Monday, August 30, 2010

OUT 880--FREETIME &1st FRIDAYS' 2010 GLOW at Mike Shannon's Aug 28

Photos by Ma'atology and Night Society (the first two pics and the fifth pic)
Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, with my new do Afro holding the OUTCAM at Glow. Check out the pics below from this annual party fave.

FREE TIME members Adrian Saddler, Daryl Freirson and Roy Robinson Jr on its tour bus of the city. They rented a bus for party people to see the sites before they arrived at Mike Shannons for the party.

Frierson and Robinson with 1st Friday's Harry Michel (middle) at Mike Shannons.

The crowd was over 1,000!

YOURS TRULY, with Night Society photographers Maurice Bishop and Mike Barker

More crowd pics


The dee jay was DJ OK

Socialite and music promoter JoAnn Smith

More crowd

Folk flanked by the lower bar.

Mo folk

NOTE: Also in the house were: promoter couple Carrie and Keith Griffin, socialite Jameelah E, socialite Cora Drew, STLonfire's Andrew Clark, comedian Jovan Bibbs, photographer Maurice Young and Jacob Owens, fitness trainer DeAnthony Moore, socialites Sarah Bryant, Joseph Jennings, Corey Hellems, Tony Russell, and model Kenneth McClure to name a few. And for those who were there the older motorcycle guy who was dancing in front of Mike Shannon's. LOL

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