Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Photos by Jackie Phillips (first pic and for more of her pics from this event go to and Ma'atology

Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins doin the trademark hand sign posed with poet/promoter Aireez Darychuss during the music video shoot. Check out below pics from this event.

Mo Tre took some time to take a pic with some of the ladies who were extras in their video shoot.

The recoding booth area. It was a lot of hurry up and wait goin on during the shoot.

The hallway, one of the scenes for the shoot.

Therre's rapper Yung Ro who was a guest star in the video shoot.

No, its not the OUTCAM out of focus, it's the hallway filled with smoke from a smoke machine prepping for the scene.

Mo Tre and many STL personalities gettin ready for another scene in the vocal room.

Now this pic was out of focus. LOL. Here, is the vocals room with a huge light set for the video shoot.

Folks chillin and networkin a bit before the next scene.

A shot of the recording area from the vocals area. Seen is Hot Rod of the Evening Whirl takin pics.

Singer Kawanee and singer/guitarist Wildmann were some of the attendees who came to support.

DJ Raydar and DJ Krisstyle in their battle scene.

A shot of one side of the recoding track console.

Two lovely ladies from the video shoot.

The final scene of the video being shot .

Another shot of the final scene.

RECAP: This was a music video shoot for Mo Tre's single "Crush" (and the soda name was one of the sponsors of the video by the way) featuring Ebony Eyez (who unfortunately did not show up and had a leading man who was there, King Dot Aurelius). Directed by Remrod, the theme of the video was a house party (the invite to the shoot was BYOB). There was no info as of yet as to why Eyez did not attend (maybe she is still on her "Not Doing Free" stance) or the date when the video will be complete or where it will be aired. OUTTOWN will keep ya posted!

And thanks to Jackie Phillips, manager of Mo Tre, for the invite!

UPDATE: There was a second video shoot at Moonrise Hotel on Wednesday and Ebony Eyez did show up to that one.

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