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The Groundhog didn’t see his shadow (cuz it was sleeping) Wednesday, so we guess Spring is coming early. LOL

Our Black History Month Spotlight this week is

Grammy Award nominated Chicago native gospel/R&B singer Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples began her career with her family group The Staples Singers in 1950. Initially singing locally at churches and appearing on a weekly radio show, the Staples scored a hit in 1956 with "Uncloudy Day" for the VJ Label. .When Mavis graduated from what is now Paul Robeson High School in 1957, The Staples Singers took their music on the road. Led by family patriarch Roebuck Pops Staples . on guitar and including the voices of Mavis and her siblings Cleo, Yvonne, and Pervis,.

With Mavis' breathy alto voice and Pops' songs, singing, and guitar playing, the Staples evolved from enormously popular gospel to become the most spectacular and influential spirituality-based group in America. By the mid-1960s The Staple Singers, inspired by Pops' close friendship with Martin Luther King Jr. , became the spiritual and musical voices of the civil rights movement. . The group signed to Stax Records in 1968, joining their gospel harmonies and deep faith with musical accompaniment from members of Booker T and the MGs. The Staple Singers hit the Top 40 eight times between 1971 and 1975, including two No. 1 singles, "I'll Take You There" and "Let's Do It Again."

Staples made her first solo foray while at Epic with The Staple Singers releasing a lone single "Crying in the Chapel" to little fanfare in the late 1960s.[ Her first solo album would not come until a 1969 self-titled release for the Stax label. After another Stax release, Only for the Lonely, in 1970, she released a soundtrack album, A Piece of the Action, on Chicago native the late Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label. A 1984 album (also self-titled) preceded two albums under the direction of rock star Prince: 1989's Time Waits for No One, followed by 1993's The Voice, which People magazine named one of the Top Ten Albums of 1993. Her recent CD You Are Not Alone is the 12th album by Staples , released September 14, 2010 on ANTI. It was nominated for Best Americana Album at this year’s annual Grammy Awards slated for Feb 13.


The Democratic Party announced this week that Charlotte would be the home of their four-day nominating convention in 2012, and the news came via First Lady Michelle Obama in an e-mail, where she said Barack and her want a “people’s convention.”

More than anything else, we want this to be a grassroots convention for the people. We will finance this convention differently than it’s been done in the past, and we will make sure everyone feels closely tied in to what is happening in Charlotte. This will be a different convention, for a different time.

To help us make sure this is a grassroots convention — The People’s Convention — we need to hear from you. We want to know what you’d like to see at next year’s convention, how and where you plan on watching it — and the very best way we can engage your friends and neighbors.

Charlotte beat out three other cities who competed for the honor, Cleveland, St. Louis (WHICH IS IS THE BIG STL STORY BELOW) and Minneapolis. The DNC will begin on September 3, 2012.

Chicago based talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, which produces "The Oprah Winfrey Show", announced this week that they will be embracing "Meatless Mondays" at the Harpo Cafe. The inspiration for it was during Oprah's "Vegan Challenge" television special that aired Monday on her daytime talk show-, which featured guests like Michael Pollen author of "The Omnivore’s Dilemma," and wellness expert Kathy Freston, (PICTURED) and in its wake has created a massive amount of interest in the animal-free diet. Oprah and over 300 of her staff members went on a vegan diet for seven days and the results of the challenge were revealed on the show -having lost over over 444lbs (and gained 84lbs). It was not known if Oprah lost or gained weight or is continuing the diet.

WOW The First Lady’s challenge with exercise and health and Oprah with the vegan challenge, we must say, the Top2 Black Ladies of America, with Chicago roots, are putting the lifestyle to the forefront.

ILLIMOIANS were repped at this years Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Last Sunday, the Screen Actors Guild Awards were given out and, again, Best Actor went to St Louis junior high school grad and British born Colin Firth for his role in The Kings Speech. The ensemble cast of "The King's Speech" also won an award for Ensemble (equivalent to Best Picture) On Saturday, the film's director, Tom Hooper, won top honors from the Directors Guild. Its pretty much a shoo in that Firth will win the Oscar for Best Actor later this month (Feb 27 to be exact)


The Betty White Fan Wave is continuing for the octogenarian from Oak Park, Ill. She took home the SAG award for outstanding female in a comedy series for her role as Elka Ostrovsky in the TV Land comedy Hot in Cleveland.

