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OUT 949--ILLI MO ARTS and ENT BITZ (JAN. 6- Jan 12)


HAPPY 2011!



The BIG NEWZ STORY this week was the debut of Chitown talk show queen Oprah Winfrey’s new network OWN debuting New Years Day . The channel, that replaced Discovery Health in 85 million homes, kicked off noon ET Jan 1 , with a Winfrey-hosted preview of the net’s offerings which reportedly posted a 0.7 household rating from noon-12:30 p.m. according to preliminary Nielsen numbers. That may not sound like much, but considering that it’s a 555% gain compared to the same time period four weeks ago and 1100% gain year-to-year.

Ratings peaked in primetime with the net’s marquee show: Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. The show, which goes behind the scenes for the final season of Winfrey’s syndicated talk show, propelled OWN to a 1.0 rating form 8-9 p.m. and a 0.9 for the 9 p.m. episode, for gains of nearly 500% compared to the same period four weeks ago and year-to-year.

In primetime, the network pulled in 399,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic and 507,000 in the 25-54 demographic. That was far better than Discovery Health’s year-ago averages for the night; 92,000 in 18-49 and 118,000 in 25-54.

There was an hour of "Master Class," featuring celebrity friends of Oprah talking about what made them so special.

There was an hour of "Kidnapped by the Kids," a charming reality show in which an overworked parent every week is forced to take a week's vacation and spend it entirely with his family -- no computers or cell phones allowed.

There was "Miracle Detectives," in which a real-life Mulder and Scully investigative paranormal phenomenon from the viewpoints of faith and science.

And the three gurus who probably owe more to Oprah than anyone else -- Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman -- hosted a two-hour show Sunday in which they answered viewer questions.

Also promoted by Oprah: a cooking show, a sex show hosted by Laura Berman (who used to have a sex show on Discovery Health), and, almost inevitably, a reality competition to pick the host of their very OWN show on OWN.

Among OWN’s target demographic of women 25-54, the network averaged a .9 rating (with 1 million total viewers) in primetime on Jan. 1. That helped propel OWN to the third most-watched cable network for the night (behind ESPN and USA) in the 8 and 9 p.m. hours. But by Sunday, OWN’s household number was down 33% in primetime.

Nevertheless, expectations are high for Winfrey’s network, which was three years in the making at a cost of nearly $200 million.

Viewers also chimed in on the debut of the network.

"I've gotta say that so far I've not been impressed with the new Oprah Winfrey Network," Julie Rehm posted Sunday on Facebook page, after OWN had been online 24 hours. "It seems like it's just behind-the-scenes looks at her show. Who cares? Give me back my Discovery Health!"

Lisa Mateas seconded that emotion. "Killing off Discovery Health for OWN was a bad move on Discovery's part. We want Discovery Health back!"

Also, many O fans expressed dismay that they could not receive the new OWN network without paying to upgrade their cable television packages money that several said they could not afford.

I guess you can please everybody, but with all of the money and hype on this network, we are sure the Big O will be OK. Have you seen the network? What do you think?

In unrelated Oprah newz, a man in Australia has threatened to sue Tourism Australia after he claimed that the idea to bring talk show host Oprah Winfrey Down Under was actually his suggestion. According to New Kerela’s website, Reef Encounter managing director John Heuvel said he had spent 200,000 dollars developing and pitching his idea between 2004 and 2009 and would sue the tourism body as he had "got shafted". He claims the then-managing director of Tourism Australia, Scott Morrison, had assured him in 2005 he would not be shut out of any deal to bring Winfrey to Australia.

But when Winfrey finally did bring her crew and audience to Australia during a highly publicized tour last month, they did not spend time in Cairns or use his dive services. Although he is yet to prepare or file a statement of claim, Heuvel said he planned to sue Tourism Australia for "millions" on the grounds of breach of contract. Heuvel said Morrison, now the federal opposition's immigration spokesman, was enthusiastic when told about the Winfrey visit idea in 2005 and gave him a written guarantee of involvement.

Yea we think he should be compensated if he has a contract stating such, but then again, if there is fine print that he didn’t read, it could be another story. But it wasnt the O;s fault the country's rep didnt hold up his end of thr deal. Seems like dude just want to piggy back on the pub while its still hot.

According to reports, ST. Louis native rock legend Chuck Berry who fell ill with exhaustion and was escorted from stage during a Chicago concert Dec 30 returned home this week to Wentzville, a friend, Joe Edwards, said Monday.

