Wednesday, August 18, 2010


THIS JUST END: According to, Vice President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats are scheduled to be in St. Louis today and Friday.
The group will be gathering at the Marriot Hotel in Union Station for the DNC's summer meetings. The vice president is scheduled to speak Friday morning. St. Louis is one of the finalists for the 2012 Democratic National Convention and the host city has yet to be announced.
St. Louis is up against Charlotte and
Cleveland to host the 2012 DNC Convention.

Last Saturday, we lost a true legend in music, Chitown native Abbey Lincoln.
Born Anna Marie Wooldridge , she was a
jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actress. Lincoln was unusual in that she wrote and performed her own compositions, expanding the expectations of jazz audiences.
She was one of many singers influenced by Billie Holiday. She had a very long and productive career and continued to perform until the time of her death. She often could be found at the Blue Note in New York City.[3]
Lincoln appeared in the 1956 film The Girl Can't Help It, for which she famously wore a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes and interpreted the theme song, working with Benny Carter.[4] She sang on the 1960s landmark jazz civil rights recording, We Insist! – Freedom Now Suite (1960) by jazz musician Max Roach and was married to him from 1962 to 1970.[5] Especially since this album, Abbey Lincoln was connected to the political fight against racism in the United States.

Ivan Dixon, she co-starred in Nothing But a Man (1964), an independent film written and directed by Michael Roemer. She also co-starred with Sidney Poitier and Beau Bridges in 1968's For Love of Ivy,[4] and received a 1969 Golden Globe nomination for her appearance in the film.
In 1990, she played the role of young Bleek Gilliams' mother in the
Spike Lee movie Mo' Better Blues[6] who was very insistent that Bleek, played as an adult by Denzel Washington, come inside their house and practice his trumpet instead of playing outside with his friends.

In 2003, she received the National Endowment for the Arts NEA Jazz Masters Award.[7][8]
Abbey Lincoln died on August 14, eight days after her 80th b-day in her Manhattan nursing home after suffering deteriorating health for years following open heart surgery in 2007. No cause of death was officially given.

The Big A&E NEWZ this week is: Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich escaping 24 counts—for now—in his corrptipn trial as on Tuesday he was only convicted on just one of 24 counts against him -- lying to the FBI -- with the jury deadlocked with one vote short on the other 23 counts to find him guilty after 14 days of deliberation in Chicago.
Judge James Zagel had the option to force the jurors to keep trying on the other 23. He didn't, but instead declared a mistrial on the 23 counts Jurors also deadlocked on all four counts against his brother, Robert Blagojevich.
That leaves prosecutors free to re-try on the deadlocked counts; they were telling reporters they intend to. Zagel set an August 26 hearing date to discuss the re-trial.

The one lying count could get Blagojevich up to five years in prison.What they deadlocked on includes allegations that he tried to bargain with his power to name a Senate replacement in President Barack Obama's old seat; and that he tried to extort the CEO of a children's hospital for campaign money by holding the hospital's state funding hostage.

So only one juror voted not guilty on the other 23 counts to make the jury hung? Wow. Well we figured it would be a hung jury, but the retry is a surprise. From reports, the main problem was the information presented was hard to follow in a particular order which caused the deadlock Blago is hanging by a thread for real on this one. And from reports, the prosecution is eager to retry the case whereas Blago said to reporters, and very arrogantly, that it was a shame that more millions will be used to retry him.

Speaking of trials, Chitown talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey could see a courtroom soon if a judge accepts the lawsuit against her The Oprah Winfrey Network when former employee Catherine Dunn sued Oprah’s network last Friday.According to TMZ. Com, Catherine Dunn worked as an assistant for the Oprah Winfrey Network. Dunn, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, claims she was subjected to a “hostile work environment” due to her disability, and was forced to take a leave of absence due to stress. During her leave, Dunn’s employment was let go. Her replacement? A non-disabled, younger employee.
Dunn is seeking unspecified damages from OWN for wrongful termination, among other charges. The Oprah Winfrey Network is partnered with Discovery Communications, who is rumored to have poured extra money into the venture recently, doubling their initial investment.

Hmm, sounds like someone is in need for some money now that the unemployment checks have dried up!


Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame last Friday with former Bulls colleague Michael Jordan by his side. Jordan introduced his old teammate Scottie Pippen in front of the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame during the enshrinement ceremony which occurred in Springfield, Massachusetts.Speaking of Michael Jordan, "I can't think of a better person to do it," Pippen said via the Chicago Bulls' Web site.

And speaking of Jordan, as part of this weeks World Basketball Festival celebration Michael Jordan debuted his own line of bikes at the Atmos NYC store. Michael Jordan recently started up Michael Jordan Motorsports, 23 Race and his own line of Suzuki bikes.

Air Bikes anyone?

