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Happy Hanukkah(which began Dec. 1 and run until Dec 8) to all those who celebrates it.

Also on Dec 1 was National Worlds AIDS Day

BEFORE WE GET INTO THE A&E NEWZ: , we would like to welcome back promoter Vanita Applebum who has returned back to the live music and showcase promotion game after a year out the spotlight. Her return started last week with Next" The New Listening Party Series with music by 2011 Grammy nominee Calvin Richardson the day after Thanksgiving at The In Spot Lounge. She also revived her Vanita Applebum Ent. Svcs. Newsletter.


President Barack Obama making news for his pick up game and the stitched up ending last weekend. The President needed 12 stitches in his upper lip after taking an elbow from Rey Decerega, director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute during a pickup basketball game last Friday with family and friends visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House said. Obama received the stitches under local anesthesia in the doctor's office on the ground floor of the White House after returning home. Doctors used a smaller filament than typically used, which increases the number of stitches but makes a tighter stitch and leaves a smaller scar.

The president had gone to nearby Fort McNair to indulge in a game of basketball, one of his favorite athletic pursuits. It was a five-on-five contest involving family and friends. Among the players were Obama's nephew, Avery Robinson, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Reggie Love, Obama's personal assistant, who played at Duke University.

The White House said the injury happened during their fifth and final game when Decerega turned to take a shot and hit Obama, who was playing defense, in the mouth with his elbow.

Obama emerged from the building after about 90 minutes of play, wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt and gym pants, and was seen dabbing at his mouth with what appeared to be a wad of gauze. A few hours later, reporters who had gathered on the White House driveway for the arrival of the Christmas tree saw the president in an upstairs window, pressing an ice pack against his mouth before he stood and walked away.

Decerega issued a statement through the White House late Friday. He did not immediately respond to an e-mail request from The Associated Press for independent comment.

``I learned today the president is both a tough competitor and a good sport,'' the statement said. ``I enjoyed playing basketball with him this morning. I'm sure he'll be back out on the court again soon.''

Hmm, we guess Obama was playing deep in the paint. LOL. Is it us, or does it sound like Decerega won’t be playing anymore ball at the White House? LOL

Then, on Saturday, Obama and his family took to a game in the Oregon State-Howard University men's basketball game a few miles from the White House. Obama's brother-in-law is Craig Robinson, the Oregon State coach. In attendance with the President was first lady Michelle Obama and her mother, Marian Robinson; daughters Sasha and Malia. Coach Robinson's wife, their infant son and his two children from a previous marriage.

The 53rd Annual Grammy Award nominations were revealed Wednesday and the leader was St. Joseph, Mo. native rapper Eminem with 10. He got nods for Record and Song of the Year ( for “Love the Way You Lie” with Rihanna), Album of the Year (for “Recovery”), Pop collaboration (with B.o.B. and Hayley for “Airplanes”), Best Short Form Video ( for “Love the Way you Lie”), and the rest were in the rap field: Best Rap Sung (for “Lie”), Rap Solo ( for “Not Afraid”), Rap Album (“Recovery”) and two nods for Rap Song (for “Lie” and “Not Afraid”).

Other ILLIMOians that got nominated were Chicago native R Kelly who got two (Traditional R&B Vocal for “When A Woman Loves” and Contemporary R&B Album for “Untitled” ), Chicago based rapper Kanye West snuck in a nod for Best Rap Solo for the single, “Power, ” Chicago native rapper Common got a nod for Rap Sung for “Wake Up” with John Legend and Melanie Fiona, STL resident Ron Isley got a nod for R&B Duo or Group with vocal for “You’ve Got A Friend” a duet with Aretha Franklin, and Pochahontas, Ill native and Granite City, Ill raised country singer Gretchen Wilson got a nod for Country Female Vocal for “Id Love to be Your Last.”

The Grammy Awards will be aired Feb 13 on CBS.

Of the ILLIMOIANS nominated, we predict that Em will win Album of the Year, Rap Solo, and Rap Album and R Kelly will win Traditional R&B.

In related newz, St. Joseph , Mo. Native rapper Eminem won Best Hip-Hop Song for “Love the Way you Lie” with Rihanna at the 2nd Annual Soul Train Awards. Neither artist was in attendance . The other ILLIMOIAN that won was Kansas City, Ks, native Janelle Monae (who was in attendance) who won the Centric Award.The awards were taped Nov 10 in Atlanta.

In related newz, Eminem is one of several featured guests on "Saturday Night Live" next month. On December 18, he'll be performing "No Love," the latest single taken from "Recovery." Lil Wayne, who features on the cut, will also appear. The episode will be hosted by Jeff Bridges.