The performer, 84, did not require hospitalization and Edwards said he appeared to have fully recovered.

"I think it was just exhaustion," Edwards said, noting that Berry played two shows in New York on New Year's Eve, then flew to Chicago where he played at the Congress Theater on Saturday night

"I think by the time the concert in Chicago got near the end, he just got tired," he said.

Berry's agent, Dick Alen, said in an e-mail that the singer "feels tired but good."

Edwards said Berry returned to his home on Sunday afternoon, and that he is feeling well enough to prepare for a Jan. 19 concert at Blueberry Hill. Berry has performed monthly concerts at the bar and restaurant that Edwards owns since 1996.

"He's in great shape," Edwards said of the singer."He's very healthy. He doesn't smoke or drink. He cuts his own grass," Edwards said.

A man who attended the Chicago concert said Berry gave an erratic, out-of-tune performance before he was helped off the stage. After a few minutes he came back, thanked the crowd and gave a brief description of what happened, then did a few steps of his famous "duck walk" before calling it a night

The man is 84 for Heaven sake! He continues to tour more than most people half, no, MORE than half his age. Tired? Say 84 years tired. We commend Berry, but as I mentioned in MINI BITZ (SEE BELOW), if youre gonna go, you might as well go what you do best.

St. Joseph, Mo native rap superstar Eminem was the big music winner at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards that were presented Wednesday at the Nokia Theatre inHollywood. He won a total of four awards: Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Hip Hop Artist, Favorite song and Video for :Love the way You Lie” feat Rihanna. He did not attend.

The other ILLIMOians who won was Doloth, Ill. native Jane Lynch for Favorite TV Comedy Actress (“Glee”). Chitown talk show queen Oprah Winfrey lost the favorite Talk Show Host Award to Conan O’Brien. Who said after winning and beating out Oprah: ""We have a problem." He joked: "When you're up for an award against Oprah, you don't want to win. It makes Oprah very, very angry."


And in related Em newz, his 2010 comeback CD “Recovery” reached another landmark when Billboard Magazine announced this week that it was United States' best-selling album of 2010, with 3.42 million copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The MC had previously nabbed the top-selling album of the year in 2002, when "The Eminem Show" moved 7.61 million. It's the first time since SoundScan began tracking music sales in 1991 that an act has copped the top-selling album in more than one year.

Last week Chitown bed rap superstar Kanye West released his video to his single,”‘Monster’ which has been getting the Muppet treatment. A fan video remixing West's posse cut has hit the Web, combining Jim Henson's fuzzy creatures and profanity-laced rhymes in the most awesome way possible. The video, which was posted on YouTube Jan 4 has a ton of highlights: a dreadlocked Cookie Monster slaying Jay Z'a verse, Dr. Teeth asking, "The best living or dead, hands down, HUH?" and Cookie Monster aping Rick Ross while wearing gold chains are all hilarious images. But nothing in the video can top the mash-up of Nicki Minaj's show-stopping verse and Miss Piggy's leather-clad rant, which starts at 1:43. The bit works so well that we half-expect Lil Kim to issue a Miss Piggy diss track. While Kanye West readies the official cut of his disturbing "Monster" video, the rapper apparently approves of this fan homage. He posted a link to the video on Perez Hilton from his Twitter account. .

Speaking of Ye and Twitter his memorable tweets has inspired singer and Sing off judge Josh Groban went on The Jiimmy Kimmel Show Monday and did a parody of songs based on popular Ye tweets. Josh Groban announced his new album, "Josh Groban: The Best Tweets of Kanye West." Says Groban: "At most, his tweets are 140 characters. But the depth of his passion is immeasurable."

To see the video go to

And in more Ye newz, his former No. 1 critically acclaimed CD, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” made a resurgence on the Billboard 200 Chart this week moving from No. 19 to No. 6 in its sixth week on that chart. The CD has already sold close to 900,000 copies and reaching platinum status.