Chitown bred hip-hop star Kanye West won't have to attend in person a mediation session aimed at resolving a lawsuit filed against him by rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight. A Miami federal judge reportedly agreed to permit West to take part in the Aug. 26 session by phone. West's lawyers say he reportedly can't be there personally because of a long-standing business commitment outside the continental U.S. Knight is reportedly seeking more than $1 million in damages from West and his companies. Knight was shot in the leg at a 2005 Miami Beach party hosted by West, whom he blames for lax security.
West, Knight and their lawyers met in New York for six hours in June but failed to settle the case. The shooter has never been identified and the case is unsolved.
In unrelated Ye newz, he has vowed never to swear again to become a perfect gentleman (Didn’t Ne--yo claim that two years ago with his CD. LOL) .West says he's now in a positive frame of mind and has put his former persona behind him, reports He also said that his former girlfriend model amber Rose helped him to become more kinder gentler guy since his mother Donda West’s death in 2007.

And in more Ye newz, rapper/producer .Raekwon tells
XXL (via MTV) that the rumored collaboration between Kanye West and Justin Bieber is becoming increasingly possible. In fact, he went on to note that West has already asked him to produce the song: “Yeezy called me and we gon’ make it pop… And we gon’ make a hit… Justin got his own fanbase and me and Yeezy got our own fanbase and we gon’ make it happen. We gon’ make a good record.”
News of a possible collaboration began over the weekend after West tweeted Bieber. “Your album good @Justinbieber Playing it at my crib now,” Kanye wrote. “Yo this ‘Runaway Love’ is the truth!!! on my 17th listen 2day!!! Every time I get to that song I got go in 4 times!! OK OK OK…I just started dancing to this joint in my crib and clapping to it way to loud to be inside hahaha.”
After Bieber responded to West with equal enthusiasm, Ye proposed that the two hit the studio with Raekwon.

Wow,so thats all it takes for Ye to get excited is to dance around and clap his hands and POOF things happen.

Chitown native and Emmy Award winning talk show host/actress Sherri Shepherd is getting P.A.I.D. According to legal docs she just filed, Shepherd only has to work 16 hours a week on "The View.” She just filed an income declaration in her ongoing divorce from husband Jeff Tarpley and she listed that she takes home $54,767 a month - or close to $6 million a year.

Wow, one comment about the Earth being flat and you become a milli five times over. LOL

Chitown native and award winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson and her hubby David Otunga want another baby. The couple-who have 12-month-old son love parenthood so much, they are already discussing expanding their family further in the near future.


ILLIMOians AJ Thouvenot ...

and Michael Drummond, both of St. Louis and

Lake Forest, Ill native Peach Carr survived week Three of Lifetime’s Project Runway seen last Thursday. AJ was in the bottom three and survived.

Will they survive Week Four this Thursday?

And Speaking of AJ and Michael, they will make an appearance at St Charles FAshion Week Aug 25-28 held at Ameristar. When asked about their appearance, on Facebook this is what transpired:

OUTTOWN: So it was ok with Project Runway to show up while your on that show?
AJ: Of course! I won't be showing a collection, bit (sic) Ill be attending the shows on Sat the 28th.

Hmmm, we were under the impression that any perosn who is on a current reality show program, especially a competition based show, cannot travel while its being aired for the sake of spoiling the endings. Hmmm, so has AJ opened a can of worms on this one? He said Project Runway producers were OK with their going to Fashion Week, so we will see this Thursday on the show. LOL

Another ILLIMOIAN has joined the ranks of reality competitiondom, Lake Saint Louis native and former Mother Model Management model Jud Birza did a stint in Nicaragua where he shot the upcoming season of
CBS's "Survivor," which is set to premiere on CBS on Sept. 15. He now lives in Venice, Calif

The big STL newz story was: The St Louis Rams held its first exhibition game last Saturday at the Edward jones Dome where they lost to the Vikings, 28 to 7. And all eyes were on the 2010 first draft pick rookie QB Sam Bradford. And it seem as though the holding off four months to have him sign his $80 plus million contract didn’t help matters. His performance was just OK with six of 13 passes for 57 yards.

Spagnuolo gave Bradford high marks for decision-making and for passes “that had plenty of zip.”
Bradford said “the more he's on the field, the more he learns.”

The 2008 Heisman Trophy winner said he took full responsibility of the Rams loss. .
"That's just my fault, I'm not riding the center long enough," Bradford said. "That's something I've got to put extra emphasis on and make that a point to get better on in practice every day."
Bradford didn't think it would take him long.

Well,he got anoher shot of getting it right when the Rams meet up with the Browns in Cleveland Aug 21

In unrelated rams newz, The Rams Park folk blamed the heat for the Tuesday scuffle during practice at the Park when Defensive tackle Gary Gibson got involved in two of three fights during morning practice.

The Rams later held an evening practice wher the third fight took place. Gibson’s first scuffle involved guard Hank Fraley(PICTURED), but the second was with Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson.Fraley and Gibson got into it during live 11-on-11 drills.

Tuesday’s second fight between second-year offensive tackle Jason Smith and

................defensive-end Chris Long led to a scrum where Jackson and Gibson became involved in a scuffle, ending with Jackson ripping Gibson’s helmet off and throwing it.
“It was one of those days, you’re going against the same guys, there’s going to be some animosity,” Gibson said after practice. “But everything’s good. Everybody hugged it out afterward. We’re good to go.”