Chitown rapper and 2011 Grammy nominee Kanye West’s latest CD, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy “ debuted at No. 1 Billboard’s 200 Album Chart this week. Ye sold 496,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan. Some industry insiders had predicted in the early part of last week that he would sell perhaps 550,000 . but the debut peak gives him his fourth straight No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 and the fourth-best sales week of 2010.

In unrelated Ye newz, he got compared to producer impresario Quincy Jones by Us' Magazine’s Ian Drew who interviewed the multi Grammy winning producer. Drew prepped his comparison as followed: "Kanye West is similar to you in that he's the producer everybody wants to work with in the last decade...."

Jones interrupted by saying, “How man? No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He's just a rapper. There's no comparison. I'm not putting him down or making a judgement or anything, but we come from two different sides of the planet. I spent 28 years learning my first skill. I don't rap. It's not the same thing. A producer has to have some sort of skills that enable him to be a producer. It's totally different to know what to do with 16 woodwinds you know from piccolos down to bass clarinet. It's a whole different mindset. No comparison. None.

OUCH! First President Dubya dogs him now the Q.

But, Jones tried to clarify his comments on his official website on his comments. He said: I'd appreciate it if people didn't take my comments about Kanye West ( @KanyeWest ) or anyone else for that matter out of context to contrive a story. I have nothing but respect for my little brother Kanye and what he has achieved in his young career and I look forward to watching his evolution as an artist. There is a reason why we put him on the new We Are The World 25 for Haiti — he's a great rapper. But having been in the music business for more than 60 years and having been fortunate to accomplish what I have over that time, it’s not unreasonable to put a comparison of Kanye at this time in his career and myself into the proper perspective. This is not dissing Kanye, this is simply trying to express that I'm not a rapper! I don't need to take anyone else's props away from them. Let's all just try and keep the record straight.

Hmm, well if Ye’s success as a great rapper is what triggered Q to be on the remake of the We Are the World single, then why was he and Lil Wayne Auto Tuned to death on that song? Hello. Now he say its reasonable people compare ye to him but at first he said Hell to the naw—all cuz he says he is not a rapper. Huh? We all know Q ids not a rapper. The point was from the journalist was Ye shows progress and artistry production like Quincy Jones—production not rapping.! We don’t know Q, we think he’ s backpedaling and got a senior moment. LOL

In more Ye newz, we are sure you all now have heard that he was booed during his performance at the 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He reportedly performed a few tracks from his new album, “Fantasy” as he made his way down the streets of New York City atop of a float shaped like an apple. During his performance, Ye received a slew of negative comments and booing from spectators. Among them were shouts of "Hey, Kanye, jump!" and "You're an asshole, buddy. Be nice." Several people standing on a balcony also chanted "Taylor! Taylor!" in regards to Taylor Swift.

WOW. Too Much Playin for real. And yawl know what type of folk were booing if they were chanting Taylor! Taylor! LOL .

And in more Ye newz, one of his three singles from the CD, “Runway” rebounds on the Billboard Hot100 and moves up 8 spots to No. 42. in its 8th week It peaked at No. 12. and two new songs from his CD debuts this week on the same chart. At No. 60 is, “Dark Fantasy” and at No. 92 s “All of the Lights.” Six songs charting on various charts and no breakthrough singles has yet to move up no higher than No 12. And speaking of singles, he has teamed up again with UK pop artist Mr. Hudson for his song "Anyone But Him," a modern-day "The Girls is Mine." T. He also makes a cameo in Mr Hudson;s video . West and Mr Hudson first recoding together was the song “Paranoid” off Ye’s 2008 CD, “808s and Heartbreak.” And in more Ye newz, he is featured on T.I.’s track, “ Welcome to the World” along with Kid Cudi. It was recently leaked online.

Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Barbara Walters announced this week 9 of the 10 celebrities who made her Most Fascinating of 2010 List for her two-hour special Dec. 9 on ABC. One was Oak Park, Illinois native actress and Emmy winner Betty White.
The No. 1 most-fascinating person will be announced on the special in the second hour of the show.

The No. 1 most fascinating person will be announced on the special in the second hour of the show.

In the first hour, she will also show her interview with Chitown talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey talking about her leaving her daytime talk show and her relationship with longtime beau Stedman Graham and best friend Gail King.

Who do you think is the No. 1 Most Fascinating? Folk are saying Tiger Woods. We think its Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagoaveich.

In unrelated Oprah newz, on her recent My Favorite Things Show where she gave out Beetle vehicles, she gave away another of her “fave things Apple's touchscreen tablet iPad.