St. Louis natives Cardinals veteran Stan Musial and poet-educator Dr. Maya Angelou will receive their National Medal of Freedom Awards from President Barack Obama at the White in a ceremony Feb 15 .The award is the highest honor presented to a civilian in the United States by the president. The Presidential Medal of Freedom recognizes those who have made an "especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." The award was first given by President Harry S. Truman in 1945 to honor civilian service, and was revived in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy. Other honorees are Holocaust survivor and Scottsdale resident Gerda Weissmann Klein, President George H.W. Bush, artist Jasper Johns, optometrist Tom Little, who was murdered by the Taliban while he was on a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Speaking of Dr. Maya Angelou she released a new book, a cookbook, called “Great Food All Day Long.” The book shares her favorite recipes along with poems published by Random House.
"The food is really that good. And it made me laugh and I love to laugh," she says.
Drawn from her childhood and compiled through her many travels, the book shares stories about food, friends and family, and how closely they connect.
"Eating is so intimate," Angelou says. "It's very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you're inviting a person into your life."
From roasted chicken, to creamy pork hash, to crème caramel cake, Angelou's recipes are rich and infused with plenty of hearty flavors.
"I believe that if a person has something so delicious, he or she will say after five or six bites, 'That is exactly what I want,'
" she says.

And when a person's palate is completely satisfied, they'll be hesitant to overeat, she claims.
"Over the last few years, I've taken off 50 pounds just doing that, eating well," she says. "Not trying to, but really pushing the plate away when I'm full and going back later."
Angelou started honing her culinary skills at a young age. After learning the basics from her paternal grandmother, she gained experience in her mother's kitchen.
"She would say, 'Watch me.' We would watch her. And she would talk about the food. And about once a month, she'd take us out to dinner and ask us, 'Now, what do you think about this? How do you think this was prepared?' Great lessons I'll remember."

Today, Angelou hosts parties and feeds her neighbors and friends on a frequent basis.

"There are people who come from far and near to eat my food," she boasts with a chuckle. "And so when they come into my kitchen and have a glass of wine while I'm cooking and while I'm having a glass of wine, the idea I hope is that when they return to their homes they will try the dishes themselves."

We don’t know about yawl, but we are hungry. LOL


Along with Kanye west’s chart newz, St. Louis bred rap mogul Nelly’s 2010 comeback single, “Just A Dream” has returned to the Top 10 on Billboard ‘s Hot 100 moving up two spots to No. 10 making it 17 non-consecutive weeks in the Top 10 and 20 weeks altogether His Cd, “5.0”, has resurged a tad moving up from No. 75 to No. 61 in its 6th week on the Billboard 200 Album Chart .Chitown singer/producer Kelly’s throwback 50s hit, “When A Woman Loves” is also resurging on the Hip Hop/R&B charts as it moves up six spots back into the Top 20 at No. 16 in its 19th week. His latest song, the title cut from his CD, “Love Letter’ has seemed to have peaked at No. 38 as it falls seven spots to No. 45 in its 6th week. The album itself falls down one spot to No. 14 peaking at No. 6 two weeks ago. ..Chitown rapper Twista holds a third week at No. 6 on the Hip Hop/R&B chart with his latest hit, “Make a Movie” featuring Chris Brown.

Although the St. Louis Rams lost the playoff contingency against The Sehawks last Sunday, they made big ratings with their first prime time aired game in six years. It was the biggest rated game since 2004 with a12.6 Overnight rating topping last year's season-ending game(Bengals-Jets, 11.4/18) by 11% and , including the best overnight for a Week 17 game in SNF history, Plus, it is the highest season-ending overnight rating in the five-year history of "Sunday Night Football." The rating peaked at a 13.4/23 from 11-11:15 p.m. ET at the end of the game.

In related Rams newz, they are 14th in the 2011 NFL Draft pick tied with the Miami Dophins with a 7-9 record. Their pick is the lowest pick for the organization since 2006. The draft will take place April 28-30 at Radio City Music Hall.


And in unrelated Rams newz, its flag man of 15 years Ed Fadler is retiring.


Former St. Louis Cardinals Mark McGwire didn’t make the cut in the 2011 Baseball hall of Fame. For a player to be voted into the MLB Hall of Fame they need to get 75 percent of the vote. In McGwire's five years on the ballot, he's received between 19.8 percent (this year) and 23.7 percent of the vote, failing to come close to reaching the necessary 75 percent approval for passage. But according to the Baseball Writers' Association of America, who selects the honorees, have been reported as saying, “ He isn't getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame unless he buys a ticket and takes a tour with the family.” McGwire is banned in Cooperstown beacsue of his dealings with substance enhancement drugs.