She was noticeably shocked as she got a standing ovation for winning and was helped to the podium by presenter and St. Louis native/Mad Men actor Jon Hamm. "I can't believe this," White told the crowd. "This [is] the biggest surprise I've ever had in this business."

The always-entertaining White even managed to crack a few jokes about herself during her short speech, saying, "They had to get the old broad up those stairs and that's not easy," as well as commenting on her vast popularity in old age, when she quipped, "You didn't applaud when I turned 40!"

White managed to edge out four of Hollywood's top comedic actresses for her first SAG win, including Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Jane Lynch (Glee), Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Sophia Vergara (Modern Family).

In related Betty White newz, The Hallmark Hall of Fame movie "The Lost Valentine," that starred White with Jennifer Love Hewitt, was seen by just under 15 million people on Sunday. The Nielsen Co. said that was the most-watched Hallmark movie in four years. Hewitt portrayed a reporter interviewing White about her undying love for a husband declared missing in action in World War II. CBS was showing the movie, around the same time as the Screen Actors Guild Awards was being aired on TBS and TNT. White picked up a SAG award as best actress in a TV comedy series for TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland."

What’s next Betty White’s recording a rap CD? LOL

Speaking of Jon Hamm, for fans who though the Emmy Award nominated hunk was going to put on a Superman uniform to play in the next film, think again. Speaking to MTV on the red carpet of the Golden Globe awards, Hamm said, "I think that's a young man's game. I think I've been aged out of that one." Last fall, as rumors about casting for the next Superman film reboot began to heat up, fans wanted Hamm for the role.

Then, when 'The Social Network' star Arnie Hammer said that he heard the studio was looking to cast an actor age 35-40 for the role, speculation hit a fevered pitch with Hamm even joining the hype.

But while Hamm worked with 'Superman' director Zack Snyder on the upcoming 'Suckerpunch,' he won't be donning the blue and red tights. Instead, Henry Cavill, who is best known to American audiences as Charles Brandon on Showtime's "The Tudors," landed the role of the red-caped superhero in the Zack Snyder ("300")-directed reboot. The movie is expected to hit theaters in December 2012.

Emmy Award winning Chicago native comedian/actress/talk show host Sherri Shepherd is still soaking in the bliss of her recent engagement but realizes she has a lot of planning ahead her. 'The View' co-host admits she hasn't started shopping for her wedding dress because she plans to drastically slim down before tying the knot with her fiance, Los Angeles-based television writer Lamar Sally.

"I still have this fantasy that I'm going to be a size two. I'm hesitant to give everybody my real size," Shepherd lamented to PopEater while flashing her 3-carat princess-cut diamond-and-platinum engagement ring.

Shepherd wants to slim into a "single digit" size before she finds her dream strapless dress. She has hired a personal trainer, who has her doing squats, lunges and lifting weights, to tone her curves in time for her big day.

We applaud Sherri, but isn’t her breasts the biggest part of her?


In unrelated Sherri newz, besides her funny role on 30 Rock and her upcoming appearance on Hot in Cleveland, Sherri will be starring in a TV Land pilot, which co-stars Christine Taylor. Sherri will play a woman working at the Rip City Cola office who is curious about the new boss, played by Taylor. Sherri will play the "drama queen.

We think she should just get her own 30 rock spinoff instead cuz the mock reality show that was aired on a recent episode of 30 Rock was gutbusting funny.

ST. Louis native boxing champ Devon Alexander (21-1, 13 knockouts) lost by HBO televised, 10th-round, technical decision to WBO king Tim Bradley (27-0, 11) Saturday , winning a unanimous decision after their junior welterweight unification title fight was stopped in the 10th round due to an accidental head butt. After he was unable to continue as a result of cuts suffered in the aftermath of the fight's fourth from accidental head butt, there was concern for Alexander, but after another head butt from Bradley to Alexanders face in the 10th was seen as a possible permanent injury.

The fight’s attendance was over 6,000 at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan. Trainer Joe Goossen spoke to FanHouse regarding his thoughts on the way that the fight ended.

Alexander was unable to continue, All three judges gave it to Bradley (27-0, 11 KOs). Duane Ford scored it 97-93, Tom Miller scored it 96-95 and Omar Mintun scored it 98-93.