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said Gibson is a “feisty, blue-collar guy” and liked the aggression. But cautioned against letting it go too far.

Hmm, whats really going on? Who knows--only but those who fought.

The Arch Rivalry with Mizzou and the Fighting Illini will take place Sept 4 in the Missouri football team's 2010 season opener at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis Missouri has won five straight in the series -- all in St. Louis -- and leads the overall series 16-7. The last Illinois victory was a 42-0 trouncing of the Tigers in Champaign in 1994.
Now lets see how good Mizzou is now that they stayed with the Big 12 instead of switching to the Big Ten Conference!

The Grammy Award winning Black Eyed Peas were in town Saturday to play Scott Trade Center during its “END Tour” and from reviews, it was more spectacle than spectacular,
According to a revew by the St. Louis Post’s Kevin Johnson,
It (concert) played out on a big open stage with an extended ramp, yet came off underdeveloped and weathered, as if it'd been out on the road a little too long and needed rest. There was a whole futuristic thing going on with the staging and costumes, but it felt instantly outdated. It was "so 2000 and late," to borrow one of singer Fergie's signature lyrics. Each group member had their own solo segment, which came off better than the group songs with the crew mostly traipsing back and forth on the ramp with little unison.”

As far as the solo moments, Fergie's reportedly was vocally strained as she promoted her fashion and beauty endorsments and will. i. am did a dee-jay solo in a robot costume but ironically, the highlight was bandmember Taboo-- who didn’t sing, rap nor dee-jay but was lifted high above the crowd on a motorcycle.

And from reports if anyone was looking for any tunes pre-Fergie back in the day were disappointed.
Opener Auto tune singer/producer T Pain did a 30 minute set with a “snot driven” cold.
Later that nite, headman will.I.Am headed over to Lure Nightclub for an exclusive DJ set.

Speaking of Lure, on Tuesday former St. Louis Mayor and namesake radio talk show host Freeman Bosley Jr (FAR RIGHT) for the owners of Lure (RIGHT) canceled a court hearing on the club's lawsuit and restraining order against the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis who started a petition in the neighborhood near he club to try and shut it down.
According to reports, club management met with city officials and began discussing solutions to the issues between the city and the club. Tuesday’s court hearing was a knee-jerk reaction to the club owners losing its hearing for a permanent injunction against Partners’ petition."We appeared in City Circuit Court this morning on Lure's petition for preliminary and permanent injunction. The Court dismissed the petition against the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis and Maggie Campbell, its President and CEO. Therefore, the temporary Restraining Order which was initially issued on Friday has been set aside," the partnership said in a statement.

Last Friday a St. Louis judged
issued a temporary restraining order against the Partnership but on Monday the Partnership attorneys argued that Lure had not given adequate notice before filing the order and the judge agreed.
As far as Lure’s hearing on Aug. 27 for the revoking of its liquor license beacsue of the noise and violence complaints reported to police is still going on as of this writing.

We think Lure shudda got the same reprieve as did Club 15 and Sugars when all three were initially in the same predicament with the loss of its license to operate, but it is apparent that of the three clubs, Lure attracted more of the “brownness” and targeting in particular Red Hott Thursdays, a hip-hop , mostly black crowd promoted by Liquid Assets. Could a taste of racism be involved on Partners part? Possibly. Is Partners masking behind the complaints from neighbors on noise and violence reported to the police? Likely. So the question is, what’s next? We think Lure will stay open so the PR racial spin coulsd occur and the so called”brown night” would no longer exist. In the end, city land developers of the Washington Avenue Initiative definitely don’t want future businesses to be scared to develop in that loft district.

In other court news involving live entertainment at clubs, various reps of Missouri’s adult entertainment industry filed a lawsuit recently in Jeff City challenging the constitutionality and enforceability of the restrictive new state laws on strip clubs and adult retailers.
The suit concerns Senate Bill 586 and 617, which passed the legislature last spring and was signed into law by Gov. Jay Nixon in June. The law includes these restrictions: :
•Performers at adult clubs will be prohibited from appearing nude;
• “Semi-nude” dancers must perform only on stage and will not be allowed to touch patrons;
•Alcohol will be prohibited at adult businesses;
•Hours of operation will be restricted; and
•Further limits will be placed on where such businesses may be located.
The measures go into effect Aug. 28, and existing businesses will have 180 days to comply.As of this writing, the case was still pending.

Where’s smut king Larry Flynt when you need him? It seems as though Missouri wants to clean the dirt but it will force adult businesses to close shop and trek over to Illinois, more directly St. Louis to East St Louis where there are no restrictions as to what strip clubs and adult venues can do. The clientele also will frequent over to the East as well if this law goes into effect. Now the question is, why? Smut is not going to go away especially if there is an audience for it.

