Monday, July 19, 2010

OUT 857--CAFE SOUL at THE LOFT July 16

Photos by Ma'atology Cafe Soul host Tendai Morris posing on stage for the OUTCAM

Dj Cuddy held it down on the 1s and 2s.

Morris and backgrounders opened the show with faith's "You USed to Love me," Teena marie's "Sqaure Biz" and Meanie Fiona's "Give it to me Right."

Some of the many Alpha Kappa Alphas who came through during their Convention here on the Lou.

The open mic segment started when Miss Patrice sang Aretha's "Respect," as Katrina Reece (left0 and Blu did background.

This distinguished and pressed vanilla brotha from another motha never misses a Cafe Soul, cane and all!

Singer Shelitha sang, an original, "Don't you Leave me."

Reece looks on .

Newbie singer Nakomas sang India Arie's "Ready for Love."

Reece was the highlight She sang Fantasia's "Bittersweet" and KILT IT. The host brought her up again for an encore and she sang Chrisette Michelle's "Blame it on me."

A back side view of Reece in action.

The crowd gettin their groove on during intermission.

Kenneth Deshields sang, Stevie's "Superstition."

Juanita's Place performed an original tune.

The crowd watching the band perform (especially the sister on the left who knew each lyric)

NOTE: There was a Michael Jackson tribute by the guy who does the tributes here in the St. Louis but we left before it took place

AFTER CAFE SOUL we walked across the street to the next street on Locust to Exo and checked out The Committee's JUST FOR KICKS event. Here are four of the 11 guys from the group paoing including Calvin Nelson (left) Demetrius Easley (third) and Randle Smith (right). The crowd was intimate. Mocha Latte came through to hype up the ones who attended later on during the event.

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