Alexander (21-1, 13 KOs) complained about his right eye, but the last head butt appeared to get him on the left side of his head.

Ring physician Peter Samet said he stopped the fight because "he (Alexander) literally could not open his eye. I was worried that it was a nerve and that his eye was paralyzed."

Bradley, 27, wearing throwback short shorts reminiscent of Marvelous Hagler, one of his boyhood heroes, was clearly upset that the fight was stopped, stomping around the ring. The crowd booed at the decision as well.

"If that's the best in the world, that's weak," Bradley said. "He just didn't want to get hit with the big shot. Both of us were coming in and going back and forth.

"(But) he's a warrior, he"ll be a champion again. Give Alexander time and he'll box you to pieces. I didn't give him that time."

Alexander and his trainer, Kevin Cunningham, said the head butts were his undoing.

"You can't work in the gym on head butts, only skills," the 23-year-old from St. Louis said.

Said Cunningham: "I told the referee before the fight that Timmy's last six opponents have been cut by head butts. I told him, I told him, I told him."

Referee Frank Garza said he ruled it an accidental head butt. "It was completely different from any previous head butt," Garza said. "I stopped the figfht after consult with the ringside physician."

Samet said he asked Alexander to open his eye three times, "and he couldn't. He said his eye was burning."

Alexander said he couldn't see after the head butt. "He's got a big head. He came at me full force," he said. "My eye was burning, I could not see.

"He didn't stop me from using my skills. I have no excuses."

Alexander said, "there's a rematch clause. And I want a rematch with Timothy Bradley."

It was reported that Alexander actually threw more punches, 475 to 419, and landed one more, 129 to 128. He also landed more power punches, 98 of 304, while Bradley landed 89 of 257. Yet Bradley appeared to be the busier fighter and land the harder punches throughout the fight.

Bradley opened up a cut over Alexander's right eye in the fourth round, and he appeared to have trouble seeing out it the rest of the fight.

This was the first time in nearly 24 years that two undefeated American fighters met in a title match. The last time was in august 1987, when Mike Tyson (30-0 at the time) won the unified title with a 12-round unanimous decision against Tony Tucker(34-0).

Rematch was already in the cards even before the two boxers touched gloves. Hmm, Don King aint no fool, he knows what’s up. But as far as the fight and how it developed, we would have stopped the fight as well if there was clear and present danger to Alexander’s eye.

UPDATE: HBO reported that it is unlikely that a rematch will happen due to the nature of how the fight ended, poor ticket sales and that Alexander wasn't a box office draw. HBO also reported that he has one more shot with a deal with HBO. Promoter Don King also put on hold a possible Thrilla in Manilla 2 with Alexander fighting Manny Pacquio, but after Alexander's loss last weekend, that also doesnt seem likely. Alexander's next fight may be with 2nd lightweight contender Amir Khan.

As the song says" Nobody Wants you when you're Down and Out" but he's still the city's champion!

Chicago based rap star Kanye West is set to make his acting debut in a new film called "The Black Mamba." Also scheduled to appear in the movie will be Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Danny Trejo of "Machete" fame.

According to reports, the new short film is based on Lakers star Kobe Bryant and will be directed by Robert Rodriguez. This will all be a part of a promotional campaign for a new line of sneakers called the Nike Air Kobe Zoom VI's. One of Kobe's nicknames is, in fact, "The Black Mamba."

In the Nike movie, West will play a villainous character trying to get Kobe's sneakers. The film, which already has several trailers leaked online, will debut online on February 19, 2011

In unrelated ye newz, he— along with the likes of the Black Keys, Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B and Mumford & Sons — has just been announced as a nominee for the 2011 Woodie Awards, which will air live from Austin, Texas, during the South by Southwest Music Festival March 16. West is nominated for the "Left Field Woodie," handed out to the year's "most original artist." As in previous years, all the winners will be determined by the public. Voting in all categories for the 7th annual Woodie Awards opened Tuesday (February 1) at, and runs through March 1. Voting for the "Breaking Woodie" award will continue all the way up until the show. Performers and presenters for this year's show will be announced in the coming weeks.

The 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards will air live March 16 at midnight ET/PT on MTV, mtvU and MTV2.