In unrelated Cards newz, Albert Pujols is renegotiating his contract this week with the Cardinals organization. From reports, the talks have been positive. The word comes from anonymous sources, as Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak and Pujols' agent Dan Lozano have pledged to keep talks confidential. Pujols is entering the final year of a deal he signed in 2004 and will make $16 million after the Cardinals exercised their option on him days after last season ended.

R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe celebrated a brithday this week. He was born in Decatur, Ga. but was an army brat and graduated from Collinsville High School in Collinsville, Ill.

Chicago resident Calvin Tran is still on The Fashion Show in WEEK SEVEN of the show . He was one of five contestants left. The show airs Tuesdays on Bravo TV


Embattled SLU students Kwamain Mitchell and Willie reed will return to Saint Louis University Friday. The men could also be back on the practice floor next Monday, according to Reed, Sr. They are expected to be redshirted, so they will not play this season. They are expected to play the next two seasons with the Billikens. Reed's father, Willie Reed Sr., said Monday that his son had submitted the paperwork necessary for reinstatement to the school, the first day he was eligible to do it. Mitchell's camp has remained quiet throughout the process, but considering he has maintained throughout his intention to return, he most likely has as well

The university reportedly remained mum on just about every subject related to the situation, repeating Monday that Mitchell and Reed were not enrolled in the university and nothing more.

Mitchell and Reed, who both would be juniors, were suspended from school days before the start of basketball practice in October after the school found they had violated its code of conduct. The two were among four players involved in an incident that led to St. Louis police investigating a sexual assault complaint.

The circuit attorney decided not to file charges in the case, but Reed and Mitchell — the other two players are no longer at the university — had to face campus disciplinary charges. According to a source, the university's student conduct committee originally recommended a one-year suspension, but after an appeal, the university allowed the two to apply for reinstatement after one semester.

From the start, Mitchell said he planned to return to SLU after sitting out a semester. Reed, meanwhile, asked for and received permission to contact other schools but eventually decided to return to SLU

Good for these two guys. But unfortunately the allegations will remain with him for the rest of their lives.


According to, St. Louis club Club Amensia may close down. The owners of the nightclub, The Trupiano family(PICTURED), are trying to sell the rights to their Washington Avenue space.

Facing city and neighborhood attacks on its liquor license, is looking for a buyer for the club, said co-manager Nick Trupiano.

"We're trying to salvage any investment we can salvage," he said. "They've already killed our business, and killed our name. Basically, our only other option is to lose every dollar we've put in there - or we try to sell it to a couple investment groups who have contacted us."

The club, renamed Club Amnesia(formerly Lure), has been locked in legal battles for the past several months

In September, a city judge revoked owner Aprille Trupiano’s license but the club immediately appealed. The Trupianos have long maintained that Lure is not responsible for violence downtown, pointing out that fights and attacks have happened at several other Washington Avenue clubs as well

The appeal is now close to a hearing in circuit court. There is interest in taking over the lease, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Tucker Boulevard. But, he said, neighbors have told him they don't want any club. "It kinda makes it difficult to try to sell," he said. "It pretty much puts us in a vice. No matter what we do, there's this black cloud over Lure.

Moreover, the sale to any new owner would likely be contingent on them getting a new liquor license - a prospect that could be impossible if Walsh rules on the neighborhood petition first.

We think if they do sell their rights to the space, it probably will be turned to something other than a club. But the question is, what are the owners of the space Kwame Building Group 9and its manager former club owner Sonya ItalicBranscomb) thinks about all the controversy and possible sell out


Speaking of club problems, Pulse Nightclub in Baden had to close shop Xmas Nite after shots rang out in front of the club killing and injuring several teens who were carousing in front of it. A second teenager shot Christmas night outside of a north St. Louis night spot has died this week. Orlando Willis, 16, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Ranisha "Precious" Cole, 17, died last Saturday of gunshot wounds to her head and abdomen that she suffered in the same shooting outside The Pulse nightclub. Her funeral was Thursday.

R&B diva in training Fantasia’s Back To Me Tour wrapped up in St Louis on New Years Night at The Fox Theatre. Opening were singer/reality show star Kandi and R&B heartthrob Eric Benet (TO SEE A REVIEW GO TO


There will be three separate afterparties for Loosecannons State of Emergency Concert that will be hosted by the artists after the concert at Chaifetz Arena Jan 17 . Rick Ross will be at Club Amnesia , Trina will be at The Loft and Lloyd will be at The Label. The afterparties will be sponsored by Loose cannon, Mocha Latte, Close To Famous and Sygu.