St. Louis bred rap mogul Nelly continues to make newz as he began week two of his new gig hosting on Hot 104.1 subbing for radio personality Staci Static while she’s on maternity leave. The big newz was when Nelly rival DJ Bishop (FAR LEFT) uploaded the video of him interrupting Nelly during his broadcast of his show last week while streaming on Ustream. Bishop wrote a comment on the comment line that in order for Nelly to get his upcoming CD “5.0” released, he had to sign a deal with Birdman of Cash Money. Then Nelly called him a’dick rider”(personality Young Dip is seen laughing at what Nelly said) and that “he should do what he do and if he gay, then be gay. It’s nothing wrong with it. Come out. You got ran out. Don’t be saying Nelly don’t be trying (to help you). I tried.”
Then Bishop, who got the exclusive recently for the media sites from ex-Tics member Slo Down on his departure from the group, responded to the attack saying he, as well as his bandmembers were “ hoe ass niggas” and in reference to being gay, Bishop responded by showing pics of Nelly hugging P Diddy from behind at a party. Then Bishop said hat the Tics knew where he was and he was not hiding from a battle in the streets.

Whoa, this is really getting out of hand. Where is all this stemming from? Was there promises early on in Nelly;s rise to the top to put on Dj Bishop that fell through? Bishop is fueling a fire that seems as though cannot be put out.

Speaking of Nelly radio, STL comedian and former Rickey Smiley Show cast member Darius Bradford (PICTURED) has joined Nelly on his radio show. And speaking of the The Rickey Smiley Show, its cast member Headcrack called up Nelly and asked him about Slo Down’s allegations that he was not fairly compensated whiel he wa sin the group and nelly repsonded mostly with the tweet he tweeted about Slo Down’s commenst saying he wished he could make a half a million dollars doing nothing on stage.

In unrelated Nelly news, we alluded to last week that Nelly was coming out with an exercise DVD. It is called Celebrity Sweat, and, he along with his trainer Donta Wade, will show different exercising tips for those ho want to get buffed out. The DVD will be out in stores Sept 10. And on the music tip, Nelly on released two songs on ITunes this week, "Just a Dream" and "Tippin' in Da Club." Each song retails for $1.29 (Nelly said on his radio show Wednesday that his songs were No. 5 on the I Tunes chart) .

Also, both his CD and The St. Lunatics sophomore CD, "City Free' have been pushed to November.

In other STL rap beef, rapper Huey—who will release his second CD, “Redemption” Sept. 17-- gave an interview with Allhiphop, and he spoke about St. Louis being known as "commercial" and again referenced a "new St. Louis"
He said : "
Right now we're just looked at as a commercial place and it's not that. We're not just commercial,” Huey continued. “It's gutter in St. Louis and me as a young person, it probably would be hard to believe. That's why you gotta straight give it to ‘em. It's a new St. Louis and that's what I'm about to show err'body."

Well, his comments triggered a comment from Wally of Basement Beats(FAR RIGHT) , the crew behind Nelly;s “Country Grammar” CD and sound, who tweeted his thoughts as posted by stlhiphop journalist B-Gyrl (RIGHT)which has sparked controversy on whether he was talking about Huey or rappers in St Louis in general to his dee-jay Jay E.
Here mainly for this Tweet, “Why do mfers hate on the guys that did it big before them. In their interviews they be like “this is the real (contd.)”

Well after B-gyrl, editor of published the tweets as references to Huey’s comments, Wally went on a text tirade with B-Gyrl in regards to her repoting on the matter.

Here is an except from that as printed from

BGYRL: By the time I got off the phone, I'd gotten hella messages from Wally Beamin who apparently has an issue with the fact that stlhiphop posted public comments he made on Twitter referencing Huey... That post went up earlier this week...I know Wally saw it because on the same day he Twitted " is as boring as".


WALLY: B girl? Where did we go wrong. I can't believe you twisted your words around and pointed out Huey of all ppl. He just shot his video at my store. We never had a beef or anything close to it.

BGYRL: Ummmmm....I didn't twist your words. How did I twist your tweet? Did you (SEE) my post, the tweet is an image file, a visual of exactly what you said. And this was after he shot a video at your store?

WALLY: Why would u think I was talking about him and them (sic) post it like that? So everyone else thinks I"m salty at another successful person from the Lou. It's becuz of ppl like you we don't have unity. U shoulda called me and asked me or jay e on who we were talking about. I tried to let it go after I went off on twitter about it but now I find myself having to defend my comments becuz of your bullshit twist.

BGYRL: Ummmm...again, no twist. I thought you were talking about Huey is because you were...responding to Huey's interview with You then followed up with a tweet reply about stlhiphop, never once stating you weren't talking about Huey, actually this is the first I'm hearing you say you weren't. If you can produce a Tweet from when the story broke about not referring to Huey I would be happy to run with that. If its all a coincidence and you weren't talking about Huey, then who were you referring to? The bigger question is did/does Huey think you're talking about him? If he does, its not because I twisted your tweet, its because he read what you wrote.Finally, stlhiphop is not the reason St. Louis has no unity, however we're the reason artists are starting to see why and are becoming vocal about how they feel, right, wrong or indifferent.