We were remiss on the ILLIMO represenation on the TNT comedy drama Men of a Certain Age. St. Louis native actor Scott Bakula has been reported on the show, but we forgot to mention that co-star Andre Braugher is from Chicago so there’s two ILLMIoians on the show. The show is in its second season.


The upcoming season of Americas Next Top Model’s contestants have been announced and some are from the ILLIMO AREA. They are Kasia age 26 from Wheaton, Illinois and Monique age: 19 from Hebron, Illinois. The new season starts Feb 23 on the CW.


Theres not much rising movements for the artists charting on Billboard charts this week (Akon, Nelly, and R Kelly on the Hip Hop/R&B chart). The three artists who had some rises were Chicgao rapper Lupe Fiasco's single, " The Show Goes On" that moves up 20 spots to No. 51 on teh Hot 100. Kanye West with his single, "All of the Lights" that moves up 5 spots to No. 55 in its 5th week on the Hot 100. It is the 4th single from his former No. 1 CD, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." The other is Chicago native singer Jerimih who moves up two spots to No. 28 in its 12th week with "Down On Me" feat. 50 Cent(it falls six spots to No. 28)


Beside the unheradled bizzard of 2011, the other big story was St Louis not becoming the site for the 2012 Democratic Convention. From reports, Missouri political leaders expressed disappointment Tuesday after learning that the 2012 Democratic National Convention will be in Charlotte, N.C., not St. Louis.

The decision came down to electoral politics, several officials said, evidence that President Barack Obama plans to aggressively compete in traditionally Republican states in the South. Three Midwestern cities — St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis — were the other finalists.

Missouri Democratic Party Chairwoman Susan Montee said the final decision came down to Charlotte and St. Louis

“There are some things that we didn’t have going for us that Charlotte does — like the president won North Carolina” in the 2008 presidential election, she said. Obama lost Missouri to Republican John McCain by 3,903 votes out of more than 2.9 million votes cast.

The decision is more than a blow to the city’s ego. The 2008 Democratic convention in Denver generated $266 million in regional economic benefit and brought in 50,000 people.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri Democrat, said she was “bitterly disappointed,” but “incredibly proud of the bid put forth by St. Louis and how bipartisan the support was.”

Russ Carnahan, Democratic congressman from St. Louis, believes that while the South is important to how the Democrats do in 2012, so is the Midwest. “Obviously, I think this was a huge missed opportunity for the DNC to hold the convention in a swing state that’s in the heartland of swing states,” Carnahan said. “I hope that when we get past the disappointment, St. Louis recognizes what we accomplished.”

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay’s chief of staff, Jeff Rainford, said St. Louis isn’t giving up on a presidential convention: “We’ll try again in 2016.”

We predicted that this would happen and it makes sense. Why would Obama want to rally for his re-election in a city, a state at that matter, that he didn’t win his 2008 election. Hello?


Late last week it was announced that Washington University’s Student Health Advisory Committee was bringing in Dancing with Stars star Bristol Palin to be a part of its Student Sexual Responsibility Week starting Feb. 7

But after student protests soon after the announcement, the school was pressured into renigging Palin’s appearance and $20 K speaker fee from the school’s health budget to bring her. From reports, growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for her talk with student-generated funds" prompted Palin and SHAC to mutually cancel her appearance, the school said in a statement Friday.

The former Dancing WIth the Stars finalist, who became pregnant with now two-year-old son Tripp at age 17, and became a national issue during her mother's Sarah Palin’s 2008VP run , was to have made a 25-minute speech on her life story to be followed by an hourlong panel discussion and a half-hour question-and-answer session, the campus newspaper said Tuesday, with a reception afterward at which students could "interact with Palin one-on-one."

We knew that this wasn’t going to fly. But what’s interesting is, her mother Sarah Palin who came to Wash U in 2008 during the Republican debates, also got protests, but because it was about running for the highest office in the land, the protestors seemed a bit like the albatross.

Meanwhile, PETA is suggesting that the organization's "Sex Talk" ad, which promotes a lifetime of abstinence for cats and dogs, be aired in place of Briston Palin's canceled talk about teen abstinence at Washington University. According to Deb Peterson of St Louis Post, “PETA sent a letter to the campus TV station, WUTV (Channel 22), asking that it air the ad, which promotes spaying or neutering cats and dogs.”.

As the talks between St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols and the organization continues, a new book has come out on Pujols life.

