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Photos by Ma'atology
Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins snuggin with STL native/Hollywood socialite Cynthia Rose at the Devon Alexander Homecoming Fight Party. Check out all the scenes below of this landmark event

Therres Mrs. St. Louis Ola with two ladies dressed as Las Vegas showroom girls.

The area was sectioned off with a stage(right) and a live art display (center)

Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed addresses the crowd. He was one of the hosts of the event along with comedian Cedric The Entertainer and his manager Eric Rhone.

Rapper Yung Ro on stage.

An out of town media person shakes Olympic champ Jackie Joyner Kersee's hand when she arrived.

STL Mayor Francis Slay watches one of the visual artists paint the Gateway to Greatness portrait (which we will see the final product later on).

Kersee addresses the crowd.

Local visual artist/painter C'Babi Bayoc paints a picture of Devon.

The emcee of the evening was Majic 104.9 personality Tony Scott.

The cake commemorating the event.

Also performing was singer/producer Bradd Young.

Kersee gets interviewed.

Reed and guests.

Inside the mayor's chambers was the V-VIP area. There was STL mogul Joe Edwards (left) and rock pioneer Chuck Berry (right)

Evening Whirl editor in chief Anthony Sanders greets Edwards as Berry looks on.

Berry is led by Edwards through the tight knit V-VIP attendees.

Berry talkin to a guest in the mayor's chambers.

It was BEYOND up in the mayor's chambers where the invited celebrities first convened and STl-TV personalities Cassandra Walker and Gilberto interviews STL stars (in the background Country Bill Young gets interviewed)

In the VIP area (next to the chambers) OUTCAM flicked promoter/socialite Mocha Latte and her daughter, Sydney who holds up a commemorative poster of the Gateway to Greatness fight.

Latte and Sanders.

Young on stage during the party.

Meanwhile, Reed gets interviewed by STl TV personality Cassandra Walker in the mayor's chambers.

Cedric The Entertainer (center) and Eric Rhone (right of Cedric) came through the chambers and thats when folk began to pile up even more up in there!

A constituent, Reed and Cedric pose for pics as Rhone looks on.

Cedric clowns it up with Walker during his interview with STL TV.

Cedric greet his fans and signs autographs.

Cedric posing for pics with fans (Check out the elderly lady's crown!)

Boxer Devon Alexander (middle) arrived in dapper style with activist Anthony Shahid and right hand men.

Alexander taking a call (in the background is Board of Alderwoman Marlene Davis and sports writer Maurice Scott) .

Alexander's trainer Kevin Cunningham gets interviewed.

Alexander smiling for his fans while on the celly.

"Aye, Ced, can you let me borrow a dub...or a few million?" LOL

Rapper Chingy also attended. Here hes posing with some of his younger fans.

Therre's Hollywood socialite Cynthia Rose takin a pic .

Therre's The Block guys Mr A and Roszel who filmed some of the event.

Here is the finished painting of Don King, Kevin Cunningham, Devon Alexander and in the lower right, Corey Spinks.

Country Bill Young on stage.

The assistants cut the cake for the crowd. One of them was hairdresser Jennices (right).

There was an unveiling of this painting of Devon that was given to him.

Alexander takes a pic with one of his right hand men.

Platinum Group's Jacque Land with his frat brother Porty Green.

Young in a moment on stage.

The newly svelte Ndi ONukogu (left) poses with her friend.

NOTE: This event was mos def one of the contenders for Event of the Year. The free event (with a RSVP ticket) was a celebration of STL native boxer Devon Alexander coming home to fight Andriy Kotelnik as a headliner the Aug 7 fight dubbed Gateway to Greatness (promoted by Don King) at Scott Trade Center August 7.
The celebrities who attended were STL based which were rock legend Chuck Berry, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Cedric The Entertainer and Chingy (Don King and Nelly were no shows). Performers were Young Ro, Bradd Young, and country Bill Young. They also had a live art area where painters painted Devon themed paintings which was a nice touch to the party.
There were three areas of crowd. The lower area was the general admission area, upstairs was the VIP area and in the mayor's chambers was the V-VIP. It was quite chaotic in the chambers and when the celebs drifted in there it was dangrously packed (where was security when the near melee almost broke out). Folk were swarming for pics, autographs and to talk with the celebs in the room(who were generous to the crowd) after STL TV got their interview with them. Then when Devon arrived, it was near pandemonium as people crammed to get a pic of the budding boxing superstar as his henchmen guarding his every move including Tauheed Youth Group/activist Anthony Shahid (We wonder who Devon was talking to on his Blackberry while he was getting his fan appreciation goin on). .

The event was sponsored by Lumiere Place, Scott Trade Center and Ozzie's.

Other VIPs at the event included (but not limited to) politicans Freeman Bosley Sr., Darlene Green, Charlie Dooley, Jameelah Nasheed, and Alvin Parks, media personalaities Charles Brennan, Kevin Johnson, Bonita Cornute, April Simpson, and Atillio D'Agastino and socialites Aloha (who we think performed but was in the VVIP room most of the time), Drexel Stith, Chris and Daniel Brown, James Clark, and Kevin Bryant.

The After Party was at The Label during a special edition of Rockhouse and Hella Fly Promotions Sexy as You Wanna Be Sundays called "Mogul Night."

Ome of the attendees (we mean two of the attendees. LOL) was comedian Kym Dobbs who was promoting Chick Tees .



Promoter Mocha Latte was socilaizing as well as pouring the drinks up in there. LOL

NOTE: Cedric the Entertainer and Eric Rhone made an appearance (who also hosted this party) and rap trio June Fifth performed and put on the Red Bottom Heels Contest that also took place at the venue. Dj Cuddy was on the 1s and 2s.

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  1. Wow! The photographs are amazing and they show how much fun it would have been. The cake looks classy, I would not want to eat it (ha-ha). I am also going to such an event happening in one of the home studios NYC next month with my parents. I hope I get to eat such a cake.