Grammy Award winning rap/singer Ms Lauryn Hill’s (she change dher name to Ms. Lauryn Hill) concert at the Pageant has been moved from Jan 15 to Jan 16 and the time also changed from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. The reason for the changes were because of Hill’s reported lateness to her set hours each time. Ticket for Jan 15 will still be granted at the door.

Singer Solange Knowles, will be at Exo Jan. 21 for an event titled Pink Friday, where she will DJ.Singing duties will be relegated to STL singer Teresa Jenee.

Hella Fly Promotions / MLO Ent./ Black Vizion Presents....Recording Artist R&B Sensation JAHEIM and Saleena Johnson, Bradd Young Live In Concert Hosted By Comedian Jaylee Thomas @ The Ambassador Sunday Feb 13th The Night Before Valentines Day. The 1st 100 Tickets Will Be Sold For 14$........ General Admission 35$ VIP 45$..... This Will Be One Hell Of A Show As We Celebrate My Business Partner Antoine Love Birthday As Well. Tickets Will Be Sold At Ur Local Ticket Master As Well. For More Info Contact Dano 314) 685-0500. THE OFFICIAL AFTERSET WILL BE @ THE LABEL " Sexy As U Wanna Be Sundays" With 104.1 Dj Cuddy On Da 1s & 2s And DanoDaMano On The Mic Hosting.

The 2011 Boogie Ball will take place Feb. 18 at the Conference Center of the Ameristar Casino with headliners the Commodores

St. Louis native actor and Emmy Award nominee John Goodman has joined the cast of Warner Bros/Paramount's co-production of Jonathan Safran Foer's post 9/11 novel "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," opposite Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Rudin is producing.

"Extremely Loud" focuses on a 10-year-old boy, Oskar (newcomer Thomas Horn), who finds a key in a vase that belonged to his father (Hanks), who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and searches to find the lock-box that goes with it. He encounters several people along the way who are dealing with their own grief in connection with the attacks.

Goodman plays a doorman in Oskar's apartment building who helps the boy exhume his father's coffin. He recently wrapped Kevin Smith's "Red State," and appears in HBO's "Treme."

In unrelated newz, Goodman droveto his hometown Dec 31 during the deadly tornadoes to attend the funeral of a friend. He reportedly did not know the tornadoes were happening.

Rappers Yung Joc and Mystikla performed in St. Louis over the Xmas holiday at Club Amnesia and Imperial Lounge respectively .

STL jazz-blues singer Kim Massie's "Rhythm and the Blues for Babies" concert that scheduled Wednesday at the Sheldon has been postponed. A new date is pending.

Fox 2 News personality April Simpson is continuing her recovery from brain surgery and her video diary of it. You can log on to her Facebook page to see her latest updates.


KMJM radio personality and lip gloss entreprener Tammie Holland will be featured on "Great Day St. Louis" Friday at 10 a.m. on KMOV TV . There, she will do the entertainment report.


Bud Light Presents V2 - Vital VOICE 30th Anniversary Party at Lumen Jan 15 starting at 7pm with entertainment throughout the night (dance, drag, fashion, multimedia, and more!)

STL concert and event promoter Darryl Oliver(FAR LEFT) will be producing a female talk show in St. Louis called Girlfriends Live. It will be a The View type set up where ladies talk about entertainment and events going on the town. The talk show will consist of four ladies (two who will rotate) and will feature promoters/socialites Mocha Latte and Ola (CENTER LADIES in PIC).


Speaking of Ola, she was recently featured on the cooking web show “Happy Plates” with Chef Troy and presented a poker event with poker expert and NY Time Best seller author ken warren at Quintesentials in St Charles. Also, she is debuting her fashion column in Alive Magazine starting this month.

Promoter/model Ashley Salazar is currently modeling for Hustler Hollywood in their print & radio campaign for 105.7 FM The Point/. The photo shoots are taking place this week at the Westin in downtown St. Louis.


STL R&B trio Mo Tre and Ebony Eyez had a video shoot for their song, “Crush” at Phat Buddah Tuesday and Moonrise Hotel on Wednesday (Check out our pics from the Tuesday shoot at


Rap female trio JUNE 5TH'S had a VIDEO RELEASE PARTY for their video, “Dollaz” that was held at THE CITY ULTRA LOUNGE over the Xmas holidays.