"Words cannot describe what I feel for this magnificent, magnificent device," she said, holding a 3G model in her hand during that show. "I really think it's the best invention of the century so far."

Winfrey's promotion of the iPad came just days after a digital version of her publication, O, The Oprah Magazine, became available on the iPad (A-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Other items on Winfrey's "favorite things" list included a five-year membership to Netflix, a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera, and, of course, a Volkswagen 2012 Beetle,

STL bred rap mogul Nelly made news this week for his rant on Twitter last wekeend about the low sales numbers for his latest CD, “5.0” that sold 63,000 copies last week and debuted at No, 10 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

According to Kevin Johnson’s Blender report on STLTODAY, “Over a series of tweets that ran over a two-hour period Saturday. Nelly tweeted that his label, Universal/Motown, let him down in its handling of "5.0.," including not shipping enough copies to stores and not promoting it properly. Nelly says he did his part in that he delivered a platinum single in "Just a Dream."

Here are some of those tweets:

“ A record deal is a 50/50 partnership!As a artist its your job to provide the record company with music that they (record company) can sell!”

“ When a artist doesn't deliver sufficient material they(artist)gets its budget cut for next album or worse dropped from the label!”

No doubt wen \ [sic]a artist doesn't deliver a song that does crack top of the charts or even top10 the label is quick to say artist didn't deliver”

“ So who fault is it when a artist gives the label not only a #1 hit but there first top40 #1 n label history! sell 2mill n singles n 2.5month”

“ Who should be held responsible wen a artist has a history for selling records so its not like a new artist n no1 knows his r her name?”

Benefit of the doubt: Maybe no1 wants to hear music from that artist?well if that was

If the music wasn't good how do u get to #1 and 2.5mill!! but if folks say they didn't even no wen the album came out?????”

""5.0""Every1 luvs da album n say its crazy!So wen u hear folks say they didnt no it was out r there were hardly any n the store!”

Hmm. Well from our understanding, through sources, Nelly’s camp did not promote his CD through the social networks and websites and in this dya and age, that’s a muct for artsists to sell CDs. It was puzzling that his CD did not debut higher than No. 10 and sold only 63,000 copies (which was worse than the first week slaes of his so caleld bomb “2008’s “Brass Knuckles”). Should Nelly be pissed? He has a gripe indeed. Shoudlhe should have got on Twitter? Probably not. If he was gonna use Twitter , he shoulda just said that he thanked his fans for buying the CD although it didn’t sell the way he had hoped, but he appreciate those who bought the CD. Our question was, where was his media coach or PR rep when he had tweet fit?

His CD has now dropped from No. 10 last week to No. 39. The No. 1 single Nelly is talking about, “Just a Dream” is still in the Top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 where it falls three spots to No,. 8 in its 15th week on that chart. His fourth latest single, the electro pop “Liv Tonight” feat. Keri Hilson has dropped off the same chart this week after spending one week in its debuted spot last week at No. 75 (akin to his third single, “Work That Body” that debuted at No. 54 and fell off the chart thereafter) ).

Chicago native Grammy Award winning singer/producer R Kelly opened the 2nd Annual Soul Train Awards that aired Sunday on BET and Centric. She sang a medley of his hits (“”Bump N Grind,” “Your Body’s Callin,” “A Womans Fed Up.” “Happy People,”), his latest single, “ When A Woman Loves” and curtained it with a 1950s throwback performance and set of “When A Woman Loves’ with nostalgic clothing and dances from the background singers. He also performed at the end of the show during the Ron Isley tribute when Isley sang his hit, “Contagious” during the soap opera portion with Chante Moore.

In unrelated R Kelly newz, his Grammy nominated single, “When a Woman Loves” reaches its original peak of No. 22 on Billboards Hot R&B/Hip Hop Charts this week in its 12 th week on there. Also, he released the Christmas remix of his single, “Love Letter” the title song from his upcoming album that will be released on Dec 14.


St. Louis native singer/producer Akon performed along with 2011 Grammy nominee Katy Perry in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show Tuesday. It was broadcast on CBS. In unrelated newz, his two singles are moving up the Billboard Hot 100. His featuring on Dr Dre’s comeback single, “Kush”also featuring Snoop move up 15 spots to No. 34 on Billboards Hot 100 this week Also, his duet “Hold My Hand” with 2011 Grammy nominee the late Michael Jackson skyrockets up the same chart 34 spots to No. 50.


HAPPY BDAZE to some notable ILLIMOians who shared b-days back to back this week:

Grammy Award winning singer Tina Turner turned 71 Nov 26 . Turner was raised in St. Louis in the 1950s and lived in East St. Louis with former husband/musician Ike Turner in the 1960s.