WALLY: I'm going to let karma have its way with you. My word is everything. And your word ain't worth shit. Peace

BGYRL: Lemme get this straight, my word ain't shit, yet everybody thinks you're salty about another successful person from the Lou.....based on my word...that ain't worth shit. Yours is everything, yet people who read your tweet apparently drew the same conclusion that you were talking about Huey.If your word is what you say it is, stand on what you tweeted.

Then on the comment board, this is what Bgyrl wrote to Wally:
Wally: If you weren't talking about Huey, then who? And why didn't you mention that in your Tweet reply stlhiphop?

WALLY: I was referring to almost every rapper that almost came out. From back in the day with "Tha Whole 9" saying "leave the singing to the professionals" in their source magazine interview in 2003 to "Clyphs" interview in 2005 with the flipside when he said " I ain't like the Stl artist that America knows I'm gonna go deeper and realer" to other artists that seem to use the same theme. All I said was "why?"

BGYRL: No, actually you said "y do mf's hate on the guys that did it big before dem." (please don't sugarcoat or try to clarify after the fact). Wanna make sure we got this right, you're not talking about Huey, you're talking about all the guys that almost came out: Ruka Puff? Spaide Ripper? Potzee? Raw Resse? Da Banggaz? Hakeem? I can go on and on. Does that also include Gena and Kanjia?

We gonna stop it here but yawl get the gist of whats going on. It seems to us that Wally did a general tweet about the STL game. Could he had been referencing to Huey? Possibly. Could he had been talking about someone else in the game? Possibly. We think its all about the timing between Huey’s comment and Wally’s tweet to Jay E and B Gyrl’s interpreting Wally’s Tweet in the timing of Huey’s comments to Allhip hop.

And we know the saying about assuming. And in the end the St. Louis rap game has lost.
To get more on this back and forthin, go

Veteran comedic actress Carol Burnett will be in St. Louis for Laughter and Reflection, a conversation where the audience asks the questions, Nov. 5 at the Fox Theatre.

Pigeon pooped Kings of Leon will return to St. Louis for a make-up concert Sept 25. The “free” concert is in response to the group canceling its show at Verizon Wireless in July after three songs when pigeons supposedly pooped in the mouth of their bass player. After the concert made national headlines, the PR spinners had the group apologetic of the incident and hated to have had t o cancel the show. Well, apparently that wasnt enough, Live Nation, the tour promoters want to recoup the money they lost from that show and wasn’t gonna let some pigeons poop on their profits So, the Grammy winning group will return to Verizon next month to play for those die hard fans who still has tickets from the July show (those without tickets or had returned their tickets gotta pay $10 ). It also was reported that Live Nation will help on some of the costs to get the band back.

Now the question is, will the pigeons return for their highlight? LOL

STL native rap star Chingy is putting down his mic and picking up bookbags from donators at his Chingy’s School Supplies for a Change Event that will take place at Prime Bar iat West County Mall Aug 24. Startng at 7 p.m., folk can donate $10 or bring bookbags and school supplies for entry into the charity function while sipping on their favorite drink and/or eating a meal. There also will be a silent auction that will take place.

There was a contest recently for singers and rappers who wanted to compete as the opening act in this year's Budweiser Superfest Aug. 26 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, and receive $5,000 in the process. Intesrted singers logged onto the Battle of the Crowns website to upload their demo. The deadline was Tuesday. The local winner will then compete with 10 winners in a dozen other cities for a grand prize of $25,000 and win a trip to perform at the Superfest.
The local winner will be selected at Exo this Saturday.

STL based rapper Ebony Eyez performed at Ciceros uesday at the venue’s weekly Top Ten Tuesdays (which used to be at Club Viva) . Also performing were Legion Lucciano, T. Scales and Yo Banga. TTT is hosted By County Brown and Dj-ed By: J GrYnD. Interestigly enough bth Eyez and Grynd celebrated bdays this week.

Newbie Grammy Award winning singer Melanie Fiona will perform at the Ambassador Sept 4 during LABOR DAY WEEKEND PRESENTED BY GREY GOOSE ENTERTAINMENT "RISING ICONS"DOORS OPEN @ 8PM

TV celebrity Vern Yip, designer/host/judge for HGTV, will headline the VIP Grand Opening of the first I.O. Metro store in St. Louis at The Boulevard – Saint Louis at Brentwood in Richmond Heights August 19 starting at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

Congrats to Mrs. St. Louis Ola of Momme Makeover and Makeover for a Cause who will debut her mensline during NYC Fashion Week on Sept 14.

Remember the ST Louis native three guys who set out to Africa to document the poverty in Africa a couple years back but was thwarted by a plane crash during their filming? Well, they are back and want to submit their film, Give A Damn, into the Pepsi Refresh Competition. It is directed by Dan Parries (PICTURED) with assistant by Rob Lehr (who were in that plane crash that killed the pilot and the pilot’s assistant) and David Peterka . To get public support, they have submitted its trailer for the film to get accepted in the competition where the top prize is $50,000. They are also hoping to finish the documentary in time to submit to Sundance next year.