Brandts Cafe is under new management and its new owner, Greg Tappella posted a note on Urban Spoon recently to introduce himself to St. Louis.

He wrote: My name is Greg Tappella and I am the new owner at Brandt's Cafe. I just took over on December 8th, and wanted to address the negative reviews personally. While I can not change what occurred at Brandt's in the past, I can assure you that changes have been made, and will continue to be made until Brandt's Cafe is once again a premier destination in St. Louis. While I had no control over what occurred prior to December 8th, I do want to apologize to anyone that may have had a bad experience. The ENTIRE management crew has been replaced, as well as most of the previous staff. I have brought in a great team of people who's main focusing is making sure everything is perfect for our customers.

To celebrate the new management, the venue will have grand reopening Jan 7-9 (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

St. Louis singers Katrina Reese(FAR LEFT) and Charisse Swan are back from their European Christmas concert Tour. They were part of a gospel play with singers, dancers and musicians from the area. They went to seven countries including Berlin and the Netherlands.

Here are some quotes from Reece’s Facebook page during her tour

I actually had an amazing night last night. Brought in the New Year at an OmegaPsiPhi Party in Germany..YES!! All I needed was music and God. Had a 30+ show run on this tour..and the last one is 2nite. I will be home in less than 48hrs and Im soooo ready to break for a bit. This year and decade are going to be the best of my life!! Happy New Year Everyone!!

After this experience I will never look at America the same. We are so spoiled yall..we OVER do EVERYthing for no reason!! So proud that I took a chance and stepped outside the box. Couldnt have done it without God. I have some awesome news to share soon. Let's just say I showed up and showed out lol God is too good!! Back home in less than 24hrs.

There will be a welcome home concert for Reese at the Ambassador this weekend.

To see the pics go to!/album.php?aid=337351&id=612436039

East St. Louis native actor/director Joel King will have a going away WishinG Well party for his departing to move to Los Angeles later this month. He will have his party at Jade, downtown St. Louis, 910 Olive St this Friday. At 8pm. FREE.

There will be two tributes to the late R&B singer Teena Marie. The first will take place Jan 7 at Smoking Joes on 19th and Washington where Cee Jazz Soul performs each Friday. Eventtakes place at 8 p.m. Musicians are welcome to come and jam as well. To jam inobx Cheri Evans on Facebook. On Jan 21, Café Soul will have a tribute to the ivory queen of soul that will take place at the Loft at 8 p.m


Music band Juanita Place will perform Jan 7 at Vintage Vinyl on Delmar starting at 6:30 p.m.


The Label opened a reserved VIP Lounge upstairs over the Christmas holidays.

STL Model and 2009 Miss Missouri Lesley Hunter is running for Inside Stl's Girl Next Door (GND) of the month (she was the GND of the week recently). She is asking for fans to go tto the following link and register and vote for her for GND of the Month. Voting ends Jan 7 at 5 pm. The winner will be revealed Jan 7 at The Sidebar on Washington Ave. doors open at at 9 p.m.. To vote go to


LASTLY, thoughts and prayers goes out to the family of St. Louis model Adrian Martin was found dead at Anhueser Busch III’s home Dec 19 over the holidays. Her cause of death is still pending.

Over the Winter Break, OUTTOWN posted some bitz, to check some of them out go to OUTTOWN ADDS MINI BITZ (some have been amnended or updated on this current posting)


YOURS TRULY is involved in two upcoming projects.

The first is SNAP HONEY, a stageplay about an aging female impersonator who returns home to perform one last time her one woman play and finds out her abusive father is dying and contemplates whether to visit him. The settings will be at a talk show and at the one woman play. The play will take place March 18-20 at The Space, 3016 Locust. It will star Jaron Hicks as Vageena Honey and L.A. Williams as Dr. Welfarus Jones who will reprise their roles from the 2007 stagepoem “Monologues and PENSI illin.” Fro ticket and to get on the list for a discount ticket email


MISTA COUTURE NY ’11. We are seeking sponsors as well as models who would like to audition for the New York auditions. The STL auditions will be around March. One STl model will be chosen to audition in The NYC auditions that will be in April. If you are a gent with style, you can email with a recent head and body shot in your best style of fashion and a brief mp3 video bio of yourself and why you think you are Mr Couture. The show is set for Father’s Day Weekend in NYC. Further details are upcoming.