St. Louis native Emmy Award winning actor Robert Guilliame turned 83 Nov 30


Kansas City. Mo native Oscar nominated actor Don Cheadle turned 46 on Nov 29

The Christmas episode of the NBC show “Community” will air Dec. 9. It was directed by STL area native Duke Johnson (PICTURED FAR RIGH

IN ILLIMO reality:

Chicago resident Calvin Tran survived WEEK FOUR of The Fashion Show . It airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

St. Louis native and current Venice, Calif resident model Jud "Fabio" Birza survived in Week 12 of Survivor : Nicaragua. Two tribe men quit . Now its only seven members left of the tribe, Libertad

Chitown native chef Trev McGrath survived WEEK 13 of Hell’s Kitchen. He was in the bottom two again of the four remaining contestants , but Chef Ramsay said that, because of this week’s perfect service, no one would be sent home.. The show airs Wednesdays on Fox.


America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 finalist and Rockford, Ill. Native Kayla Ferrell, who will be a Grammy Girl at next year’s Grammy Awards, was called back on the finale show with a few other models from the same cycle who were voted out to model in the Roberto Cavelli fashion show in Italy.

Three Former Rams were named Sunday in the semi finals to be inducted in the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame. They are Marshall Faulk, Jerome Bettis, and Aeneas Williams. Bettis and Faulk, are in their first year of eligibility. A total of 26 are in the running. In the next step in the selection

process, the list of 26 will be reduced to 15 by mail-in voting, and then bumped up to 17 with the addition of the previously announced Seniors Committee nominees: linebackers Chris Hanburger of the Redskins (1965-1978) and Les Richter of the Rams (1954-1962). The final class, to be announced the day before the Super Bowl in February, will include four to seven members, but no more than five modern-era nominees. The winners will be announced Feb. 5, the day before the Super Bowl.

In related newz, the St.Louis Rams win over Denver 33-30 Sunday, put them at 5-6, and first place NFC West ties with Seattle. The Rams have two more road games, at Arizona (next Sunday) and New Orleans (Dec. 12), before returning home against Kansas City on Dec. 19. They finish with two division opponents, facing San Francisco (Dec. 26) at home and playing at Seattle (Jan 2). The once 1 and 15 team is now in the running to play in the Playoffs.


The Baseball Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writer’s Association revealed its ballot for candidates for the 2011 election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The addition of 19 players' names to the 14 holdovers creates an abnormally large ballot of 33 players who are eligible for election, based on their 10 years' service and production during that time. Four candidates are former Cardinals players — Mark McGwire, Larry Walker, Lee Smith and Tino Martinez. Two were almost Cardinals, having been released after spring training — Juan Gonzalez and Carlos Baerga — following notable careers elsewhere. And one was a former Cardinals coach, Dave Parker, the former Pittsburgh Pirates star who is on the ballot for the 15th and last time. Voting members of the BBWAA who must cast their ballots by the end of the year (results will be announced Jan. 5

It should be interesting if McGwire is elected due to his denial –cum-disclosure that he used steroids during his career.


Comedian and game show host Howie Mandel is coming to the Four Seasons on Laclede’s Landing Dec 30.

The OMG Tour stopped at Chaifetz Arena the day after Thanksgiving. From reports of the nearly sold out show 2011 Grammy nominated Usher channeled the late Michael Jackson for his laser driven special effect-heavy set with his fancy footwork to the trademark standing in the spotlight like a mannequin as the crowd cheered. He sang all of his recent hits including "U Remind Me," where, according to a review in, he did a little skit with his dancers in which they catch him cheating with one another and abandon him altogether, leading him to exclaim, "You knew I was a playa when you met me!"

Delores Shante of St. Louis American’s Partyline said that portion of the show was “the only miss in the show.”

Usher also worked a brief, strictly dance tribute to Michael Jackson (a highlight) where he wore a pair of “jewel-quinned” dance shoes just specifically for the routine and then removed the shoes once it had ended. He also mentioned he was a "newly single bachelor" and reportedly brought a geeked up , busty female fan from the audience for a sexy grind on a table during "Trading Places." For "Lil Freak," he had pretend sex on a jungle gym. His current hit single, the No. 1 charted "OMG," brought the evening to a close

From reports, “the show was hardly family fare.” The second opner the heavly STL concert visted Trey Songz reporetdly had a strong set perfoming his sex driven hits inclduing "Say Aah,” "Bottoms Up, " "I Invented Sex" and "Neighbors Know My Name." According to Shante, “ Though he seemed to have more oomph than during his previous visits, Songz continued his one-dimensional performance streak. The only noteworthy element of the set was when he attempted to step outside of his R&B box with a rendition of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.””