STL singer Tydis will make his theatrical debut in Joel Kings; "Real Life" stageplay beginning August 25 thru the 29th at Grabndel Square Theatre. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Several festivals and annual events will take place starting this weekend . First up, St. Louis Artists' Guild will present Art on the Avenue. Aug 19. For more info go to, The St. Louis Black Pride Weekend Events Aug. 20-22nd " Our City Our Pride" Go to for tickets and more info. The following weekend is Lou Music Fest that will take place at Forest Park Aug 28-29. Go to For tickets and more info. Next month is the annual Gateway Classic that will take place Sept 20-25. Go to for details. And lastly, The St. Louis Wine festival which will take place Sept 25-26 at Forest park. Go to for more info.


Last week we mentioned that KSDK anchor Mike Garrity was leaving St. Louis to go to the East Caist. This week he reported on his Facebook Page that we wil be working for the ABC affiliate in New Hampshire, WMUR-TV, where he says he will have the opportunity to cover next year's primary election and the 2012 Presidential Elections.

Alive Magazine Editor in Chief Atillio D’Agastino has a new fashion and entertainment online magazine called
Corridor 40.

Hot 104.1 personality Tony J will be debuting a weekly new online talk show called, "Action in Da Cyty” that will debut on YOUTUBRE beginning Sept . 1 Also, his annual Traffic Music Awards' voting poll entries is up and running for thos ewho wantto vote for tehri favorites in the listed categories(You must type in a name for each of the 30 plus categories). The voting wll run until mid December. The TMAs will be March 2011.

Contrversial radio duo Kaos and Silly Asz have a new Internet Radio Station. It is

Hot 104.1. personality Young Dip will Hella Fly and Rockhouse’s Sexy as You Wanna Be party at The Label this Sunday to kick off the relaunch of his Dipset Show on the station.

STL native blues/soul singer Silky Sol recently returned from her two-month travel on her European Toru for her CD, “Grown Ass Woman Talkin,” that was released Aug 18. She traveled to and performed in clubs Spain, Italy France, Switzerland, and the Congo in Africa. May to July 2010. Go to and for all the pics taken from her landmark tour. In related news, Sol has been rehired at Janae;s West (on Olive Boulevard in Olivette) on Sundays for the venue’s Slow it Down Sundays where she will perform weekly starting this Sunday, starting at 3 p.m.

STL rapper/producer Playboy Ro will perform at Ola’s Mensline /Mrs. Missouri Going Away Party at Prime Bar Aug 21 (See EVENTZ BELOW)

The new The Social25 Magazine will have a release Party this Friday at Forest Park Golf House....This will be a night of amazing music and electric atmosphere. A night to mingle, see and be seen among the city's sexiest and most eclectic social scene.A portion of the proceeds will benefit Makover for a Cause.
Socilaite/club host Arty J is host of Seductive Thursdays at Fusion in Laclede’s Landing.

STL group Waterstreet will be releasing its NEW EP "Of Gossip" at the Gramophone 4243 Manchester Ave n St. Louis on Saturday, August 21st!...Stickers and T shirts will also be available at the show. CHECK OUT OUR BRAND NEW VIDEO! the new EP on iTunes!


Event Photographer/promoter Teddy Blackett is currently on a voyage to Dublin, Ireland. We think to see some family but he brought his mom along with the excursion. He Facebooked that he would be back after Labor day—we think. LOL .

The newly patroned Lola’s has completed its expansion and had its grand opening for that extension last weekend called Lola Lucid located next to Lola’s on 14th and Washington Ave in downtown St. Louis. The space was previously occupied by I AM Sneaky. Lola also recently received a 3 a.m. liquor license.

BOTTOMS UP GENTLE MENS CLUB on the East Side of the Lou will have a VIDEO SHOOT FOR “DO IT! DO IT!” , the NEW HOOD STRIP CLUB ANTHEM! Aug 22 starting at 5:30 p.m. The club is asking all to come through to be in it and bring your “rain” money. LOL .

Lastly, 104,1 personality Staci Static has yet to have her baby girl. Well into her ninth month, she tweeted recently “Bed rest is like sitting on an egg...waiting for it to hatch.” She also tweeted on her temp fill in, Nelly, on her radio gig. She tweeted: Nelly sounds really good! He's doing a great job filling in. Hell we all a lil ghetto aint we?

STL BDAZE—VIRGOIANS 1st week—Rapper Ebony Eyez(PICTURED) , Director of Public Safety Charles Bryson, singer/actor Duane martin Foster, socialite/promoter Big Terrence, dee-jay/promoter J Grynd, dancer Andrea Hayes, drummer/dee-jay Enoch, graphic artist Danielle MCccoy, journalist Byron Lee, singer Tiffany Fields, and actor Jaron Hicks.


IN THE MIA FILE. Where is promoter Dwayne Randle?

BLIND PICZ—Who’s feet were propped out of the car window in front of the US Bank in Shiloh, Illinois?

