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Photos by Ma'atology

Here are some pics from the gospel stageplay that was staged Saturday Aug 7 at Robert Orpheum Theatre.

A funny scene with upscale business woman Treasure (played by STL singer Seven Lii) and her off-centered uncle, Uncle Pete (played by Steven Thompson) involving her uncle wanting to stay with her.

Another scene involving Treasure and her boyfriend Victor
(played by
DeMarco Howard) where he surprises her with a brand new salon.

RIGHT: Treasure's best friend and salon employee, the ghetto fabulous Chocolate (played by STL TV personality Sharee Doll) gets serenaded by her square boyfriend, Durrell (played by Steve Williams).

Chocolate in a dream sequence with her other boyfriend, the bad boy, Damon (played by comedian Maurice G).

Treasure's Christian centered best friend and salon employee Toni (played by Dorrian Neymour) belts out one of the songs from the play, "I Love What I do."

The cast in a a scene including Treasure's brother and barber Demier (far left--played by Gold Wise)

Treasure in a scene with her childhood friend Anthony (played by R&B singer and former Blackstreet member David Hollister) who talks to her about trusting God instead of her believing in agnosticism.

A hilarious moment with Uncle Pete and his outfit.

Treasure's mother (played by Donna Jones) gives Treasure the news that her long lost father wants to see her.

G and Doll in a romantic moment in the play.

A scene with Toni and Demier where Toni is afraid to give her heart to another man after being hurt from love.

Treasure's father was played by legendary STL area gospel singer and pastor Cleophus Robinson, Jr., father to the late great namesake. Robinson brought the ol' time religion bluesy singing style to the play.

Robinson and Lii in a heart tugging scene where Treasure reunites with her father after 20 years.

Lii also sings in the play("Give Me Back my Heart Again") after the discovery that her boyfriend, Victor tricked her into loving him accepting the salon in order to marry her and using the business for shady activties. She also reunites with God.

Andrew proposes to Treasure and, she accepts
and he also tells her about the importance of God in song.

Chocolate in a scene involving her turning point with Damon.

Andrew in song telling Treasure to hold on to God.

The cast of the play in curtain call.

The director and producer of the play , Michael Harper, thanks the crowd for coming to the play.

NOTE: Michael Harper's "Fight for Amazing Love" deals with the story of an upscale living woman names Treasure Williams (played by singer Seven Lii) who receives the keys to her own, a salon, made possible by her boyfriend Victor (played by DeMarco Howard) but finds out the truth about the reason she was given the business to run. Meanwhile, Treasure discovers that her long lost father (played by Cleophus Robinson, Jr,) who is battling cancer wants to reunite with her before his end.
The subplots involve Treasure's best friends, the man hungry Chocolate (played by Sharee Doll) and her decision to hook up with an abusive man, Damon (played by comedian Maurice G) over a nice guy, Durrell (played by Steve Williams) and the price she pays for it; Toni (played by Dorrian Neymour) and her fear to explore another relationship with a man, and Andrew, her childhood friend (played by R&B singer David Hollister) whom becomes more than a friend.
"Amazing" is your standard gospel play with the ingredients mixed for the final product: including the message of finding God during life's trials and tribulations, rousing gospel numbers, eye candy for the ladies (Maurice G), a savior (David Hollister) and a central character used as comic relief ( in this case Steven Thompson as the hilariously funny, Uncle Pete).
There was some solid acting in "Amazing" mainly from lead actress Seviin Lii as the diva Treasure, espcially during scenes when she reunited with her father and Lii shines brightly in her vulnerability and angst. The supporting cast is well chosen especially Sharee Doll's character , Chocolate, who is the perfect second banana to Lii's character reminiscent of Jackee's Sandra to Marla Gibbs' Mary on "227."

Besides a few rough spots involving the pacing of the play, "Amazing" doesn't disappoint in what it's suppose to accomplish from its standrad contents.


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