The St. Louis stop of the OMG Tour Miguel who Shante called, “heartthrob-in-training.”

In related OMG concert newz, Delores Shante reported that Usher blurted out on stage at the Chaifetz that Nelly and Ashanti were in the house at his show

Speaking of Trey Songz, prior to his performance at the Chaifetz, he visited the Exchange Food Court on Scott Airforce base in O’Fallon Illinois ti an invitationonly meet and greet with fans. It was reported to OUTTOWN that over 300 peoepl showed up at 3 p.m. at the events; schedueld opening time and many were sent away due to overcapacity of the food court. (TO SEE PUCS and a recap GO TO

2011 Grammy nominee Miranda Lambert performs. Feb. 24 at Chaifetz Arena.

Rap superstar Rick Ross will be performing along with rapper Wocka Flocka, singer Llyod, rapper Trina and others at Chaifetz Arena Jan 17. The event is co-promoted by LooseCannon bileld: Saint Louis: State of Emergency Concert.

Prospect, Illinois native and 2010 American Idol winner Lee DeWyze's debut CD Live It Up, debuted at No. 19 on last week’s Billboard 200 Album Chart. But this week, it nose dived to No. 93. It has currently sold 39,000 copies, the smallest sales for any American Idol winner. In unrelated newz, DeWyze charmed fans during an intimate free concert at Sevens inside the Casino Queen Tuesday. On Monday, he was in his hometown of Chicago to perform at 101.9fm THE MIX / WTMX free After 5 Live concert at the Hard Rock CafĂ© in support of the not-for-profit Ravinia Festival's REACH*TEACH*PLAY education programs.

Grammy Award winning veteran singer/songwriter Janis Ian will perform as a part of the Old Rock House’ s Listening Room Series March 11, 2011.

Congrats to STL native comedian Lavell Crawford and his wife Deshawn welcomed a baby boy recently.

American Idol finalist Nikko Smith(RIGHT) will perofrm at Hotel Lumiere on New Years Eve.

Longtime organist at Busch Stadium Ernie Hays,(LEFT) who retired at the end of the 2010 baseball season was the Grand Marshal at The 26th annual Ameren Missouri Thanksgiving Day Parade will have more than a little "Family Holiday Magic" up its sleeve when this morning in downtown St. Louis. Performances included Variety Kids, Muny Kids in front the Old Courthouse. The Belleville East marching band won the marching band contest for the seventh time in nine years. The parade and pre-parade celebrations was broadcast on KMOV-TV Channel 4's "Great Day St. Louis."

KDSK reporter Leisa Zigman(RIGHT) had been diagnosed with Hodgskins Lymphoma and has wriotten on her Facebook page that “she will fight it with dignity and good spirits.” In unrelated newz, the Fox 2 St Louis Curse has struck again. Fox 2 reporter/anchor Shirley Washington(FAR RIGHT) is on sick leave after getting blown off her feet (literally) during a report aboutteh strong wind storms in the city. The wind picked her up and slammed her into the asphalt. Ouch. In related newz, Fox 2 reporter John Gadson and April Simpson are recuperating from their recent brain surgeries.


Talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s hometown Cape Girardeau, Mo. was voted by the Missouri Gaming Commission to receive the last gaming license in Missouri for a casino. It was issued to the Creve Couer-based Isle of Capri Corp. for its proposed $125 million casino. St. Louis was one of three cities competing for the vacant Missouri casino license. The license belonged to the President Casino, which closed in June.


KTVI (Channel 2) in St. Louis is an affiliate of the new Antenna TV, a Tribune Broadcasting network that will launch New Year's Day with a round-the-clock schedule of classic TV and weekday morning movies. The network will air on a KTVI digital sub-channel, meaning it will be available to antenna users –hence the name. Antenna TV will launch with at midnight Jan. 1 at 11 p.m. with 24 hours of "The Three Stooges." Jan. 2 will be devoted to 24 hours of "Benny Hill."


The Black Rep Producing Director and Founder Ron Himes was invited by the President of Senegal, Adoulaye Wade, to become a member of the American delegation to the World festival of Black Arts and Culture. The festival will take place in Dakar (the capitol of Senegal) Dec 10 thru Dec 31. He was reported that he had some inklings that he would be invited and was prepped for the possibility. He also said he would bring his wife, Heather and newborn, Ron Jr as well and will be back in time for the Black Rep’s upcoming season starting in January 5 with the opening of “Pericles.” .