Tim Ellsworth, Union University’s director of news and media relations, has co-authored a new book that describes the stellar career and outspoken Christian testimony of St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols.

Ellsworth and fellow Union alumnus Scott Lamb teamed up to write “Pujols: More than the Game,” which was released Feb. 1.Both Ellsworth and Lamb are avid baseball fans who grew up following the St. Louis Cardinals.

Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville released the book and calls it the first full-length biography about Pujols. The book traces his early life and rise to stardom, his take on the steroid era in baseball, his philanthropic efforts and above all, the role his Christian faith has played – and continues to play – in his life.

St. Louis Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford made the news for cutting off his mane recently. As of Wednesday he cut his hair. It was done after he got an endorsement deal with AXE Hair . As the new spokesperson for AXE Hair, Bradford left Oklahoma, where he's been spending the offseason, and flew to New York to help launch the AXE Buzzed Look Cream + SPF 15. And in honor of that, he got a haircut.

Is it us or does it seem as though Bradford is slowly becoming the new Joe Namath? LOL

In regards to Bradford’s chances of winning Rookie of The year in the NFL, critics are saying it’s a big chance. The award will be announced Friday.


The NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2011 will be announced Saturday a day before Super Bowl XLV. or the first time ever in on "Road to Canton: Pro Football Hall of Fame: Class of 2011 presented by Van Heusen on the NFL Network." .Former St. Louis Rams Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis s are finalists .


Future NFL Hall of Famer and current St. Louis Rams receiver StevenJackson’s NFC side in the Pro Bowl 55-41 over the AFC last Sunday in Hawaii. The Rams; lone rep had six carries for 33 yards and one of the team's innumerable touchdowns; he also caught one pass for 11 yards.

"The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan will be in St Louis Feb 9 to screen the film, The Ride, the movie he made about his cross-country bicycle ride in 2009. He's premiering the movie in 10 cities, including Chicago and St. Louis. The film will be shown at St. Louis Mills cinema. To buy tickets in advance, go to Phil's website,, and click through to Fandango.


Rock band Bon Jovi will be performing May 22 at Scott Trade Center on its last leg of its tour.


2011 Grammy Award nominee R&B singer Kem is headlining the Intimacy Tour March 5 at the Fox Theatre in St Louis. Also on the bill are 2011 El DeBarge (making this his 4th appearance in a year in St. Louis) and Grammy award nominee Ledisi are also on the bill.

Although Wednesday night of Grammy nominated jazz guitarist Stanley Clarke's four-night stand at Jazz at the Bistro was cancelled due to the impending snow in St. Louis, it will be rescheduled. The remaining dates are two shows on Thursday thru Saturday nite. Tickets for Wednesday's shows may be returned to the point of purchase for a refund, or can be used for the new date once announced."Clarke is expected to perform at 8:30 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Thursday-Saturday.

Comedian Adam Carolla will perform April 2 at the Pageant.

St. Louis' journalist/writer Lyah Beth LeFlore will be adding another high profile book project to her impressive resume this spring. LeFlore helped Steve Harvey Show personality Shirley Strawberry follow in the footsteps of her boss by releasing a relationship guide of her own "The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn't Sexy" written with LeFlore and features highlights from Strawberry's decade of offering advice. It will be officially released this April. Lelore also helped to pen Eddie and Gerald Levert’s 2006 book, “I Got Your Back.”


Lumiere Place will open the Stadium Sports Bar and Grill in that space that once housed Sleek , which closed Jan 31,in the spring. The reason for the new venue according to Lumiere Place PR was to have a “more casual concept was better for the location.” From reports, the new bar and grill include more than 40 high-def, flat screen TVs with state-of-the-art sound that will be tuned to sports stations..

The STL based talk show Girlfriends will be taped Thursday Feb 17 at 5: 30 p.m. The Jazz Loft on Olive. It is produced by promoter Daryel Oliver. Television hosts are Marsheena Hall, Mocha Latte , Lauren Vogt, Ola Hawatmeh, and Ashley Miller with three rotating alternates hosts TBA. Audience participants must have a free ticket for taping.

Speaking of Ola, she is one of two STL mover and shaker ladies who are having bday parties this weekend. Ola is haviong hers this Friday at Madarin (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) .and MPAC’s Maranda Spoon will have hers Saturday at The City (SEE EVENTZ BELOW). So Diverse promoter Lisa Rodgers was expected to have her bday party at Binions on Friday night but her party has been postponed to March (Details TBA).

