Monday, November 21, 2011


There's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, in my trademark OUTCAM pose at FreeTime's Sex In the City IV at The City last Friday. Check out more pics below of this event!

Photos by My City Online (above pic) and Ma'atology

There's the main faces of FreeTime: Roy Robinson Jr, Adrian Saddler and Daryl Frierson posing behind the Chambord Vodka poster board. The drink was the sponsor of their event.

A waitress pours free samples of the vodka for the crowd.

A shot of the early comers inside the newly constructed club.

On the sounds was DJ Reminise

Socialites Karen Banks and Dr. Jennifer McCreary

Socialite Brittany Holland (facing cam) speaks with hairstylist Tiffany Johnson

Some of the Freetime crew networking with early comers.


Robinson, who attended a function for his fraternity Omega Psi Phi's anniversary earlier, poses with some of the attendees,

FreeTime members pose with The City owner Jason Spain (center)

My City Online's Jacob Owens makin sure his space is free to a take pic

A long shot of the venue

Two attendees prepping for a bday celebration in one the VIP booths.

Robinson socializing with the crowd from one of the VIP booths.

Folk gettin their dance on

LME's Tim Cortez gettin a chest rub from behind. LOL

These lovely attendees smile for the OUTCAM

Cortez dancing with Banks and McCreary

A crowd shot

Another crowd shot

NOTE. This was a cool party. Nothin too fancy. Free vodka samples was a nice touch. The newly constructed venue was highly upscale and more roomier (They even have another closed off area for a VIP party with booths.)

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