26

Although OUTTOWN did not attend, it was reported that this hood star event was beyond packed. The reason being it was part of Lure Nightclub's "first" farewell to the venue (it was given an extension to Oct 17) after the city demanded for its liquor license to be revoked earlier that week due to complaints of random violence that occurred outside the club. Also, becasue of popular rapper Wocka Flocka(PICTURED) was the event's host (and reportedly did some rapping as well).. This event could also have been the nail in the coffin of closing the club down because after this event was over, several fights erupted with guns fired and extra police were called and Washington Avenue near the club was blockd off to regulate the matter.


1.Devon Alexander Homecoming party at St. Louis City Hall by Lumiere Place/ScottTrade Center/Ozzie's/Office of Mayor Francis Slay August 2

This was THE event to attend in 2010 (as we predicted) Close to 1,000 people attended the RSVP invite event to welcome home STL native boxer Devon Alexander as he prepped for his big fight against Andriy Kotelnik at the Gateway to Greatness Fight Aug 7 fight at Scott Trade Center August 7.

The celebrities who attended were STL based including rock legend Chuck Berry, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Cedric The Entertainer and Chingy (scheduled guests promoter Don King and rapper Nelly were no shows).Performers on the lower stage were Young Ro, Bradd Young, and country Bill Young. They also had a live art area on the stairwell where painters painted Devon themed paintings.

There were three areas of crowd. The lower area was the general admission area, upstairs was the VIP area and in the mayor's chambers was the V-VIP. There, STL TV personalities interviewed local celebrities that aired live and prompted on a large screen a the lower area and where Alexander and his entourage first arrived to the pandemic- frenzied atmosphere .

It was most definitely a memorable night.

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