Monday, February 14, 2011


Photos by Lawrence Bryant (first pic) and Ma'atology Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins posing with promoter/model Ashley Puryear at Close To Famous' Pink, Purple and Platinum b-day party for Chocolate Tai, Mousie Haley and Seviin Lii at The City last Friday. Check out this party and other pics down below!

There's a cupcake arrangement atop with frosting of b-day gent photographer/promoter Teddy Blackett.

Blackett with his B Free promotions partner Miata Lewis-Harris.

Blackett with well wishers promoters Vanita Applebum and her sister.

Blackett with some of his guests as he opens the gift he received. (We didnt find out what he got).

The menu for the Recess Happy Hour

Socialites Treanna Kerney, Jamie Spencer and IK.

DJ Jay Mo and Blackett.

Blackett clownin around with his guests.

Happy Hour attendees included promoters So Jameelah E of So Diverse, Timothy Cortez of LME, Patrice Renee of So Diverse and Yemi Adewunmi

On the 1s and 2s was Dj 76 Kid

A shot of the crowd at Recess.


B-day sistas (from LEFT) rapper Chocolate Tai, artist manager Mousie Haley and singer Seviin Lii aka The Derrty Girlz take pic with St. Lunatics member City Spud who hosted the event sponsored by Close To Famous

Tai was donned in a fancy b-day tee, purple leggings and black heels.

Tai talkin with guests.

Tai and Haley, who was dressed in a simple purple top and black leggings.

The screen showed pics of the bday three in various pics.

Pb Derrty poses with Tai and Haley.

The waitress brings a bottle of champagne with a sparkler in the ice canister.

AI Brown got the crowd hyped.

Big Chuck gettin the security tight up in VIP. Delux photographer Lawrence Bryant was on the scene as well.

Haley gettin her party in at the P,P and P booth.

Haley pouring herself a shot.

Tai and her candy ring.

The gogo girls had a bit of a problem with their "go-go"ing but they seemed to have fun nevertheless.

City Spud on the mic.

Members fo the group Mo Tre came through to wish the ladies a happy bday.

Mo tre poses with Tai who is on the remix of the group's latest single, "Crush."

VIP guests cheer the Derrty Girlz .

Tai bottomed up not one, not two, but three straight Patron shots. OMG.

Haley squished a few herself. LOL

Later in the evening around midnite, promoter Mocha Latte came through and even got on the mic to wish the girlz a happy bday.

Haley and Latte

Also comin through was Hot 104.1 personality Tony J.

DJ Quinn gave Haley the mic to greet the crowd.

Tai and Haley gettin their dance on....but where was Seviin Li?

Tai, Latte and VIP guest.

It was close to 1 a.m. when....

Seviin Lii came to her party fashionably late-- literally (Her mermaid styled dress was a show stopper). Here she takes a pic with other bday girlz Tai and Haley.

The Derrty Girlz all up in VIP networkin, partyin and socializin.

A long shot of the VIP area

NOTE; Both of these parties were nice. Teddy Blackett's was in conjunction with his newly weekly happy hour Recess and The Derrty Girlz' event was its 2nd annual affair and it was more livlier as wilder as far as drinking and dancing and other "grown" behavior. LOL. The question most gusts were asking was"When is Seviin Lii coming?" Well, she arrived around 1ish and made a big splash with her purple mermaid style dress.

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