STL CAPRICORNians B-DAZE(Sunday Jan 2 Thru Saturday Jan 8) Photographer Meredith, event host AI Brown, promoter Tony Russell, and socialites Kandis Henrix (PICTURED) and Gyb Byrd

We will no longer do IN THE MIA FILE.


Who was the lady in the Happy New year hat at Soul Stylz' Pandora event during New years eve at the 4246 House?

Which well known STL personality was seen having an outburst with someone at a recent event?

HINT 1. The personality is a male who came to prominence for their "language"

HINT 2.The person getting blasted works for the public whose first and last name initials are a symbol for "the morning."

HINT 3.The event consisted of a "standard colored theme."

WHO's PRO-MO-CIAL-ICOUS THIS WEEK? The socialites/promoters who got it in this week with their projects are:Ola Hawatmeh and Jackie Phillips (TIE) and Fred Finley and Harry Michel of Exo and Terrence Reynolds (TIE)

Ola Hawatmeh(FAR LEFT). This lovely young lady is starting the New Year off the right as she will become a co-host for the new TV talk show Girlfriends Live starting in Feburary (and taped atThe Loft) next month, was a guest cook on Chef Troy's webcast Happy Plates, hosted a gambling tourney for renowned gambler Ken Warren and will become a guest columnist for Alive Magazine begiining this month.

Jackie Phillips(LEFT) This energetic sista is the propietor of her managemnt company Where You Wanna Be. This week, she oversaw the video shoot for the group Mo Tre whom she manages that had taken place Tuesday at Phat Buddah and Wednesday at Moonrise Hotel. She also was a guest talk show host along with Damno Harris Thursday on his BlogTalk radio Show and on Sunday, she is presding over a showcase featuring acts she manages (Kels da Poet, Thersa payne, Oops) at Club Moe's (SEE EVENTS BELOW)

Terrence Reynolds (RIGHT). This hustler of events is making a name for himself as being the CEO of women's desires with his monthly Magnum XL For Ladies Only shows. This Saturday, he will have one at the usual spot, Escalades (SEE EVENTZ BELOW). And on Wednesday nites, he changes gears for all audiences with Comic Viw Live bringing in national comedians at the Cotton club in Kinloch (SEE ONGOING BITZ).

Fred Finley and Harry Michel of Exo.(FAR RIGHT) Coming off of their NYE event Cufflinks and Stilettos with Koncepts, this venerable duo is also setting the new yeat correct as they prepare for two big events at their upscale hot spot. On Friday, they will have their long running monthly networking event 1st Friday at their venue dubbed The Beat Goes On and on Saturday, they are bringing 90s Groove Theory showcasing music form the 90s. It also was announced that they were selling a limited number of tickets starting this week to its event Pink Friday on Jan 21 that will feature singer Solange Knowles who will debut her DJ skills.


Why did thousands of birds and fish die? Why did a St Louis cop beat a youngster with a billy club and reportedly didn’t file a police report afterwards ? Why did that naval academy officer show porn to his officers? Why is Vivica Fox marrying her 26 year old boyfriend? Why was Snooki chosen to be in the New years Eve Ball at Times Square? Why was Snoop caught getting prepped to do an orgy with two guys and two girls in England? Why is LiL Wayne wearin bunny sneakers? Why did singer Jazmine Sullivan tweet she was quitting the music biz then de-tweeted? Why are reports coming out that the mother of the Princess Boy is tryin to get famous by putting her son in a dress? Why is Toni Braxton thinkin about posing for Playboy? Why is Lil Kim beefin with Nicki Minaj and Keisha Cole? Why did Elton John and his male lover buy their adopted baby son an apartment? And why is the neighborhood near Washington Ave so against nightclubs being in the area but are fine with any other establishment on that street?


Join Stress Free Fridays this Friday, January 7, 2011 as we visit the all new Cotton Club, located at 8132 Scott Avenue in Kinloch...we will not bore you with the awesome specifics, but you need to bring a friend and plenty of business cards and see this amazing prepared to mix/mingle with some of the best professionals of St. Louis...5pm start time!


More Info "NOT JUST A BOOKSTORE presents live music and open mic with performances by: Ce She Lah featuring Trevon Griffith in "RECOVERED" Friday, January 7th @ 8:00pm ...$7.00 admission. For further information, call: 314-531-5900


East St. Louis native actor/director Joel King will have a going away WishinG Well party for his departing to move to Los Angeles later this month. He will have his party at Jade, downtown St. Louis, 910 Olive St this Friday. Jan 7 At 8pm. FREE.