Santa Claus came to town last Friday, delighting hundreds if not thousands of children lining Main Street in Belleville for his annual parade. He will also come to town AGAIN on Dec.5, , riding on the back of a fire truck at the tail end of the “Nostalgic Winter Wonderland” parade. The annual Christmas parade, put on by the Belleville-Area Chamber of Commerce, will begin at 6 p.m. at the Belleville High School parking lot.


Singer Tydis just landed a clothing deal with the Miami based clothing line, Anama

STL videographer Dana Christian (FAR LEFT)will be working with VH-1 the top of next year for the reality shows he and fitness boot camp trainer King James (LEFT) produced (“Hot mess Fitness” and “Down for King James” ). They are pitching them and other show concepts (including the show, “Im in Love with a Stripprt”) ,and another one will be centered around two openly attractive bi-sexual females. They are having casting calls for their reality shows. For more info email Dana at


STL country artist Wild Bill Young and the Outlaws will perform Thursday, Dec 2 at 9:00p at Queen of Sheba in University City.

The provocative spokenword group, The Punany Poets will be returning to St. Louis through DELUX Magazine’s CEO Keith Griffin February 2011. Details will be announced soon. Griffin brought in the group April 2008 at The Moolah Lounge.


STL promotion group Liquid Assets is set to launch yet another event series. On Dec. 10, his group will have BLACK HOLLYWOOD RED CARPET LAUNCH PARTY, an event hosted by a Hollywood actor or actress that will be held one Friday a month at Club Amnesia. This month’s star will be comedian and star of the film, “ATL” Jackie Long.

STL native model and former America’s Next Top Model finalist Gabrielle Michelle posted on her Facebook page that she is giving up modeling. She wrote on Nov 25: "After Today My Modeling Career Will Be OVER! Toast To This!"


Is the Love gone? The club that is. Apparently so. The club, which was formerly the Jazz Spot on 4th and Washington in downtown St. Louis was closed the day after Thanksgiving. The club opened in late October. There was no explanation as to why, but it was speculated that it could be financial problems. Love is Gone on last Friday.


Speaking of club changeovers, Club Jessie’s in downtown is now Club Johnnys. Jessie’s opened earlier this year. They debuted with the weekly music showcase ROC THA MIC 2NITE on Wednesday.


Speaking of new clubs, there is one called The Cotton club (or its new to OUTTOWN) located in Kinloch. They recently kicked off a weekly comedy showcase show on Wednesdays


Promoters the III Group is introducing “30+” presents a networking event for people l who they say are “cutting edge, artsy, stylistic, and distinct to have a good time around other like-minded individuals” . The networking event will take at 8 p.m. place at Ace's (inside Comfort Inn Airport) 9600 Natural Bridge Rd. The special guests will be STL jazz artist Rhoda G. who is now living in the ATL and will return home to record a live CD. welcomes our own Rhoda G. home for a one time live recording of her newly released CD entitled Volume 2. Rhoda has been in Atlanta, GA., where she is receiving much love for her musical skills and talents. She brings that


LASTLY, YOURS TRULY, Ma’at Atkins can be seen on the next SEXY IN STL TV-SHOW that will air late FRIDAY NIGHT/EARLY SAT ON DEC. 3/DEC .4 ON FOX 2 @ 2AM. You can see me getting interviewed during GREY GOOSE & MELANIE FIONA BET RISING ICONS EVENT at the Ambassador.



STL B-DAZE ==SAGITARIANians (WEEK 2) County Board President Charlie Dooley(PICTURED), Black Rep co-founder and actress Linda Kennedy, actress/singer Lisa Harris, web journalist David Burnett, graphic designer Kevin Bryant, promoter Kelly Hall, public relations director Cillah Hall, photographer Belma Begic, fashion stylist Craig Minter and promoter Becky Blue.

IN THE MIA FILE—Where is the snow in the STL?

BLIND BITZ. Which promoter was high as a kite at their own event recently?

HINT 1. It is a male

HINT 2.This promoter doubles with “snapshots.”

HINT 3. The promoter’s first and last name starts with a consonant

HINT 4. This person’s last name is also synonymous to a media conglomerate and an NBA Star.

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. Which STL promoters/socialites are getting it in this week? Promoter Mocha Latte and stylist Ola Hawatmeh (TIE) and promoters Mo Spoon and Calvin Nelson (TIE)

Mocha Latte(FAR LEFT). This sista continues to give it tenfold. Starting the week off hosting Tru Icon Entertainment’s Art of Fusion Fashion show at Ginger Bistro (SEE . She hosted the weekly Best Damned Happy Hour Period during MPAC’s Monday Night Football watch party at Envy and on Saturday, the popular weekly networking event Open Bar Saturdays at The Venue.