BLIND BITZ—Which STL promoter/socialite brought a pooch purse to a recent event? (Hint. It’s a woman. LOL Also, this person’s last name is also the name of the location where you put your gas in your car and part of the word to define two people before they get hitched. The event was held at the Venue where this person was recognized as part of the “hotness.” )

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS—Which STL promoter/socialites are getting it in this week? Promoter Mocha Latte and stylist Ola Hawatmeh (TIE) and King Kerry and Dano Johnson of Hella Fly Promotions and rap mogul Nelly (TIE)

Mocha Latte(FAR LEFT) . Coming off of a win of Host of the Year at the Hot List Awards, the Queen of Promotions is in the paint again this week as she continues her promoting events. This go round is the superpromoter fest Promoters Paradise that will take place Saturday at the Ambassador where she is also attending . Then afterwards, she treks to the Label to host Open Bar Saturdays at the Label (SEE ONGOING BITZ)

Ola Hawatmeh (LEFT) . This NYC bred stylist and fashionista is gearing up for her appearance at New York Fashion Week in mid September. In the meantime, this weekend, she will host (supposedly ) The Social25 Magazine’s Party Friday at Forest Park Golf House where some of the proceeds will go to her fodnation, Makeover for a Cause. Then on Saturday. She is hosting her fashion event debuting her mensline at Prime Bar (SEE EVENTZ BELOW). It will also be a going away party for Mrs. Missouri colleague Carrie Hruza, who’s heading to Tuscan to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant next month.

King Kerry and Dano Johnson(RIGHT) . The Hella Fly Promotions duo is also coming off of a Promoter of the Year win at this years Hot List Awards and a taste of why their win is justified as they have its weekly $4 Fridays at the Broadway (SEE ONGOING BITZ) , then rep as one of the 11 promoters at the landmark event Promoters Paradise at the Ambassador (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) , then on Sunday, bring it home co-promoting with Rockhouse and newly added Young Dip with its successful Sexy as You Wanna Be Sundays at The Label(SEE ONGOING BITZ).

Nelly(FAR RIGHT) . The St Louis bred rap mogul is continuing to make headlines during his layover in St. Louis with his temporary stint at Hot 104.1 giving the station much local and national publicty with Nelly Radio weekdays 3 p.m. to 7 p.m subbing for personality Staci Static whiel she;s on maternity leave. His record company Universal released two of his singles , “Just a Dream” and “Tippin” to I Tunes that generated big sales and his working on a fitness DVD, Celebrity Sweat, he filmed (location was not known). Then on Saturday, he heads over to Branson, Mo. to perform at his publicized concert at the Mansion House (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) .

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ???????????????????????
Why arent there any female singers in this upcomng Budweiser Superfest? Why was Steven Jackson fighting during Rams practice this week and just had back surgery? Why cant American Idol seem to get new judges for its upcoming season? Why do people hate on Nelly? Why were singer Keyshia Cole and rapper Nicki Minadj get into a shouting fight in a recording studio recently? Why was Fantasia seen filming her reality show with her married boyfirend a day after getting released from the hospital from a drug overdose? Why are there speed cameras on Highway 170? Why did Wocka Flocka try and dive into a crowd at a concert recently? Why did actor Sherman Hemsley give talk show host a hard time when he was interveiwed by phone on his show last week? And why did local rapper Yung Cilla clown out in VIP after he performed at Ola's fashion show in New York City?

Vin de Set Rooftop Bar & Bistro
2017 Choteau Avenue
We will be celebrating the Birthday of our good friend, Andrea N. Hayes..."Happy Birthday, Andrea!"

Location 2020 WASHINGTON AVE SUITE 105

Friday: 8/20th 7:00 p.m- Opening Black Pride Reception (drinks & food) and Dance begins @ 9:00 p.m. Cost: $5.00 before 9:00 p.m. and $10.00 after at the Regional Arts Commission =, 6128 Delmar ...

STL native singer Crystal Haywood will perform at Robbies House of Jazz Aug 20. Info 314.968.5556

The Pageant will have Smooth Jazz Concerts‏ Euge Groove and Delano (Aug 20).

Fox Concerts &
AEG Live present Trey Songz in "Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour" starring Monica on Friday, August 20 at 8 pm, live at The Fox Theatre! Foxy Loyal Listener Club for your chance to win a meet & greet with Monica before her Passion, Pain & Pleasure concert and 104.1 is having a pampering session for chosen ladie s in their meet and greet with Trey Songz.