Brandt's Cafe will have its Grand Reopening Weekend Jan 7-9 located 6525 Delmar Blvd

Please join us for our official Grand Reopening Weekend January 7-9!

We have a whole new menu for you to try, along with some great live music all weekend long.

Friday night:

Arvell & Co. will be performing from 6pm-9pm, followed by Alexis Tucci & Friends from 10pm-1am.

Saturday night:

Dinner with Kim Massie from 6pm-9pm (There will be a $5 dollar cover at the door), followed by St. Louis' best DJ, DJ Mahf, from 10pm-1am.

Sunday night:

Karaoke night every Sunday from 8pm-12am.

Magnum XL show at Escalades Sat. Jan 8. (CLCIK ON PIC)

TV personality and author Judge Greg Mathis will be the keynote speaker at Harris Stowe University’s 25th Annuaj MartinLuther King Celebration appropriately themed “Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. State Celebration Commission of Missouri under the Leadership of Dr. Henry Givens, Jr., Chairman,” Mathis will also be honored with the Chairman’s Award at the kick-off program. The program will take place on Saturday, January 8, at 6:30 p.m., in the Main Auditorium of Harris-Stowe’s Dr. Henry Givens, Jr. Administration Building. The event is free and open to the public. A commemorative 25th anniversary program and fan set will be available for a $5 donation. Immediately following the program, there will be a reception, featuring Steve Schankman and the Fabulous Motown Revue, on the ground floor of the Dr. Henry Givens Jr. Administration Building.


There will be a open auditions for the play STILL BROTHERS Sun Jan 9 at Legacy Books and café from 3p.m. to 6p.m/


Where You Wanna Be Ent presents performance with Kels Da Poet, Theresa Payne, Mo Tre and Oops Sunday Jan 9 starting at 8 p.m. at Big Moes.




Check out Mocha Mondays at Mo spoons Martini Mondays at Envys

Check out Mocha at Open Bar Saturdays at The Label.





Mocha's column COFFEE TALK can be seen in the weekly The Evening Whirl newspaper published on Mondays.

For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or


Thursday Jan 6th, Legacy Books & Cafe (5249 Delmar), start time 9pm free / in January, SoulFusion begins, same night same place, but...Cover charge is free before 9pm $5 after 9. Aireez DaRychuss will be the first feature of the year. Come early and join the Bopper Dancers from 6-9 then the Era from 9-12


Rhythm & Words Wednesdays 2nd & 4th Wed every month Meshon's Bar & Grill 410 N Tucker Blvd


ThundaGrownd Thursday Variety Showcase Final Thu. of every month 8:30pm - 10:30pm $5 cover Big Moe's1072 Tower Grove St across from Sweetie Pie's on Manchester


Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic Final Friday of the month $5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free 812 Martin Luther King Dr,East St. Louis


New CD "ThundaGrowndPresentsA.D. Fire & Adrenaline"

Aireez DaRychuss music available online now

MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss



Pericles by William Shakespeare

January 5 - January 30, 2011

Directed by Andrea Frye
Bordellos & abduction, pirates & fisherman, tournaments & hurricanes, politics & intrigue, laughter & tears, loss & reunion, lies & treachery, death & miracles, exhilaration & sex, royalty & commoners, magic & mystery. Across oceans of time and distance, a royal family is torn apart and reunited in this sweeping epic of love, faith, and perseverance. Pericles moves in time through the Diaspora from the shores of pre-colonial Africa to the Caribbean, to New Orleans and twentieth-century Atlanta among others. With lively original music and dance, some of Shakespeare’s most beautiful language transports us from palaces to shipwrecks and storms at sea, to temples and bawdy houses in a panorama of breathtaking visual imagery creating a stunning metaphor for the African American experience.

The show will take place at Grandel Square Theatre in Grandel Square in St. Louis

For times and ticket info go to



By Lynn Nottage

February 9 - March 6, 2011


The Real McCoy

By Lynn Nottage

March 16 – April 10, 2011


Black Pearl Sings!
By Frank Higgins
April 20 – May 15, 2011


The Montford Point Marine

By Samm-Art Williams

May 25 – June 26, 2011


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