Monday, January 3, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology Therre's Soul Stylz' Tobi Collis sandwiched between SYGU's Rhashad Whittier (left) and 4246 House's Anthony Robinson. Check out pics from this NYE house party !

A.I. Brown was the mp3 turntablist for the nite.

Robinson caught chattin it up with attendee Mike Kennedy.

Katrina Kerr was mixin up the drinks for the house folk.

A shot of Brown on the tables with some of the crowd in the background.

The Bruhs. Kennedy, promoter Jerrod Jones and Yusef Freeman

Robinson and his lovely lady,
Ariel Star

Big Tah (in yellow short and black vest) comin in the party. he had a party bus of folk come through.

A high angle shot of the crowd from the second floor.

Some buddies gettin their OUTCAM on.

One of the buddies and his lady.

Promoter/socialite Mocha Latte was there. She was one of the many who came on Big Tah's bus.

Earl Dockett was mack daddy with his pimp cup he also was one of the Big Tah bis people.


The Dunlap Brothers Calvin (left) and Maurice (right) posing with their mother (not sister, but mother. LOL)

A low angle shot of some party people from the first floor.

Spotted was socialite Naretha Hopson (in gray top).

We see ya Jamie Spencer. LOL

Soul Stylz' Cornell Boone spent his occupancy serving drinks.

Socialite/promoter JoAnn Smith and her girls were out--and the ladies in the pic were standing right next to them. LOL

And here are two of them after a few drinks. LOL

AND 5.........................4.........................3...............



RECAP. This was a great party. All three levels were open to the crowd (well, two at least, we didnt get to go to the third area) which was a first. The drinks were cash bar but folk didnt seem to mind payin this time around to get their drink on. There were some food of course (lasagna, meatballs, and Chinese rice ). The party got poppin around 11 (the doors opened at 830 pm) when Big Tah and his brood of about 30 or so came through to crash the party. It was one of their several stops for that nite. Soon after midnite, folk were loose with the juice. Boone offered free shots of whatever tonic he concocted . LOL. The Dunlap Brothers, who usually turns it out with their bachelorette party type dancing, was more PG version with their dance routines but spent mostly dancing with particular ladies at the event. There were a lot of huggy huggy (and you know who you are Miss Gray top. LOL) and smacky smacky goin on near and after midnite (Yours Truly got a few smacks in myslef) And YOURS TRULY was doin the Whip My Hair dance(so I was a bit gone.(LOL). Also spotted in the crowd were Whirl's Jason Bailey, The Posts' Kevin Johnson, journalist Tim Lampley and socialite Rebecca Rodgers.


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