East St. Louis native and current Chitown resident comedian Willie Lynch has a weekly comedy showcase every Thursday at Cigar Inn in downtown Belleville,. Starts at 7 p.m.

STL AQURIANians BDAZEs . Former Clear Channel exec Carol Mayfield, politician Robin Wright Jones, stylist Ola, former STL model Alvin Jackson, actress Willena Vaughn (PICTURED), and promoters Lisa Rodgers and Maranda Spoon.

YOURS TRULY is involved in two upcoming projects.

The first is SNAP HONEY, a stageplay about an aging female impersonator who returns home to perform one last time her one woman play and finds out her abusive father is dying and contemplates whether to visit him. The settings will be at a talk show and at the one woman play. The play will take place March 18-20 at The Space, 3016 Locust. It will star Jaron Hicks as Vageena Honey and L.A. Williams as Dr. Welfarus Jones who will reprise their roles from the 2007 stagepoem “Monologues and PENSI illin.” Fro ticket and to get on the list for a discount ticket email


MISTA COUTURE NY ’11. We are seeking sponsors as well as models who would like to audition for the New York auditions. The STL auditions will be around March. One STl model will be chosen to audition in The NYC auditions that will be in April. If you are a gent with style, you can email with a recent head and body shot in your best style of fashion and a brief mp3 video bio of yourself and why you think you are Mr Couture. The show is set for Father’s Day Weekend in NYC. Further details are upcoming.


Who was the sagging guy wearing the motorcycle jacket and who were the sisters' legs spotted at Eye Candy's 5th Anniversary party at The Loft last Saturday?


Which STL model was gettin' frisky with their friends feeling them up up in VIP at a recent STL event?

HINT 1. The model is female.

HINT 2. One of the model's initials is an "H"

HINT 3. This model was a big winner at last year's Notice Me Awards

HINT 3. And the event was a celebration of this event's "sweet" success

Who was PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS this week in the STL? Singer Coco Soul and promoter Phil Assets.

Coco Soul. Coming off of attending and performing at Cafe Sioul co-creator Angela Brown's bday party last Saturday at the Jive N Wail, this lovely singer is working overtime on her vocals. This Sunday, she fronted Soul Alliance at Lola's, on Wednesday, she was a guest on Tim Ezell's, and on Friday, she returns back to Lola's to front the band, Free.

Phil Assets. Coming off his VIP party appearance at Eye Candy's 5th year anniversary last Saturday at the Loft, he is continuing his weekly events at Amnesia with Relaxed Thursdays, Fusion Fridays and on Saturday, a special Successful Saturdays with a Pre Super bowl Party FREE ALL NIGHT WITH DJ SIR THURL.

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ?????????????????????????????????????????

Why are reports out that Halle Berry is concocting the story that her ex Auburey called her the n-word? Why was QB Jay Cutler spotted walking fine with his girlfriend in the mall? Why did former Chicago Senator and current mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun call one of her opponents a crackhead? Why did St Louis think they were gonna win the Democratic Convention with Republican majority? Why are folks pissed in St Louis that the supposed winter storm of 2011 did not happen? Why are people so fascinated with the Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen and bad girl Linsay Lohan? Why did the rock sister brother duo White Stripes break up? Why is Lady Gaga coming out with a perfume that smells like body fluids? Why is PETA tryin to ban using the groundhog to predict the Spring and replace it with a animatronic replica? And why did Tracy Morgan call Sarah Palin "good masturbation material?" And why are there rumors that Tracy ditched his ex who gave him a new kidney for a new GF?
AT THE BET CELEBRATION TO GOSPEL: Why were there so many assymentrical hairdos and shiney suits on stage and in the crowd? Why wasnt there many gospel vets performing this year? Why were the secular artists (Chaka Khan, El DeBarge, Whitney) better performers than the gospel artists? And why did Kirk Franklin clown on stage crumpin and goins on?


STRESS FREE FRIDAYS , Friday, February 4, 5pm-1:30am
Ginger Bistro
6665 Delmar Blvd
University City, MO 63130


Friday, February 4 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Mandarin Lounge


FASHION SHOW BEGINS: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

DJ SPINS:9:00pm - 11:00pm

Featured Charity- Makeover for a Cause ---all donations will help support the charity.