Ola Hawatmeh(LEFT). This lovely stylist is getting it in especially this month. Tonite, she will launch her new Ola Style Studios with a party at Chesterfield. Then on Monday, she will return to her hometown of NYC for a two day stay to begin her duties as rep for international designer Vera Wang.

Mo Spoon(UPPER FAR RIGHT). This veteran hustler is always on the mark especially with his popular monthly Eye Candy Party that was recently held last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving at The Loft. This Friday, his promotion group, MPAC, will join forces with Radio One, and The Loft for eth venue’s annual holiday party and toy drive. (SEE BITZ ABOVE)

Calvin Nelson. This handsome brotha of the newly formed promotion group Tru Icon Entertainment (formerly The Committee) is getting his grind on as the year comes to a close. This Sunday, his group along with T Dumas put on the Art of Fusion Fashion Show Sunday at Ginger Bistro. On Wednesday, his group hosts the weekly Vodka Shot Wednesdays currently at Escalades. On Thursdays, his group puts on the talent contest Who Got Talent Thursday's @ Taylor Made and this Friday, they introduce another weekly event series, Don’t Forget the Lyrics Happy Hour at Nubia (SEE ALL THESE EVENTS AT OUTGOING BITZ)


Why didn’t the Republicans in the Senate pass the extension of unemployment benefits which ended this week ? Why are they focused on extending President Bush’s tax cuts for the rich first? Why are people protesting the new TSA body search procedures at airports wearing bikinis? Why was the Kim Kardashian debit prepaid card even on the market in the first place? And why was it such a rip off with all the charges on the card? Why wasn’t Sade’s CD, “Soldier of Love” nominated for Album of the Year? Why wasn’t Trey Songz nominated for a Grammy? Why is the city of St. Louis proving the report that STl is the No. 1 most dangerous city in the country? Case in point--why did someone kill two and injure two others inside a STL funeral home? Why is the state of Alaska the highest in gonorrhea and chlamydia cases? Why is a member of the cast of the reality show Real Housewives of ATL getting kicked out of her rental home (don’t they get checks for being on the show)? Why is Flava Flav getting his own brand of chicken and vodka? Why did Buffalo Bills’ Steve Johnson tweeted that he blamed God for droppin the football in his last game? Why is Kelly Rowland broke? Why did talk show host Regis Philbin grab Nicki Minaj’s ass recently on the Regis and Kelly show? Why did Mo’Nuique make a big deal about her shaving her legs recently on her talk show? Why aren’t the Oscars using a comedian for next years award show? And why did Nelly go on Twitter to blast his record company for not promoting his new CD properly?


Why was the opening magic scene with hosts Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard go on so long? (and it wasn’t funny)? Why was Neyo’s performance so short? Why were Eric Benet, Gyptian and tanks performance edited? Why did Tank go on Twitter saying he was better than any of the (expletive) who performed (he later apologized)? Why was the Sid Mccoy tribute cut short? Why was Wale nominated for Best New Artist? Why was Freddie Jackson sashaying when he wlaked on stage with Jeffery Osbiorne and Peabo Bryson? And why is he sooooo skinny? Why did it look like Bilal was about to fallover during the tribute performance for Anita Baker? And why was her hair looking frayed? Why did Kim Fields look like a golden leopard queen from head to toe?



SIUE Theater & Dance Presents: "Miss Julie"


7:30pm and 9:30pm

Come see August Strindberg's masterful, naturalistic tragedy "Miss Julie".

Directed by Jason Cannon "Miss Julie", a tale of sordid romance between and unmarried aristocrat and her downstairs servant. Strindberg saw the characters as 'living in a period of transition more feverishly hysterical,' and so he drew them as 'vacillating, disintegrated, a blend of old and new. My characters are conglomerations of past and present stages of civilization.'"

*For mature audiences only.

Grand Opening of Ola Styles! Thursday, December 2 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Location Ola Styles Studio

18173 Edison, Suite C

Chesterfield, MO

Come see the hottest styles of the season! Join ALIVE and Ola Hawetmah, designer of Ola Styles, to preview the brand new collection shown at New York Fashion Week! Enjoy a 10% discount and complimentary drinks and appetizers. Suggested donation of $5 at the door benefits Makeover for a Cause.


Stress Free Fridays this Friday at Aces, located at 9600 Natural Bridge Road inside of the Comfort Inn Hotel... -The smooth sounds of Rhoda G, local Jazz Artist

Friday at 5:00pm - December 4 at 1:00am



The City of Clayton presents their Holiday Party

Friday, December 3 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

At The Ritz-Carlton St Louis

Kick off the holiday season the right way!! Join us for cocktails at the Ritz.

