Monday, January 24, 2011


Photos by B Free Paparazzi (first pic) and Ma'atology
YOURS TRULY, Ma;at Atkins, on the scene at the event. Check out who performed during this R&B showcase extravaganza.

Host Tendai Morris took some time to take an OUTCAM pic.

Attendees included London Christian and his sista pals.

Morris and background singers Blu, Nick Gordon and Rachel Nicole along with band, A List get it started.

B-day girls Miqua Alvarez and cafe Soul co-promoter Angela Brown.

Gettin it started was poet Xplicit who spat out some hilarious baby mama haiku.

The brotha on the far right was, eh, different. He performed the classic tune, "Ooh Baby Baby."

He was knee deep in it. LOL

Silky Sol preachin' to the crowd about supporting local artists...and her CD.

Sol got the crowd back into the energy as she did a Milli Jackson version of Jill Scott's "The Way."

Sol and singer Charisse "Swanzilla" Swan.

Blu and her guitar always doin sumpin original.

The crowd (Recognize anyone?)

This sista did Prince's (or was it Alicia Keys' version ) "How Come You Dont Call Me Anymore."

Former McDonalds R&B/Soul Search winner Justin Hoskins sang Gap Band's "Outstanding" (and after intermission sang "Fire and Desire" with a young lady during the Teena Marie tribute).

Rachel Nicole and Shaneitha gettin their jam on.

Hoskins and Swan and Morris gettin it in.

Angel (and her ankle boots) performed. LOL

Cafe Soul fave Jamie Spencer sang Anthony Hamilton' s"The Point of it All."

Current McD's R&B/Soul search winner Katrina Reece sang Beyonce's "Irreplaceable"

Reece was accompanied by Blu.

The highlight of the nite was Miss Trish singing a comparable note by note rendition of Kelly Price's "Friend of Mine."

She had folk throwing dollaz on the stage!

Peopel gettin their dance on during intermission.

The Blues--Becky and Larry Blue were in the cut.

Brown and Majic 104.9's Arika Parr

Pic man Teddy Blackett in the cut snappin pics and drinkin well backs. lol

Morris reunites with group member Tasha B. the two thirds of their 90s trio Tiorah,

Alvarez gettin her party on with the crowd.

On the mp3s was Derrty DJ, C Note.

Comedian Darius Bradford added comic relief to the event as always ribbing the band's drummer for having just one drum.

Bradford was in his element.

Morris started off the Teena Marie tribute performing "Square Biz"

Swan, Reece and Shaneitha watchin the action on stage.

Up next was Tiffany Balton who sang, "Portuguese Love"

NOTE: We left soon after Tiffany Balton she sang "Portuguese Love"to head over across the street to Locust at Exo to peep out some if Pink Friday (SEE OUT 957) featuring Teresa Jenee and guest DJ Solange Knowles. But we did hear that there was one sista who was preparing to walk up on stage with Justin Hoskins to perform the classic Rick James and Teena Marie duet "Fire and Desire" but as she was fast-walking up on stage she did an accidental split and fell (WOOPS!). Meanwhile, when we headed back to the Loft to get ready to drive out the parking lot we heard Shaneitha, who was the closer, performing "Lovergirl."

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