Monday, August 23, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology THERRE's Mrs St. Louis/stylist Ola Hawatmeh in her own designer dress and pumps posing for the OUTCAM before the beginning of her show.

Ola and current Mrs. Missouri Carrie Hruza. The event was doubled as a going away party for Hruza who is going to Tuscan, Ariz. to compete in this year's Mrs. America Pageant early September.

Hruza is always ready for her close up. There she is talking with guests including 2010 Mr Couture contestant Nick Mosotti.

Guests at the event.

Ola and Hruza with some of the models

Therre's 2010 Mr Couture winner Ryan Wenick (center) talking with guests and models.

And who is the model that Ola is helping with their fashion show outfit? (CHECK OUT BELOW)

Therre's The Committee promoter and designer Demetrius Easley holding up one of his tees from his company Warrior Angel. His tees were showcased in the show (The tee he is holding YOURS TRULY got on free loan. LOL)

Some of the VIPs at the event. The guy on the right was a model in the show (name unknown)
his lady, and Lisa Lowell.

More guests.

THE FIRST SCENE was Ola's designer jeans.

There's the guy from a few pics above.

2010 Mr. Couture contestant Avery Branscomb

2010 Mr Couture winner Ryan Wenick

NEXT SCENE was Ola's dress line.

NEXT SCENE was showcasing Warrior Angel Tees.

Avery Branscomb

Ryan Wenick modeling my tee. LOL

NEXT SCENE was OLA's swimwear

And here is the person that Ola was helping with their headband attire, Mrs. Missouri Carrie Hruza.

Model Lesley Hunter



Ola with guests Natasha Atkins (left) and Tarsha Baker

Easley with some of the male models.

Mini Mr. Couture Reunion. Rapper Playboy Ro, Branscomb and Wenick. Ro, who produced the Mr Couture soundtrack for the Mr Couture Show, was the scheduled performer that evening.

All of the participants of the evening's show.

NOTE: Overall a great show. One of the venue's biggest turnouts for a Saturday despite their thinking the event was cancelled. (That's another story. LOL). Other attendees included Louisflicks Tommie Choncie, Fashion stylist Skylar, promoter Amanda MCcaleb, promoter William Watson, and photographers Paul Lowell, King Tungsten and Sean Anthony.

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