Majic on the Mississippi is back!! Kick it with Majic 104.9 personalities every Friday night! We cruise on the Becky Thatcher Gateway Riverboat on Fridays from 11pm-1pm. This Friday's personality hosting will be Tammie Holland
St. Louis Black Pride Gwendolyn Brooks Literary Event/ BookFair
Saturday · 1:00pm - 2:30pm
St. Louis Regional Arts Commission
6128 Delmar Blvd.
Join us for our literary event as we welcome Novelist/Poet:Aireez DaRychuss A.D. (Poet), Cynthia Sherrell (Oh To Tell the Story), Uriah Bell (Poet/Activist) from Boston, Allysha Hamber (Hood Chronicles), Ronda Goolsby (Poetry & Caricature drawing), Steven Fields (Poetry), & More... There will be books for sale and a Q.& A. Panel Discussion.
Saturday: 8/21 Workshops: Starting @ 12:00p.m.- 4:00p.m.Time: 12:00-1:00p.m. Crisis Intervention for the LGBTQ Community (LCSW counselors & resources)Time: 2:30- 4:00 p.m. Panel Discussion: "Bridging the Gap... what does our Black LGBTQ community & future look like??" What if we had no Black Pride, what does having Black Pride mean to you and the community? (guest panel) Time: 1:00- 2:30 p.m. The Gwendolyn Literary Event & Book Fair(St. Louis' talented authors and special guest writer/ Poet & activist Uriah Bell from Boston will share in their readings from the excerpts from their books4:00-6:00 p.m..
Film Festival 21+ (post discussion with Jai / Jesse James & Jenni/ Chica Sanchez & expert Cost: $ 5.00
8:00p.m.- until The Official Black Pride "White Party" Sponsored by Enjoi Ent.
Throwback Models at the Stable 2200 GRAVOIS Loft 8 pm

NYC native stylist Ola Hawatmeh will have a presntation of her mensline at Prime Bar next to West County Mall August 21 at 7 p.m. Deisgner Paul Gibson also will showcase his mensline. The event also will double as a going away party fopr Mrs. Missouri Carrie Hruiza who will compete for Mrs. America next month in Tuscan . Proceeds from the event goed to her foundation, Makeover for a Cause. $10.

Nelly will perform at the Mansion Theater in Branson, Mo. Aug. 21.
Times: 8 p.m.
Location: The Mansion Theatre
Phone: 417-294-4817
Admission: $38 plus fees

Promoters Paradise
Saturday at 8:00pm - August 22
Saint Louis, MO
Created By Reggie D Smith, Joseph Westbrook, King Kerry, Mo Spoon, Hella Fly Danodamano Johnson, Rob Kirk Jr, Erica Cole, Tah RudeBoy Knighten, Hennessy MrBadazz Walker, and Demarco Smooth


Mocha is on the mic at the Label for Open Bar Saturdays 758 S. 4th ST
in downtown St Louis


Cool Summer Job!! Missouri needs 1000 "Outdoor Ambassdors" ages 17-24 pay is 7.25, thru Sept 30th 2010. Eligible for up to 240 hrs. Call 1800-592-6020 or send an email to


Check out Mocha Latte’s weekly column COFFEE TALK in theEvening Whirl .


For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or



Aireez will be a panelist at St. Louis Black Pride Gwendolyn Brooks Literary Event/ BookFair
Rhythm & Words Wednesdays
2nd & 4th Wed every month
Meshon's Bar & Grill
410 N Tucker Blvd
ThundaGrownd Thursday
Variety Showcase:Final Thu. of every month
8:30pm - 10:30pm
$5 cover
Big Moe's
1072 Tower Grove St.
across from Sweetie Pie's on
Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic
Final Friday of the month
$5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free
812 Martin Luther King Dr, East St. Louis, IL
New CD "ThundaGrownd Presents,A.D. Fire & Adrenaline"
MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss



Two New "Mynista" Songs Uploaded & Official "Devoted" Music Video!

This is just an invitation to an ONLINE listening & viewing session, this is NOT a physical event. Come thru the sites and be blessed!
My new album "Generations" is AVAILABLE NOW!-
The Official "DEVOTED" Music Video (click on the link below/Youtube):

Songs (click on the links to listen now! Lyrics will be added to my blog shortly)-"Me and Her" (Ft. Dahn B.) - - [BLOG] - [Official site] - [Artist FB Page]

Sunday: 8/22 10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m. Kool Jazz Brunch @ Big Moe's 1072 Tower Grove Ave. (catered brunch & live music by Coria and more) Cost: $10.00Sunday: 8/22 10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m. Kool Jazz Brunch @ Big Moe's 1072 Tower Grove Ave. (catered brunch & live music by Coria and more) Cost: $10 and Closing Reception, Kiener Plaza 3p.m. Food vendors, dancing, hip hop artst and ball . FREE 3:00p.m- 8:30 p.m. "Closing Out Reception" @ Kierner Plaza: vendor booths, Food, dancing, St. Louis Talented music/ hip hop artists & Ball!!Cost: Free to the public

East St. Louis native actor/director will make premiere his play “Real Life” Grandel Square Aug. 25-29. Real Life,” a hip-hop/pop musical by writer and director Joel King. “Real Life,” a coming of age story of an urban youth conflicted between street life and his faith, is based in the city of St. Louis. “Real life exposes the paradigm of urban America, the streets, and its ability to stifle growth and self development,” King states. The production, inspired by real life situations and the passion for a better life expressed through talented artists, dancers, and singers, including Jive recording artist Tydis who will be featured at the Grandel Theater from August 25-29, 2010. Go to for tickets and showtimes.



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