The Jagermeister Music Tour with Buckcherry comes to Pop's on Feb. 4. 2011

Grammy Award nominated St. Louis based rock group Story of the Year playing "Page Avenue" in its entirety and more. Feb. 4


02/05/2011 Time: 9pm-midnight

Location:Lola, 500 N 14th St

Price: $10 online pre-sale; $10 at the door

Come see what St. Louis is buzzing about on Saturday, February 5. Join ALIVE magazine at the hottest event of the year--The Buzz List event--where we celebrate the most influential St. Louisans of the year. From politicians and nonprofit leaders to artists and entrepreneurs, these are the movers, shakers and rainmakers of STL. Don't miss your chance to mix, mingle and party all night with other VIPs at this event hosted by Lola.Admission is $10 online pre-sale or $15 at the door. Ticket purchase includes one free sponsored drink and drink specials all night.

Please join promoter Maranda Spoon for her HOLLYWOOD HANGOVER bday bash on Saturday, February 5, 2011 @ The City Ultra Lounge located at 1917 Washington Ave in downtown St. Louis Doors open at 9pm and ladies are free until 10:30.
Saturday, February 5 · 3:00pm - 8:00pm
Club Escalade 7828 Olive st St Louis Mo 63130

More Info Ladies get yourTickets for the All New Magnum Xl male revue will be on sale and Dropped off on Friday's and Saturday's only call 314-337-8436 to get tickets and reserve seats for the February 5th Pre valentines Day Show with Ginuwine.To Reserve seats or Win your FREE B-Day Party or Girls Night out call me ASAP 314-337-8436.ANYONE WANTING TO WIN A FREE B-DAY PARTY OR GIRL'S NIGHT OUT MUST APPLY TO WIN BY JANUARY 20TH TO ENTER SO CALL TODAY 314-337-8436


The Pioneer Youth Contribution Group is cordially inviting you to the "1st
Annual East St. Louis Pioneers: Taking the Time to Smell Their Roses Banquet". It will be Saturday, February 5, 2011. at 6 p.m. (The press Conference is from 4-4:30pm.) This is our way of generating attention for FBI agent to Pres Kennedy Mr. Abraham Bolden to be able to get concern citizens to sign a petition to clear his record of a false arrest that had there for 48 years which can only be cleared by Pres. Barack Obama. In addition, We both want his record expunged and him to be awarded with the Presidential Medal for his service to Pres. Kennedy and to this country. The banquet will take place at East St Louis City Hall Rotunda 301 River Park dr Donations can be made out to: The Pioneer Youth Contribution Group, 845 N. 75 th St., East St. Louis, IL 62203. Come be a part of a historical event to remember.
For more information, you can call Erica M. Brooks (Founder/Gen. Chairperson)
at 314-327-4161


Hot 104. 1’s Mickey J will host a Super Bowl party at The Label. Doors open at 3 p.m.



Check out Mocha at Open Bar Saturdays (now Ladies Night Saturdays) at The Label.

Check out Mocha at her monthly poetry showcse Got Lyircs at The Loft





Mocha's column COFFEE TALK can be seen in the weekly The Evening Whirl newspaper published on Mondays.

For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or



Check out Aireez DaRychuss at Big Moes on Thu Feb 03,


Rhythm & Words Wednesdays 2nd & 4th Wed every month Meshon's Bar & Grill 410 N Tucker Blvd


ThundaGrownd Thursday Variety Showcase Final Thu. of every month 8:30pm - 10:30pm $5 cover Big Moe's1072 Tower Grove St across from Sweetie Pie's on Manchester


Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic Final Friday of the month $5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free 812 Martin Luther King Dr,East St. Louis


New CD "ThundaGrowndPresentsA.D. Fire & Adrenaline"

Aireez DaRychuss music available online now

MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss




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February 9 - March 6,

Directed by Ron Himes
Winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Ruined transports us to a small mining town in the midst of civil war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two young women, ripped away from their families and violated by the competing factions, find themselves in the service of Mama Nadi at her brothel after being sold by a travelling merchant. Set within the brothel, the play explores each woman’s efforts to survive the constant threat of war and cope with their misfortunes as African women in difficult times.

The show will take place at Grandel Square Theatre in Grandel Square in St. Louis

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