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Fashions with a ‘Z’
By Ma’at Atkins

Fashion designer  and fashionista Zaneta  “Ziggy” Bailey is homegrown in St. Louis 
(North City to be exact ) who began her passion for fashion at the impressionable age of ten.

She became a professional designer when she was a student at McClure North High School designing prom dresses for her classmates.

At the age of 20 she styled for her brother, multi-platinum artist, Chingy which opened many doors for her (she even danced in a few of his earlier music videos including his first video, “Right Thurr” in 2002) and she learned about the entertainment industry.

In 2006, this mother of two started a line called Pink Monkey with the help of her famous brother. The line took off like a rocket receiving mentions on shows like 106 and Park and The Tyra Banks Show. She also met with big companies such as Iconix Branding (that owns Rocawear), Candies, and Badgley Mischka to name a few.

But the rise suddenly fell when a riff occurred between her and her business partner causing the line to fizzle.

But she remained diligent and kept on movin’.

                                                           Designer Zaneta Bailey

In  2009 ,she decided to create her own brand, Z. Bailey Collection, that she describes as “contemporary yet very wearable line.” Since starting Z.Bailey, Zaneta, 28, commutes regularly from her hometown to her current residency of Pensacola , Fla, has appeared and showcased in many fashion shows in the St Louis area most recently at Plush Nightclub.

Along with her brother, some of the other celebrities she has styled over the years are rappers Snoop Dogg  and Trina; R&B acts B2k and Lloyd  and most recently,  Vivica A. Fox to name a few.

This Saturday, April 28, she will feature her design line in her show, Black Women Rock, a black tie hair and fashion show gala that will take place at Lights On Broadway in St Louis with host actress Vivica A Fox.

OUTTOWN had a chance to interview Miss Bailey about her promising career.

Bailey in one of her gowns.

OT: Who or what inspired you to be a fashion designer?
ZB:I used to design clothes for my animals. I was a animal lover when I was ten years old, then I start designing clothes for people and liked it  and found a passion to do it for people and I loved it….We had dogs and  a bird, but I wanted a monkey, but I never got that monkey (laughs). As far as who inspired me, people like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, all the big names, the technical and construction of a garment not just tee shirts and pants.

OT: What would be your trademark with your designs?
ZB: Gowns, very sexy gowns. I use a lot of lace and sheer.

OT: How did you get the name Ziggy?
ZB: Ziggy is my nickname because my name started with a ‘Z’ and it was shorter than Zaneta.

Zaneta styled the clothing for the album cover of her brother Chingy’s second album 2004’s Powerballin' 

OT: What has been some of your challenges as a designer?
ZB: Getting my name out there and becoming a name brand. It takes a lot of money, millions of dollars in advertising to get there.

OT: When or where was your first showcase and how was it like?
ZB: It was in a loft on Locust about two years ago.  It really let  me know that I really loved fashion.

OT: You currently live in  Pensacola , Fla. When and why did you move there?
ZB: I moved there about two years ago because my boyfriend went to college there and  he started a business there as a lead broker.

OT: So  you commute back and forth from Pensacola to St Louis regularly?
ZB: Way too often (laughs)

The logo for her first fashion line, Pink Monkey

OT: Do you do shows in Pensacola?
ZB: No, its not a big fashion forward city and that’s why I come to St Louis to do shows. It’s nothing there. So behind. St Louis is more fashion forward. It’s a rich older crowd who’s there to retire and  then there’s a big college crowd because of the college there (Pensacola State) so it’s a mix crowd. Its country too because it’s next to Mobile,  Ala.

OT: Chingy is your brother.
ZB: Yes.

OT: Is he your older or younger brother?
ZB: Older.

OT:Do many people know your related to Chingy?
ZB: Many do.  If they don’t its because they’re not into rap especially here in St Louis.

OT: Has he been to any of your fashion shows or have you styled for him?
ZB: Yes, he tries to come to as many as he can.  I’ve styled for him. I styled the album cover for his second album (Powerballin) and the music video for the album (‘Balla Baby”). I danced in all of his videos except for “Fly With Me.” I was in one of the  Brady Bunch Squares in his “Holidae Inn” video. (laughs) It was all in fun.


OT: How has Chingy been supportive of your career?
ZB: He tries to come to as many shows. As many ways as he can. If I wanted him to come and perform at a show he would, like my upcoming show (this Saturday at Lights On Broadway)where he will close out the show.

OT: Have you had inspirations of doing more in the music industry?
ZB: I used to rap but the industry is so male dominated and didn’t want anything to do with it.

The flier to her upcoming show, Black Women Rock

OT: Talk a little bit about your upcoming show, Black Women Rock. You have actress Vivica A Fox hosting it. How did that connection come about?
ZB: I made a dress for her and I met her and her publicist and asked her if she could do something with my event in St Louis. We started talking, exchanged numbers, negotiated, and that’s how it happened.

OT:What was the dress for?
ZB: It was for a photo shoot for Denim Magazine. They called me about  clothes for her.

OT: How did they get your number?
ZB: I don’t know. They either found my profile on Model Mayhem, or on Facebook. I mean, I wasn’t too surprised because I style a lot of people but it was out of the blue…but I was blessed. I was happy, I want scared. I was ready

OT:How were the arrangements to meet Vivica for the dress?
ZB: It took place in Jackson, Miss.They (Denim)wanted to give me an account, but they wanted me to send the clothes first. Well, I was in Pensacola and it was 3 hours away, and my boyfriend had a business there as well, so I decided to drive there. They were having a fashion show that Vivica was histing as well and they wanted me to put come of my clothes in it . So I stayed up there, made her dress and had clothes in the show.

OT: Wow! So it was like you were destined to work with her.
ZB: Right. (laughs)

                         The  Z Bailey Collection logo 

OT:When was this show?
ZB: Late February.  

OT:  The Black Women Rock show that’s coming up. Was it your your idea?
ZB: Yes it was. My mom and I talked about it and included my gay friend and made him do all the work (laughs). We talked with The Galloways (who own Lights On Broadway), and Lynn Galloway, she is on the fashion show committee, about doing the show.,

OT:When was this idea conceived?
ZB:Late February. .I had already talked with Vivica’s  people about doing something but I didn’t know what yet. I was inspired by my mother who is a strong Black woman and there you go.

OT: What line are you showcasing?
ZB: My Spring  and Summer lines.

OT: It’s a Black Tie event, right?

OT: When your not designing clothes what other hobbies do you have?
ZB:  Watching Netflix, shopping and hanging out with my two kids

OT:What’s hot in fashion for women right now?
ZB: Palazzo pants, neon colors, flowy dresses and always cute heels (laughs)

OT: What do you see yourself being or doing in the next ten years?
ZB: To be exactly where the people spoke of earlier and be where they are.

The Black Women Rock, Pre Mothers Day Black Tie /Hair and Fashion Show Gala, will take place Saturday, April 28  at Lights On Broadway, 8350 North Broadway in Baden, Mo. Doors Open at 6 p.m.

For ticket info call 314.385.4545 or

You can contact Zaneta  at:

Twitter @zbaileyclothing

Facebook: Z Bailey Collection

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