Monday, January 3, 2011


Photos by Erica M. BrooksPhotographer Erica Brooks takes a pic with on/off again couple Nelly and Ashanti at Nelly's event last month. Below are some leftovers from the event.

Nelly's mother, Rhonda Mack and husband,

More couples

The lady in this pic was wearing a black-white split party dress that was very common at this event.

This lady had one one as well.

This lady had a HOT gown on that we missed. Very sleek, slits on the side and backless.

Superproducer Jermaine Dupri was casual this year.

Another couple at the event.

Derrty ENT's Blu Bolden sported a full fur this year.

One of the fashion HOT couples at this year's event.

Talk show host Mr Rudy was dressed in all black.

Socialite/promoter Mocha Latte blowin kisses to the cam. She was one of the glamorati this year.

DMC, who performed at this year's event, was very VERY casual and Motley Crew.

Another couple

Radio personality Tammie Holland made the fashion HOTS list as well. She was escorted by her date Showroom Shine's Sylvester Chisholm.

Another couple

Comedian Darius Bradford in stage mode.

Nelly posed with Ashanti and her family. Her father (on the right) was celebrating her b-day that nite.

Nelly's relative (his grandma we assume) was sportin her church crown and white mink coat at the event.

Nelly's manager T Luv and family. His son on the right was dressed quite sporty in his tux by the way.

Brooks posed with St. Lunatic member Kyjuan Dabess, who along with his wife Asia, was chosen HOTS couple that nite.

NYC stylist and STL resident Ola and YOURS TRULY, Maat Atkins (check out my diamond studded pocket square!).

Photographer Carlston Edwards takes a flick with KSDK's Jeff Small, who was tailored and quiet dapper in his suit.

STL TV's Sande Stevenson is sandwiched with St. Lunatics and blood brothers Nelly and City Spud, who outshined his big brother, fashion wise this year.

Edwards with former Anheuser Busch VP Wayman Smith.

Singer Sevin Lii (right) was the HOTS best dressed that nite. The sista next to her--not so much--too Vegas showgirl for a ball..

This lady's dress was elegant but it was "de-eleganized" with the red purse and heels.

Lindenwood University faculty and students.

The Dewitts, Bill and Ira, whos wearing the black white split party dress.

The talk and shot of the night. Ashanti performing and giving Nelly a lapdance on stage.


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