Monday, February 28, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology There's comedian Sommore flanked in a hug with promoter/socialite Mocha Latte (left) and an attendee. Sommore was in town for the Royal Comedy Tour with DL Hughley, Bruce Bruce and others at the Chaifetz Arena. She was the special celeb guest for Pandora. Latte also had a pre-b-day party there as well.

On the Lola side, DJ Needles had the old school and new school joints goin on his 1s and 2s.

On the Absinthe bar side jazz artist Lamar Harris had the mp3s goin (and played his horns. See below)

A long shot of the corridor.

The Blues were in the house: Larry and Becky Blue.

A Soul Stylz assistant at the door checkin names and collectin dollaz as Frontline's Brian Stemmons looks on..

Latte and BFF Tru Icon's Spud Nelson.

Latte hugs a b-day well wisher.

"I cant wait until this date ends." LOL

SYGU's Shadzilla gettin his text on as Needles spins on the tunes.

Soul Stylz creator Cornell Boone was err wurr making sure err thing was perfect that night.

Folk in party mode.

Promoter Rob Kirk Jr got on the mic shouting out the VIPs up in the spot.

Therre's couple Star Princess Ariel and Anthony Robinson coming thru the spot.

The sexy and fit socialite duo Valarie Johnson and Miss Erin.

Socialite Patrice Renee shares a convo with Johnson.

On the vids was videographer Dana Christian.

Around midnite, Sommore arrived. Here she poses with Soul Stylz manager Porsche Kemp.

Latte hugs another b-day well wisher.

A long shot of the Absinthe Bar (Do you see Boone?)

Here's Harris blowin a tuba while spinnin the tunes. CLASSIC.

Theres the lovely singer Crystal Haywood (with a cam hustler behind her. LOL) in diva pose.

Boone poses with Sommore and comedian Damon Williams, who also was part of the Royal Comedy Tour.

Williams' guests, Williams, Sommore, Latte and Boone pose for a flick.


Sommore in party mode.

NOTE: Also in the house were 3 Way Promotions Big Tah, Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevenson, promoters Steven Williams and Alexander Green.

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