Carriage rides are FREE and will depart from the corner of Maryland & Central and Carondelet Plaza and a Fireworks Extravaganza in Shaw Park - 8:00 pm


1stFriday St. Louis & Budweiser Select Present, THE BEAT GOES ON !

Christmas with Aaron Neville and His Quintet featuring Charles Neville returns to Lumiere Theatre Dec. 3-4.



Location Emerson Building @ Harris Stowe


Saint Louis, MO

Saturday, December 4 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Grammy Award winning country family duo The Judds perform at the Family Arena Dec. 4


National Sales Network Holiday Party. Tickets available at

Hope to see you this Saturday!!!

December 4 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

At Friends a Meeting Place

716 N. Compton Ave.

Saint Louis, MO

Magnum XL Presents For Ladies Only Male revue at Club Escalade , 7828 Olive Blvd., in U City, on Dec 4. Doors at 3 p.m.

The Platinum Group Leata and Jacque Land will hold its 9th Annual "Have A Platinum Christmas" Networking Symposium on Saturday, December 4th at Light's on Broadway (located at 8344 Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63147) at 7:30pm. This will be an evening of live entertainment, delicious food, networking and lots and lots of Holiday cheer! Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. VIP Tables ($500), Vendor Booths ($250), and Sponsorship Packets are available for a limited time only. This will be a Sell Out Event! For more information, contact Platinum Group, Inc. at 314-346-4190 or email:


Come deck the halls with Pride St. Louis at our annual "Naughty or Nice?" Holiday Review Show, Saturday, Dec. 4 at 10:00pm at The Complex Night Club, 3515 Chouteau. The show will be hosted by Santa's favorite ho-ho-ho's, Madison Elise and Dieta Pepsi, with performances by: Clitt Black, Victoria Van de Kamp, Lauren Rapp and Miss Gay Midwest 2010 - Trixie LaRue. There will also be performances by representatives from area LGBT non-profit organizations and business in a friendly competition to see who can raise the most cash during their performance!



Mocha will perform poetry at Delux Magazie re-relaunch of its magazine Dec. 9


Mocha is on the mic at the Label on 758 S. 4th ST in downtown St Louis at Open Bar Saturdays


Men Care 2 is hosting our annual toy drive. The toy drive will be held on Dec. 10th,2010 at The In Spot located at 5854 Delmar Blvd from 5-7pm. We need new in the package toys for kids ages from newborn to 12 years of age. All toys will go to the ST. LOUIS CRISIS NURSERY. Also there will be all types of food,music,and drinks specials. Come out and support this wonderful event!





For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or



Aireez hosts the monthly open mic night at Platinum Soul Cafe 3905 N Belt W, Belleville IL, next to Subway. On Dec 18th, Kels Da Poet is Featuring and Louis Conphliction will be the special guest.$2 COVER , drs open 730 and by 1030 we done.


Aireez will be a special guest at Thursday Ladies Night at Club lub Big Moes on Dec. 2

The club is located at 1072 Tower Grove (at Manchester) Admission $6


Rhythm & Words Wednesdays 2nd & 4th Wed every month Meshon's Bar & Grill 410 N Tucker Blvd


ThundaGrownd Thursday Variety Showcase Final Thu. of every month 8:30pm - 10:30pm $5 cover Big Moe's1072 Tower Grove St across from Sweetie Pie's on Manchester


Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic Final Friday of the month $5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free 812 Martin Luther King Dr,East St. Louis


New CD "ThundaGrowndPresentsA.D. Fire & Adrenaline"

MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss



Mynista will perform St. Louis Family Church [Christmas Concert] 7458 Chesterfield Airport Rd Thursday

December 2nd

Doors Open at 7:00 PM

Two New "Mynista" Songs Uploaded & Official "Devoted" Music Video!

This is just an invitation to an ONLINE listening & viewing session, this is NOT a physical event. Come thru the sites and be blessed! My new album "Generations" is AVAILABLE NOW!-

The Official "DEVOTED" Music Video (click on the link below/Youtube):

"Me and Her" (Ft. Dahn B.) -

"Ghost On Deck" -[BLOG[BLOG) [Official site) [Artist FB Page]


Must Love Hip Hop w/ Nappy DJ Needles & special guest DJ Kase One, Dec. 5 at midnite at The Delmar Restaurant and Lounge 6235 Delmar Blvd

Freeman Bosley Jr Show personality Pat Washington will have a launch party for her new podcast LAIDIES ROOM, Dec. 5 at teh Inspot Dessert Lounge locate dat 5854 Delmar. Doors open at 5 p.m FREE

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