Monday, October 31, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

Theres some folk at a table dressed as Batman, Catwoman and a lady with a fur trimmed dress respectively.

This couple was dressed as 70s Celtic bball player and a referee

These ladies were dressed as Sexy Three Blind Mice

Our fave costume was this lady dressed as a Cardinal bird.

This guy was dressed as a...uh...OK. lol

This lady is the one we inferred who had on the same baby on lady costume that a guy from the 2720 Cherokee party had on at the same time. Here the lady in that same costume is talking to a lady who was dressed as the Tin Man.

Here are some folk dressed in their costumes.

A couple dressed as Native American Navajo girl and chief.

Is that actor Idris Elba in a Blacula outfit? LOL

Two guys in masks, one being former St Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr (right)

The liquor menu

Folk gettin their dance on with Michael Jackson videos playing on the projection screen.

Heres two ladies as Marilyn Monroe and Snow White (Black).

An odd costume was the lady dressed as a Twister game. LOL

The crowd

There's Miss Dee as a Goldigger with her pimp LOL

NOTE. This party had more creative costumes in our opinion. They also had a costme contest (We didnt get info who won) and giveaways (We copped a $10 gas card).


Photos by Ma'atology

Here's some ladies dressed as sinful nuns. LOL

Here's some lovely ladies (including Brittany Holland third from left) dressed as a cowgirl, a leopard and a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader respectively.

"Make mine a double." Costumed bartenders serving up drinks for the crowd.

On the wheels of steel was DJ Reminisce who was dressed as a baseball Cardinal.

This guy's costume was as a baby gettin carried by an old lady (Actually he had on the same costume as a lady who was at a competing party at Roberts Tower inside the Mayfair Hotel that is posted on 1071).

Some of the early arrivees.

A referee girl and Neo. LOL

This guy dressed as Michael Jackson when he was The Scarecrow in the film, "The Wiz"

There's Holland and boyfriend Freetime's Roy Robinson who dressed as Deion Sanders in a football uniform with fairy wings. LOL

B Free's Miata Lewis was dressed as a peacock and she poses with a guy dressed as a 1980s b-boy.

This lovely young lady was dressed as Sherlock(a) Holmes.

More crowd and their costumes.

Ref and Neo gettin their freak on. LOL

OUTTOWN left the party to attend 13 Black Katz Halloween Party that took place as Mayfair but we heard the Matiff dancers performed a Halloween inspired dance.

An hour or so later, OUTTOWN returned to 2720 and the crowd picked up.

More crowd gettin their dance on.

Shadzilla was there gettin the crowd hyped in some blue scrubs and a Cards cap.


We didnt get the meaning of the sign that was on thsi lady's back. LOL

Catwoman and Lacewoman gettin their party on.

There's LME's Otto Nichols dressed as an orderly.

Shadzilla placed his Cards cap on top of his scrub cap. LOL

NOTE. This was a OK event. Lots of creative costumes. We missed the Matiff dancers(the highlight of the party from what we heard) going to another party but when we re-arrived folks tend to be enjoying themselves.

OUT 1069--SYGU presents DEBUT of monthly SPEAKERBOXX SERIES @LOLA OCT 28

Photos by Ma'atology

Kicking off the monthly dee-jay series was veteran NYC dee-jay Lord Finesse had it poppin on the 1s and 2s on the Lola side of Lola

SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla had it hyped for the event.

Party people getting their party on (including socialite and attorney Michael Walton in red cap).

The crowd on the Lola side.

DJ Nune had the 1s and 2s and his jazz horns goin in the Absinthe Room side of Lola

Folk partyin in the Absinthe Room.

Shadzilla gettin the crowd hyped as Lord Finesse had the wheels of steel turnin the jamz.

Socialite Mr (Jerrod) Jones, who celebrated his bday that nite, joins Shadzilla on stage.

Some of Mr Jones' gusts takes a pic

Jones and a bday guest

DJ Nune's crew gettin it hyped in the Absinthe Room.

NOTE: This was a great event. What made it even special was folk celebrating the Cards victory.


Photos by Ma'atology

A young lady in a fishnet styled tuxedo outfit in front of Club Amnesia. She was hailing folk to come through for a free shot of alcohol to celebrate the Cardinals World Series victory.

Some dance mimes

Folk sat in chairs as they await for a fashion show that was scheduled to take place that nite.

Mr (Jerrold) Jones (middle) was celebrating his bday that nite as he takes a pic with some of his party celebrators.

Some ladies in their costumes enter the venue.


OUTTOWN went back outside to see the celebration. Here, a fan holds up one of the first run copies of the St Louis Post Dispatch special edition with the Cards victory on the front.

Folk celebrating in front of a loft with Z 107.7 broadcasting live from the area.

Washington Avenue became a dance floor.

Dancing in the street!

Folk gettin it crunk!

Mike Kennedy points at a guy who was doing the Running Man.

More folk on the street gettin their victory party on.

A St Louis policeman directing traffic on Washington Ave and 14th Street.

NOTE: It was around midnight around this time and folk was non stop in party mode. We walked to Lola for SYGU's Speakerboxx Series during thethis time (SEE OUT 1069)