Friday, October 7, 2011


Photos by Mack,TV (first pic) Art Expression (one pic with logo) and Ma'atology

THERE's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, in the mix of the private party. Check out below the pics of who attended and guest of honor rapper Pharrell in the mix with invitees!

The party was outside of the mansion's lawn.

Socialite Tommie Choncie (left) and guests.

Choncie and guest

Attendees outside the lawn area

One of the dee-jay of the nite was record producer, Jermaine Dupri

Attendees were served appetizers and beverages including Pharell's creme liquer, Qream.

Another shot of the lawn

Attendees Fred Finley and Michael Walton

A shot of the VIP area

Attendee Rhashad Whittier and DJ Reminise, who dee-jayed earlier.


Some ladies at the party

One of the rooms in the mansion that was open to the public.

Some attendees getting their pic taken at the wall board.

Rapper Pharrell making his appearance at his party taking a pic with an attendee.

Major Brands' Eric Noah and Tre Williams aka The Pent Stripe Playaz. lol

Pharrell takes a pic with Zaneta Bailey(LEFT) and Abesi Manyando of Abesi PR

Pharrell looking out to the crowd near the dee-jay area.

There's NBA baller Larry Hughes in the mix.

Attendees Tydis and L Frost

Pharrell takin a pic with attendees

Dupri on the sounds

Attendees Miss Alisha and Socialite Sande


Pharrell in the mix with VIP

There's Sineta Roker


Wild Bill Young (in hat) in the mix


An attendee greets Pharrell's guests

Pharrell hams it up with Teresa Jenee

A long shot of Pharrell and the VIP area

Niddy, Phil Assets and Derrick The Champion

An attendee with a member of the Mack TV crew

Attendees getting their Qream on.

The Qream!

Some attendees sitting by the lit pool.

The lit Qream sign on the lawn


Pharell takes a pic with guests, some who attended the same high school together including author Lyah Leflore (LEFT) and Karla Radford (standing next to Pharrell).


Two women give this man a sista sandwich.

....then they sandwich each other. lol

Dupri and Pharrell take a pic with attendees in VIP

Pharrell talks with some attendees

NOTE: This Hollywood style St Louis party is part of Pharrell's tour of his new creme liquer, Qreme across the country. Pharrell, who launched his liquer this summer, developed the alcohol and designed the bottle inspired by royalty and a celebration of beautiful, independent women. The party was thrown by event planner Karla Radford and invitation assistance was provided by Abesi PR.

As far as the party, it gave the vibe of a gated private party ala Playboy Mansion just without the bunnies. Hundreds of STL personalities attended and it was heavily armed and guarded.

It was definitely a swanky affair!

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  1. Hey man, I'm a St. Louis native, and noticed my sister on one of your pics, random, but all good. I have some questions about your experience at the party. Please shoot me an email to link up: