Monday, October 31, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

Here's some ladies dressed as sinful nuns. LOL

Here's some lovely ladies (including Brittany Holland third from left) dressed as a cowgirl, a leopard and a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader respectively.

"Make mine a double." Costumed bartenders serving up drinks for the crowd.

On the wheels of steel was DJ Reminisce who was dressed as a baseball Cardinal.

This guy's costume was as a baby gettin carried by an old lady (Actually he had on the same costume as a lady who was at a competing party at Roberts Tower inside the Mayfair Hotel that is posted on 1071).

Some of the early arrivees.

A referee girl and Neo. LOL

This guy dressed as Michael Jackson when he was The Scarecrow in the film, "The Wiz"

There's Holland and boyfriend Freetime's Roy Robinson who dressed as Deion Sanders in a football uniform with fairy wings. LOL

B Free's Miata Lewis was dressed as a peacock and she poses with a guy dressed as a 1980s b-boy.

This lovely young lady was dressed as Sherlock(a) Holmes.

More crowd and their costumes.

Ref and Neo gettin their freak on. LOL

OUTTOWN left the party to attend 13 Black Katz Halloween Party that took place as Mayfair but we heard the Matiff dancers performed a Halloween inspired dance.

An hour or so later, OUTTOWN returned to 2720 and the crowd picked up.

More crowd gettin their dance on.

Shadzilla was there gettin the crowd hyped in some blue scrubs and a Cards cap.


We didnt get the meaning of the sign that was on thsi lady's back. LOL

Catwoman and Lacewoman gettin their party on.

There's LME's Otto Nichols dressed as an orderly.

Shadzilla placed his Cards cap on top of his scrub cap. LOL

NOTE. This was a OK event. Lots of creative costumes. We missed the Matiff dancers(the highlight of the party from what we heard) going to another party but when we re-arrived folks tend to be enjoying themselves.

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