Monday, January 24, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology There's singer/actress-turned dee-jay Solange taking a pic with STL deejay Reminise at the dee-jay booth on the second floor.

Solange and Reminise share a laugh as she preps to take over.

Solange gettin her laptop of tunes set.

"You sure I can do this Rem? " LOL

The crowd awaits Solange's dee-jay skills..

Solange about to punch up the tunes.

In serious mode.

RECAP: We got there about midnite so we missed opener singer TeresaJenee who performed on a makeshift stage on the fist level in the first VIP area and soon after we got up to the second level and got situated, she was escorted near the dee-jay booth by some bouncers at the club. Exo co-founder Fred Finley introduced her to the crowd (but he made an err saying that her big sister was Beyonce. Solange smiled but we are sure she didnt like that intro. LOL) She took a few pics as folk snapped away from the crowd of her. Right before she was about to punch up tunes she said, " I only ask for one request...that you dont take pictures while I'm tryin to dee-jay." The majority of the crowd cheered after her commnet(but we think they cheered because she actually said something not what she actually said). She started off her set with the hood hit, "Wipe Me Down." Soonafter, that was our cue to bounce.

We wonder if more established dee-jays like Biz Markie or Kid Capri or Spinderella at that matter woulda asked such a request, especially with people paying money to see someone in person. Anyway, her first song she spun was "Wipe Me Down," and it pretty much was blazay after that. In the house were some of the St. Louis Rams former and current (e.g. Orlando Pace) who had a VIP area roped off next to the dee-jay booth.

Here's what an OUTTOWN socialite who was there said about Solange's DJ skills: Shes really good..the crowd was jumping..give her an A..talked to Dj Needles and he agreed that she's good.


We checked out Charisse "Swanzilla" Swan's (second from left) weekly R&B showcase Love Jones last Saturday at the Delmar Lounge. This week was a special sista soul version of it. Pictured were participants after the event (from left) Coco Soul, Swan, Shaneitha, Tendai Morris, Katrina Reece and Reecey (not pictured Ms Trish and Tiffany Elle)

We got there an hour in the showcase.

During one of the breaks, Reece, Swan and Morris had taken a snap with OUTCAM.

Swan sang several songs with the band, Love Jones, including Deneice Williams' "Free."

Morris sang Mary J Blige's "Be Happy."

Reece performed next

Miss Tish sang two songs. One was Jill Scott's "Lonely Whenever Youre Around."

Tiffany Elle performed.

As did Shaneitha.

Swan brought on Coco Soul, who was greeted with a welcoming hug by Swan when she arrived. Swan told the crowd that Soul created Cafe Soul and was one of the singing greats in St. Louis . Although she wasnt planning to sing but with much egging from Swan, she sang Chaka's "Aint Nobody."

Soul gettin into the tune.

NOTE: This was a landmark moment as some of the STL area talented female singers showcasing their talent. It was like a STL-soul version of Lilith Fair. It was laid back and enjoyable. Now if we could only get an explanation about the guy who was there, brushing his hair and face constantly and walking the floor only on the white squares (he even did a squat ). LOL.

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  1. Solange is my baby. I totally love her. It was nice to see black people having a good time for a change.