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Photos by Ma'atology

There's Cafe Soul host Tendai Morris and her sister who lives in London. (Check out below the TMP pic of her sister and what she does on the dance floor!)

Morris on stage welcoming the crowd to the special Lucas School House Reunion edition of Cafe Soul that brought back some of the regular showcase artisits who performed at Lucas School House in 2008-2009.

The Cafe Soul band started off the show

Jazz singer Mae Wheeler takes a pic with Cafe Soul co-founder Nichol Stevenson (LEFT) and Wheeler's guest.

Rhoda G playing her sax with band on the side of the stage.

Morris started off the show singing Mary J Blige;s "Family Affair" with background done by Blu and Nick Gordon.

A side review of Morris and background singers

Silky Sol sang Aretha's "Rock Steady"

Sol gettin in the groove

A close up of the Red Afro Queen

Poet Lightning ripped it with her womans wit poetry

A long shot of Lightnin with Sol respondin with her Amen corner

Blu added her quirky spin on love songs with her original tune, "Fuck This Job."

Gordon accompanies Blu on stage.

Rhoda G played her sax along with the instrumental track to Kelly Rowland's "Motivation."

A close up high angle shot of Rhoda G in action

This brotha was all on the dance floor throughout the nite doin his old school scoot. LOL

Wildmann sang and played guitar including Musiq's "So Beautiful."

A close up of Wildmann and his axe.

Sol got on stage promite her CD saying folk gotta support St Louis artists (and so she can have some money to pay her light bill.LOL)

The highlight was Theresa Payne who sang a stirring version of Tina Turner's "River Deep Mountain High."

Payne takin it to the zenith!

Payne and the band

Singer Charrisse Swan (left) clapping along during Payne's set.

Sol talks with Payne. Sol got the spirit after Payne's performance doin a shout dance on the dance floor. In the back of them is poet Corey Black who also performed that nite.

Justin Hoskins, who was a bit intimidated to follow Payne held his own with his version of Sam Cooke's"A Change is Gonna Come."

A long back shot of Hoskins performing on stage.

Katrina Reece and background Tiffany Elle and Swan perform Fantasia's"Im Doin Me."

Reece in singin mode.

Mo Tre looks on as the group awaits to perform.

In VIP, event host/promoter Mocha Latte, rapper/producer Vega and his brother, singer/producer Bradd Young. Vega was there to promote his viral hit, "Go Cards." Latte is Vega's PR.

Jamie Spencer performed John Legend's "So High."

A long back shot of Spencer performing

A long shot front shot of Spencer on stage.

Crowd shot

Lightnin was all smiles after winning two tickets to the Marsha Ambrosius and Miguel concert that was to be held Wednesday at The Pageant.

DJ C-Note and asssistant on the 1s and 2s throughout the show and intermission

Payne, Young and Vega in VIP

Mo Tre

Morris with her Tiorah group members Cherise and Tasha B. The group performed that nite.

Mocha all smiles on the mic as she hyped the crowd during the intermission

Mocha calling folk to the dance floor.

Singer CJ Conrod gettin his old school dance on during the Soul Train line.

Folk gettin it on the Soul Train line

Cafe Soul co-founder Angela Brown also got her party on.

Mr Old School Scoot gettin his dance on!


Mr Old School Scoot got on his knees and walked under Morris' sister's perched up leg!!!!


After the Intermission:

Vega performed his viral hit, "Go Cards."

A medium shot pic of Vega performing

Vega with his hat to da back

Photographers Nicholas Powell and Lawrence Bryant checkin out each other's shots.

Tiorah performed new and older songs including their latest "I've Changed," and songs, "Noonday Cafe" and "Friends to Lovers"

Morris takin charge of the lead

Tiorah in trio harmony

Another highlight was when Massie did an impromptu performance of Rufus and Chaka's 'Aint Nobody."

Massie vocal sparring with the background singers

Massie gettin her props during her set.

Morris gets in on the vocal acrobatics with Massie.

Mo Tre performed an accapella version of their " original tune, "Crush" and Miguel tunes "Quickie" and "Sure Thing."

Mo Tre in synch

Poet Corey Black attempted singing Luther's "NeverToo Much" before doing his poetry

A close up of Black on stage

Another highlight was Twan performing Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On,' with Charlie from LLC

Twan spar vocals with Rhoda G. Soon after his set, Massie's guest threw a wad of dollars on stage for him!

Gettin a piece of the background was Crystal Haywood

Last up was Tiffany Elle who sang Michael's "Dirty Diana."

NOTE. This was one of the special shows with Cafe Soul. It was good seeing some of the artists who performed during the Lucas School House such as Jamie Spencer, Justin Hoskins and Lightnin. We were expecting an appearance by original founder and host Coco Soul, but, unfortunately, that was not meant to be.

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