Monday, October 31, 2011

OUT 1069--SYGU presents DEBUT of monthly SPEAKERBOXX SERIES @LOLA OCT 28

Photos by Ma'atology

Kicking off the monthly dee-jay series was veteran NYC dee-jay Lord Finesse had it poppin on the 1s and 2s on the Lola side of Lola

SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla had it hyped for the event.

Party people getting their party on (including socialite and attorney Michael Walton in red cap).

The crowd on the Lola side.

DJ Nune had the 1s and 2s and his jazz horns goin in the Absinthe Room side of Lola

Folk partyin in the Absinthe Room.

Shadzilla gettin the crowd hyped as Lord Finesse had the wheels of steel turnin the jamz.

Socialite Mr (Jerrod) Jones, who celebrated his bday that nite, joins Shadzilla on stage.

Some of Mr Jones' gusts takes a pic

Jones and a bday guest

DJ Nune's crew gettin it hyped in the Absinthe Room.

NOTE: This was a great event. What made it even special was folk celebrating the Cards victory.

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