Monday, January 31, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology Therre's MPAC's Mo Spoon in pose mode with an attendee up in VIP at his 5th Year Anniversary of his female model contest/party Eye Candy held at The Loft last Friday. check out the haps-pics below from this much talked about event!

Loft owner Drexel Stith checkin out the scene from the stage. Looks like the sista in the purple dress was glad to see somebody. LOL

It was open bar up in there for the occasion.

The bartenders were workin overtime!

Art Expressions had it on lock on the club pics.

This sista was on the text for awhile. Check out below who she was textin.

Derrty DJ Cuddy had the MP3's spinnin up in there.

Mo Spoon was gettin the crowd hyped early on.

Spoon and the overflow.

One of the VIPs there was Liquid Assets Phil Assets who was bottoms up for real!

The VIP area consisted of the movers and shakers in the STL includin the tallest VIPer, LME's Otto Nichols.

LME's Tim Cortez (Slater) was one of four peeps on the mic gettin it hype.

Cortez and Eye Candy Model rep Miss Bridgette, who also tag teamed on the mic.

The Rose Man Proxy came up in there with the balloons, bears and flowers. .

The ye Candy Models gettin their party on in VIP.

The Ruff Ryder Motorcycle Club invaded the event. They had a convention in town last weekend and came through to party.

The sista who was textin? Here is who she was tryin to locate....

The sista in the red shirt.

As the free liquor poured, so was the frisky and freaky as you can see.

Another shit of VIP with the sista gettin a full view from a standing on a chair.

Rapper Koko C'Vere got the crowd mobbin as DJ Cuddy played his tune, "Mob Deep."

NOTE: This was a well attended event, close to 1,000 folk at a given moment. What added to the numbers was the out of towners from the Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club who were in town for a convention. their stay culminated when they all gathered on stage as Cuddy played DMX's"Ruff Ryders" as they did their ritual dance and cat calls. But it all closed ship for them around 1ish when a member of the crew got on the mic and said that it was time for them to bounce as though they were in a field trip from school (We are not for sure that a bus was outside waiting to take them to the hotel they were stayin, but its likely that was the case).

There were some off the chain moments as well. We saw a sista in VIP falling to the floor on her back and gyrating, a brotha who was smoking that Ooooh weee, up in VIP take his shirt off and exposing his upper body when the sista was on the floor, but he quickly put on his shirt(and his upper body was less than flattering. LOL), then we saw two guys and a sista dancin but one of the guys was dancin behind the otha guy up on his backside, and back in VIP, we saw some sistas gettin their feel up on each other (We will talk more on this for our BLIND DISH moment this week in ILLI MO BITZ).

Also in the crowd was comedian Darius Bradford, Hella Fly's King Kerry, 3 Way Promotions Big Tah, models Shanell Howard and Michelle Starr, Close to Famous Triky Haley and SYGU's Eddie Hollman.


We checked out Dynamic Fitness Center's 2nd year Anniversary that had a Meet The trainers event at Lola's. Pictured are trainers Kendall Bolar, Shannon "King Dot" Johnson, Jeric Murphy, Derrick Pitts , Quantarrius Wilson (who also was at Eye Candy party) and Dynamic owner Deanthony Moore.

Moore takes a pic with one of his clients, Miss Erin, ho is also an award winning bodybuilder.

Johnson talks with one of his clients.

The crowd consisted of most of Moore's 300 clients who works out at his studio

A poster board showing pics from the studio.

A close up of one side.

A close up of the other side.

Another poster of the studio.

The sign up sheet for new clients.

Trainers and clients gettin their socializin on.

A long shot of the Absinthe Bar area where the party was held at Lola's.

NOTE: There were several oncomers who came through while we were there including MPAC's Mo and Maranda Spoon (Who told us about her bday party next weekend at The City), Cafe Soul hostTendai Morris and her nubby (who was coming from a bday party for Cafe Soul co-creator Angela Brown at Jive N Wail across the street), promoter Keenan Harris and up and coming art curator Carlton Mitchell. There was a champagne toast earlier for their anniversary and appetizers, there also was a cupcake spread throughout the tables. There was another event going on in front of Lola's with a rock hip hop band on stage and a visual artist who was drawing and selling their wares.


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